Bordeaux is a lively city throughout the year, with plenty of restaurants, pubs, and wine bars where you can grab a drink every day of the week (well Mondays are kind of tough, but you can still find a spot for an apero).
In the summer, however, Bordeaux takes it up a notch and becomes one of the coolest summer places in France. Plenty of rooftops, terrace cafes, and open bars are surging all over the city making the city extra chic. Most of the summer bars in Bordeaux are open only during the summer (duh!) and some only for a short period during the season, so you have a limited time to enjoy them. Some are more posh and chic, other more simple and chill but they are all super fun to hang out in during the summer in Bordeaux. In this list, I included some of my favorite rooftops and terraces all over Bordeaux metropole so you won’t necessarily have to get to Bordeaux center to enjoy the Bordelaise summer vibes. 

*IMPORTANT NOTE: due to Covid 19 restrictions, only six people/table are allowed and there’s a limited amount of people these bars can host, so be sure to reserve your table as soon as possible.

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Here’s a list of the best places summer bars in Bordeaux for a perfect cocktails evening or an afternoon apero!

Summer bars in Bordeaux

Mama Shelter – the chic rooftop

Mama Shelter is probably the most popular summer rooftop bar in Bordeaux. It has a funky design and many original cocktails but I believe its location should also get a lot of credit for its popularity. It’s one of the only rooftops in the center of Bordeaux, located just next to the Cathedral Saint André, and it has one of the best views of the city. If you come during evening hours, booking in advance is recommended. For reservations click here.

Mama shelter bordeaux

Address: 19 Rue Poquelin Molière, 33000 Bordeaux


One of the most exciting places to open up this summer in Bordeaux is Gina, a rooftop bar, an Italian restaurant, and a coffee shop located in the new Renaissance hotel in the Bassin a flot district. One of the highlights of this stylish place is the swimming pool in the middle of the rooftop bar, which will open at the end of June. The place is open seven days a week and on weekends offers a brunch as well. The restaurant requires a prior reservation, you can book here. For more details check out their Facebook page
Address: Place des Millésimes, 33300 Bordeaux

La Guinguette chez Alriq – the best tavern in town

La guinguette chez Alriq is one of my favorite places in Bordeaux and its opening event is for me signaling the beginning of the Bordelais summer! The Guinguette is a big tavern located on the right banks of the Garonne at the Bastide neighborhood, hosting plenty of open-air concerts every summer. The performing bands and artists are coming from all over the world and create a laid-back party atmosphere. There’s usually a small price to pay for the concerts taking place on Wed-Sat and on Sundays the entry is free. You can see their program here. The place is very popular so expect to see a line at the entrance. 

la guinguette chez alriq - the of the best summer bars in Bordeaux

Address: ZA Quai des Queyries, Port Bastide, 33100 Bordeaux

Les Chantiers de la Garonne

Just next door to La guinguette chez Alriq you can find one of Bordeaux’s best-hidden gems. Les Chantiers de la Garonne is an old hangar turned into a sailing club and a restaurant with one of the best outdoor spaces in Bordeaux. The restaurant is located on the banks of the Garonne river and the outdoor space feels like a real beach with plenty of low tables on fine white sand and fresh seafood with cold bottles of white wine. You can find more info about the restaurant and other activities proposed by the Chantiers de la Garonne here

les chantiers de la garonne

Address: 21 Quai de Queyries, 33100 Bordeaux

Les Planches Éphémères

Les Planches Éphémères is the new cool kid on the block. A huge outdoor bar, located at the hippodrome of Bordeaux in La Bouscat. The place offers two bars, a dj set, and a huge chill-out area under the trees.  The place is open every day until September 19. Check out their site for more info. 

Address: 8 Avenue de l’Hippodrome, 33110 Le Bouscat

Plage de L’IBOAT

The Iboat is a three-level ferry spanning 687m2, anchored to one of the docks of Bassins a flot and mostly known as a concert venue. During the summer they also open their “beach”, a fun outdoor space on the banks of the Bassin a flot with a bar, comfy sofas, and varying outdoor events. La Plage de L’IBOAT is definitely one of the best summer bars in Bordeaux for an afternoon drink! You can see the list of concerts and events here
This year they are planning to open a second outdoor space (starting June 17th) that will be called Blonde Venus with cool features like a kids corner and a vintage shop, see more details here.

Iboat Bassin a Flot Bordeaux

For more cool places to visit in the Bassin a flot area check out my article about the Bacalan district
Address: Bassin à Flot n°1, Cours Henri Brunet, 33300 Bordeaux.

Le Solztice

Another comeback from last year is the popular tavern (they call themselves a beer garden 🙂 ) called Le Solztice. The outdoor bar is located close to Bordeaux’s main train station,  in the Belcier district which has been gaining a lot of hype in the last two years. Solztice is an associative bar that offers plenty of cool features like food trucks, live concerts, pétanque and more. The place is about to open its doors on June 11, for more details click here
Address: 147 Rue des Terres de Borde, 33800 Bordeaux

Effet Mer

If you didn’t have enough reasons to go to Bassin a flot, here’s another one. Effet Mer is a fun summer bar, located just next to the Base Sous-Marine. This cool place is open seven days a week and offers daily life concerts and dj sets. For more details click here

Address: 280 Boulevard Alfred Daney, 33300 Bordeaux

Terrasse 14 – a pop-up bar

Terrasse 14, on the rooftop of Hangar 14, was last summer’s coolest place to be. Besides an amazing view on the Garonne river, this place had all the hipster 101 kit 🙂 A cool bar, a petanque court, great local beers, wines, and tapas, and a lot of chic bordelaise people. I was excited to read that the bar is going to reopen again this summer at the end of June, for more details follow their facebook page. The bar will close its doors at the beginning of September.

Terrasse 14 rooftop in Bordeaux
Crédit photo : Terrasse 14

Address: Hangar 14, Quai des Chartrons, Bordeaux

Café Utopia

This isn’t specifically a Bordeaux summer bar but it’s one of my favorite Terraces in Bordeaux all year long (when it’s not raining of course). For those who’re not familiar with the place, Utopia is an independent cinema theater, installed in an ancient church, l’église du Vieux Bordeaux. At the entrance to this beautiful building, you’ll find le Cafe Utopia, a nice bistro, and a good place to take your laptop for a few hours of work. However, the best part is the terrace which has plenty of tables on one of the liveliest squares in Bordeaux, Place Camille Jullian. If you’re looking for a nice, simple place for a drink in the center of the city, this one is recommended. 

Cafe Utopia - one of the best terraces in Bordeaux
Cafe Utopia – one of the best terraces in Bordeaux

Address : 5 Place Camille Jullian, 33000 Bordeaux

Rooftops and Terraces in Bordeaux Metropole

Domaine de Raba

The beautiful chateau of Domaine de Raba is well hidden in a residential neighborhood in Talence. This place is a bit hard to describe as it has everything from a spa to a fancy restaurant, a bar, and different events like cinema nights and morning yoga. About two years ago, the Domain de Raba opened an outdoor bar called the Tiki Bar. The menu of the bar changes every week and it has many special evenings with Dj sets and concerts. Booking in advance is recommended, you can do it online here. This year the bar will reopen its doors on June 9.

Address: 35 Rue Rémi Belleau, 33400 Talence

Les Halles de Talence

The Talence market is the little brother of the Bacalan market, built by Biltoki in December 2018. Inside the market, you can find a very good cheese stand, tapas, Moroccan food, sushi, oysters, and more. The prices are a bit high except for the bar, which has a great variety of wines at a decent price. The best part, however, is the outdoor area! Plenty of tables are spread in the afternoon between the market and the other restaurants in the Forum and you can enjoy a really fun apero or dinner with a very local vibe. I live in Talence so this is actually my favorite place for a Friday apero! 

Halles de Talence - chic market near Bordeaux

If you want to discover other markets in Bordeaux check out my article about the best markets in and around Bordeaux

Address: Place Alcala de Henares, 33400 Talence

Canopée Café in Merignac

If you want to avoid going to the city center the Canopée Café is a great option! The Canopée Café in Merignac has both an indoor restaurant (open for lunch and dinner) and a very chic rooftop with a huge selection of cocktails and a petanque court, called the Bodega. This rooftop is located in the industrial zone in Merignac and thus lacks the beautiful view of Bordeaux’s rooftop bars but the place itself is super chic and there’s plenty of parking :). All the details are here

Canopée Café Mérignac - chic rooftop near Bordeaux

Address: Face Mérignac Soleil, 1 Chemin de Pouchon, 33700 Mérignac

La Laiterie – a new garden bar

Another summer bar in Talence! It’s starting to look like a “Bars in Talence list” but it’s just because I live here :). La Laiterie in Talence is a beautiful outdoor bar hidden in a wild green garden. Once/Twice a week they also have concerts, for those you must book your place in advance – all the details (as well as their opening hours) are here.

La Laiterie - Talence - bar in a Garden near Bordeaux

Address: Impasse Vieille Tour,  33400 Talence 

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