This weekend the European Patrimony days will take place and some of you might take this opportunity to discover the city through its beautiful buildings and institutions. If you are not into that, there are still plenty of events taking place this weekend in and around Bordeaux. A street art festival, an open air electronic music party, swing dancing on the streets, a biking tour and much more.

Here is the list of things to do this weekend in and around Bordeaux:

Journées Européennes du Patrimoine

The European Patrimony days are a great opportunity to discover some of the most beautiful and interesting places in Bordeaux that are usually hidden from the public. During the weekend of September 15-16 many public and private buildings will open their doors to the and allow you a taste of the city’s history. Some of the most interesting places to visit during the weekend are: the Opera of Bordeaux, Grosse Cloche, Hôtel de Nairac, Tribunal de grande instance de Bordeaux and many more. If you haven’t planned anything yet and want to avoid standing in line, check out my post about the 10 places to visit on Journées Européennes du Patrimoine.

You can see the full list of places open to visits here.

Base sous marine Bordeaux

When: September 15-16
Where: Many places across the city, check out the program above.

Shake Well Festival

Shake Well Festival is an international graffiti festival taking place in the university campus of Pessac on September 14-16. This is a free event that gathers more than one hundred graffiti artists and gives them a huge space of 2000 m2 to express themselves during the weekend of the festival. The event will be accompanied by a lineup of different electronic music artists taking the scene from  10:00 to 21:00. For more info check out the website of the festival.

When: September 14-16
Where: Domaine Universitaire, BORDEAUX MONTAIGNE, 19 esplanade des Antilles, 33607 Pessac

Swing on the streets

Swing In Kiosque is a series of improvised dance events that are taking place in Jardin Public two times a month. This weekend the event will take place on September 16. Take a look at the full program of events on their facebook page.

When: September 16  at 15:00
Where: Jardin Public, 33000 Bordeaux

Festival L’Effet Papillon

The third edition of the Effet Paillon Festival will take place in Martignas-sur-jalle on September 14-15. The festive weekend will be packed with music, street art shows, a designers market, workshops and an outdoor food area. For more details and the lineup click here, to purchase tickets click here.

When: September 14-15
Where: 14 avenue de Verdun, 33127 Martignas-Sur-Jalle

Last Chance to see the street art expo in Base Sous Marine

Legendes Urbaines, the beautiful street art exhibition presented at the Base Sous Marine during the last 2 months is coming to an end on September 16 so this is your last chance to go and see it.  The exhibition, hosting more than 50 street artists, follows the evolution of street art from the 80’s until today and presents different art styles from graffiti, to video art, vitrage paintings, works on wood, fabric and much more. The entrance to the Base Sous Marine will be free on the weekend of September 15-16.

For more details check out the facebook page of la Base Sous-marine.

When: until September 16
Where: La Base Sous Marine, Boulevard Alfred Daney, 33300 Bordeaux

The Pavillon d’été of L’Orangeade

The summer pavilion on le Quai Deschamps on the right bank of the Garonne is a great way to enjoy your evenings during the hot Bordelaise summer days. The pavilion, organized by the Orangeade association, is hosting free music and gastronomy events every Friday and Saturday until September 22. Take a look at the program for this Friday (Sep 14) and for this Saturday (Sep 15).

When: September 7-8, starting 6pm
Where: Quai Deschamps, 33100 Bordeaux

Relache Festival

A free concert of JJ. Thames and BearCatz will take place this Friday at the Place Fernand Lafargue as part of the Relache festival. The free music festival is promoting local music, and is taking place in different locations during the  summer months. For more info click here

When: September 14 starting 18:00
Where: Place Fernand Lafargue, 33000 Bordeaux,

Open Air Festival

Bordeaux Open Air is a series of free summer electronic music events, all set in different locations and with a great city vibe to them. The next event will take place on September 16 in Jardin Public and will be dedicated to Djs from New Delhi .

See more info about the event on their facebook page.

When:  September 16, 14:00
Where: Jardin Public, place du Champ de Mars, 33000 Bordeaux

La Guinguette des Enfants

One of the best summer places in Bordeaux la Guinguette Chez Alriq dedicate this Saturday to families with kids. Plenty of games, workshops and a picnics will take place on the bank of the Garonne. For more info click here, the price is 5€ for adults.

When: September 15, 11:00 to 17:00
Where: ZA Quai des Queyries, Port Bastide, 33100 Bordeaux

The big scooter race

The Nire Laguna Thomas association organised a wonderful event to help raise funds for research on pediatric cancer.
A kids scooter race will take place this Saturday on the Quai of Bordeaux, starting from la Maison Eco-citoyenne. More than 300 kids, ages 5 to 10 will take place in the event. If you want your kids to participate in the race, register here.

When:  September 15 10:30 to 16:30
Where: la Maison Eco-citoyenne , 33000 Bordeaux

Summer Rock in Bouliac

This Saturday (September 15) a fun event will take place in Bouliac called “Bouliac on the Rock”. The program includes an American cars exhibition, a rock concert, a raffle, vinyl discs and food stands. The festival is free, see more info here.

When:  September 15, starting 11:00
Where: Parking du stade, Bouliac,

Exhibition and a painting atelier for kids in Le Garage Moderne

An exhibition of three painters will take place on September 13-25 in one of the most unique places in the north of Bordeaux, Le Garage Moderne. This Saturday (September 15), the Garage Moderne will also hold a painting workshop for kids so you can enjoy some art while your kids are busy creating one.

When:  September 15, 14:00- 18:00. The exhibition will be presented September 13-25.
Where: 1 Rue des Étrangers, 33300 Bordeaux

Vélotour Bordeaux

Did you ever ride a bike in a museum or a hotel? Discover Bordeaux by bike through places where usually bicycles are not allowed: museums, sport centers, cultural and historic places and more. More than ten places have opened their doors for this unusual experience. The tour will take place this Saturday (September 16) and will start at the Maison Écocitoyenne Bordeaux. For tickets click here and for more info about the event click here.

When:  September 16
Where: Quai Richelieu, 33000 Bordeaux

Open doors in Climb Up 

Climb Up Bordeaux will hold an open door weekend (September 15-16) to allow you discover one of the newest climbing centers in Bordeaux. For details check out the website and the facebook page of the event.

When:  September 15-16 (9:00- 18:00)
Where:17 Avenue Pythagore, 33700 Mérignac

Vegan Market in the Bastide Neighborhood 

A vegan and vegetarian market will take place this Saturday (September 15) at la Place Stalingrad. The stands will include food, drinks, oils, accessories, flowers and different objects, all with the agenda to promote a vegan and vegetarian lifestyle. For more info click here.

When:  September 15, 10:00- 18:00
Where: Place Stalingrad, 33100 Bordeaux

Monuments of Cinema

The Monuments of Cinema festival allows you to see great movies at remarkable monuments in the Gironde. During the whole week (September 8-15) movies such as Lumière, l’aventure continueMonty Python and Everybody wants some! will be screened in places like Château de Cadillac,  Parc Chavat in Podensac and the Sauve-Majeure Abbey. See the full program here.

When:  September 8-15
Where: Different locations in Gironde, check out the program


If you want to plan ahead check out my general list of things to in Bordeaux in September 2018.

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