I’m writing this article in May because I’m just too excited about all the events taking place in Bordeaux in July to keep this info to myself! So what’s happening in the Bordeaux region in July 2024, you ask? Events like Bordeaux Open Air, Dansons sur les Quais, and La Bataille de Castillon are only part of the long list you’ll find in this article. 

As usual, most of this list includes specific events, so if you want to see fun places to visit during the summer, check out the article about the best things to do during summer in Bordeaux. Also, every Friday I give updates about other events taking place in Bordeaux in my newsletter, so don’t forget to subscribe to my email list if you’re not on it yet. 

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The best events in Bordeaux (and Gironde) in July 2024

Go for a drink in one of Bordeaux’s summer bars

Plenty of rooftops, terrace cafes, and open bars are surging all over the city starting at the end of May/beginning of June. Some are more posh and chic, others simple and chill but they are all super fun to hang out in during the summer in Bordeaux. Check out the list of the best summer bars in Bordeaux.

The most popular rooftop in Bordeaux - Mama shelter
Mama Shelter- by Lost in Bordeaux

Summer of Music in Medoc

Les Estivales de Musique en Medoc is the only music festival in France dedicated exclusively to young laureates of international competitions.  The festival was created in 2003 to discover new talents in classical music. The concerts are hosted in some of the most prestigious châteaux in the Medoc area and are followed by wine tastings. The festival is taking place on July 1-11. See the full program here.

Before going check out my guide to the Medoc region to discover other places that are worth a visit on the way to your concert 🙂 

Les Escapades Musicales

Les Escapades Musicales is a big classical music festival that takes place in different natural and historic sites around the Bassin d’Arcachon. During five weeks (from June 20 – to July 20) plenty of international musicians will take part in this festival, aiming to concert the unique sites of Arcachon with the elegance of classical music. See the program here

If you need more ideas on things to do in Arcachon, check out my article about a day trip to Arcachon.

La Co(o)rniche - luxury hotel in Arcacachon
The infinity swimming pool at La Co(o)rniche

Don’t miss all the other amazing places to visit in Arcachon – it is the perfect summer destination.

Baroque Festival 

Festes Baroques is a Baroque music festival taking place at different wine chateaux in South Gironde. So if you want to enjoy wine, beautiful music, and some of the most interesting patrimony in this region, this event is for you. The event will take place from June 25 to July 4. See more details here.

Festival Rues et Vous

This is the 16th edition of Festival Rue et Vous, a performance art festival taking place every year in the charming medieval town of Rions. This year the festival will take place on July 5-6 and will include a rich program of theater, dance, circus, and music shows for both adults and kids. For tickets and the full program check out the website of the festival.

Rions is one of the most beautiful villages around Bordeaux and is totally worth a visit.

Jalles House Rock

Le Jalles House Rock is one of the biggest rock festivals in Gironde that annually proposes a rich program of local and international acts. The goal of the festival is to share the love for rock music with as many people as possible and that’s why the entrance is free. They do however encourage you to donate to the Estran association that organizes the event. This year the festival in Saint-Médard-en-Jalles takes place on July 5-6. For more details check out the website of the festival.

Les 24h du Swing

This is the 34th edition of ‘les 24h du Swing’, a swing festival taking place on July 5-6 in Monségur. More than 40 concerts will take place at different locations like Bastide Monséguraise, des Tilleuls à la Halle, and different bars and restaurants in Monségur. For more info and tickets click here

Les Nouvelles Saisons – music festival

Les Nouvelles Saisons is a classic music festival taking place in Bordeaux on July 6-12 at Cour Mably, la Cathédrale de Bordeaux, and the main library of Bordeaux. The festival was created by the violoncellist Jeremy Genet and the composer Christian Lauba offering a great variety of musical styles (baroque, romantic, modern, and more). For more details and tickets click here.

Bordeaux in the summer
Bordeaux in the summer

Summer sales

Summer sales are a great opportunity to enjoy good deals on clothes, shoes, electronics, toys, and more. This summer Les Soldes d’été will take place from June 26 to July 23.

Celebrate the French National Day

July 14th is the French national day which is celebrated in every city in France. Like every year, Bordeaux will hold a series of popular events and parties. Apart from the traditional national day events, plenty of other parties will take place on July 13-14 in many parts of Gironde to celebrate this day. I will publish a list of the best events taking place that day in this article closer to July.

Dance on the Quai

Dansons sur les Quais is a series of dancing classes and events where people gather to dance together and learn a variety of dancing genres like Tango, Salsa, Bollywood, Forro, Hip Hop, Street Jazz, Zumba, and more. 

All the dance classes will be guided by professional dancers from different dance schools in Bordeaux. The classes are completely free, so this is a great opportunity you don’t want to miss. The event will take place on the quai almost daily on July 11-28. Many of the lessons and events this year require prior reservation, for more details and the full program see here.

Bordeaux Metropolitan Summer

Like every year Bordeaux Metropolitan invites you to discover the city and the area around it through a series of cultural events and activities. Between July 15 and August 29, more than 100 activities of music, dance, public reading, theater, circus, and gastronomy will take place around the Metropole. Check out the full program of events here.

La Bataille de Castillon

La Bataille de Castillon is a spectacle taking place during the course of several weeks in the summer, replicating the famous fight from 1453. Castillon-la-Bataille, the town where the show takes place also hosts many activities and events revolving around the big show: tours of the city, exhibitions, workshops of medieval art, and more. For more info and tickets click here.

Andernos Jazz Festival 

One of the best Jazz festivals in the Gironde region is taking place this weekend (July 26-28) in Andernos les Bains. For more details about the Andernos Jazz Festival click here

Andernos les Bains Jazz Festival
Andernos les Bains Jazz Festival

Nuits Atypiques Festival

This multidisciplinary festival in south Gironde has been taking place every summer since 1992.  From June 2 to July 21, plenty of events will take place in 12 towns in the Gironde department. The program includes a variety of activities such as concerts, theater, films, debates, tours to discover the towns, and more. Check out the full program here.

Big events in other parts of the SW of France – July 2024

Blues Passions in Cognac

Every July, Cognac hosts one of the biggest music festivals in the region called the Cognac Blues Passion. The festival, which will take place on July 2-6, includes some of the biggest names in the Blues world in its program. See the full program here

Le Festival de Saintes

This big music festival is taking place in the famous Abbaye-aux-Dames ( la cité musicale) in Saintes, a pretty town in Charentes Maritime. Le Festival de Saintes is an established classical music festival, bringing all the biggest names in the genres to one magical weekend every year. This year the festival will be taking place on July 13-20, See the program here

Jazz in Marciac

Marciac is a nice little village in the Gers department (about 2 hours’ drive from Bordeaux) that hosts one of the biggest Jazz festivals in the region. The festival takes place for three weeks (from July 18 to August 4) and has a very impressive lineup of international Jazz artists. Check out the full program here

Jazz in Sanguinet

Another amazing Jazz festival in our region takes place in Sanguinet, just next to Biscarrosse Lake. This is a fun and free event with plenty of concerts and exhibitions. This year the event will take place on July 12- 21, for more info click here

Fêtes de la Madeleine

Fêtes de la Madeleine is the big festival of Mont de Marsan, in the Landes department, celebrating the Gascogne culture. The five-day event transforms the city into a big carnival with plenty of concerts, traditional food, and activities for kids. The festival is taking place on July 17 – 21. Check out the long list of events here

Festival Musicalarue

The Musicalarue is a big music festival taking place in Luxey (about an hour’s drive from Bordeaux) on July 26-28.  See the lineup and ticket prices here. More info here.

Fête du Cognac

The Cognac festival celebrates the spirits of the region, the Cognac, Pineau des Charentes, and wines of the region. This is a fun and happy event with plenty of drinks and good music. And it’s an opportunity to discover one of the best destinations in the region, the town of Cognac

The event will take place on July 25-27 in the center of Cognac. See the full program here.

Vesere Festival 

The Vezere festival is a classical music festival taking place every summer in the Brive region. A long list of concerts will take place between July 8 and August 12 in the different theatres and chateaux in the region. See the program here

Brive is located on the border between the Corezze and the Dordogne departments and is a great destination for anyone traveling in the region in the summer. 

The Sarlat Theatre festival

The Sarlat Theatre Festival is one of the biggest theatre festivals in the region. From mid-July to the beginning of August the medieval town turns into a big theater stage with plenty of performances in different parts of the city center. This year the festival will be taking place from July 20 to August 5. See the program here

Is it your first time in Bordeaux?

Be sure to check up my ultimate guide to Bordeaux, which will get you familiar with all the “must” places to visit in Bordeaux. To help you to choose a hotel in Bordeaux I’ve gathered a list of the best hotels in the center of Bordeaux as well as a guide to the districts of Bordeaux to help you choose your preferred location.

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