I’m quite sure that when you choose Bordeaux as your traveling destination many of you had its famous wine region in mind. You have hundreds of wineries to choose from while visiting the region, but staying in a vineyard accommodation is another level experience. If that sounds charming but you have no ideas how to look for the best accommodation, keep on reading so you can discover where to stay in the Bordeaux wine region. 

Around Bordeaux, you can a variety of amazing wine hotels, cozy haunts in the middle of the vineyards, and passionate winemakers that will love to tell you all about their craft. And while it sounds like a very luxurious experience I promise you that it doesn’t have to be. 

This list includes both five stars prestigious hotels and family-owned B&Bs where you get to be hosted by lovely people in a simple environment. However all have the same view and the most welcoming staff, so you’re guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience.

Best vineyards accomodation in with bordeaux wine region
A view from one of Bordeaux’s best wine hotesl

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Now join me to discover the best wine hotels and the most scenic vineyards accommodation in the Bordeaux wine region!

Luxury accommodation in the vineyards of Bordeaux

Les Sources de Caudalie – the Pessac Leognan wine appellation

If you’re willing to drop a dime on staying at heaven-on-Earth, Les Sources de Caudalie is an excellent option, located in the luxurious Chatêau Smith Haut Lafitte vineyards. Les Sources de Caudalie is a five-star hotel with grounds located in the vineyards and bordering on the region’s forests. The property has been redone by owners Alice and Jérôme Tourbier with nature in mind. The architecture has married high wooden beams with modern tiling and warmth.

You can stay in a suite on the property. Each of them has been designed with its own unique design using antique furniture and mood lighting. Also, if you’re looking to pair the wines with great food, there’s no need to leave the property as the hotel offers a few dining options: a two-star Michelin restaurant, a bistro, a bar, and a grocery store.

To make it a truly unforgettable experience, the property owners have put together a set of experiences for you, depending on the company you keep. From wine tasting, spa treatments, bike riding and excursions, and a forest for kids. 

So if you’re looking for a sophisticated yet cozy atmosphere in the magnificent grounds of one of the best wineries of Pessac Leognan, this hotel Les Sources de Caudalie is your place. 

You can book your stay here.

Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey Hôtel & Restaurant Lalique in Sauternes 

Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey is known for combining a vineyard stay with beautiful courses for golfing. It also boasts a five-star hotel stay and a Michelin-starred restaurant. In fact, it is the only Michelin-starred restaurant in the Sauternes wine region.

The golf course has 18 holes and offers a relaxing experience for both experienced and new golfers. 

The most intriguing part of the stay, to me, is that every guest is greeted by the “Maitresse de Maison”, who designs their stay. The experience is aligned with the guest’s taste and needs. Guests that want to leave their room but embrace solitude can relax in the beautiful library or check out the view on the terrace.

On to the food. Le Grand Noble is a Michelin-Star restaurant designed by Mario Botta. Not only will guests enjoy gastronomic food, but they will be surrounded, quite literally, by the vines. The restaurant has wall-to-wall windows, and it is placed in the middle of a portion of the vineyard, giving guests the impression of being nestled within the vines.

The property also offers traditional wine visits. You can choose between a discovery tour, food and wine pairing, a private visit, and more. Check all their tours here
Book your luxury stay here.

Château Prieure Marquet in the north of Gironde

Chateau Prieure Marquet is one of the most luxurious hotels in the Bordeaux wine region, about 20 minutes from the prestigious Pomerol and Saint Emilion wine appelations. 

It is truly a precious gem meticulously crafted by a harmonious collaboration between talented designers and antique enthusiasts. Each living room presents a unique and distinct ambiance, offering a diverse array of atmospheres to explore and enjoy.

The organization of the property is characteristic of châteaux in the Gironde and Dordogne regions, in that the castle is actually composed of 4 narrow sides with a central courtyard. This is a novel and exciting experience for those of us non-Europeans and has a way of making one feel like royalty. 

The property only offers 6 rooms so each guest gets a spacious and unique experience. For those of you that like to take a dip in the warmer months, this beautiful property has an outdoor pool, gardens, and each room has a terrace overlooking them both. 

Those looking to have a little leisure without leaving the property can rent bikes and electric bikes, or enjoy the billiards table and baby grand piano. You can also ask the château staff to organize horseback riding or offroading for you. Incredibly, you can also take a helicopter ride.

Finally, the chateau offers themed stays, including the discovery tour, premium tour, and countryside visit, seeking to provide a tailored experience to each guest. Enjoy the world-class spa or the restaurant, named after the château. 

Book your stay here.

And now to more affordable accommodation in the Vineyards of Bordeaux!

Best wine hotels and B&Bs in Saint Emilion 

I have a full article dedicated to hotels in Saint Emilion where you can a perfect accommodation for a perfect weekend there. In this article, however, I wanted to highlight two amazing hotels surrounded by the stunning view of the vineyards.

Château Croix de Labrie

This charming château is located at the entrance of the historic village of Saint Emilion. It has a countryside atmosphere, making a stay there warm and relaxing. There are two suites available, both with luxury bathrooms that overlook the inner courtyard of the property and the vineyard.

The owners, Axelle and Pierre Courdurié give tours of the property and tastings. The proximity to the historic center of St. Emilion doesn’t hurt either. The two suits on the property can be booked here.

Château du Palanquey & Spa

If you’re going on a romantic weekend in the Saint Emilion region, this is the place for you! Château du Palanquey & Spa is a luxury B&B, overlooking the vineyards of Saint Emilion and Castillion. 

The property has a large spa that you can freely use during your stay, featuring a heated indoor pool, sauna, and jacuzzi. It also has a nice outdoor pool for the summer months with a stunning view of the vineyards.

The Château offers a Table d’hôtes service with the chef of the hotel introducing you to the best French specialties. The property is open and receives guests all year long, an idea for a cozy winter vacation. 

Château du Palanquey is located in Sainte-Colombe, about 10 km from Saint Emilion. It will take you only 5 minutes to get to one of my favorite wineries in Saint Emilion, Château de Pressac.

Book your stay here.

Saint Emilion is one of the most famous wine regions in the world so you can imagine that there are quite a lot of options of vineyards accommodations in this part of Gironde. Including them all would make this list too long but I still wanted to add a few wine hotels/ B&Bs that really love in Saint Emilion. The very romantic rooms of Chateau de Ferrand, the cute Relais de Franc Mayne with a pool and a tree house, and the very elegant Aux Ducs de Sienne.

A romantic winery accomofdation - Chateau de Ferrand in Saint Emilion
Chateau de Ferrand in Saint Emilion – Lost in Bordeaux

Best wine hotels in Pessac Leognan

Château Pape Clément

Château Pape Clément is one of the most visited and popular wineries in the Bordeaux wine region and its reputation is well-earned.

The château has been running for 7 centuries and had its first grape harvest in a shocking 1252. The current owner, Bernard Magrez (another well-known name in Bordeaux) started the Scientific Research Center in 2013 to find new ways for vineyard owners to successfully adjust to climate change.

Guests can experience the effects of climate change on the vineyard through satellite technology. Guests can also experience the incredible garden, which is home to 100s of indigenous and rare species of plants and trees.

While M. Magrez is busy trying to push French culture forward, go back in time to the Salon des Boiseries, which is decorated with wood and magnificent chandeliers. There, you can enjoy tea time in a classical setting. 
The property has been lauded for its outstanding service. There are 5 suites available at the château, which can be booked here.

While there, don’t miss a visit to their magnificent winery, see the available tours here

Château Le Pape B&B

The B&B of Château Le Pape is in the heart of Bordeaux. The château hails from the 18th century and was carefully renovated with the preservation of its heritage in mind. The château includes a pool, a living room, and a terrace where you can enjoy your coffee or a glass of wine. 

Château Le Pape B&B - one of the best wine hotels in Bordeaux
Château Le Pape B&B – credit Booking

Consider visiting Haut-Bailly, the wine property that hosts the château. They offer tours in both French and English. You can book a tour here

Guests that have stayed there enjoy the tranquility and have found that it is an ideal location in which to restore themselves. Rooms can be booked here.

Best wine hotels in the Medoc

Château Chasse Spleen

Château Chasse-Spleen is a high-class winery that feels like you’ve stepped into the Alice in Wonderland books. The centerpiece of their gardens is a giant pair of galoshes and is surrounded by other surreal sculptures and water pieces.

There are guesthouses on the property and each opens to its library and its exhibition spaces. To add to the ethereal feeling of your stay, the minimalist decor and bright colors of each bedroom serve to relax.

Château Chasse-Spleen - one of the best wine hotels in Medoc
Château Chasse-Spleen – Lost in Bordeaux

All jokes aside, those that have stayed on the property have appreciated the art and found that it made their stay special. The property owners have carefully created the vineyard and artistic experiences for their guests, and it shows. 

The chateau is also home to a cute wine bar that operated during the summer season from April to November. During your stay there you can visit the magnificent winery and enjoy one of their tours

Book rooms here.

Château du Tertre

This is a beautiful guesthouse, located in a 19th-century mansion. The rooms are elegantly decorated and have a view of the vineyards of the estate. You also get a free tour of the château and the cellars, which are quite remarkable. 

Château du Tertre is one of the closest hotels to Bordeaux (in Arsac), so if you want to visit Bordeaux and the Medoc area without changing your accommodation, this is a great option. 
Book your room here.

Château Pierre de Montignac 

This is a simple and more affordable place if you want to stay in a wine château. The rooms are comfortable and clean and you get a nice breakfast in the morning. And you even get a wine bottle as a gift 🙂.

Book it here

Vineyard accommodation in other parts of the Bordeaux wine region

Coup 2 Foudres – Château de Bonhoste

The Château de Bonhoste keeps their accommodations under a separate name – the “Coup 2 Foudres”. “Coup de foudre” in French translates to “love at first sight”, and the word “foudre” by itself means vat. There are two vats on-site at Coup 2 Foudres, so that’s pretty clever.

Why did they name it like that you ask? Well because the owners converted the traditional wine vats into the most romantic guest houses. The accommodations are in the middle of the vineyards, giving you an absolutely unique experience. Each vat is made completely of wood and is modernly decorated.

Book your stay here.

Coup 2 Foudres - Château de Bonhoste - a unique stay in the vineyards of Bordeuax
Coup 2 Foudres – Lost in Bordeaux

Hotel du Château d’Arche in Sauternes

Sauternes fans are die hard. And if you’re a sauternes fan, the Château d’Arche is a grand cru classé, meaning that it has received the highest quality classification in France for wine. Guests stay in tastefully decorated rooms overlooking the vineyard.

Château d'Arche in Sauternes - wineries in Bordeaux

There are 8 bedrooms available, ranging from simple double rooms to a suite. Guests note the friendliness of the staff and their willingness to help, the peacefulness of the stay, and the fact that the property is dog-friendly. 

Like all the wineries on my list, Château d’Arche also offers wine tours to its guests, book a tour here.

Book your stay at the chateau here.

Château de Claribès

Château de Claribès is owned by Helen and Nick, two British wine enthusiasts who have been making wine at the chateau for almost 20 years. Their property is located in the lovely village of Gensac and the winery is labeled under the Sainte-Foy-Côtes de Bordeaux appellation.

Helen is an incredibly down-to-Earth host who can regale you with stories about the woodland part of their property that they re-wooded, the transformation of the vineyard into organic wine-making, and the hidden Roman-era caves on the property where they’ve discovered ancient artifacts.

The holiday house has been redone with sustainability in mind. While tastefully decorated, every piece has been recycled, made locally, and is designed to use as little energy as possible, while still giving you a luxurious stay. 

Château de Claribès - lovely house with amazing guests
Château de Claribès – by Lost in Bordeaux

Also to note is the incredibly beautiful drive from Bordeaux to the property, adorned with rolling hillsides and vineyards.

One thing to note is that there is no pool on the property. You can contact Helen to book the place.

Chateau La Corne in Graves

In the Graves region, visitors can visit Château La Corne, where an old farmhouse overlooks the vineyard. Although the accommodations are in the vineyard, they are within walking distance of the town of Langon, should guests want to shop or take the train.

The farmhouse dates back to the time of Napoleon and is traditionally furnished but with modern amenities, including the remodeled bathroom. Guests can dine outside on the patio, and take relaxing walks in the vineyard and surrounding woods. 

Steve and Diane are extremely welcoming and nice people who make you feel like friends from the moment you step into their chateau.  Book it here.

Chateau La Corne - a great stay in the Graves wine region
Chateau La Corne – by Lost in Bordeaux

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