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Who am I and what is this blog all about?

I’m Ira, an expat, a blogger, a foodie tour guide and a trip planner living in Bordeaux. Bordeaux is not my first expat experience, in fact, I came here quite an international record. I was born in Moscow, raised in Israel, traveled in North and South America for a year and ended up in Paris in 2011 where I lived with my lovely family for six years. Then one day in 2017 we moved to Bordeaux, and I didn’t really know what to expect, after all, Paris is a tough act to follow. But I came prepared to discover, meet new people and give Bordeaux a real chance, and luckily, I completely fell in love with my new home in the Southwest of France and I’m on a mission to make you fall in love too!

After months of walking around the city, long nights of reading French blogs about cool places in Bordeaux and talking to many active expats, I started to accumulate a lot of knowledge and many notes about festivals, hipster places, new coffee shops and more.

I noticed, however, that many people lack information about all that’s happening in the city and don’t really know what to do on weekends. I felt I had a “civic duty” to share my knowledge about concerts, art, new bars, kids friendly activities and all other things to do in Bordeaux and its surroundings. I love writing, but I’m not a writer and this blog is not a diary of my personal experiences. It’s rather a go-to place to get ideas for things to do in the city and places to visit in the Southwest of France.

What will you find in Lost in Bordeaux?

First of all, you’ll find up to date weekly and monthly lists of all the events, festivals, shows and activities in and around Bordeaux. But also, you will join my journey to discover all the special places to visit in the city, the best coffee shops, art expos, activities with kids and more. I will give you suggestions on what to do in every neighborhood in the city and provide a lot of useful information for when you (or your guests) visit Bordeaux.

Bordeaux is, however, only a part of this website. With time, I upload more and more content about things to do in Gironde and in the regions surrounding it, such as the French Basques, the Dordogne, Charentes and more. I update about my discoveries on a daily basis on the Instagram and Facebook pages of Lost in Bordeaux and in my weekly newsletter. So join me on my journey the beautiful Southwest of France! 🙂

New to Lost In Bordeaux?

If you’re new to this website, below are some articles I thought you’d want to take a look at.

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What other services do I offer?

Foodie tours in Bordeaux

Do you want to taste the local southwest of France specialties? Join me for a fun three hours tour where we’ll discover food from Bordeaux and its surroundings. What is the Dordogne region most known for? What are the specialties in the French Basque country? and which desserts can you find only in Gironde? I offer two different tours each with its own particular vibe:

The morning market tour

We will start the morning tour in the cosmopolitan neighborhood of Saint Michel and then continue to one of the emblematic culinary spots of the city – the Capucins market. During the tour, you will taste plenty of specialties at the market and hear stories about regional food and the philosophy of French cooking. We will then continue to the historic center of the city and discover the foodie streets of Bordeaux, visit outstanding food shops and taste plenty of local desserts.

An afternoon foodie tour in the historic center

This tour is all about living the good life in Bordeaux. You will discover the historic center with all it’s foodie secrets and then continue to the Triangle d’Or, the luxurious part of Bordeaux where we will taste produce from the fanciest boutiques and wine shops, strolling along with this magnificent city all tipsy and happy.

Both tours include tastings of a variety of food and wine so come hungry!

For more details and to book a tour contact me at ira@lostinbordeaux.com.

Trip planning

Are you planning a weekend trip to Bordeaux or a longer stay in the South West of France?

I can help you plan it and make your trip an unforgettable experience. The knowledge I gained from touring and writing about this area allows me to offer you a lot of exclusive activities and places to visit that are quite hard to find and prioritize on your own. So how does it work? I’ll send you some questions about your preferences and then we’ll have a skype/phone call where I’ll build together with you a detailed custom made experience. Contact me here and let’s start planning your dream vacation!


If you’re interested in collaborating with me, please get in touch to see how we can work together.