Many people think that Bordeaux’s starting its winter sleep with the end of the tourist season and while that’s the case in many parts of France, in Bordeau it couldn’t be farther from the truth. October is an amazing month in the Bordeaux region with plenty of fun events and festivals. Just to give you a few examples, in October the Bordeaux region hosts the International art festival, the hot air balloon festival, open doors in wineries, and more. This article includes a list of all the best things to do this October in the Bordeaux region and beyond. I hope it’ll help you plan the best stay in our beautiful area. 

Before we start, a little note to those of you new to this website. This article includes only the biggest events taking place this month. Throughout the month, however,  I publish many more fun events like markets, concerts, festivals, and more. If you want to see the best things to do in the Bordeaux region during the week, follow my “What to do in Bordeaux this week” article. To see all the events taking place here during the weekend, subscribe to my newsletter. For more tips and info about traveling in the region, join my “Travel in the Sw of France” Facebook group. 

Let’s start with my list of the best things to do in Bordeaux in October 2022!

Best things to do in Bordeaux in October

Festival BB

Festival BB, taking place on October 1st is an event celebrating the white wines of Bordeaux. The event, which will take place at Les Vivres de l’Art, will host 19 white wine producers, allowing you to taste and get familiar with new chateaux. The program also includes music, activities for kids, and food. See all the details here

When: October 1 / Where: 4 Rue Achard, 33300 Bordeaux

La Grande Transhumance Urbaine

The Grande Transhumance Urbaine is a fun event taking place every October in Villenave d’Ornon (one of Bordeaux’s southern suburbs). The idea of this festival is to connect city people to local agriculture. The main event is a sheep march, passing through different farms. On the way, you can enjoy concerts and markets with local products. The event will take place on October 2nd, and the details about the exact location will be published soon. See more details here.   

When: October 2 / Where: Villenave d’Ornon, check out the full program

FAB – International art festival

FAB is the annual International art festival of Bordeaux Metropole taking place this year on October 1-16. As one of Europe’s biggest art festivals, it attracts some known names from the international contemporary art scene. During the three weeks of the festival, more than 30 shows will take place in more than 20 different locations in Bordeaux. Click here to see the full program of the festival.

When: October 1-16 / Where: Different locations in Bordeaux metropole – check out the program

Foire aux Plaisirs

This is the fall edition of the traditional Bordelais Fair that is taking place at Place des Quinconces from October 7 to November 2. It’s a perfect activity for kids and for those who are young in spirit as La Foire aux Plaisirs de Bordeaux has it all: a big wheel, roller coasters, ghost trains, bumper cars, donuts, crèpes, candyfloss and more. The fair is open daily from 14:00, you are not required to pay any entry fee, only for some of the attractions. See more info about the fair here.

Place des Quinconces - what to do in Bordeaux in October

When: October 7 – November 2 / Where: Place des Quinconces, Bordeaux

Festival Animasia

Animasia is a festival of Asian pop culture bringing together many elements like J-POP music, Yosakoi dance, karaoke, and Cosplay performances. The place will also include thematic areas with martial arts, video games, board games, and more. The festival will take place on the weekend of October 8-9 at the Parc des Expositions. For more info and tickets check out the website of the festival

When: October 8-9 / Where: Parc des Expositions, Bordeaux

Le Pressoir – a festival in Entre deux Mers

Le Pressoir is an annual festival celebrating the end of the harvest season in the Entre Deux Mers wine region with plenty of concerts and fun activities. The event will take place on October 7-9 in Targon, check out the program here

When: October 7-9 / Where: Targon

Lire en Poche – books festival 

Lire en Poche is a pocketbooks festival that will take place in Gradignan on October 7-9. Besides a huge book sale, a wide range of activities are offered to the participants, among them: reading sessions, theater shows, music, games, workshops for kids, and more.  For more info click here.

When: October 7-9 / Where: Théâtre des Quatre Saisons et à La Médiathèque Jean Vautrin, 32 route de Léognan – 33170 Gradignan 

The event is canceled –Montgolfiades de Saint-Emilion

Montgolfiades is an annual festival of hot-air balloon flights organized by Le Ciel est à Toi association. The flights will take place on October 14-16 above Saint Emilion and the vineyards around it, so the sight is promised to be breathtaking. For more info click here.

Before you go be sure to check out my article about the best wineries to visit in Saint Emilion.

When: October 14-16 / Where: in the vineyards of Saint Emilion, just follow the balloons

Open doors in the Chateaux of Graves

Graves, one of the wine regions in the Bordeaux wine area, invites you to an open doors weekend, allowing you to discover its wines and châteaux. During the weekend (October 15-16) tens of châteaux will open their doors to visits, wine tastings, wine workshops, and different activities for kids and adults. See the full program of the event and the list of participating châteaux here.

wineries in Graves wine region Bordeaux  - Château Méric

When: October 15-16 / Where: Graves area – chose your chateau from the program

Village des Sciences

On October 15-16 Bordeaux’s science museum will host its annual Village des Sciences weekend. This year’s theme is “climate and biodiversity”. See more details here (the program will be published soon). 

When: October 15-16 / Where: Hangar 20, Quai de Bacalan, Bordeaux

If you’re interested in more museums in Bordeaux check my article about museums in Bordeaux

FIFIB- Bordeaux international festival of independent movies

Bordeaux Independent Films Festival will take place on October 12-17 at Rue Mably in the center of Bordeaux. The program includes film screenings, concerts, and meetings with special guests. Every evening, the festival village will transform into an open cinema theater and a dance floor. The full program will be published soon on the site of the festival.

When: October 12-17 / Where: Le Village du FIFIB, 3 rue Mably, Bordeaux

Fête du Vin nouveau & de la brocante

On October 22-23 the Chartrons neighborhood invites you to celebrate the Autumn with a festival of new wine and a brocante. During these two days, the main street, rue Notre Dame, will be transformed into a brocante with wine stands and roasted chestnuts. Come and spend a festive weekend on one of the most interesting streets in Bordeaux. See more info here.

Fête du Vin nouveau & de la brocante in Chartrons, Bordeaux
Fête du Vin nouveau & de la brocante – lost in Bordeaux

When: October 22-23 / Where: Rue Notre dame, 33000 Bordeaux

Portes ouvertes dans les châteaux

Fronsac & Canon Fronsac wine appellations are holding their annual open doors weekend on October 22-23. Tens of wineries will open their doors to the public offering guided tours and wine tastings. See the list of chateaux and more info here.

See more open-door events in the region in my article.

Château de la Rivière - a kid friendly winery in Fronsac Bordeaux
Château de la Rivière – lost in Bordeaux

When: October 22-23 / Where: Around Fronsac, check out the full program

Tremplin de 2 Rives

This is the 10th edition of the Tremplin de 2 rives festival which aims to promote the musical talents of Bordeaux. The festival includes eight evenings from October 13 to November 12 in different districts of Bordeaux. For more details click here.

When: October 13 to November 12/ Where: different venues in Bordeaux

More events in the Southwest of France

Laruns La Foire Au Fromage / Hera Deu Hromatge

Every first weekend of October Laruns in the Pyrenees celebrates the end of the summer pastures grazing season with a big cheese fair. The event introduces the different cheese producers in the region and has an entertaining program for adults and kids. This year the event will take place on October 1-2. See more details here

When: October 1-2 / Where: Laruns

Armagnac en Fête

Armagnac en Fête is a fun festival celebrating the beginning of the distillation process in the Armagnac region. The event will take place on the main square of LaBastide d’Armagnac on October 29-30. See all the details here

Labastide d’Armagnac is a beautiful little village in Les Landes, that’s really worth a visit if you’re traveling in the region. See my article about this part of the Les Landes department. 

When: October 29-30/ Where: LaBastide d’Armagnac

Fête du Piment d’Espelette

Piment d’Espelette is the red pepper that decorates every market in the Basque country and every shop selling Basque products. Like every important ingredient in the French kitchen, this little pepper needs a “fête”. Fête du Piment d’Espelette is taking place on October 29-30 in the beautiful village of Espelette. The program includes a big parade, a huge market, musical concerts, activities for kids, a mass with the choir of Espelette, and more. For more details click here

Read more about this beautiful village in my article about Espelette.

When: October 29-30  / Where: Espelette, 64250

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