This weekend we have a lot of interesting events taking place in little towns all around bordeaux. A big Reggae festival in the Medoc area, an oysters festival in Lège-Cap Ferret and a classical music festival in Blaye. There are also plenty of parties and nice events down town as well and I added many of them to the list. If you’re not into any of this, just go to an exhibition, you can choose one from this article. If it’s going to be raining again don’t forget to check out my article about things to do in Bordeaux when it’s raining.  Finally, if you want to know what else is happening in Bordeaux this month, check out my article about things to do in Bordeaux in August. Here’s the list of things to do this weekend in Bordeaux (August 2-4).

Reggae Sun Ska music festival

The 22nd edition of this fun reggae festival will take place at the Domaine Equestre de Nodri in Vertheuil, located in the Medoc area (about an hour drive from Bordeaux) on the first weekend of August (2-4). The impressive long lineup includes tens of performers from the reggae scene. You can check out the full lineup here.  For more info and details check out the facebook page of the festival.

When: August 2-4 /  Where:  1 rue du Maquis, 33180 Vertheuil

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Fête de la Presqu’île in Cap Ferret

Every year in August Lege Cap Ferret celebrates its oyster farming with a big event called Fête de la Presqu’île. The three day event includes plenty of oysters, concerts, activities for kids and fireworks on the closing night. The event will take place on August 2-4 in Claouey. For more info click here.

When:  August 2-4 / Where: Claouey, Place de Bertic, 33950 Lege – Cap Ferret

La Nuit des Étoiles

This is the national starry nights event taking place in different parks all over France. One of the events in our region will take place on Sunday (August 4) at Forêt du Bourgailh in Pessac. The program includes telescopes, workshops for kids where they will build water rockets, an astronomy  conference, night butterflies and more. For more details click here

When: August 4 /  Where:  Forêt du Bourgailh, 160 avenue de Beutre, 33600 Pessac

Graines de Sauvage & La Belle Africaine

Graines de Sauvage  Bordeaux
photo credit: Graines de Sauvage

An evening of African music is taking place this Friday (August 2) at the cool terrace of Graines de Sauvages. For more details click here

When: August 2, at 19:30 /  Where: 2 Rue de Saintonge, Bordeaux

IBOAT • Iridescence : Maison Eclose & Honey Soundsystem

A great party is about to take place this Friday (August 2) at the IBOAT. The program includes a lineup of djs and a drag show. For more details click here

When: August 2 /  Where: Bassin à Flot n°1, Quai Armand Lalande, 33300 Bordeaux

Fête de la Ruralité et Festival du Bois

Fête de la Ruralité et du Festival du Bois is an annual feast of rural traditions taking place in Biganos on the Arcachon Bay. The program includes a craftsmen market, demonstrations of past know-how and traditions: threshing machine, oven baked bread, an animal farm, a local products market, activities for kids and more. The event will take place this weekend (August 2-4), for more details click here

When: August 2-4 /  Where:  Parc Lecoq a Biganos, 33380 Biganos

Music festival in Le Barp

The Country Rock festival will take place this weekend (August 2-4) in Le Barp (about 30 minutes from Bordeaux). Besides three days of concerts the program of the festival also includes activities for kids, food trucks, bike tours and many stands with rock-country clothes and accessories. For more info click here.

When: August 2-4 / Where: Plaine des sports, 33114 Le Barp

Festival de Cape et d’Epée

Château de Vayres invites you to a fun weekend of pirate games, Knight tournaments, artillery, axe throwing and archery. This is all part of the program of the Festival de Cape taking place this weekend (August 3-4) at the chateau. For more details click here

When: August 3-4 /  Where:  Château de Vayres, 33870 Vayres

Festival flam

Festival Flam is an annual classical music festival taking place in Blaye and the surrounding towns. The festival is mostly dedicated to string instruments, bringing together young and more experienced musicians. The festival takes place from July 31 to August 11. Check out the full program here

When: Until August 11 /  Where: different locations, check out the program of the festival

Fête de la mer

Soulac sur mer, the charming town in the north of Medoc, is celebrating the sea with a day of parades, live music and fireworks. The event will take place this Sunday (August 4) in the city center. For more info click here.

soulac sur mer
Soulac sur mer
When: August 4 /  Where: Rue de l’Hotel de Ville, 33780 Soulac-sur-Mer

Dance on the Quai

Dansons sur les Quais is a series of dancing classes and events where people gather to dance together and learn a variety of dancing genres like Tango, Salsa, Bollywood, Forro, Hip Hop, Street Jazz, Zumba, Country and more. These activities will be guided by professional dancers from different dance schools in Bordeaux and they are completely free, so this is a great opportunity you don’t want to miss. Dansons sur les Quais is taking place every day until August 18. For more details and the full program check out the website of Dansons sur les Quai.

dancing classes on the riverfront
When:  Daily from July 14 to August 18 / Where: Quai Louis XVIII, 33000 Bordeaux

Quai des Sports

This is the 11th edition of this fun sportive event taking place every summer (July 13 to August 11) at the Parc des sports Saint Michel.  The program this month includes a variety of sportive activities such as a fitness night, beach volleyball, basketball, BMX, beach wrestling and more. The festival will be accompanied by artistic and music events. Many of the activities are aimed at kids and teenagers and are a perfect solution for entertaining them in the center of Bordeaux during the summer.  Check the full program here.

When: Daily from July 13 to August 11 / Where: Parc des sports Saint Michel, Bordeaux

Learn how to Tango

Every summer the Tango Bordeaux association organizes pubic tango events in Jardin Public,  Place de Quinconces and la Grande Poste. The next event will take place in Jardin Public on August 4th. See more details as well as a full list of events for this summer here

When:  August 4th / Where: Jardin Public

The summer pavilion on the right side of the river

Like every summer in the last five years, the Orangeade association opens its summer pavilion on le Quai Deschamps (in the Bastide neighborhood) with live concerts every Friday (18:00 – 01:00) and Saturday (12:00 to 01:00). These events are not just music concerts but rather a place for friends and family to spend the weekend with yoga classes, creative workshops, activities for kids and more. The next event will take place this weekend (August 2-3), for more details click here.

When:  July 26-27 / Where: Quai Deschamps, 33100 Bordeaux

La Guinguette de L’Hippodrome

La Guinguette de l’Hippodrome is yet another nice spot for summer nights in Bordeaux. The tavern in le Bouscat invites you to its weekend parties taking place every Friday and Saturday until October. For more details click here

When: August 2-3 / Where: 8 avenue de l’Hippodrome, 33110 Le Bouscat

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