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October is an amazing month to visit the Bordeaux region and enjoy a variety of events and festivals. Some of the main events include a hot air balloon festival, open doors in wineries, a big art festival, and more. This year, October is going to be even happier than usual thanks to the Rugby World Cup. 

This article includes a list of all the best things to do this October in the Bordeaux region and beyond. I hope it’ll help you plan the best stay in our beautiful area. 

Bordeaux in October
Bordeaux in October – Lost in Bordeaux

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Let’s start with my list of the best things to do in Bordeaux in October 2023!

Best things to do in October in and around Bordeaux (Gironde)

The Rugby World Cup is coming to Bordeaux!

This year Bordeaux is one of the cities hosting the Rugby World Cup which means that the city is going to be extra lively in September and October 2023. Bordeaux is about to host five matches at the Matmut Atlantique stadium on September 9 – 30. You can buy tickets here.

Bordeaux is going to welcome the worldwide fans at the Rugby Village that will be set up at the Parc des Sports de Saint Michel. There you’ll be able to socialize with other fans, enjoy interactive activities, and watch the match together on a 52m² screen. 

See more details about the Rugby village here

La Grande Transhumance Urbaine

The Grande Transhumance Urbaine is a fun event taking place every October in Villenave d’Ornon (one of Bordeaux’s southern suburbs). The idea of this festival is to connect city people to local agriculture. The main event is a sheep march, passing through different farms. 

On the way, you can enjoy concerts and markets with local products. The event will take place on October 1st, and the details about the exact location will be published here.  

When: October 1st / Where: Villenave d’Ornon, check out the full program

FAB – International Art Festival

FAB is the annual International Art Festival of Bordeaux Metropole taking place this year from September 30 to October 15. Two weeks with a rich program of dance and street art performances will be taking place in many locations in Bordeaux. Click here to see the full program of the festival.

When: September 30 – October 15 / Where: Different locations in Bordeaux metropole – check out the program

Foire aux Plaisirs

This is the fall edition of the traditional Bordelais Fair that is taking place at Place des Quinconces from October 6 to November 1. It’s a perfect activity for kids and for those who are young in spirit as La Foire aux Plaisirs de Bordeaux has it all: a big wheel, roller coasters, ghost trains, bumper cars, donuts, crèpes, candyfloss and more.

The fair is open daily from 14:00, you are not required to pay any entry fee, only for some of the attractions. See more info about the fair here.

When: October 6 – October 1 / Where: Place des Quinconces, Bordeaux

Space Week 

The city of Mérignac is hosting a Space Week with plenty of workshops, exhibitions, conferences, and more. The events will take place on October 3-8 in all parts of Meriganc (Bordeaux’s suburbs). You can find the detailed program with all the events here.

When: October 3-8 / Where: Merignac

Vibrations Urbaines Festival in Pessac

Vibration Urbaines is a cool urban festival taking place every year in Pessac (one of Bordeaux’s suburbs). The program includes events like an international BMX contest, a skating contest, a hip-hop dance battle, urban sports, workshops, street art exhibitions, and more.

The festival is taking place from September 7 to October 21 in the campus area in Pessac. See all the events on the website or facebook page of the festival.

When: September 7 – October 21 / Where: University Campus area in Pessac

Festival Animasia

Animasia is a festival of Asian pop culture bringing together many elements like J-POP music, Yosakoi dance, karaoke, and Cosplay performances. The place will also include thematic areas with martial arts, video games, board games, and more. 

This year the events will be taking place on October 7-8 at the Parc des Expositions. For more info and tickets check out the website of the festival

When: October 7-8 / Where: Parc des Expositions de Bordeaux

Dali and Gaudi – Les Bassins de Lumières

Les Bassins de Lumières is hosting a beautiful immersive exhibition dedicated to Dali and Gaudi. Les Bassins de Lumières is a visual arts space, situated in an old submarine base, that is known for its immersive exhibitions.   The Dali exhibition will be presented from February 3 to January 7, get your tickets here.

Dali and Gaudi – Les Bassins de Lumières
Dali and Gaudi – Les Bassins de Lumières – Lost in Bordeaux

When: February 3 – January 7, 2024 / Where:  Imp. Brown de Colstoun, 33300 Bordeaux

Nuit des Bibliothèques

La Nuit des Bibliothèques, the libraries night, taking place on October 7, is a great opportunity to discover the libraries across the city. 27 libraries in Bordeaux Metropole will participate in this event and will offer such activities as concerts, theater shows, science workshops, games for kids and more. See the full program here.

When: October 7 / Where: The libraries of Bordeaux


Participate in the fun color -run on the University campus in Pessac. If you’re not into running, you can go straight to the village where all the fun activities will take place. The event takes place on October 8, see all the details here

When: October 8 / Where: The libraries of Bordeaux

Le Pressoir – a festival in Entre deux Mers

Le Pressoir is an annual festival celebrating the end of the harvest season in the Entre Deux Mers wine region with plenty of concerts and fun activities. The event will take place on October 6-7 in Targon, Check out the program here.. 

When: October 6-8 / Where: Targon

Lire en Poche – books festival 

Lire en Poche is a pocketbook festival that will take place in Gradignan on October 6-8. Besides a huge book sale, a wide range of activities are offered to the participants, among them: reading sessions, theater shows, music, games, workshops for kids, and more.  For more info click here.

When: October 6-8/ Where: Théâtre des Quatre Saisons et à La Médiathèque Jean Vautrin, 32 route de Léognan – 33170 Gradignan 

Festival Les Spiritives : dégustations & cocktails inédits

A spirits festival will take place at the Palais de la Bourse on October 13-15. The program includes spirits tasting, mixology workshops, and a lot of cocktails. For more info click here

When: October 13-15 / Where: Place de la Bourse, Bordeaux

Open doors in the Chateaux of Graves

On October 14-15, the Graves appellation, one of Bordeaux’s biggest wine areas, will hold an open-door weekend. During the weekend you’ll be able to visit plenty of stunning chateaux and enjoy wine tastings, wine workshops, and activities for kids. See the full program of the event and the list of participating châteaux here.

* Discover all the other open-door events in the Bordeaux wine region in my article

wineries in Graves wine region Bordeaux  - Château Méric

When: October 14-15 / Where: Graves area – chose your chateau from the program

Village Sport & Sciences

Like every October Bordeaux’s science museum is hosting a science village. This year, however, to celebrate the Rugby World Cup taking place in France this year it will become the “Village Sports & Sciences “. The event will take place on October 14- 15, check out all the details here

This event is part of the big Fête de la Science with science-related events taking place all over France in October and November. You can find all the events here

When: October 14-15 / Where: Hangar 20, Quai de Bacalan, Bordeaux

FIFIB- Bordeaux international festival of independent movies

The Bordeaux Independent Films Festival will take place on October 13 -18 at Rue Mably in the center of Bordeaux. The program includes film screenings, concerts, and meetings with special guests. 

Every evening, the festival village will transform into an open cinema theater and a dance floor. The full program will be published soon on the site of the festival.

When: October 13-18 / Where: Le Village du FIFIB, 3 rue Mably, Bordeaux

Fascinant Week-end

The third edition of “Fascinant Weekend” is about to take place on October 19-22. Throughout the long weekend, plenty of wineries and wine-related venues and museums are offering concerts, tastings, workshops, yoga classes, and more. Check out the full list of Chateaux and wine-related activities here.

When: October 19-22 / Where: Wineries in the Bordeaux wine region

Montgolfiades de Saint-Emilion – the event was canceled!

Montgolfiades is an annual festival of hot-air balloon flights organized by Le Ciel est à Toi association. The flights will take place on October 20-22 above Saint Emilion and the vineyards around it, so the sight is promised to be breathtaking. For more info click here.

Before you go be sure to check out my article about the best wineries to visit in Saint Emilion.

When: October 20-22 / Where: in the vineyards of Saint Emilion, just follow the balloons

Madame Loyal

A huge electronic festival will take place on October 21-22 at the Parc des Expositions in Bordeaux. More than 40 live sets are waiting for you in the rich program of the Madame Loyal festival. See all the details and tickets here.

When: October 21-22/ Where: Parc des Expositions, Bordeaux

Celebrate Halloween

There are quite a lot of fun Halloween events taking place every year in the city and the different chateaux around the region. To see what’s planned for this year, go to my article about where to celebrate Halloween in Bordeaux.

Margaux Saveurs 

The town of Margaux in the Medoc wine region is hosting its annual, Margaux Saveurs, on October 19-22. The idea of the festival is to make you discover the great wines of the Margaux appellation and to get to know the winemakers, merchants, and restaurants of this gourmet region. During the weekend you can enjoy special workshops in the different wine domains and enjoy fun activities. For more details click here. 

If you’re attending this event be sure to read about other places to visit in the area in my article about the Medoc region.

When: October 19-22/ Where: different places in Margaux

Fête du Vin nouveau & de la brocante

Every year at the end of October, the lovely neighborhood of Chartrons in Bordeaux celebrates the autumn with the festival of new wine and Brocante. For two days the main street, rue Notre Dame, will be transformed into a brocante (antique market) with wine stands, roasted chestnuts, and a lot of music and dancing. Come and spend a festive weekend on one of the most interesting streets in Bordeaux. The event will take place on the weekend of October 21-22, for info click here.

Fête du Vin nouveau & de la brocante in Chartrons, Bordeaux
Fête du Vin nouveau & de la brocante – lost in Bordeaux

When: October 21-22 / Where: Rue Notre dame, 33000 Bordeaux

Portes ouvertes dans les châteaux

Fronsac & Canon Fronsac wine appellations will hold their annual open-door weekend on October 21-22. Tens of wineries will open their doors to the public offering guided tours and wine tastings. See the list of participating wineries here.

See more open-door events in the region in my article.

Château de la Rivière - a kid friendly winery in Fronsac Bordeaux
Château de la Rivière – lost in Bordeaux

When: The dates will be published soon / Where: Around Fronsac, check out the full program

Le Festival Isulia 

The Isulia festival is a cultural event taking place on October 26-28 in a few fun locations in Bordeaux. The goal of the festival is to promote emerging arts through a fun program of concerts, artistic workshops, kids’ activities, and more. See the full program here

When: October 26-28/ Where: Different locations in Bordeaux

Festival Objectif Terre

Objectif Terre is an annual festival that focuses on environmental issues through cinema. The festival takes place on October 25-29 at Cinema Eden, in Monsegur. During the five days of the festival movies and cartoons, all related to themes of nature and environment will be screened, accompanied by different workshops and activities. See the full program here.

When: October 22-29  / Where:  7 Rue Porte du Dropt, 33580 MONSEGUR

Foire de La Toussaint

The big fair of Toussaint will take place from October 28 to November 1 on the banks of the Garonne River in La Reole. An ancient tradition in La Reole that brings together hundreds of local exhibitors and merchants. This is one of the biggest events in La Reole, fun for both kids and adults. For more info click here.

When: October 28 –  November 1 /Where: Quais, 33190 LA REOLE

People of Stone exhibition

People of Stone is the first solo exhibition of Denis Monfleur, an artist born in Perigeux, the capital of Dordogne. More than 100 stone sculptures will be presented at the Galerie, at the Musée des Beaux-Arts, and outside in the garden of the Hôtel de Ville until January 7. See more information here.

More events in the Southwest of France

Laruns La Foire Au Fromage / Hera Deu Hromatge

Every first weekend of October Laruns in the Pyrenees celebrates the end of the summer pastures grazing season with a big cheese fair. The event introduces the different cheese producers in the region and has an entertaining program for adults and kids. This year the event will take place on Sep 30 – Oct 1. See more details here.

Festival Toulouse les Orgues

Every year Toulouse hosts the International Organ Festival. During the days of the festival, several churches in Toulouse are hosting daily Organ concerts. This year the event will be taking place on October 4-15. See all the info here.

See all the best events taking place in Toulouse in my article.

Circa – A circus festival

Circa is an international contemporary circus festival taking place every year in Auch (about 1.5 hour’s drive from Toulouse). The shows in this festival are beyond traditional circus and include elements of dance, music, and digital arts. This year the festival is taking place on October 20-27, see more info here.

Armagnac en Fête

Armagnac en Fête is a fun festival celebrating the beginning of the distillation process in the Armagnac region. The event will take place on the main square of LaBastide d’Armagnac on October 28-29. See all the details here

Labastide d’Armagnac is a beautiful little village in Les Landes, that’s really worth a visit if you’re traveling in the region. See my article about this part of the Les Landes department.

Fête du Piment d’Espelette

Piment d’Espelette is the red pepper that decorates every market in the Basque country and every shop selling Basque products. Like every important ingredient in the French kitchen, this little pepper needs a “fête”. 

Fête du Piment d’Espelette is taking place on October 28-29 in the beautiful village of Espelette. The program includes a big parade, a huge market, musical concerts, activities for kids, a mass with the choir of Espelette, and more. For more details click here.

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UPDATE: If you want to know what’s happening in Bordeaux in April 2019 – click here.

Don’t let the rain get you down, spring is almost here and the Bordeaux area will soon start flourishing with interesting things to do.  Now all we need is the sun to come out so we can get our spring party started. Meanwhile, take a look at all the great events Bordeaux has to offer this month.

This is my list of things to do in April 2018 in Bordeaux and the surroundings. I didn’t want this list to be too long so I focused on the big events, however I do plan to publish updates so stay tuned.

Treasure Hunt on Pâques Weekend

The first weekend of April is the long weekend of Easter in France and the area of Bordeaux offers a great deal of activities to entertain you and your kids. Egg hunting, visits in beautiful chateaux and chocolate workshops are only some of the activities you could do this weekend. To discover all Pâques events in and around Bordeaux read my article about “What to do in Bordeaux  in Easter 2018“.

Huge chocolate egg, easter in Bordeaux
photo by: Ramon Szmuk

Festival Musical Écran

Festival Musical Écran is a very unique film festival all dedicated to documentaries about music. This year the program of the festival includes 20 films from four different countries. The festival will be held April 1-8 in different places in Bordeaux: Cinéma Utopia, Cour Malby, Bibliothéque Mériadeck, Institut Cervantes, Université de Bordeaux Campus Victoire.

Queercore: How to Punk a Revolution
Queercore: How to Punk a Revolution

When: April 1-8
Where: see locations.
How much: 39 € for the whole festival

Bicycle spring sale

Are you looking to buy or sell a bicycle, the big spring bicycle sale is just around the corner. Bordeaux bicycle stock exchange will take place  April 1 at Quai Louis XVIII. Those who wish to sell their bike can do it between 9:30 and 11am and the buyers will be able to start buying after 10am.
For more details.

bourse velo Bordeaux

When: April 1 (9:30 to 17:30)
Where: Quai Louis XVIII

Esclave du livre (literature festival)

Esclave du livre  is a literature association whose goal is to promote reading and to support the creation of new literature. April 6-8 they will hold a literature festival that will bring together authors and illustrators for debates, public readings, performances and uncovering of pieces that haven’t been published yet.

When: April 6-8
Where:  Place Renaudel – Quartier Ste Croix

Convention Tattoo Bordeaux 

The international tattoo convention of Bordeaux will take place on the weekend of April 14-15 in Hangar 14, which is located at Quai des Chartrons.  The program includes: tattoo contest, expositions, live concerts and different activities such as jungling and brakedancing.

a girl with tattoos
Photo by Timothy Paul Smith on Unsplash

When: April 14-15
Where: hangar 14, 115 Quai des Chartrons, 33000 Bordeaux
How much: 15 € /day

Brocante des Quinconces

The big brocante of Bordeaux is hosted twice a year at place des Quinconces with 200 antique dealers, horticulturists, restaurants and craftsmen. This spring is the 100th edition of the brocante and it will take place from April 20 to May 8.

brocante des quinconces
photo by: Ira Szmuk

When: April 20 – May 8
Where: Place des Quinconces


Digital Abysses at Base Sous-Marine 

If you still didn’t have a chance to visit the incredible Base sous- Marine, it’s time to do it. The first exhibition, Digital Abysses, ( 9 March to 20 May 2018 ) is by the digital artist Miguel Chevalier, which explores nature through underwater plants and wildlife. The characteristics of this unique place with the combination of fixed works and interactive digital installations makes it a special experience.

base sous marine
photo by: Ira Szmuk

Address:  Boulevard Alfred Daney, 33300 Bordeaux

Street Color at Institut Bernard Margez

An extensive street are exhibition will be presented from April 5 to June 24 at the Institut Bernard Magrez. The expo will include some well known street artists (mostly French ones), such as MAD C (GER), Seth (FRA), d’Alexöne (FRA) and more. This institute is a historic monument dated to the 18th century, so the combination of an ancient chateau with street art will most certainly add to the atmosphere of the exposition.

For more info and tickets.

seth-street-art merapi indonesia
Seth street art-Merapi Indonesia

Address:  16 rue de Tivoli, Bordeaux

Luminopolis at Cap Sciences

The Luminopolis  exposition of Cap Sciences has been running from June 2017 and if you haven’t had the chance to go there yet, it’s time to do it now before the museum gets crowded with a lot of tourists. Luminopolis is a light exposition that have been structured as an Escape game where you need to answer questions about light in order to get out.
The expositions runs from June 2017 to September 2017 ,the ticket price is 8 euros and the minimum age is 6.

For more info.

Address: Cap Sciences Hangar 20, Quai de Bacalan, 33300 Bordeaux


Lisa Stansfield

The famous British 90s start, Lisa Stansfield will perform at Theatre Femina on April 28 at 20:00.

For more info and tickets

When: April 28/ Where: 10 Rue de Grassi, 33000 Bordeaux

Virginia Rodrigues in Cenon

Virginia Rodrigues, the Brazilian singer with the amazing voice will give one concert at Le Rocher de Palmer in Cenon in April 6.

When: April 6 / Where: 1 Rue Aristide Briand, 33152 Cenon

Imagine Dragons

The american rock band, Imagine Dragons, will stop by the Bordeaux Métropole Arena  on April 4 as part of their world tour. 

For more info and  tickets

Address: 48-50 Avenue Jean Alfonséa, 33270 Floirac

Portes Ouvertes

Open doors in Médoc 

To celebrate the beginning of the spring the Maison du Tourisme et du Vin de Pauillac will hold an open doors weekend where you’ll be able to visit all chateaux of the Medoc region and do a lot of wine tasting. The event will take place April 7-8.

For details about all the participating chateaux.

When: April 7-8
Where:  different locations (see the site)

Open doors in Saint-Emilion

An open door weekend will take place on April 29 to May 1 at Saint Emilion where 84 chateaux will hold open door events and will propose different activities to the visitors. Some châteaux (such as Château Fleur Cardinale) will start the open door weekend April 28.

On the event website you can see the participating châteaux , the activities and the wine tasting proposed for that weekend – see more info.

When: April 28 – May 1
Where: 7 Thibaud, 33330 Saint-Étienne-de-Lisse


If you’re craving for some activity with other English speakers, like going to Utopia cinema or just having a coffee together , check out the monthly planning of the ICB (International Club of Bordeaux)- see agenda.

Do you have any interesting events you know about? Please share with us in the comments below.

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The main event in Bordeaux this weekend is definitely the Marathon of Bordeaux. For those who look for smaller events there are nice festivals and expos and even a big vinyl records salon, and for some of them you don’t even have to get into Bordeaux center.

These are the things to do in Bordeaux in the weekend of March 23-25:

Special events

Bordeaux Marathon

The Marathon  (24 March) takes place in the historic city center, allowing the runners to cross all the historic sites and some of Bordeaux’s biggest wineries. The Marathon will start at 20:00 which makes it even more special as runners can see the city by night with special decorations just for the event.  Most of us are probably not in shape for the 42km run, but that should not prevent us from enjoying the atmosphere in the city as well as seeing others run 🙂

Marathon in Bordeaux


“Le vin & La musique, accords et désaccords” à La Cité du Vin

The art exposition at la Cité du Vin, named “Le vin & La musique, accords et désaccords“, reveals the relationship between wine and music through a visual journey that alternates between  paintings, music and stage art. Around 150 pieces of art will be put in place from French and European collections: ceramics, paintings, music books , instruments and more. The exposition will take place March 23-24 for the price of 8€.

Address: 134 – 150 Quai de Bacalan, 33300 Bordeaux

Festivals and Salons

Salon International du Disque de Bordeaux

The international salon of vinyl and cd records of Bordeaux will take place March 24-25 in the Parc des expositions.  It’s the 57th edition of this festival that brings together 80 exhibitors from France and abroad and proposes all genres of music: rock, pop, soul, jazz, punk, reggae and more.

Price: Normal 3€50 / Student 2€ / free for kids.

Address: Parc des expositions de Bordeaux – Vélodrome

Cordes Sensibles 2018- Guitar Festival

The annual guitar festival, Cordes Sensibles will take place on March 23-25 in Saint-Médard-en-Jalles and this year will be mostly dedicated to duos. Besides the concerts the festival will include master classes, art expos and concerts of the music school of Saint-Médard-en-Jalles.

See the program of the festival.

les cordes sensibles- guitar festival

Address: Carré des Jalles, place de la République33160 Saint-Médard-en-Jalles

Les Fous Rires de Bordeaux 

If you still haven’t attended, les Fous Rires de Bordeaux   is still on until March 24. It’s a very unique humor festival  with more than 80 artists participating and different activities taking place all over the city. The festival provides the opportunity to experience humor in different forms, such as on stage, in pictures and even  through cooking!!

There are two parts to the festival:
Festival IN, with well known artists on stage.
Festival OUF– that proposes free activities during the whole week of the festival such as workshops, happenings, entertaining children in hospitals and more.

See the program here.

Concerts/ Shows

Piano concert in Château de Cadillac

Piano voyageur, a concert performed by the pianist Jérôme Médeville will take place at Château de Cadillac on March 25, at 15:00.  Médeville will play classical music from the 18th and 19th centuries, such as Chopin, Beethoven, Debussy, Mozart, and Liszt.  Ticket Price is 9€.

jerome medeville
Address: 4 Place de la Libération, 33410 Cadillac

Reggae concert and fundraising in Cenon 

On March 24, le Rocher de Palmer will hold an evening in support of the SOS Mediterranee association  denouncing the deplorable conditions in which refugees cross the Mediterranean, often risking their lives. The event will include a reggae concert of two and a half hours with the following artists: Yannis Odua, Natty Jean, Papa Style, Brahim.

The concert will start at 20:30, ticket price is 20€ (18€ online). For tickets and more details.

Address: 1 Rue Aristide Briand, 33152 Cenon

With Kids

Early Easter egg hunt in Talence

The Taillade neighborhood in Talence organizes an early Easter egg hunt March 24, between 14:00 and 19:00. Once the baskets of chocolate are full, kids and their parent will be able to taste it together.

Address: salle les Mallerettes, 170-172 cours Galliéni – 33400 TALENCE

Festival Entre 2 Rêves 

The Entre 2 Rêves  Festival, organized by the Collectif Entre 2 Rêves, takes place between 21-31 March on the right side of the Garonne river ( Cénac, Langoiran, Cambes and other towns in the area). Those 10 days will be full of  shows of different genres: theater, music, circus and more. For the full program and tickets.

Prices: daily show 2.50€, evening show 5€.

festival entre 2 reves

Drinking and Fooding

Original Cocktail Tour 2018

The Original Cocktail Tour  takes place March 20-26 in five bars in Bordeaux: Madame Pang, Au Symbiose, Le Gabriel, Le Taquin, Au CanCan “Coquetels & Flonflons” . During these 7 days these five bars will propose a menu of special cocktails at reduced prices.

Hope this list will help you find some nice things to do during this rainy weekend in Bordeaux. And for all the Marathon runners, you are very brave and good luck to you 🙂