This weekend is all about the European Heritage days and that’s where you’ll probably spend most of it. If you want to discover some of the sites to visit in and around Bordeaux check out my article about the Heritage days. But that’s not the only thing you can do this weekend in Bordeaux! There’s a street performance festival, a Latin music festival and more. Also, if you want to discover some of the best events taking place next month, check out my new October list. Here’s the list of things to do this weekend in and around Bordeaux (September 20-22).

Journées Européennes du Patrimoine

The European Heritage Days are a great opportunity to discover some of Bordeaux’s most beautiful and interesting buildings. During the weekend of September 21-22 many public and private edifices will open their doors to the public and allow you to peak into parts of this city’s history otherwise hidden from our daily view. Some of the most interesting places to visit during the weekend are the Opera of Bordeaux, the Grosse Cloche, the Tribunal de grande instance de Bordeaux and many more. You can see the full list of places that will be open to visits here.
If you want to discover some of the best sites to visit in and around bordeaux check out my article about the European heritage days.

Abbaye de La Sauve-Majeure
Abbaye de La Sauve-Majeure
When: September 21-22 / Where: Many places across the city, check out the program above.

The ceremony of the harvest in Saint Emilion – Ban des Vendanges

The ceremony that kicks off the annual harvest in Saint Emilion is called Ban des Vendanges, meaning ‘the harvest ban’. The ceremony is held in front of the beautiful front collegiate church of Saint Emilion by the Jurade, winegrowers dressed in red caps and robes. This year the events of the “Ban des Vendanges” will take place on the weekend of September 21-22, as part of the European heritage days. The first ceremony of the Jurade will take place on the evening of September 21st (Starting at 22:15) at the Tour du Roy and will end up with a sound and light show. The second day of the ceremonies (September 22) is a celebration of the new vintage.  For more info about this special day check out my article about the harvest season in Saint Emilion.

Harvest in Bordeaux

Festival Arts Mêlés

Arts Mêlés is a festival of magic and supernatural experiences organized by the town of Eysines. As always the program is full of magic shows, illusionists, acrobats and more making it super fun for kids. The event is free and will take place on the weekend of September 21-22 . Check out the full program here. Read more about the festival and the performing artists here.

When: September 21-22 / Where: 10 Rue de l’Église, 33320 Eysines

Latin Music Festival 

Corazon Latino, a Latin Music and dance festival will take place this weekend (September 20-22) in Rocher de Palmer in Cenon. The Program includes music concerts, dance shows, three Latin parties and international dancers that came especially to teach you some moves. And of course plenty of Salsa , Bachata, Kizomba, Chacha, Semba, Tango, Lady Styling and Forró. For more info and tickets to some of the concerts check out the website of the event.

When: September 20-22 / Where: 1 rue Aristide Briand, 33150 Bordeaux

Festival Cadences d’Arcachon

Festival Cadence is a famous dance festival taking place every year in Arcachon. The program of the festival is known for its diversity including classic, contemporary, hip-hop, flamenco and more. The festival will take place on September 19-22, for the full program click here, for tickets click here

When: September 19-22 / Where: Arcachon

Rock Festival in Bacalan

A rock festival, ROCK IS BAC, will take place in the Bacalan neighborhood on September 19-21. The three-day program includes more than 10 concerts in different places in Bacalan. See the full program here.

When: September 19-21 / Where: Bacalan Bordeaux (see locations in the program)

Le Marché des Créateurs

This Saturday (September 21) the Bacalan market transforms into a big creator market with tens of creative stands. For more info click here

When: September 21 / Where: 10 esplanade de pontac, 33300 Bordeaux

Sardine N Roll

Sardine N Roll is a fun day that will take place on the riverfront of Libourne on Saturday (September 21). The program includes several concerts and activities on the quai. For more details click here

When: September 21 / Where: Quai Souchet, 33500 Libourne

Les Noctambules de Septembre 

Every Friday during the month of September you have a chance to discover one of the most beautiful castles in Gironde. However, these are not just regular visits, but rather special night tours accompanied by a short wine tasting. This Friday (September 20) it’s time to discover Château de Cazeneuve in Préchac. For more info and reservations details click here

When: September 20 / Where:  Château de Cazeneuve in Préchac

Brocante Surf

If you’re want to sell or buy surf equipment, this is your weekend. This Sunday (September 22) a surf brocante will take place at the Surf Club de la Presqu’île in Lège. For more details click here

When: September 22 / Where: avenue de la Mairie 54, 33950 Lège, Aquitaine, France

Musica Vir’Live 

A music festival will take place this weekend (September 20-22) in Virelade, a little town south to Bordeaux. For the full list of artists and more details click here

When: September 20-22/ Where: Virelade, Aquitaine

Anglet Jazz Festival 

If you’re traveling to the Basque country this weekend don’t miss the Anglet Jazz festival which will take place on September 19-22. This big festival attracts many people every year to this beautiful area. Anglet is just a few minutes drive from Biarritz so you can enjoy some amazing beaches on the way. For more details and ticket prices click here

When: September 19-22 / Where: Different locations in Anglet

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