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Discover Bordeaux’s rich history and stunning architecture on this walking tour. From the elegant riverfront to the fancy Triangle d’Or district and the iconic Grand Théâtre, you'll explore the city's transformation through the ages, concluding near the ancient Porte Dijeaux with recommendations for the best local food stores and restaurants.


Why should you take Lost in Bordeaux’s audio tour?

Bonjour! My name is Ira, and I founded Lost in Bordeaux in 2018, shortly after moving here and falling in love with the city and its region. After exploring every corner of Bordeaux, I created this tour to share my unique perspective with you. Today, Bordeaux is considered one of France's most elegant cities, but it wasn't always this way. On this tour, you'll discover how Bordeaux transformed into a beautiful gem in the 18th century. I’ll guide you to Bordeaux’s most stunning monuments and share my favorite spots, including many food shops and restaurants. Learn about Bordeaux’s fascinating history and its rich gastronomic and wine heritage.

Center of Bordeaux

Bordeaux Audio Tour

Self-guided Audio Tour of Classic Bordeaux - here is why you should take this tour!

At Your own Pace

You can go on a tour whenever you want without being dependent on a guide or a group of other people

GPS Autoplay

Plays automatically using GPS, it works even offline 

Easy To use

A simple and user-friendly interface - All you need is your phone and headphones

Pesonal Touch

You'll get plenty of my personal recommendations about places to visit in Bordeaux

What are self-guided GPS audio tours?

Classic Bordeaux is a GPS audio walking tour, similar to listening to a podcast about the place you're visiting. It’s much more affordable than a guided tour, and you can do it at your own pace. After purchasing, download the tour, put on your headphones, and start exploring—even if your phone is offline.

Monuments in Bordeaux

What will you visit on this tour?

  • Learn about the golden age of Bordeaux and its significance as a major port city.
  • Discover the city’s medieval past and its transformation during the 18th century.
  • Splash in Bordeaux’s stunning water mirror.
  • Hear tales of the influential figures who shaped Bordeaux’s history and architecture.
  • Taste Bordeaux's beloved pastry, the canelés in one of the best places in the city.

A walking tour through France's Most elegant city

This audio tour helps you navigate Bordeaux like a local, uncovering hidden treasures at your own pace and time!

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    Places to visit in Bordeaux
    Cadiot Badie - one of the oldest chocolate places in Bordeaux

    Frequently asked questions

    What makes this tour different?My audio tour guide caters to curious travelers and offers a perfect mix of Bordeaux’s famous landmarks, heritage sites, and hidden gems like specialty food shops and locals' favorite restaurants. Unlike a regular tour where you follow a guide and other people, here you’re completely independent. You can do the tour whenever you want, take breaks for lunch, buy souvenirs, or simply enjoy the charm of this beautiful city.

    What makes you an expert on Bordeaux?In 2018, I created the blog "Lost in Bordeaux," which has since become the leading website about Bordeaux in English. Since then, I have given many private and group tours and written hundreds of articles about Bordeaux and the region.

    I have a few days in Bordeaux, when should I do the tour?I recommend taking the tour as early as possible. Besides introducing you to the city, the tour provides many recommendations that will be useful during your stay.

    What are the best days to do the tour?You can do the tour any day, as it’s mostly outdoors. However, if you want to enjoy my recommendations like food shops and restaurants, be aware that many places in Bordeaux are closed on Sundays and Mondays.

    How do I get the audio tour?To start the tour, you’ll need to download an audio guide app and use a unique code. After purchasing the tour, you will receive the code and instructions on how to use it via email.

    How many people can do the tour together?Each tour works on one phone only, so if you want it to operate on more than one mobile phone, please purchase additional tours.

    What should I bring to the tour?-Headphones
    -A charged battery
    -Water for hot days
    -An umbrella for rainy days (there are many in Bordeaux)
    -And most importantly, a bit of curiosity and a good mood! :)

    How long does the tour take?The tour should take about 75 minutes if you don’t stop too much. However, since I suggest plenty of places along the way, you’ll likely want to stop at least once or twice. So, add at least half an hour to your tour.

    Do you also guide private tours?I no longer guide tours in Bordeaux as I’m focused on creating more digital experiences like this tour. However, I have several guides I can recommend. Feel free to contact me if you need recommendations.

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