Food tours in Bordeaux

Do you want to taste the local southwest of France specialties? Join me for a fun three hours tour where we’ll discover food from Bordeaux and its surroundings. What is the Dordogne region most known for? What are the specialties in the French Basque country? and which desserts can you find only in Gironde? I offer two different tours each with its own particular vibe.

The morning market tour

We will start the morning tour in the cosmopolitan neighborhood of Saint Michel and then continue to one of the emblematic culinary spots of the city – the Capucins market. During the tour, you will taste plenty of specialties at the market and hear stories about regional food and the philosophy of French cooking. We will then continue to the historic center of the city and discover the foodie streets of Bordeaux, visit outstanding food shops, and taste plenty of local desserts.

A fun food tour in the center of Bordeaux

This tour is all about living the good life in Bordeaux. You will discover the historic center with all its foodie secrets and then continue to the Triangle d’Or, the luxurious part of Bordeaux where we will taste produce from the fanciest boutiques and wine shops, strolling along with this magnificent city all tipsy and happy.


All tours include plenty of food: different types of cheese, oysters, charcuterie, pastries, chocolate, wine, and more. You get to taste the good life of Bordeaux and only pay for the tour, everything else is included.

Semi-private tour – up to 8 people – 65€ per person -check out my next group tours here.

Private tour – 95€ per person

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