After a warm and sunny weekend, it looks like this one is going to be a bit rainy and colder. Luckily, this weekend is very lively with plenty of things to do for kids and adults. This week we have a gastronomic festival, an artistic event at Les Vivres de l’Art, a dinosaur exhibition, music concerts and more. I also added details about the big truffles festival taking place this weekend in Sarlat, in case you’re in a mood to travel to the region. If you do, check out my new Facebook group, Travel in the Southwest of France, for more tips on what to do in the region. This week I released my February list, so you can see all the fun events taking place here next month. If you’re visiting Bordeaux in the last two weeks of January, you should also read my January list

Le monde des Dinosaures

If your kids love dinosaurs they will be happy to hear that this weekend the exhibition “The world of Dinosaurs” is coming to Bordeaux. The exhibition will present 25 species of dinosaurs, among them a huge T-REX measuring 13.5 m long and 4.5 m tall. The exhibition will take place on January 18-19 at the Parc des Expositions de Bordeaux. For more info click here

When: January 18 -19 / Where:  Parc des Expositions de Bordeaux, Cours Charles Bricaud, 33000 Bordeaux

Festival Bouche à Bouche – Bordeaux

Following its success in Paris, the Bouche à Bouche festival is arriving this year to Bordeaux for the first time. During the two nights of the event you will discover the signature dishes of five Bordeaux chefs like Jérôme Billot from Madame Pang and Julien Camdeborde of L’avant Comptoir du Palais. The event will take place on January 17-18 and includes a lot of music, shows and street art. For more info click here.

When: January 17-18 / Where:  7 Rue du Palais-Gallien, 33000 Bordeaux, France

Tremplin de 2 Rives

This is the 7th edition of the Tremplin de 2 rives festival which aims to promote the musical talents of Bordeaux. The festival includes eight evenings from January 10 to February 8 in different districts of Bordeaux. This weekend is dedicated to the Bastide neighborhood with a night of concerts taking place this Friday (January 17) at the centre d’animation Queyries. For more details click here.

When: January 17 / Where:  13 Allée Jean Giono, 33100 Bordeaux

Le Salon du Livre Ancien de Bordeaux

Le Salon du Livre Ancien de Bordeaux brings together more than 40 French exhibitors for the biggest ancient books event in the Southwest of France. Every year more than 3000 people attend this event to look for rare pieces of literature and discover old books from every genre: fiction, kids’ books, old magazines and more. The event will take place this weekend (January 18-19) at Cours Mably. Read more about the book fair here

When: January 18 -19 / Where:  Cours Mably, 33000 Bordeaux

Salon du Mariage de Bordeaux

Salon du Mariage, the biggest wedding fair of the region will take place this weekend (January 17-19) at the Palais des Congrès. The fair will host more than 150 professionals from the wedding industry in France. Fore more details click here

When: January 17 -19 / Where:  Palais Des Congrès Bordeaux, Bordeaux Lac, Bordeaux, France

Bulles & Elles – Soirées femmes chez Calicéo Bordeaux

Girls this one is for you!! This Friday (January 17) Calicéo Bordeaux one of the biggest Spa complexes in Bordeaux is hosting a women’s night! The entry is free and no prior reservation is required. For more details click here

When: January 17 at 20:30 / Where:  8 rue Jean Pommiès, 33520 Bruges, Aquitaine, France

Mama Bordeaux / DJ SET & LIVE

This weekend Mama Shelter expands its Sunday DJ set & Live line to a Dj set weekend. Every evening from January 16-19 one DJ is invited for a live set and a fun party. For more info click here

When: January 16-19 / Where: 19 Rue Poquelin Molière, 33000 Bordeaux

Fête de la truffe à Sarlat

A big truffles market will take place this weekend (January 18-19) in Sarlat. I know that’s a bit far from Bordeaux but it’s one of the biggest truffles markets in the region so worth checking out. For more info click here.

When: January 18-19 / Where: Sarlat-la-Canéda

Carnal X Maracuja

A fun day of skating, music and fun will take place this Saturday (January 18) in Darwin. For more info about the event click here

When: January 18, starting 14:00 / Where: 87 quai de Queyries, 33100 Bordeaux, France

Coulisse – Le décor de l’envers

Coulisse is an immersive experience presenting the work of young artists that mix different art genres like fashion, music and plastic arts. The event will take place this Saturday (January 18) in Les Vivres de l’Art. For more details and tickets click here. For more things to do in this cool neighborhood go to my article about things to do in Bacalan

When: January 18, starting at 18:00 / Where: 4 rue Achard, 33300 Bordeaux

Passages Festival – Hypno5e ciné-concert Acoustique

This Friday (January 17) a fun evening will take on Place du Palais with some of the bars and shops there hosting live music events. For more details click here.

Porte Cailhau on Place de Palais
Porte Cailhau on Place de Palais
When: January 17, starting at 19:30 / Where: Place du Palais , 33300 Bordeaux

IBOAT • Roller Disco Dancing

A Roller Disco party will take place this Saturday (Saturday 18) evening on the docks of the Iboat. The entry is free. For more details click here

When: January 18, starting at 19:00 / Where: Bassin à flot n°1, 33300 Bordeaux

Berlioz and Rimski-Korsakov – concert

This January the Opera of Bordeaux invites everyone to come and enjoy a big variety of concerts from dance, to Jazz and Classical music. This Sunday (January 19) a concert of classical music (Harold en Italie by Berlioz and Schéhérazade by Rimski-Korsakov) will take place at the Auditorium de Bordeaux. For tickets click here

When: January 19, at 15:00/ Where:  8 – 13 Cours Georges Clemenceau, 33000 Bordeaux

Winter Sales

The Soldes d’hiver are the winter sales lasting several weeks during which you can find really good deals on clothes, shoes, appliances, toys and more. This year the winter sales were shortened to 4 weeks from the previous six weeks period. But from my experience even if you come to Bordeaux a week or two after the sales many shops will still have a lot of items on discount. Les soldes d’hiver will take place from January 8 to February 4

Mama’s Brunch

Another fun event this Sunday is Mama’s Brunch. Mama Shelter invites you to its big buffet brunch which is a bit pricey (39 euros per person) but includes almost four hours of activities and artistic workshops for kids, so it’s like brunch with a babysitter :). For more details and the menu click here.

When: January 19 / Where: 19, rue Poquelin Moliere, 33000 Bordeaux

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