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Bacalan is a northern district of Bordeaux, an area that, until recently, has largely been avoided by tourists and locals.  The grungy landscapes of the port and its distance from the city center aren’t as appealing as the beautiful architecture and lovely squares of the historic center of Bordeaux. In the last few years, however, the Bacalan district has been changing its face, emerging to be one of the most interesting places in Bordeaux, with plenty of new neighborhoods and places to explore.

Smart planning transformed the otherwise unsavory port characteristics of the neighborhood into pleasant features. The gigantic hangars, the boats and the unusual infrastructure turned into places of emerging arts, music, food and leisure, transforming the neighborhood into one of the most intriguing places in Bordeaux. So if you haven’t yet had the chance to visit this amazing neighborhood or you feel there’s not much there for you to do, let me prove you wrong. From street art, to wine, whiskey and live music, here is the list of the best things you can do and see in Bacalan:

La Cité du Vin

la cite du vin in Bordeaux

La cité du vin is a “must” place for any wine lover but can be very interesting and enjoyable for people who don’t drink at all. This impressive piece of modern architecture is a one of a kind cultural center, all dedicated to discovering the wine world. Through its interactive exhibition, It offers a journey to both French and global wine history. You will learn about wine making, see movies and interviews with wine producers and then pass on to smell and taste wine. The cite du vin allows you to discover a selection of wines from all over the world and offers one of the best panoramic views of Bordeaux.

Address: 134 – 150 Quai de Bacalan, 33300 Bordeaux
Opening hours: weekdays from 10am to 6pm, weekends and holidays 10am to 7pm
For more info check out the website of cite du Vin

Have a drink or a snack at les Halles des Bacalan

marche de bacalan in Bordeaux

This fancy food market opened its gates on November 2017 and has been visited by more than 60,000 people in the first month. It’s no surprise, as Bordeaux is well known for its gourmand population. This impressive 950m2 hangar is located just in front of the famous Cité du vin and hosts 23 different artisans and traders that were chosen for the quality of their products (85% of which are produced in the South-West region of France). Now, when all of this food is accompanied by several bars, you are guaranteed to have a good time.

Opening hours:  from Tuesday to Friday 8:00 – 14:30 and 16:30-20:30, Saturday 8:00- 22:00 and Sunday 8:00-17:00
Address: 149 Quai de Bacalan, 33300 Bordeaux

Les Vivre de l’art – emerging arts and impressive sculptures 

les vivres d'art - art and music events

Les vivres de l’art is one of the most fascinating arts projects in Bordeaux. Located just a few steps from the cité du vin, in an architectural historic monument called les Vivres de la Marine. Iron sculptures made by the artist Jean-François Buisson (which works there since 2003) adorn the place and give it its creative characteristic. Since 2008 it has become an artistic association, holding cultural events, workshops, vintage sales, music festivals, exhibitions, and more. This is one place in the neighborhood you don’t want to miss, even just for a sneak peak of the beautiful and creative sculptures which can be seen from the road.

Opening hours: open daily from Monday to Friday 10:00 to 12:30 and from 14:00 to 18:00, and usually hosts different events during the weekend (consult the program on their site).
Address: Les Vivres de l’Art – Place Victor Raulin – 1 rue Achard – 33300 Bordeaux
For more info check out the website of Les Vivres de l’art

Le Garage moderne – a social garage

la garage moderne - social garage

Le Garage Moderne is a social garage, a brilliant gem of a place where you can come to fix your own car and bicycle while experiencing art and culture, workshops and social meetings. If you’re fed up with being clueless about your car or bike every time they break, then it’s time to join a social garage and acquire some skills. The mechanics in the garage moderne can accompany the reparation process  with explanations adapted to your level of mechanical ability. This incredible space is far more than just a garage. There’s a restaurant where you can eat lunch, an outdoor café and a cultural space where weekly expos and concerts take place.

Address: 1 rue des Etrangers, 33000 BORDEAUX
Opening hours: The garage itself is open Monday to Friday (9:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 18:00, closed Tuesday morning), the restaurant is open from Tuesday to Saturday 11:00- 18:00
For more info check out the website of le garage moderne

Street art all over 

graffiti bacalan

As seen in many dynamic cities around the world, the street art scene has a tendency to bloom in emerging neighborhoods. It brings both new and established artists to portray their art on the walls of their neighborhood and in some cases it’s the city who invites these artists the use the urban space and get creative. This is exactly the case of Bacalan and the results are nothing but astounding. No matter where you go, you’ll cross by some of the most impressive paintings on building walls, warehouses, and different urban structures. Even if you don’t enter any of the places I mentioned in this list, Bacalan is worth a visit only for the art.

La Base sous marine – a German bunker turned into a museum

base sous marine

Built by the Germans during the second World War, this old submarine base has been converted into a space dedicated to contemporary arts, which allows you to enjoy the space itself no less than the art presented there. The fact that the expositions are usually of the digital, street and visual arts kind, allows the artist to leverage this unusual space to its full potential. There aren’t any permanent exhibitions in La Base Sous Marine so the place is open only when an exhibition is being presented. It is located on one of the most interesting parts of the Bacalan area  – the Bassins a flot, which are worth a visit even if the museum is closed. Finding the entrance can be quite tricky. So if you come from the” la cité du vin“ tram station be sure to walk on rue Lucien Faure before turning right to Boulevard Alfred Daney. Also, if you come with kids, it’s important to know that strollers are not allowed in the structure as it’s dark and has a lot of stairs (you can leave the stroller at the entrance).

Open from Tuesday to Sunday 13:30 to 19:00 (only during exhibitions). Check out the facebook page of la Base Sous Marine for more details.
Address: Boulevard Alfred Daney, 33300 Bordeaux

Go to a concert on the I.boat

Iboat in Bordeaux

The Iboat, mostly known as a concert venue, is a three level ferry spanning 687m2, anchored to one of the docks of Bassins a flot. Since its opening in 2011 the I.boat has dedicated itself to promoting emerging artists, especially in the electronic music scene. Within the years it has become a multidisciplinary place with a concert hall and a club hosting more than 250 events a year, a terrace hosting Dj sets and happy hours and a restaurant. One of the special features of the place is the Upper deck where they host events and exhibitions during the evenings and then transform it into a chill out area after midnight. During summer you could also enjoy the outdoor area on the deck, with an exceptional view of the basin. Take a look at the program of events.
The opening hours:
Concert from 7pm to 23pm | Club from 11.30pm to 6am  from Tuesday to Saturday
Restaurant: Lunch from Monday to Saturday from 12am to 2pm and Dinner from Tuesday to Saturday from 7pm to 23pm
Address: bassin a flot n°1 – Quai Armand Lalande

Have a lunch or a drink at one of the restaurants next to the basins 

standby coffee shop
Standby coffee shop
If you’re hungry or need a coffee break, I’ve got you covered. Although there are some bars and restaurants all over the Bacalan neighborhood, many of the cool places are concentrated on the southern side of the first basin (Bassin à Flot n°1). On the long dock (which you can approach from rue Lucien Faure), you’ll find restaurants, coffee shops and plenty of bars on the dock, on the roof and on boats.
Some places worth mentioning are:
  • The Wallace Bar – the rooftop bar of the Radisson Blu hotel (Bassin à flot n°1, Quai Armand Lalande).
  • Café Maritime – a very classical French restaurant with a beautiful decor (Bassin à flot n°1, Quai Armand Lalande)
  • The standby cafe– on the main street – just in front of the Bassins – a cool place to grab a cup of coffee (80 rue Lucien Faure).
  • Loft 33 – a wine bar and a restaurant with live music – Hangar G4, 51 rue Lucien Faure.

Visit the Bordeaux Whiskey Distillery

Did you know that there’s a whiskey distillery in Bordeaux? While many activities and tours in Bordeaux revolve around wine, it’s actually the local whisky producer who is housed in one of the most special places in Bordeaux. The Moon Harbour Whiskey, opened in 2014, is 100% Bordelaise, from the grains that are growing in Saint Jean d’Illac to the barrels used to age the Whiskey that are coming from some of the most famous wine chateaux in the region (such as Sauternes). The barrel room is located inside a bunker built by the Germans during the Second World War as part of the constructions of the Submarine Base (mentioned above). Apart from  tasting the local whiskey and gin, the location of the barrel room is what makes the visit there so special. The tour (which is offered in French and English) is followed by explanations on malting and the production of whiskey as well as tastings of the three products of the distillery. The visit requires prior reservation by phone ( 05 56 29 86 60) or email ([email protected]). The price is 10€/pers for the visit and tasting.
Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday from 11:00 to 18:00 and Saturdays from 11:00 to 15:00 and from 16:30 to 18:00.
For more info check out the site of Moon Harbour.
Address: 492 Boulevard Adfred Daney, 33300 BORDEAUX

Find the UFO on the water

bassins a flot

Le “soucoupe volante”, a UFO shaped sculpture, the work of the artist Suzanne Triester, made quite a buzz in Bordeaux when it appeared in the middle of the basins last May. This piece of art was purchased by the Bordeaux Metropole as part of their vast investment in contemporary art in the city. Now all you have to do is take a walk on the docks of the basin to find it. As the area is quite packed with boats, buildings and a lot of construction machinery, the sculpture is not that easy to find. So to give you a little hint, try to look for it when you are searching for a bar/ restaurant on the docks :).

Hope you enjoyed the list and that it will help you to discover new places in this surprising city.
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“Bordeaux gets a bad rap. When I told the French people I knew in New York I was moving to Bordeaux, I got the same reaction, ‘Bordeaux est jolie, mais fermée. Tres fermée.’ I’m not sure how it used to be, but after living here for three years, I couldn’t find anything further from the truth,” Melissa Rindell, Artistic Director of Le Projet Téléphone, said.

If Bordeaux had a reputation for being closed before, times are changing, as artists like Rindell and the other participants of Le Projet Téléphone will argue. Le Projet Téléphone is a cross-genre artistic game of telephone, involving artists from 9 different countries working in ten different disciplines. The first artist picked a proverb from a hat as a point of inspiration, and had two weeks to create something before passing the work along. Each artist only saw the work of the artist before them and the line-up includes: a writer/actor – Rindell, flamenco dancer – Deborah Dawson, DJ Jowen, illustrator – Ita Duclair, songwriter – I AM STAMGRAM, costume designer – Helina Raak, theater company – Collectif OS’O, filmmaker – Fred Cavender, painter – Kelly Allison and mixologist – Timothé Seguin-Medrinal. Their work will be presented in a cohesive performance at Les Vivres de l’Art on April 29th at 9pm.

le projet telephone banner

“When I saw Electric Pear Productions do ‘Synesthesia’ (The show Le Projet Téléphone is based on) in New York I was blown away. As an audience member, you’re dropped into the middle of the artistic process and it’s impossible not to engage. You find yourself looking for meaning, finding ideas, evaluating what’s being expressed, thinking how you would have done it differently and having a vested amount of interest in what comes next. I talked to Ashlin Halfnight, the originator of the concept and got the green light. This show has been done in New York and LA, but this will be its European premiere and I can’t think of a better place to launch it than Bordeaux.”

“Projects like this are a blast in Bordeaux,” Le Projet Téléphone’s filmmaker, Fred Cavender, of Tuperhero said. “It’s a big town, so you have access to a lot of things, but not so big that the business side would take over. People are nice, and open to things like this, which makes it easier to ask for help, favors and support.”

le projet telephone
Fred Cavender- Tuperhero

Cavender, isn’t a newcomer to the Bordeaux scene, he has spent the last 28 years of his 33 years in France, but found himself reaching out the expat community after deciding to make a short film in English every month in 2017. Tuperhero’s films were screened monthly at the HMS Victory and garnered praise from the UK Film Review.

“After the twelfth film at the end of the year, we were out having drinks and at one point I looked around and realized that I didn’t know any of the people I was with a year ago and it wasn’t weird, it wasn’t uncomfortable. It was cool. They were all friends.”

On his experience on Le Projet Téléphone, Cavender said,  “That was a bit weird because they (French Theater Company Collectif OS’O) had gotten together to do a theater piece for me. So I was alone watching this theater piece. It was a bit overwhelming in the sense that I felt a lot of pressure to understand as much as I could, so I could then write a film, but at the same time I was thinking, ‘Oh! Wow, it’s funny being in the garden watching this theater piece just for me. Oh! I wonder how they came up with this,’ so there were lots of things going on, but it was fun. I thought the theater piece was really good, almost too good so I have a bit of pressure to live up to it.”

Cavender’s experience was unusual in Le Projet Téléphone, most of the other artists have done their exchanges publicly, highlighting iconic Bordeaux locations like Le Jardin Public, Place de la Bourse, Place de la Comédie, La Chappelle du CROUS Bordeaux, Plage l’Horizon at Cap Ferret, Musette, and Frida,  as part of a documentary being made about the project by Azerbaijani filmmaker, Emil Karimov.

Mathieu Ehrhard of Collectif OS'O and Helina Raak at Plage l'Horizon
photo by: Emil Karimov at Plage l’Horizon

“My favorite location was probably the beach (Plage l’Horizon at Cap Ferret). It was cold and pretty challenging, but it was a nice sunny day and the whole thing with costume and setting was pretty otherworldly,” Karimov said of filming Estonian Designer, Helina Raak, wearing her costume and doing a cat walk on an abandoned, graffiti-covered bunker in February.

4 months earlier, after performing a flamenco dance for the DJ following her, Deborah Dawson stood in front of Le Grand Theatre, and looked around at the field trip of kids who had temporarily forgotten their treasure hunt and gathered around. When asked if she thought Bordeaux’s reputation for being closed was merited. Dawson, a Canadian, who was recently awarded a residency at Le Cuvier in Artigues-près-Bordeaux, to develop a flamenco show exploring her Indian roots, smiled and shook her head, ‘no.’

Deborah Dawson performing at Place de la Comédie
Deborah Dawson performing at Place de la Comédie

“Bordeaux is buzzing. There’s an influx of expats and French artists from other parts of the country that are coming to live here. It’s incredible, the depth of art this city has, and the amount of support it’s getting, especially from places like Le Cuvier, La Grande Poste and Les Vivres.”

“ I love Les Vivres de l’Art,” Rindell said. “ It reminds me of Salvador Dahli’s house in Portlligat. It’s not just a place, it’s an entire world. The imagination of Jean-Francois Buisson is present in every detail and what a gift, to have a place like that open to the public. I saw a show there, emailed Jean-Francois about Le Projet Téléphone and he offered me a spot in his event, ‘Les Vivres de l’Art avec 5 sens.’ To get a spot at a venue like this would have taken years and a considerable amount of money in New York. Les Vivres de l’Art truly is, ‘Le Domaine du Possible.’”

Le Projet Téléphone will be perform as part of “Vivre de l’Art Avec 5 Sens” on Sunday, April 29th at 9pm, admission is free on a limited first-come basis, arrive early to guarantee admission.

This weekend is focused on two main events: Bordeaux fête le fleuve where Bordeaux celebrates its river and the famous Fête de la musique with live music on the streets of Bordeaux. So a big part of this weekend’s list will discuss these two in detail. But as usual, I won’t leave you with just two options 🙂 We have a food festival, street art, fashion events and more. If you want to discover what other events are going to take place soon in Bordeaux be sure to check out my post about things to do in June and the latest one about best things to do in July.  Here’s the list of things to do this weekend in Bordeaux (June 21-23).

Bordeaux fête le fleuve

Bordeaux fête le fleuve is one of the most beautiful and entertaining events the city has to offer. Starting today (June 20) and until Sunday (June 23) Bordeaux will celebrate the Garonne River with plenty of festive activities and big beautiful vessels docking on the banks. The program includes a big concert every night, water activities, a visit to big impressive boats, gastronomic pavilions, art exhibitions, a white wine festival, fireworks on the river and more. The entrance is free but if you want to enjoy some of Bordeaux’s wine as well, you can get a pass here. For more details and the full program click here.

When: June 20-23 / Where: The banks of the Garonne

Take a tour on some of the biggest ships in the world

To celebrate the river, Bordeaux invited some of the biggest and most beautiful ships to dock at banks  of the Garonne. Among others, there will be two Russian ships, Kruzenshtern and Sedov, which are the largest training ships in the world, 114 and 117 meters long respectively. Many of the boats docking at the riverfront, including the biggest ones, offer tours on June 20th from (14:00 to 18:00) and on June 21-23 from 10:30 to 12:30 and 14:00 to 18:30. Tickets are 5 euros and free for kids under 6 yo.You can see all the boats arriving in Bordeaux for the event and order tickets for the tours here.

Fête de la musique

The Fête de la musique is a French national day, dedicated to the celebration of music, with free concerts and street parties happening on this day (June 21) all over France. This is an extraordinary day where you get to walk around the city and enjoy an endless variety of small and big concerts from any genre of music. Like every other city in France, Bordeaux too will celebrate La Fête de la musique with its own street concerts and activities.

One of the biggest music events this year will take place at the Bordeaux fête le fleuve festival. On June 21 Place des Quinconces will turn into a music festival village hosting a long lineup of artists from the French pop scene. You can see the jull musical program here.

Here’s a list of more locations were big music celebrations are about to take place (click the links for more details about the events): Square Dom Bedos, Place du Palais, Place Fernand Lafargue, Parc Peixotto in Talence, the market in Talence, the Bacalan market, a rooftop party on the Dock 6, Cathédrale Saint-André  and more.

When:  June 21 / Where: All over the city of Bordeaux

Les Epicuriales

This foodie event taking place on June 13-23 has become an early summer Bordelaise tradition. For 11 days les Epicuriales festival transforms Allées de Tourny (next to the Opera) to gastronomic heaven with about twenty restaurants set up especially for the event. The highlight of the event is ”Les Étoiles d’Épicure”, a restaurant that will host a different Michelin star chef every evening. For more details check out their website or their facebook page.

When:  June 13-23 / Where: Allées de Tourny 33000 Bordeaux

L’Été de Musical Écran

L’Été de Musical Écran is a series of seven open-air cinema events that will take place in different parks in Bordeaux metropole during the summer. Every event will start with an open-air screening of a movie/ documentary related to music and will be followed by a DJ set. The first event will take place this Saturday (June 22) in Parc Favols in Carbon-Blanc. The first movie to be screened is Daft Punk Unchained. For more details click here.

When:  June 22 starting 19:00 / Where: Parc Favols in Carbon-Blanc

A big second hand clothes sale

After many successful huge vintage clothes sales in Paris, Violette Sauvage arrives to Bordeaux with the same agenda of giving clothes a second life. The big vintage sale will take place this weekend (June 22-23)  in one of the most special places in Bordeaux, les Vivres de l’Art. Apart from a huge amount of clothes, the event also includes food trucks and different workshops and activities. For more info check out the facebook page of the event.

When: June 22-23 / Where: 4 Rue Achard, 33300 Bordeaux

Festival Free music

Freemusic is a big music festival taking place this weekend (June 21-23) at Lac de Montendre (about an hour drive from Bordeaux). The festival includes a long lineup of artists that will take the stage on this beautiful beach in the Charente-Maritime department. For the full program and tickets click here.

When: June 21-23 /Where: Lac de Montendre

Echo a Venir –electronic music festival

This is actually happening right after the weekend, but I wanted to remind you all about this fun festival. Echo a Venir is a big visual art and electronic music festival that will take place on June 24-26 on the riverfront. The program of the festival includes a lineup of Djs, audiovisual performances, digital workshops and more. Check out the facebook page of the festival for more info. To see the full program click here.

When: June 24-26 / Where: Placette de Munich (quais de Bordeaux)

Vide-grenier musical

A vide grenier musical is a fun event where you can purchase plenty of second-hand items related to music: old cassettes, a little piano, photos of famous stars and more. The event will take place on  Sunday (June 23) at Sortie 13 in Pessac. For more details click here.

When:  June 23 / Where: Rue Walter Scott 33600 Pessac

A vernissage week in Bordeaux

This is a special weekend for art lovers. This week (until June 25) Bordeaux welcomes its new cultural season, which was named “Liberté ! Bordeaux 2019”. For the occasion, a vernissage week takes place this week (June 18-25) in Bordeaux where some of Bordeaux’s best museums present their new exhibitions at the same time. The participating museums are the Beaux-Arts gallery (not the museum), CAPC, la Base sous-marine, musée des Arts décoratifs et du Design and more. See the full program of exhibitions here.

When:  June 18-25/ Where: different museums in Bordeaux

Rivages et Vertigo Sea – a new exhibition

The Base sous marine is hosting a new and intriguing exhibition starting June 21. It is, in fact, a combination of two exhibitions addressing the themes of sea and shore. Rivages is a photography exhibition by the artist Harry Gruyaert and VertigoSea is a video installation by the director John Akomfrah. For more information about the exhibition click here.

When:  June 21 – September 22 / Where: Boulevard Alfred Daney, 33000 Bordeaux

A street art creative workshop

Mika exhibition in Bordeaux

A few weeks ago a new exhibition by the street artist Mika was presented at the Institut Bernard Magrez. This Saturday (June 22) the museum will host a creative workshop where you will recreate one of Mika’s famous works. The workshop is open to adults and kids older than 5 years old. For more details and tickets click here.

When: June 22, at 15:00 / Where: 16 rue de Tivoli, 33000 Bordeaux

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Many cool events are taking place in Bordeaux this weekend. For the foodies among you, we have the Basque food fair and a farmers’ market in a fancy chateau. Also, you can enjoy a headphones party, a posters fair in Darwin, a kids’ book salon and more. Here’s the list of things to do this weekend in Bordeaux (March 22-24).

Les Basques à Bordeaux

A big celebration of Basque food and culture will take place in Bordeaux (Hangar 14) on April 28-29. The event will include plenty of food stands featuring all the traditional basque products such as piment d’Espelette, jambon de Bayonne, les pintxos de Guipuzcoa, the famous Bayonne chocolate, regional wines and more. The cultural program includes concerts, different activities of crafts and sports as well as cooking workshops. For more details click here.

When: April 28-29 / Where: Hangar 14, Quai des Chartrons, 33000 Bordeaux

Salon International du Disque de Bordeaux

The international salon of vinyl and cd records of Bordeaux will take place March 23-24 in the Parc des Expositions. It’s the 59th edition of this festival that brings together 80 exhibitors from France and abroad and proposes all genres of music: rock, pop, soul, jazz, punk, reggae and more. For more details click here. Price: Normal 3€50 / Student 2€ / free for kids.

When: March 23-24 / Where: Stadium-vélodrome, Cours Jules Ladoumègue, 33000

Le marché des producteurs in a château

The famous Château Pape Clément invites you this Sunday (March 24) to their first farmers’ market of the year. The event will include free wine tasting (the Bernard Magrez wine), for which you have to reserve a spot (for reservations call 05 57 26 38 34). For more details click here.

When: March 24 / Where: 216 Avenue du Docteur Nancel Penard, 33600 Pessac

Carnaval d’Arcachon

This is the weekend of the big Carnival of Arcachon taking place on Sunday (March 24). The event starts in the morning at Place des Marquises with shows and activities for kids. In the afternoon (15:00) a grand parade will take place on the streets of the city (the route: casino de la plage, boulevard de la plage, rue du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny, cours Lamarque, avenue Gambetta, boulevard de la plage, place des Marquises). In the evening a party will take place at place des Marquises. For more details click here.

When: March 24 / Where: Place des Marquises, Arcachon

Village Festival – Posters sale

The European short film festival will start in Bordeaux in a week ( see more details about the event in my post on things to do in March). This Sunday (March 24), Darwin will open the Festival village with a big sale of movie posters. The event will also include stands and activities related to board games, virtual reality and more. For more details click here.

When: March 24 / Where: 87 quai des Queyries, 33100 Bordeaux

La Fête des Ruches à Bordeaux !

la Ruche qui dit Oui is a big French association that organizes local markets all over France, allowing you to buy products directly from farmers. This Saturday (March 23) the association invites you to celebrate sustainable food at a party that will take place at La soupe au caillou. The event will include music, workshops, exhibitions and tastings of local products that will be introduced by the farmers themselves. For more details click here.

When: March 23/ Where: 6 place du Maucaillou, 33800 Bordeaux


Halles de Bacalan invites you this Saturday (March 23) to a day of responsible food. The Gaspi’Halles event will include a workshop where you will learn how to reuse your food for other dishes, a workshop about compost, meeting with ecological startups and games for kids. For more details click here.

marche de bacalan in Bordeaux
When: March 23 / Where: 10 esplanade de pontac, 33300 Bordeaux

Vide-dressing for charity

This Saturday (March 23) a big second-hand sale will take place at the Maison Rose. The sale will include everything from clothing to bags, shoes, stylish accessories and more. The profits from the sale will go to La Maison Rose, an association supporting women diagnosed with cancer. For more details click here.

When: March 23/ Where:  9 Rue de Condé, 33000 Bordeaux

Salon du livre jeunesse

The 18th edition of the kids’ books salon will take place this weekend (March 22-23) at the Médiathèque La Source in Bouscat. This year it’s dedicated to space! The event will include plenty of activities for kids, such as storytelling, book signings and access to the planetarium.  For more details click here.

When: March 22-23 / Where: Place Gambetta 33110 Le Bouscat

Les Fous Rires de Bordeaux

Les Fous Rires de Bordeaux (16-23 March) is a very unique humor festival hosting more than 80 artists and different activities taking place all over the city. The festival is an opportunity to experience humor in different forms, such as live on stage, in pictures and even through cooking!

There are two parts to the festival: Festival IN, with well-known artists on stage and Festival OUF– that proposes free activities during the whole week of the festival such as workshops, happenings, entertaining children in hospitals and more. See the full program here.

When: March 16-23 / Where:  Different locations in Bordeaux

La compagnie Panik

La compagnie Panik is a circus incorporating horses as well as dance, body theater and mime techniques as integral parts of the show. The theater will install their blue tent at the Quai de Queyries on March 8- 31 and will perform two different shows:  “Cabaret de Côté” and “Cirque Bleu”. For more details and tickets click here.

When: March 8-31 / Where:  Quai de Queyries 33000 Bordeaux

Foire aux Plaisirs

This is the spring edition of the traditional Bordelaise Fair that is taking place at Place des Quinconces from February 22 to March 24. It’s a perfect activity for kids and for those who are young in spirit as La Foire aux Plaisirs de Bordeaux has it all: a big wheel, roller coasters, ghost trains, bumper cars, donuts, crèpes, barbes à papa and more. The fair is open daily from 14:00, you are not required to pay any entry fee, only for some of the attractions. See more info about the fair here.

When: February 22 to March 24 / Where: Place des Quinconces , 33000 Bordeaux

Silent tropical Party

Finally, the concept of headphone parties is arriving to Bordeaux. If you’re not familiar with it yet, it’s a completely silent party where you hear the music only through your headphones. A silent electronic party will take place this Friday (March 22) at Les Vivres de l’Art. For more info click here.

When: March 22 / Where: 4 rue Achard, 33300 Bordeaux, France

Classic music at Saint André

This Friday (March 22) a classic concert will take place at Saint André. The Choir of la Maîtrise de Bordeaux will open the musical season in the main church of Bordeaux with the music of Vivaldi and Zelenka. For more details click here.

When: March 22/ Where:  Place Pey Berland, 33000 Bordeaux

D’un soleil à l’autre – New exhibition at the Base sous marine

In the D’un soleil à l’autre exhibition artists present their poetic journey in space. Aspects like elastic distances, weightlessness, dazzling, infinitely large landscapes and incandescent materials are beautifully translated into contemporary and digital art. La Base sous marine is known for the phenomenal use of their unique space for art, so don’t miss this one. The exhibition will be presented at the museum from March 9 to May 19. For more info click here.

When: March 9 – May 19 / Where: Boulevard Alfred Daney, 33000 Bordeaux

Important notice for all you wine lovers, the open doors weekend at the châteaux of Medoc is in two weeks and I have all the details in my latest post.

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The Chateaux of Sauternes et Barsac will open their doors to the public this weekend so if you love sweet wine this weekend is a treat. If you prefer to stay in town there are plenty of other things to do like a yoga festival in Darwin, a craftsmen market in Chartrons, a piano festival, a World music festival and more.

Here’s the list of things to do this weekend in and around Bordeaux (November 9-11):

Open doors in the Chateaux of Sauternes et Barsac

Sauternes et Barsac are two wine areas (appellation d’origine contrôlée) famous for their sweet white wine. This weekend (November 10-11) 50 wine producers of Sauternes et Barsac invite you to an open door weekend, with a program that will include wine tastings, visits in the châteaux, gourmet food, concerts and activities for kids. Some of the participating châteaux are: Château La Tour Blanche,  Château Coutet à BarsacLa Maison du Vigneron SauternesChâteau SuduirautChâteau de Rayne VigneauChâteau Caillou. You can see all the châteaux on the photo below.

Sauternes et Barsac open door

When: November 10-11
Where:Sauternes et Barsac– chose your chateau from the program


The Bliss Yoga festival will take place this weekend (November 10-11) in Darwin. The program of the festival includes 30 courses that aim to make you discover different types of yoga no matter what level you are. Although yoga is the main event, there will be other activities like workshops, different information stands, a well being space, kids area, a photography exhibition, bio products and more. For more info check out the website of the festival and the facebook page of the event.

When: November 10-11
Where: Darwin Ecosystème, 87 quai des Queyries

Halles de Bacalan – 1 year anniversary 

Halles de Bacalan invites you to celebrate their first anniversary with a super gourmand event on the weekend of November 9-11. This fun market is one of the best places for drinks with friends, especially on rainy weekends, so this event is guaranteed to be good. For more info check out the facebook page of the event.

When: November 9-11
Where: 10 esplanade de pontac, 33300 Bordeaux,

Piano Festival

This is the 9th edition of the Festival L’esprit du Piano that will take place at the Auditorium of the Opera of Bordeaux on November  9-26. This magnificent festival hosts some important pianists like Chick Corea, Yefim Bronfman, Deszo Ranki and Bertrand Chamayou and others, some of whom will collaborate with the National Orchestra of Bordeaux and the choir of the Opera of Bordeaux. One of the biggest names to take the stage of the Auditorium is the Jazz legend, Abdullah Ibrahim. See the program of the festival here and info about the tickets here.

When: November 9-26
Where: Grand Théâtre, Place de la Comédie – 33 000 Bordeaux

Remembrance day ceremonies- November 11

This Sunday (November 11) is remembrance day in France and some events will take place in Floirac to commemorate the centenary of the armistice of the First World War.  For more details click here.

When: November 11, 9:00-12:00
Where: Floirac, see the program

Centenaire de l’armistice de la 1ère Guerre Mondiale – Exhibition

This year is the centenary of the armistice of the First World War and as part of the commemoration the city will present an exhibition of different objects, posters and archives related to the war. The exhibition will be presented at the Town Hall in Floriac between November 6 and November 17 and in Espace Lucie Aubrac on November 11. For more info click here.

When: November 6-17
Where:  6 avenue Pasteur BP 110, 33270 Floirac

Jazz Festival in Caudéran

The second edition of the Jazz festival of Caudéran will take place on November 8-10. Three days with 6 concerts: Robin & the Woods, IepXtet – création musicale de Sébastien Iep Arruti, Lorenzo Naccarato trio, Itamar Borochov quartet, Saxtape and the Nicolas Folmer Horny Tonky experience. For more info about prices and the full program click here.

When: November 8-11
Where:  La Pergola Theater, Rue Fernand Cazères, 33200 Bordeaux

Salon Ob’Art

Le salon Ob’Art (Objets de créateur) is a creators fair with a rich pedagogic program of activities, workshops and demonstrations. The aim of the event is to create a dialog between artists, craftsmen and the wide public in order to transfer their know-how and to make the young generation discover a variety of professional vocations. The event will be dedicated to Japanese philosophy and craftsmanship. Le Salon Ob’Art will take place in Hangar 14 (Quai des Chartrons) on November 9-11. Entry is free for kids under 18 years old and 6 € for adults (free on the first day). For more info check out the website of the event.

When: November 9-11
Where: 173 Quai des Chartrons, 33300 Bordeaux

L’Arche de Noël – creators market

L’Arche de Noël is a creators market that will take place in the Chartrons neighborhood every weekend until Christmas (November 22-23 is the last event). Each week a group of local talented craftsmen and artists will present their original creations. This weekend (November 10-11) the stands will include jewelry, kids toys, textile, graphic design and more.

See more details here.

When: November 10-11
Where: 23 Rue Minvielle, 33000 Bordeaux

Festival Toutes Latitudes

Festival Toutes Latitudes is taking place this week (November 7-11) in Rocher de Palmer in Cenon. The festival celebrate diversity through world music with musicians from all the the world. The lineup includes the Malian singer Oumou Sangaré (the black Tina Turner), the Turkish guitarist Bilal Karaman, the Algerian band Babylone and more. To see the full program and buy tickets click here  and for more info check out the facebook page of the event.

When: November 7-11
Where: 1 rue Aristide Briand, 33150 Cenon

Salon des Grandes Ecoles

The Salon of  the “Grandes Ecoles” is an event where the most prestigious institutions in the French higher education come to present their schools to future students. The Salon will take place this Saturday (November 10) at the Palais des Congrès. The event includes conferences and meetings with representatives from the schools who will present you their academic programs. For more info click here.

When: November 10
Where: Espace Pluriel, Avenue Jean Gabriel Domergue, 33300 Bordeaux

Bordeaux Medoc Lyrique comtest

The finals of the International singing competition of the Opera of Bordeaux will take place this weekend (November 9-10) at the Opera. Some of the young singers are coming from the biggest opera houses and theaters in France and abroad such as Opéra de Zurich, Opéra National de Bordeaux, Opéra national de Paris, Semperoper Dresde, Théâtre du Bolchoï and Théâtre du Capitole de Toulouse. For more info and tickets click here.

When: November 9-10, at 20:00
Where: Place de la Comédie, 33000 Bordeaux

Delirium Party

Mille et Une Bieres, the very cool beer boutique invites you this Friday (November 9) to a Delirium party. The program includes a DJ , tattoo sessions and a happy hour on some of the beers. See more details here.

When: November 9, from 17:00 to midnight
Where: 42 Rue Edmond Besse, 33300 Bordeaux,

Fit Attitude

The Fit Attitude is a sports event that takes place on Saturday every two weeks in Jardin Public. It’s a free fitness event  and it’s open for all. The event will take place Saturday (November 10) at 11:00. See more details here.

When: November 10. 11:00
Where: place du Champ de Mars, 33000 Bordeaux,


Exposition 3/1 – Espace Saint-Rémi

La Spirale association invites you to a collective exhibition by three local artists: Magalie Darsouze (visual artist), Benjamin Monteil (engraver) and Chris Pillot (painter). The exhibition will be presented at the beautiful Espace Saint-Rémi on November 7-17. The entrance is free. See more info here.

When: November 7-17
Where: 4 rue Jouannet à Bordeaux

Douro, l’air de la terre au bord des eaux – Exhibition

La Cité du Vin is currently hosting its second temporary exhibition of the “Vignoble invité” (invited vineyard). This exhibition, called Douro, l’air de la terre au bord des eaux, will take you to the heart of the wine region Haut-Douro in Portugal. As with the permanent exhibition in La Cité du Vin this too will be  accompanied by an experience of sounds and senses.  For more info click here.

When: October 5- January 6. 2019
Where:1, esplanade de Pontac, Bordeaux, 33300

Salva Me exhibition

“Salva me” is the new exhibition of the Bordelais graphic designer Aymeric Giraudel. The exhibition combines photography and graphics and plays with the human body to express its beauty. The exhibition will be presented at the Les Vivres de l’Art until November 16. For more info click here.

When: until November 16
Where: 4 rue Achard, 33300 BORDEAUX


If you want to plan ahead check out my general list of things to in Bordeaux in November 2018.

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A great variety of festivals and events awaits us this week, the Asian culture festival, the books festival in Gradignan and the artistic project Le Point de Départre are here to make this weekend fun even if it might be pouring rain outside.  Besides these indoor events, and assuming a nice weather this weekend, you’ll be having a hard time choosing where to go as the list includes plenty of things like an independent movies festival, a performance art festival, a pumpkin festival and more. Here is the list of things to do in Bordeaux this weekend (October 12-14).

FIFIB- Bordeaux international festival of independent movies

Bordeaux Independent Films Festival will take place on October 9-15 at Rue Malby in the center of Bordeaux. The program includes film screenings, concerts and meeting with special guests. Every evening, the festival village will transform into an open cinema theater and a dance floor. The event is free and open for all. See the full program on the site of the festival and more details on their facebook page.

When: October 9-15
Where: Le Village du FIFIB, 3 rue Mably, 30000 BORDEAUX

Speen Festival

The Speen festival is a performance art festival mixing dance music and theater. Throughout the weekend of the festival (October 13-14) many performances will take place on  Place de la Comédie and Cours du châpeau rouge, among them: a Brazilian music concert, dance performances, a jazz concert, improvisation theater and more. Check out the full program here and more details on the facebook page of the festival.

When: October 13-14
Where: Place de la Comédie and Cours du châpeau rouge, 33000 Bordeaux

Foire aux Plaisirs

This is the spring edition of the traditional Bordelaise Fair that is taking place at Place des Quinconces  from October 12 to November 4. It’s a perfect activity for kids and for those who are young in spirit as La Foire aux Plaisirs de Bordeaux has it all: a big wheel, roller coasters, ghost trains, bumper cars, donuts, crèpes, barbes à papa and more. The fair is open daily from 14:00, you are not required to pay any entry fee, only for some of the attractions. See more info about the fair here.

When: October 12 – November 4
Where:Place des Quinconces , 33000 Bordeaux

FAB – International art festival

FAB is the annual International art festival of Bordeaux Metropole taking place this year on October 5-24. As one of Europe’s biggest art festivals it attracts some known names from the international contemporary art scene. During the three weeks of the festival more than 30 shows will take place in more than 20 different locations in Bordeaux, from the TnBA theater to the Opera of Bordeaux and the Base Sous Marine. Click here to see the full program of the festival.

When: October 5-24
Where: Different locations in Bordeaux – check out the program,

Lire en Poche – books festival 

Lire en Poche is a pocket books festival that will take place in Gradignan in October 12-13. Besides a huge book sale, a wide range of activities are offered to the participants, among them: reading sessions, theater shows, music, games, workshops for kids and more. The entrance to the festival is free, however some activities are paid and/or require prior reservation, which will start on October 6 at 8:00 – click here to register.  For more info click here.

When: September 12-14
Where: Théâtre des Quatre Saisons et à La Médiathèque Jean Vautrin, 32 route de Léognan – 33170 GRADIGNAN

Le Point de Départ 

See what happens when a painter, a photographer, a costume designer, 2 illustrators, a writer, a theater company, a songwriter, a flamenco dancer, 2 filmmakers, a chef, a mixologist and a sommelier all work starting from the same point of inspiration. Le Point de Départ is part exposition, part performance and part dining experience. This is the second project of this talented group of artists,  coming only a few months after the successful Projet Téléphone. The show will take place this Sunday (October 14) in Frida, with an admission of 15€ ( tickets available at the door). The event will be followed by an optional 3-course meal, inspired by the same theme for 30€ (paired with wine +15€). Reservations for the dinner can be made at frida.fr. For more details about the project and the show click here.

le point de depart

When: September 14, starting 17:30
Where: 27-29 rue Buhan, 33000 Bordeaux

Festival Animasia

Animasia is a festival of Asian pop culture that brings together many elements like J-POP music, Yosakoi  dance, karaoke and Cosplay performances. The place will also include thematic areas with martial arts, video games, board games and more. The festival will take place this weekend October 13-14 at the Parc des Expositions. For more info and tickets check out the website of the festival or the facebook page of the event.

When: October 13-14
Where: Parc des Expositions, 33000 Bordeaux

Village des Sciences

As part of the Fête de la Science events this month, Cap Sciences invites you this weekend (October 13-14) to the Science village. This year the village will be all about robots and the place they take in our day to day life. The program includes two exhibitions, several competitions, demonstrations of different robots, workshops, conferences and more. See the full program here and for more details here. The event is free.

When: September 13-14. 14:00 to 18:00
Where: Hangar 20, Quai de Bacalan, 33300 Bordeaux

Salon ABC Kidz

A big event dedicated to future parents and young families will take place on October 13-14 in Hangar 14. Salon ABC kids is the annual gathering of all the important companies and organizations related to babies and little kids from clothing to room decorations, toys and different services like child care companies and health providers. The event allows young parents to meet all the relevant products and services in one place. Many activities will take place at the Salon to make it more entertaining, among them a massage space, workshops for kids, soft play for toddlers and more. For tickets and more info click here.

When: October 13-14
Where: 115 Quai des Chartrons, 33000 Bordeaux

Nuit des Bibliothèques

Have you ever visited some of Bordeaux libraries? If you think of it as only a place storing books, think again, as the libraries in this city are much more than that. Throughout the year they propose plenty of events, courses and activities for kids. Nuit des Bibliothèques will take place on October 13, and is your opportunity to discover the libraries across the city. 25 libraries in 20 different towns in Bordeaux Metropole will participate in this event and will offer such activities as concerts, theater shows, science workshops, games for kids and more. See the full list of all the participating institutions here.

When: October 13 – evening
Where: Bordeaux, Merignac, Talence, Pessac and more – check out the full program

Salon International du Disque de Bordeaux

The international salon of vinyl and cd records of Bordeaux will take place October 13-14 in the Parc des expositions.  It’s the 58th edition of this festival that brings together 80 exhibitors from France and abroad and proposes all genres of music: rock, pop, soul, jazz, punk, reggae and more. For more info click here.

When: October 13 – 14
Where: Parc des expositions de Bordeaux – Vélodrome

Vide dressing in Darwin 

Darwin invites you to its big autumn fashion sale of more than 100 stands of women, man and children’s wear. As always, a visit in Darwin becomes a real happening and alongside the sale the program will include plenty of different workshops and activities like: beauty spot, a design space for kids, a fashion show (Sunday at 16:00), food trucks and more. The vide dressing event will take place this weekend (October 13-14), entry is 2 euros, for more info click here.
When: October 13 – 14, from 11 to 19:00
Where: 87 Quai de Queyries 33100 Bordeaux

Music brunch and a clothing sale for kids

Les Vivres de l’Art, which always surprises with cool events, invites you this Sunday to their music brunch. The event will include a concert by the cellist Julie Läderach, an exhibition by artists currently working at les Vivres de l’Art and a special vide dressing for babies and kids. Entry fee is 5€. For more info click here. For more info about the clothing sale click here.

If you’ve never heard of the place, it’s time to read my post about the Bacalan neighborhood and discover some other offbeat places in Bordeaux such as this one.

When: October 14, from 11:00 to 15:00. The vide dressing from 10:30 to 16:00
Where: 4 rue Achard, 33300 Bordeaux

Pumpkin Festival 

A pumpkin festival will take place this Sunday (October 14) in the foret du Bourgailh in Pessac. The program includes activities like visits to the vegetable garden or the tropical green house, tips from professional gardeners, tasting pumpkin recipes and more. Even if you don’t really like pumpkin, this is a great opportunity to discover this beautiful park which has plenty of activities for both kids and adults.  For more info click here.

When: October 14, from 14:00 to 18:00
Where: Avenue de Beutre, accès par Rocade sortie 13 (vers Pessac Alouette)


Paintings exhibition by Pascal Marcel

The French painter Pascal Marcel will present his works at the beautiful Bouillon d’art gallery between October 12 and November 3. For more details check out the website of the gallery.

When: October 12 – November 3
Where: 37, rue Bouffard, Bordeaux, France 33000

Photo exhibition at the Grande Poste

A photography exhibition by the photographer Nko Pictart will be presented at the Grande Poste from October 12 to October 28. This exhibition is also a breast cancer awareness event which aims to support its prevention and women suffering from the disease. For more info click here.

When: October 12 – 28
Where: 37 rue du palais gallien, 33000 Bordeaux

PROXIMA exhibition

The Proxima exhibitions is one of the main events of the space month in Bordeaux and will be presented at the Médiathèque de Mérignac from October 5th to October 26. Throughout the exhibition you will discover how astronauts prepare for their missions in space, the effects of weightlessness on their body and how their daily life looks like while they’re on mission. For more details check out the facebook page of the exhibition. Click here to see what other events are part of the space month in Bordeaux.

When: October 5-26
Where: 19 Place Charles de Gaulle, 33700 Mérignac

If you want to plan ahead check out my general list of things to in Bordeaux in October 2018. Also, if you have kids and you have no idea what to do with them during the school break – check out my list of ideas for the fall break of 2018.

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This is the first long weekend in the French long weekends month, aka les ponts du mois de mai. The biggest even this weekend is the Open doors in Saint-Emilion, as it gives you the opportunity to visit some of the top châteaux  in the Bordeaux wine region. If you want to stay in town, there are plenty of things to do without ever taking the tram: les Vivres de l’Art are celebrating their 10th anniversary, the great Brocante of Bordeaux is back and much more.

Here is the list of things to do this long weekend in Bordeaux (April 27-May 1):

Festivals, Salons and Special events

Open doors in Saint-Emilion

An open doors weekend will take place on April 29 to May 1 at Saint-Emilion where 84 chateaux will hold open door events and will propose different activities to the visitors. Some châteaux (such as Château Fleur Cardinale) will start their open doors weekend April 28.

On the event website you can see the participating châteaux , the activities and the wine tasting proposed for that weekend – see more info.

When: April 28 – May 1

Brocante des Quinconces

The big brocante of Bordeaux is hosted twice a year at place des Quinconces with 200 antique dealers, horticulturists, restaurants and craftsmen.  The 100th edition of the brocante has started on April 20 and will continue until May 8.

brocante des quinconces
photo by: Lost in Bordeaux
When: April 20 – May 8
Where: Place des Quinconces

Les Vivres de l’Art avec 5 sens – 50h à Vivre

To celebrate their 10 year anniversary Les Vivres de l’Art, in the Bacalan neighborhood, will hold a weekend full of cultural experiences that will stimulate all your senses. In the program: cultural events, concerts, expositions, conferences, ateliers visits, circus workshop for kids and more. If you still haven’t had the opportunity to visit this incredible place, don’t miss the chance to do it now. The 50h à Vivre will take place from April 29 at 16:00 to May 1 at 18:00, the entrance is free.

To see the full program, check out the program of the event.

Les Vivres de l'Art in Bordeaux
Les Vivres de l’Art – a magical place in the north of Bordeaux

When: April 29- May 1
Where: 4 Rue Achard, 33300 Bordeaux


Fête de l’Asperge du Blayais

la Fête de l’Asperge du Blayais in Etauliers , that will take place on April 28-29, is all about celebrating the greatness of asparagus. More than 8000 visitors are expected to stroll along the 50 exhibitors of local delights and enjoy the activities offered to both adults and kids (make up sessions, mini farm, pony rides).

See the full program.

When: April 28-29
Where: Place principale, 33820 Etauliers

Spring Market in Lormont

The spring market is an annual festive event organized by several associations in Lormont. Besides bio products, you will find stands of local crafts, plants and more. The event will include food stands and tastings of local specialties and will be accompanied by different musical shows. It’s your chance to discover this little town on the bank of the Garonne.

marché de printemps Lormont
Marché de Printemps in Lormont in 2017

When: April 28
Where: Place Aristide Briand 33310 Lormont


Le Projet Télephone

Le Projet Télephone is a cross-cultural/cross-genre game of telephone featuring International and French artists living in Bordeaux. In September of 2017, a proverb was picked from a hat, and used as an initial inspiration for the first artist, who had two weeks to create something in their genre before passing it along. Seven months later, artists from nine different countries representing 10 different art forms have participated. Follow the proverb from writer to flamenco dancer to DJ to illustrator to songwriter to costume designer to theater company to filmmaker to painter and toast with the creation from the final artist, a mixologist when the proverb is revealed. Le Projet Telephone will be performed on April 29 at 9pm at Les Vivres de l’Art. Admission is free. Arrive early to get a seat.

For more info check out the facebook page of the event.

When: April 29, 9pm
Where: 4 Rue Achard, 33300 Bordeaux

Itinéraires des Photographes Voyageurs – photography festival

This is your last chance to see this amazing photography exhibition,  the “travelling photographers routes” which has been running this months in several locations across the city and will end on April 29. During the whole month, 17 photography expositions have been presented in the main cultural institutions of the city such as the Rocher de Palmer in Cenon, the Bibliothèque Grand Parc, Espace Saint-Rémi and others.

Get the full list of all artists and more info about the event here.

Itinéraires des Photographes Voyageurs

Expolaroid- instant photography month

The Volcan is a new place in the Bacalan neighborhood dedicated to alternative art and culture. Starting April 27 they will hold a Polaroid exhibition that includes a long list of photographers.

For more details check out their facebook page.

volcan expolaroid

When: April 27
Where: 72 rue Bourbon, 33300 Bordeaux, France

Le musée des Arts décoratifs et du Design

Le musée des Arts décoratifs et du Design will present the works of the  designer Martin Szekely at the new exposition space, behind hôtel de Lalande (the house of the museum).  This is an opportunity to discover the variety of works of the artist, gathered around the theme of construction. The exhibition will be presented in the museum from April 26 to September 16.

For more info.

From the designs of Martin Szekely

When: April 26 – September 16
Where: 39 rue Bouffard, 33000 Bordeaux

Street Color at Institut Bernard Magrez

An extensive street are exhibition will be presented from April 5 to June 24 at the Institut Bernard Magrez. The expo will include some well known street artists (mostly French ones), such as MAD C (GER), Seth (FRA), d’Alexöne (FRA) and more. This institute is a historic monument dated to the 18th century, so the combination of an ancient chateau with street art will most certainly add to the atmosphere of the exposition.

For more info and tickets.

wall paintings in Montreal by SETH
photo by: Seth
Address:  16 rue de Tivoli, Bordeaux

With Kids

Open doors for kids in Château Cormeil-Figeac  

During the four days of the open doors weekend in Saint-Emilion, Château Cormeil-Figeac proposes a free activity for kids and their families. The event that will take place between April 28 and May 2 provides the future wine lovers the opportunity to get familiar with the wine production world. The parents will also benefit as they will be invited to taste two types of wine.

For more detail see the site of the chateau.

When: April 28- May 2 ( from 1oam-12am and from 2 pm to 7 pm).
Where: Château Cormeil-Figeac, 3 Cormeil, 33330 Saint-Émilion

Fête des Jardins

The garden festival in le Bouscat, that will take place April 28-29, is both a festive and an educational event that celebrates nature. The program includes a big market, gardening workshops (mostly for kids), sportive games, musical activities and much more.
For more details check out the facebook page of the event.
When: April 28- 29
Where: Parc de l’ermitage , Le bouscat, 33110

Le Printemps de Caudéran

The Cauderan neighborhood will also celebrate nature and gardening this weekend (April 28-29) in the beautiful park Bordelais. The event proposes a rich cultural and musical program, different stands, expositions, a skating class and workshops where both kids and adults can learn about plants and the nature in the park.
For more info check out the facebook page of the event.
When: April 28- 29
Where: Bordelais (parc), rue du Bocage 33000 Bordeaux

Do you have other events to add to that list? Please share them in the comments so all of us can enjoy them 🙂

And please share the post with your friends, thanks!