Toulouse is known for at least one amazing market, Marché Victor Hugo. But did you know that the pink city has many other great markets in almost every one of its central districts? Visiting a market is a must for those interested in local cuisine and discovering regional delicacies. That’s why in this article I want to introduce you to the best markets in Toulouse.

This list contains outdoor and covered markets where you can sit and dine. I included big food markets but also small organic ones, book markets, and even an antique market. There’s something interesting to check in almost every part of Toulouse center.

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Let’s dive into the best markets in Toulouse, one of the more foodie cities in France. 

Best Markets in the Center of Toulouse

Marché  Victor Hugo

If you have to choose only one market in Toulouse, Marché Victor Hugo is the place. The main market of Toulouse is a gastronomic institution attracting tourists and locals alike. 

The first market in the center of Toulouse was built in 1827 after the walls of the medieval city were demolished. It was a wooden market and the square itself was called Place du Marché-au-Bois and renamed Place Victor Hugo in 1886. The modern covered market we see today was inaugurated in 1892 and is the biggest covered market in Toulouse. 

Marché  Victor Hugo - the main market of Toulouse
Marché  Victor Hugo- by Lost in Bordeaux

The market’s first floor is where more than 200 stalls are located. Here you can find everything from the best cheese to charcuterie, bread, seafood, poultry, and more. It’s the best place to try some local tapas and delicacies that Toulouse is mostly famous for like the Saucisse de Toulouse and the Pavé Toulousain cheese. See a list of all the stalls and producers at the market here

The second floor of the market is where the restaurants are located. That’s where many locals will finish their shopping journey on the weekend. On weekends, a lot of people flock here to enjoy lunch with their friends on the terrace of the market. If you want to try one of the market restaurants you must come early (not later than 12:05 🙂 ).  My favorite restaurant at the market is Au Bon Graillou, try their mussels.

Opening hours: The market is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 7:00 to 13:30.
Address: Pl. Victor Hugo, 31000 Toulouse

Food tour in Marché Victor Hugo

Food tour in Marché Victor Hugo
Tate of Toulouse – by Lost in Bordeaux

If you have the budget, I highly recommend taking a tour of the market with Jessica from Taste of Toulouse. Jessica is an American cheesemonger who moved to Toulouse in 2017. She created a food tour company specializing in local cuisine with the market tour being the flagship and the most popular tour. 

You can book her market tour here

Marché des Carmes 

Marché des Carmes is another covered market located in the center of Toulouse. The market is nestled in the center of the chic Carmes neighborhood with plenty of stylish coffee shops and boutiques around. The market hosts around 40 stalls with a great selection of cheese shops, charcuteries, seafood products, and the most beautiful fruits and vegetables. Des Carmes market isn’t as big as Victor Hugo but it has everything you need. I feel this market is a bit less intimidating thanks to its smaller size and cozy design. 

There aren’t many restaurants in the market itself but a huge number of restaurants around it so finding a good place to dine shouldn’t be complicated. 

If you need a recommendation, try La Braisière on 42 Rue Pharaon.

Address: Marché des Carmes, Pl. des Carmes, 31000 Toulouse
Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 7:00 to 13:30

Do a picnic

On sunny days one of the more local things you can do is a picnic with everything you bought at the market. The Carmes market happens to be located just five minutes walk from Jardin Royal, a beautiful park with exotic trees and a little pond. This is the perfect place to spread your picnic blanket and take out all the goodies you bought at Les Carmes.

Marché Esparcette

If you like organic markets, there’s one waiting for you right in the center of Toulouse. Marché Esparcette is a small market taking place every Tuesday and Saturday on Square De Gaulle, behind Place du Capitole. The market hosts only small certified organic producers, among them you can find cheese and spice producers, a butcher, and a baker. 

Address: Square De Gaulle 31000 Toulouse
Opening hours: Tuesday and Saturday from 8 am to 2 pm

Other markets in Toulouse 

Marché de Saint Aubin 

Marché de Saint Aubin is the perfect market for sunny Sundays! 

The market takes place every Sunday morning around Eglise Saint Aubin, about a ten-minute walk from the city center. It’s a huge market where you can find stalls of absolutely everything. Cheese from the Pyrenees, next to local honey and jam producers; a farmer selling only apples next to a huge stall of olives and spices; freshly ground coffee, local desserts, and a huge variety of saucisson; and the list goes on and on. 

Marché de Saint Aubin in Toulouse
Marché de Saint Aubin – by Lost in Bordeaux

Saint Aubin is predominately a food market but you can also find quite a few florists, craftsmen, clothing stands, and more. The market has an incredible vibe to it with many musicians and bands coming to play here every Sunday. 

Saint Aubin is where many Toulousians meet their friends for a Sunday brunch after they finish their shopping. There are many restaurants in the area but you can also buy ready-to-eat dishes from many stalls in the market. Around lunchtime, the market gets very busy and the lines to buy food get long so be sure to come early (before 11 am). 

Opening hours: every Sunday from 7 am to 1:30 pm
Address: Place Saint Aubin, 31000 Toulouse

Getting there: If you’re staying outside of the city center you can use the metro to get to the market. The closest station is Jean Jaures. 

Marché de Saint Aubin - the best market in Toulouse for Sundays
Marché de Saint Aubin – by Lost in Bordeaux

The best picnic spot

If you can’t wait to taste all the delicacies you just bought at the market, go for a picnic at the Grand Rond. Located about 10 minutes walk from the market, this beautiful park is abundant with impressive sculptures, flowers, and hidden spots for a perfect picnic.

Marché Saint Cyprien 

Marché Saint Cyprien is located on the west side of the Garonne river in the Saint Cyprien neighborhood. It’s mostly visited by the locals who are very proud of their neighborhood and almost never cross the bridge to the central part of Toulouse.

What makes this market particularly interesting is that it kept its original metallic structure. That is contrary to the Victor Hugo and Les Carmes markets that were completely rebuilt in the 20th century. If you’re interested in architecture, this is the most beautiful market in Toulouse. 

The market has all the local products and you can find there anything from a butcher to cheese and flowers. Nevertheless, it’s a rather small market, so unless you’re staying in that part of town, I recommend visiting other markets on this list. 

If you’re coming from the city center, take line A of the metro to the Saint Cyprien – République station.

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 7:00 to 13:00
Address: Pl. Intérieure Saint-Cyprien, 31300 Toulouse

Where to Picnic

The Saint Cyprien market is located within a few minutes walk from one of the biggest parks in Toulouse, Prairie des Filtres. The park is located on the banks of the river, so you’re guaranteed a picnic with a perfect view.  

Marché Cristal 

This is the biggest market in Toulouse, spread all over the main boulevards of Toulouse from Place Jeanne-d’Arc to Arnaud-Bernard. That’s where it got the nickname “marché des boulevards”. It’s the easiest market to get to if you’re located outside of the city center. 

This market is more affordable than the three covered markets I mentioned in this article. It doesn’t offer the same experience as the other markets on my list, but a great option for people living in Toulouse and visitors looking for a large regular French market.

The best markets in Toulouse
Toulouse market – by Lost in Bordeaux

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 7:00 to 13:00
Address: Boulevard d’Arcole and Boulevard de Strasbourg

La Brocante des Allées – Antique market

We cannot talk about markets in France without mentioning at least one antique market.

La Brocante des Allées is the main antique market of Toulouse taking place every first weekend of the month (Friday to Sunday).  The brocante hosts more than 90 vendors, selling everything from art to fancy dishes and furniture. The market is taking place on allées François-Verdier, in the south of Les Carmes neighborhood.

A brocante in Toulouse
Brocante in Toulouse – by Lost in Bordeaux

Opening hours: Every first weekend of the month (Friday to Sunday) – from 9:00 to 18:00
Address: allées François-Verdier

Marché des Bouquinistes – Rue du Taur

Let’s finish with something rather cute, a book market!

Strolling the streets of old Toulouse, you’ll discover that this city has an impressive amount of bookstores. It’s thus not very surprising that the city hosts a weekly book market. Marché aux Livres du Taur takes place every Saturday on rue du Taur, one of the most beautiful streets in Toulouse. The market unites together six book shops that put out books from every possible genre, from comics to kids’ literature and cooking books. Most of the books are in French of course, but it’s a cute market to stop by even if you don’t speak French. See more info on their Facebook page.

Opening hours: Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm
Address: Rue du Taur

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