Toulouse, the capital of Occitanie, is one of the most vibrant cities in the South of France. Beautiful architecture, amazing gastronomy, and chic boutiques are only some of the marvels this city has to offer. If you’re visiting the pink city for the first time and wondering where are the best areas to stay in Toulouse, keep reading! 

First, if it’s your first time in Toulouse, I recommend you read my detailed guide to a weekend in Toulouse.

In this article, you’ll learn where most of the landmarks are located, where the hipsters of Toulouse roam, and where you should stay with kids. Whether you’re going on a luxury vacation or traveling on a budget, this district guide to Toulouse will help you choose the right neighborhood for you. I also added recommended hotels and apartments in every district of Toulouse. 

Generally speaking, the center of Toulouse includes the Capitole du Toulouse and the Carmes districts, both of which are described in detail in this article. 

The most central neighborhoods in Toulouse
The center of Toulouse by Lost in Bordeaux

Accommodation is not very expensive in Toulouse so even in the most central parts of the city, you can find good hotels at affordable prices. However, if your budget is limited or you’re looking for a calm neighborhood, there are a lot of good options for you on this list. 

If Bordeaux is also on your route, check out my article about the best districts of Bordeaux.

Now let’s dive into the best districts in Toulouse!

The most Central Areas to stay in Toulouse

Capitole de Toulouse, le Quartier Bourse-Daurade and Saint George

Capitole de Toulouse is the most central part of Toulouse. In this article, I’m going to include both le quartier Bourse Daurade and the Saint George neighborhood in what I call the Capitole du Toulouse as they are very close to the center.

The district is bounded by the Garonne river to the west, rue de Metz from the south, the boulevards from the east, and the Saint Sernin Basilica from the north. If you want to stay within a walking distance from the most emblematic monuments of Toulouse, this is your district. Here’s a partial list of the places you’ll encounter on your stroll in Capitole de Toulouse: Place du Capitole, Couvent des Jacobins, Musee des Augustins, Hotel d’Assezat, and more. 

Place du Capitole - the most central district of Toulouse
Place du Capitole in Toulouse – photo: Lost in Bordeaux

It’s quite a big neighborhood, so to get you familiar with it, I’m going to talk about its highlights and what you should expect to find there. You can also read about it in more detail in my article about a weekend in Toulouse.

The center of the old part of Toulouse is Place du Capitole where the city hall of Toulouse is located. 

The square and the streets around it are brimming with restaurants and fancy hotels. Countless events, fairs, and food markets are taking place on this stunning square throughout the year. 

Toulouse is laid around two main axes, both crossing the Capitole district. To the south, you’ll find rue de Metz, which is leading to the Pont Neuf. The second axe is rue d’Alsace Lorraine, the main shopping street of Toulouse. This spectacular pedestrian street is home to some of the most impressive Haussmann buildings in Toulouse. 

rue Alsace Lorraine  in Toulouse
rue Alsace Lorraine – by Lost in Bordeaux

While the big streets of Toulouse are beautiful, I have a strong preference for the smaller streets adorning the red/pink brick houses which the pink city is famous for. 

Some of my favorite streets in the Capitole du Toulouse district are Rue Peyrolières, rue Saint Rome, rue des arts, and rue de Taur. Other places not to miss in central Toulouse are the lively Place Saint George and the main market of Toulouse. Marche Victor Hugo is a Toulousian gastronomic institution and is a must-visit for anyone interested in food. 

Place Saint George - the best square in Toulouse
Place Saint George – one of my favorite squares in Toulouse – photo: by Lost in Bordeaux

Now let’s talk hotels!

Recommended hotels and apartments in the Capitole de Toulouse district

Capitole du Toulouse is where the fanciest and most luxurious hotels are located but you can also find a lot of cute boutique hotels hiding on its scenic streets. 

If you have the budget and want to stay in the most central part of Toulouse, you’d probably enjoy the Grand Balcon Hotel, which is located just next to Place du Capitole – book it here.

I really enjoyed my stay at the Hôtel des Arts, near Place Saint George. It’s a 3-star hotel with amazing service, it’s very clean, and has a perfect location. Click here to book the hotel.

If you prefer staying in an apartment, there are quite a lot of good options around the square, like this little studio apartment on rue d’Alsace Lorraine or this spacious apartment located closer to the river.

*Important note- most hotels here won’t have parking. There are quite a few paid parking lots in the city and you should count around 20-25 euros per day for that.

The Carmes neighborhood – the hipster district of Toulouse 

Let’s now continue to my favorite part of Toulouse, the Carmes, and Saint Etienne neighborhoods. 

The Carmes district is the southern part of the center of Toulouse. Bounded by rue de Metz from the north, Allee Jules Guesde from the south, Alles Francois Verdier from the east, and the Garonne river from the west. 

Les Carmes district in Toulouse - the hipster area
Les Carmes – hipsters’ favorite district – photo: Lost in Bordeaux

What makes Carmes so unique is the perfect combination of young energy and old beautiful architecture. This is the official hipster mecca of Toulouse and the numerous bearded baristas and bartenders are a testament to that. 

The neighborhood is home to some of the more charming streets in Toulouse, all connected with tiny squares filled with terrace restaurants. On almost every street you’ll find beautiful patisseries, chic boutiques, and specialty coffee shops. 

The center of the neighborhood is Marche des Carmes, one of the best markets in Toulouse. If you’re taking an apartment in this part of town, this would be the market you’ll buy your food from. 

The eastern part of the neighborhood is called Saint Ettiene after the Saint Ettiene Cathedral, which is one of the most beautiful monuments in Toulouse. In this part of the neighborhood, you’ll find a lot of art galleries and home design shops. It’s also the more luxurious part of the Carmes district, with fancy fashion boutiques like Louis Vuitton and others.

Saint Ettiene Cathedral in Toulouse
Saint Ettiene Cathedral – by Lost in Bordeaux

Some of the streets you shouldn’t miss in The Cames neighborhood are rue Pharaon, rue des Filatiers rue, Ozenne, Place Mage, rue Croix Baragnon and rue Perchepinte.

Recommended hotels and apartments in the Carmes district

There are fewer hotels in the Carmes neighborhood than in the Capitole district, but that’s the perfect district to find a fun apartment.

If you’re a couple, check out this cute apartment located in an 18th-Century building in the center of Les Carmes. If you’re a bigger group, don’t miss this amazing 142 m² apartment with 3 bedrooms. The apartment is located on Place de la Trinité, which is just a few minutes’ walk from the Capitole district.  Book it here

 Jeanne d’Arc and Jean Jaures

The Jeanne d’Arc district is located between the Capitole du Toulouse and the main train station, Toulouse-Matabiau. The only thing separating it from the center of Toulouse are the boulevards, so you can walk everywhere from there. 

Jeanne d’Arc is part of the big Mouatabiau district, which I don’t recommend as a whole. However, the areas that are closer to the city center are pretty fun and have a great selection of hotels. 
I’ll thus focus on the Jeanne d’Arc neighborhood, and especially Place Jeanne d’Arc, rue de Bayard, and Jean Jaures.

Jean Jaures - the best night life in Toulouse
Jean Jaures in Toulouse – by Lost in Bordeaux

First and foremost, this is a beautiful neighborhood with impressive buildings and a variety of French and world cuisine restaurants. There are several advantages to staying here on your trip to Toulouse. 

In case you want to do day trips from Toulouse, you’re a few minutes away from the station. As a result of its proximity to the main station, there’s quite an impressive selection of hotels here, usually better priced than the ones you’d have in the city center. 

Also, as previously mentioned, most hotels in the city center don’t offer parking places, in Jeanne d’Arc, it will be much easier to find a hotel with a dedicated parking spot.

Another convenience of staying here is the Marché Cristal, a daily market taking place on the boulevards (from Place Jeanne-d’Arc to Arnaud-Bernard). It’s one of the biggest and most affordable markets in Toulouse and is a great option for those looking to cook during their stay. 

Last but not least is the proximity to the nightlife center of Toulouse. Jean Jaures is where the best clubs and dance bars of Toulouse are located, so if that’s something you’re looking for on your trip, you’ll have fun here. 

Recommended hotels and apartments in Jeanne d’Arc and Jean Jaures

If you’re looking for something funky and young, check out Mama Shelter Toulouse. Located in an old theatre, the funky-designed hotel offers a cinema, a restaurant, and a rooftop with the most gorgeous view. Book it here.

If you’re looking for a calmer experience you should check out the cute family-owned Hôtel Héliot.

Saint Aubin and Dupuy District – Locals’ hidden gem 

Saint Aubin (and Dupuy) is a cute and very local district, centered around Eglise Saint Aubin. The neighborhood is located within a 10 minutes walk from the center of Toulouse and yet you won’t encounter many tourists here. Instead, you’ll find plenty of local cafes, boulangeries, butchers, and beautiful cheese shops where the neighborhood’s locals shop. 

Saint Aubin district - one of the most local and fun neighborhoods of Toulouse
Saint Aubin neighborhood in Toulouse

Every Sunday morning the Saint Aubin market is taking place around the church. It’s a huge weekly market where you can find the best gastronomic treats this city has to offer.  Apart from food, the market also has a great variety of craftsmen, florists, and antique sellers. Many musicians and music bands come to play here every Sunday, which makes the market even more festive and fun. If you’re staying in Toulouse on Sunday, this market should not be missed

How to get there: Saint Aubin is very close to the city center so you can just walk, but if you really need to use public transport, tram line A is within a few minutes walk. 

Recommended hotels and apartments in Saint Aubin

Odalys City Toulouse Colombélie is a simple hotel close to the station and within walking distance to the center – great value for money.  Book a room here.

If you’d rather stay in an apartment, here’s a great option. This chic 2 bedroom apartment is located within a few minutes walk from the Saint Aubin church and has an amazing kitchen for foodies who love cooking. Book it here.

Less expensive districts in Toulouse – around the city center

So far in this article, I’ve been talking about neighborhoods in the center of Toulouse. We’re now moving to other districts in Toulouse, located a bit farther away from the city center, but with more attractive prices.

You can walk from all these districts to the center of Toulouse (30 min max). But all of them are well connected to the city center by public transport, in case you need it. 

Canal de Brienne - a canal in the city center of Toulouse
Canal de Brienne in Toulouse – by Lost in Bordeaux

Compans – Caffarelli 

Compans – Caffarelli is a busy neighborhood located to the northwest of the center of Toulouse. The district is home to a few university campuses and other high education institutions. The neighborhood is also home to the congress center of Toulouse the reason why there are quite a lot of good business hotels in this area of town.

From a tourist perspective, this district is mostly known for the Compans Caffarelli gardens where the stunning Jardin Japonais is nestled. 

Jardin Japonais - Compans Caffarelli gardes in Toulouse
Le Jardin Japonais in Toulouse – by Lost in Bordeaux

If you love cycling, the district borders le Canal du Midi, which you can follow for a beautiful ride outside of the city. Another cool part of this neighborhood is Canal de Brienne, which is heaven for early jogging or dog walking. 

In the center of the neighborhood, you’ll find an underground shopping center. It’s rather small but has all the shops you need. 

All in all, it’s not the most central place in the city, but there are advantages to staying there if you want to run in the morning or if you have a conference in this part of town. The neighborhood is located within a 20 minutes walk from the center, or a few minutes on the Metro (line B)

It’s located about 10 minutes drive from the airport. 

Recommended hotels and apartments in Compans – Caffarelli

The best hotel to stay in Compans Caffarelli is the Social Hub Toulouse. A fun hotel with spacious rooms and a very cool design. Book your room here

Saint Cyprien – the other side of the river

Saint Cyprien is located on the western side of the Garonne river, between Pont Saint Michel to the south and Pont de Catalan to the northwest. 

As a rule of thumb, the east side of the river is the better side to choose when staying in Toulouse. Nevertheless, Saint Cyprien, on the western side has its undeniable charm. 

Les Abattoirs - the contemporary art museum of Toulouse in the Saint Cyprien district
Les Abattoirs – Saint Cyprien in Toulouse – by Lost in Bordeaux

Saint Cyprien is not considered a part of the city center, but there are quite a lot of things to do here nonetheless. Les Abattoirs, the contemporary art museum of Toulouse is located on this side of the river in an old slaughterhouse. Just next to Pont Neuf, you’ll find a beautiful art gallery situated in an old water tower (chateau d’Eau). The neighborhood also has a beautiful market, called Marché Couvert Saint-Cyprien.

However, the most popular destination in the Saint Cyprien district is its park, Prairie des Filtres. All year round the park attracts people who come here for sportive activities and picnics with friends. In the summer, plenty of music festivals and fun events take place here, which is the best time to stay in this part of town.

Prairie des Filtres park in Toulouse - Saint Cyprien district
Prairie des Filtres in Saint Cyprien by Lost in Bordeaux

It’s a very cosmopolitan neighborhood as can be seen from the variety of restaurants in the center. 

Many of the buildings in Saint Cyprien are not in their best condition and that’s why you won’t find many hotels in this district. Airbnb will probably be a better solution for those looking to stay in this neighborhood. If you’re on a budget, you can find great value for money here. 

Recommended hotels and apartments in Saint Cyprien

As I mentioned, I don’t have hotels to recommend in Saint Cyprien, but here’s a beautiful apartment next to the museum. And it has the most amazing view. Book it here

Le Busca – the green elegant district

Le Busca is a small pleasant neighborhood located between the Canal du Midi and the big park of Toulouse, Jardin des Plantes. It’s home to the natural history museum of Toulouse, one of the best museums in the city. If you’re traveling with kids this is the perfect neighborhood for you. 

Apart from the Museum de Toulouse, you have a few parks within walking distance. In le Jardin des Plantes itself, you can find a kids’ science museum, a big playground, and a beautiful terrace cafe. 

A family vacation in Toulouse - what to do and where to visit
Toulouse with kids is an amazing vacation – by Lost in Bordeaux

If you need other recommendations for things to do in Toulouse with kids, check out my article. 

Recommended hotels and apartments Le Busca

Located just a few steps from the big park of Toulouse and from the best kids’ museums in Toulouse
Here’s a perfect two bedrooms apartment for a family.

Saint Michel – the students’ district of Toulouse

Saint Michel is located just south of the chic Carmes neighborhood and thus close to the best restaurants and bars in the city.  It borders the river from the west and the Busca from the east and the Saint-Agne district from the South. This is the student district of Toulouse and hence a place you can find a lot of affordable rentals. 

If you’re staying in Saint Michel I highly recommend doing a walk along the Garonne river. Start your walk at Pont Saint Michel and continue north until you reach the next bridge. 

Saint Michel - The student neighborhood of Toulouse
Walk along the Garonne in the Saint Michel district in Toulouse – by Lost in Bordeaux

You can also visit Île du Ramier, an island in the Garonne river that has a beautiful park as well as many sports facilities. 

Recommended hotels and apartments in Saint Michel

Maison Anjali – a beautiful guest house with a garden that will make you feel like you’re in the countryside, rather than a big city. Book it here.

You can also get plenty of tips on things to do in the Southwest of France via lost in Bordeaux’s social media accounts and email list, check them out here:

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*Note – Some of the links in this article include affiliate links for which I earn a small commission. It adds absolutely nothing to your cost and helps me continue writing about this amazing region. Don’t worry, I’m not getting rich here, I’ll never recommend anything I don’t believe in 🙂 

Saint Emilion is one of the most popular destinations in the Southwest of France attracting more than a million tourists every year. When visiting the wine region many people choose to stay in Bordeaux and come to Saint Emilion for a day trip. However, staying in Saint Emilion, surrounded by vineyards, even for a night, is an unforgettable experience, and I highly recommend it!

In this article, you’ll find some of the best places to stay in Saint Emilion and the villages close by. I included luxury experiences and cozy family-owned B&Bs so that everyone can find the best accommodation in Saint Emilion. Some of the hotels are located right in the center of Saint Emilion and others are nestled amidst the vineyards. There’s something for any type of vacation, from a romantic weekend to a summer trip with kids. 

If you’re not sure what winery you should visit, read my article about the best wineries to visit in Saint Emilion. Also, don’t miss my articles about the best things to do in Bordeaux and about what to do in one day in Bordeaux in case you’re planning a day trip there. 

Now let’s dive right into the best places to stay in Saint Emilion 🙂

Hotels and B&Bs in Saint Emilion

Logis de la Cadene

Logis de Cadene is one of the best hotels in Saint Emilion and is very popular amongst tourists from all over the world. The hotel, with its stunning view of the old town, is located right in the heart of Saint Emilion. Its elegant design and spacious rooms make for a very pleasant stay. 

Logis de la Cadene belongs to the Boüard de Laforest family, the owner of the famous Château Angélus. It is widely known for its fine dining restaurant which has been awarded a Michelin star in 2017. 

Book it here.

Address: 3 Place du Marché au Bois, 33330 Saint-Émilion, France

Hostellerie de Plaisance  (Hôtel de Pavie)

One of the most luxurious and beautiful hotels in the center of Saint Emilion. The hotel is located just next to the Monolithic Church of Saint Emilion and offers a magical panoramic view of the medieval village and the vineyards. Hôtel de Pavie was once a convent where nuns used to host pilgrims and travelers. Today it belongs to the Perse family, who are also the owners of Château Pavie, one of the four 1er Grand Cru Classé A, so a more elegant and chic experience is guaranteed.

Book it here.

Nearby you can find their amazing 2-star Michelin restaurant La Table de Pavie

The hotel is usually closed from December to mid-March so if you’re looking for a place to stay during your winter vacation, check out the other hotels on this list.

Address: Place du Clocher, 33330 Saint-Émilion, France

Le Relais de Franc Mayne Saint Emilion

A magical B&B with the most beautiful view of the vineyards of Saint Emilion. The rooms are spacious, and uniquely decorated, and all feature a view of the vineyard. Le Relais de Franc Mayne was renovated in 2019 which makes it one of the newer facilities on this list. It’s located about 1km from the center of Saint Emilion. 

To book a room click here.

Château Franc Mayne is also one of Saint Emilion’s best wineries, classifies as a Grand Cru. Luckily when you stay there, you are offered a tour of their wine-making facilities. However, even if you don’t end up staying there, I highly recommend booking a visit to their winery.  

Book your winery visit here

Address: 14 La Gomerie – D243, 33330 Saint-Émilion, France

Les Chambres d’Ovaline

Les Chambres d’Ovaline is a cozy and beautiful B&B located a few minutes’ walk from the center of Saint Emilion. The rooms are beautifully designed and you can enjoy your breakfast in their cute garden. It’s also much more affordable than the other options in Saint Emilion.

Book a room here

Address: 2 Place Bouqueyre, 33330 Saint-Émilion, France

Château Hôtel Grand Barrail

Château Hôtel Grand Barrail is a  luxury 5-star hotel, located just a few km from the center of Saint Emilion. The hotel has an amazing SPA facility that includes a sauna, hammam, and 4 beauty cabins. The hotel also features a fine-dining restaurant with exceptional wine and food.

This is a great place if you’re looking for a luxury vacation with a very scenic view.

Book it here

*The hotel is closed for renovation until March 2023, but you can still make reservations for future dates. 

Address: Route de Libourne, 33330 Saint-Émilion, France

Badon Boutique Hotel

Badon is a 4-star boutique hotel, located in the heart of Saint Emilion. The hotel has a very clean and pleasant design and is perfectly located next to all the monuments of Saint Emilion. If you want to stay in the center next to all the restaurants, this is a rather affordable option compared to other hotels in Saint Emilion. 

They also accept pets with additional pay of 10 euros per night.

 Book your night here.

Address: Badon Boutique Hôtel, 8 Rue de la Prte Bouqueyre, 33330 Saint-Émilion

Hotels and B&Bs close to Saint Emilion

Château du Palanquey & Spa

If you’re going on a romantic weekend in the Saint Emilion region, this is the place for you! Château du Palanquey & Spa is a luxury B&B, overlooking the vineyards of Saint Emilion and Castillion. 

The property has a large spa that you can freely use during your stay, featuring a heated indoor pool, sauna, and jacuzzi. It also has a nice outdoor pool for the summer months with a stunning view of the vineyards.

The Château is home to a great restaurant with a large menu introducing you to French specialties. For more foodie guests, the place can also organize a cooking class upon request. The property is open and receives guests all year long, so it can even be a cozy winter vacation. This is a real piece of paradise with amazing hosts that will make you feel very welcome!

Château du Palanquey is located in Sainte-Colombe, about 10 km from Saint Emilion. It will take you only 5 minutes to get to one of my favorite wineries in Saint Emilion, Château de Pressac.

Book your stay here.

Address: 2 Lieu dit Palanquey, 33350 Sainte-Colombe

Bleu Raisin

If you don’t mind driving a bit, this cute B&B is located on an old wine farm, about 14 km from the center of Saint Emilion. The rooms are beautifully designed and all have a separate entrances. A delicious breakfast will welcome you every morning on the terrace overlooking the vineyards. 

They also have amazing prices so if staying in the heart of Saint Emilion is not in your budget, this is a great option. 

Book a room here

Address: 3 La Cabane, 33350 Les Salles-de-Castillon, France

La Maisonnée Girondine

This romantic B&B is located about 10 km from Saint Emilion in a little village called Saint Magne de Castillon. The beautiful sandstone house is nestled amidst the vineyards of another Bordeaux wine appellation called Castillon – Côtes de Bordeaux, which is also interesting to explore. The house has five rooms and a beautiful garden with fruit trees.  La Maisonnée Girondine is run by two expats who love French cuisine and culture. They are very welcoming and will help you discover some of the hidden gems of the region. 

Book your stay here

Address: 2 Chem. du Moulin, 33350 Saint-Magne-de-Castillon

Camping sites in Saint Emilion 

Yelloh! Saint-Emilion

One of the most popular groups of camping sites in France, the Yelloh campsites, has a great site in Saint Emilion. The camping is located within 3 km from the center of the Saint Emilion, surrounded by some of the best vineyards of this prestigious wine area. The camping is open from mid-May to Mid September. 

Yelloh camping is based on a fishing lake and offers plenty of great amenities like a huge pool, a tennis court, and a bar. You can also rent a bike to discover the town and the vineyards from the camping site. 

It’s a perfect stay for families as Yelloh runs a summer kids club (over 5yo). 

Book your stay here.

Where:  2 Lieu-dit, Les Combes, 33330 Saint-Émilion

Camping du Vieux Château 

Camping du Vieux Château is another great camping site located about 13 km from Saint Emilion in the cute village of Rauzan. The 3-star site is more simple than Yelloh camping but it has most of the facilities that you need for a cool family summer vacation near Saint Emilion.

See all the details and book here

Address: 6 Blabot-Bas, 33420 Rauzan

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*Note – Some of the links in this article include affiliate links for which I earn a small commission. It adds absolutely nothing to your cost and helps me continue writing about this amazing region. Don’t worry, I’m not getting rich here, I’ll never recommend anything I don’t believe in 🙂 

Bordeaux is a very touristic city and as such it’s packed with boutique and budget hotels. However, not all of them offer good value for your money, and finding a good hotel can be a tricky task. That’s why I decided to gather a list of the best hotels in Bordeaux for every budget. 

This list includes hotels from the city center and surrounding districts. I included beautifully designed boutique hotels as well as more basic ones so the price range is quite big and you can easily find a place that fits your budget and needs. To get familiar with the best areas I recommend you read my my guide to the best districts in Bordeaux first. If this is your first visit to France, read my short article about things you should know before ordering a hotel in France.

If a pool is a must, jump straight to my article about the best hotels with pools in Bordeaux. If you’re traveling with kids, here’s my list of the most family-friendly hotels in Bordeaux. And finally, check out my recommendations for the best places to stay in the Saint Emilion region in case you plan to visit there too.

This post includes affiliate links, meaning that if you book a hotel through my links I’ll receive a small commission. It will cost you nothing, and you will be supporting the work I do at Lost in Bordeaux. So thank you 🙂

Hotels in the center of Bordeaux – from budget to luxury

Best Western Premier

This is a 4-star hotel with 33 rooms complete with a late 20s art-deco atmosphere. The hotel is made of two beautiful houses dating from the 18th century, the Bayonne and the Etche-Ona, with an interesting story behind each one. 

Best Western Premier Bordeaux Bayonne Etche Ona

Location-wise, it doesn’t really get better than this! The hotel is located within a minute’s walk from the Opera and next to le Marche des Grands-Hommes where you can buy some delicious souvenirs to bring back home. If you need a good coffee in the morning, Kuro is just a minute away. Parking requires prior reservation.

Reserve your room here.

Villas Foch Boutique Hotel & Spa Bordeaux

Villas Foch is a standout in this article for its beautiful architecture and its proximity to unbeatable sites like Jardin Public, Bordeaux’s most beautiful park. This 5-star luxury hotel perfectly combines a modern interior design with Bordeaux’s famous architecture. 

Villas Foch - one of the best hotesl in Bordeaux
Villas Foch hotel by Lost in Bordeaux

It has on staff a butler, a bellhop, a concierge, a driver, room service, and a bar on site. Its spa facilities include a lovely heated swimming pool, a sauna as well as a fitness room. Its quiet yet central location and amazing facilities make it one of the best Spa hotels to stay in Bordeaux.

Reserve your room here.

Quality Hotel

This hotel is located in the Saint Pierre district of Bordeaux, probably the most central location you can think of. This is the heart of Bordeaux’s historic center where you can find plenty of wine bars and restaurants on every street. 

The hotel itself is a simple 3-star hotel but it’s very clean and has everything you need for a nice stay. This is a great value considering its location. It’s important to note that the hotel doesn’t have a parking space but they do have a partnership with the parking lot of the Grand Hommes (5 minutes walk) with reduced prices at around 15 euros a day. The parking is closed on Sunday.

Reserve your room here.

Hôtel Burdigala

Hôtel Burdigala is one of Bordeaux’s institutions when it comes to hospitality. In the last two years, the hotel went through massive renovations and now looks amazing! They call their new hospitality style a lifestyle center, with the idea of making people feel cozy and sharing their experience with other guests and customers. The rooms look very specious and their design has this stunning Arcahon vibe creating a very calm feeling. The hotel has amazing facilities such as a gym and a spa as well as a restaurant that’s open every day. 

Hotel Burdigala - one of the best luxury hotels in Bordeaux
Burdigala Hotel by Lost in Bordeaux

It’s located in the administrative district of Bordeaux so the scenery is less chic than in the center of Bordeaux. But it takes just 5 5-minute walk to get to the beautiful Place Gambetta where the center of Bordeaux begins. I highly recommend this place. 

Book your stay here.

La Maison du Lierre

This is a 3-star boutique hotel situated in a beautiful 18th-century house. La Maison du Lierre was named after the 200-year-old ivy covering its terrace. The rooms are small but very nice and clean and it has a beautiful terrace which is a real upgrade.

It’s located on a quiet street, away from the hustle but just a few minutes walk to the opera of Bordeaux. Nearby you can also find the Fondaudege neighborhood with its many cafes and food shops. Book your stay here.

Yndo Hôtel

Yndo is probably the fanciest hotel on my list but no list is complete without it. Nestled in the heart of Bordeaux’s historic center, Yndo Hôtel is a luxury establishment housed within a 19th-century private mansion. The hotel boasts a fragrant garden and a tranquil shaded terrace, providing guests with an upscale and serene experience.

Individually adorned with designer furniture, the rooms at Yndo Hôtel are equipped with modern amenities, each featuring a balcony and a cozy seating area. The hotel is located in a quiet area, called Saint Sernin, within walking distance to the hyper center of Bordeaux. 

Reserve your stay here.

Hôtel de sèze

Hôtel de Sèze is a 4-star hotel, located in the fancy Triangle d’Or district next
to many luxury boutiques and wine and chocolate shops. Situated in a beautiful 18th-century building, the hotel has 55 rooms with 18th-century decor that gives it a very elegant look. 

It also harbors a spa (not commonly seen in Bordeaux’s hotels), a beautiful library, and a golf course (15 minutes by shuttle). If Hôtel de Sèze is booked, here are a few other Spa hotels in Bordeaux I recommend. 

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Mama Shelter

The most popular rooftop in Bordeaux - Mama shelter
Mama Shelter- by Lost in Bordeaux

If you’re looking for a more funky atmosphere in a great location, Mama Shelter is your place. Mama Shelter is part of a chain of hotels, located in several cities in France. It has 97 colorful and funky rooms designed by Philippe Starck.

The hotel is located right in the center of Bordeaux, in the Hotel de Ville neighborhood. You’ll be within walking distance of all the best bars, boutiques, and the main monuments of Bordeaux. However, you don’t even have to leave the hotel in the evening as Mama Shelter is home to one of the best rooftops in Bordeaux. It’s not a fancy hotel but definitely a fun one!

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Brit Hotel Des Grands Hommes 

A very basic 2-star hotel, perfectly located just a few minutes walk from the Opera and the Grands Hommes center. The hotel is simple but nicely decorated and in general, feels very cozy. If you’re looking for a budget hotel in the center of Bordeaux, this is a good option. 

The closest parking is at the Grandes Homme commercial center. 

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Seeko’o Hotel

A 4-star hotel located in the north of the Chartrons neighborhood. A bit out of the historic center but a good location nonetheless. 

The Seeko’o hotel has 44 spacious rooms with a chic and urban style, very different from the classic hotels in the city center. Some of the rooms’ windows turn to the Bassin-a-flot, an old port with plenty of boats and a very unique architecture. The hotel also offers a sauna and a hammam which is a lovely bonus. The parking requires a reservation as there are only 10 places available.

seekoo hotel bordeaux

Personal note: if it’s a short stay and you want to feel the vibe of Bordeaux’s historic, then this hotel is a bit far. But If you don’t mind walking 20 minutes to the city center (or taking the tram) then it could be a great option.

It’s located at the southern border of the Bacalan neighborhood, which is now one of the coolest neighborhoods in the city, with a beautiful covered market, the big wine museum, and plenty of street art.

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Hotels next to the train station of Bordeaux

Many people are looking for accommodations next to the train station as they are traveling to the area by train. That’s why I added three affordable hotels just next to Gare Saint-Jean, although I’m not a big fan of this area.

Novotel Bordeaux Centre Gare Saint Jean

The first one is Novotel Gare Saint Jean, one of the best options in the area. A very comfortable and clean hotel with comfy beds and great service. It’s a 4-star hotel but very affordable. It’s located just a few minutes walk from the station but very close to one of the most beautiful churches in Bordeaux, L’église Sainte-Croix.

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B&B La Halte Montaigne

If you’re looking for a more cozy option next to the train station the Halte Montaigne B&B is your place. Located just 400 meters from the station this beautiful B&B has a contemporary and warm decor. While there you can also enjoy their terrace or cozy living room. The owner is very friendly and serves a delicious breakfast, which is a bonus in that area. 

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Ibis gare Saint Jean

If you’re on a limited budget, Ibis Gare Saint Jean could be a good solution as well. It’s not the most charming hotel but it’s a good value for its price. It’s a 3-star hotel with nice clean rooms and it’s located 300m from the station.

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