Normally, at this time of the year, a lot of my content revolves around Paque (easter in Eglish), whether it’s about the best easter chocolate in Bordeaux or egg hunts in beautiful chateaux in the region. While this year you can’t go out on chocolate hunting it doesn’t mean you have to give up the beautiful tradition of Easter. On the contrary, take it as an opportunity to discover great chocolatiers in Bordeaux. There are even several chocolatiers that will be delighted to deliver their Paque creations to the doorsteps of your home or at least your neighborhood. In this article, I present you with five excellent chocolate boutiques in the Bordeaux Metropole, where you can order chocolate for easter. Let’s start the sweetest list of the year. 

Micielo Patisserie

If you still haven’t discovered this little wonderful patisserie, located right outside the center of Bordeaux, confinement is a great time to do just that. I won’t talk about their regular yummy pastries (I’ll do that after the confinement) but I will just say that their easter menu looks fab. They have delivery points in many of the neighborhoods and suburbs of Bordeaux. You can see the list of products and all the details here.

Micielo Patisserie in Bordeaux

Franck Labasse Patisserie

If you want to take the opportunity to discover some of the great patisseries and chocolatiers around the Metropole, this is your chance. Franck Labasse’s pastry shop is located in the center of Pessac. While the shop is currently closed to the public, the pastry chef prepared a beautiful easter chocolate collection and provides a delivery service. You have to be quick with your order as it can only be done until Wednesday night (April 8). You can see all the details and the order form in this post

easter collection Franck Labasse Pessac

Chocolaterie Lalere

Chocolaterie Lalere in the center of Bordeaux is run by a young talented chocolatier Xavier Lalère. The chocolate store offers a great collection of chocolates for easter that can be delivered around the metropole. The order has to be done by tomorrow evening (April 8 ). You can see all the details here.

Chocolaterie Lalere in Bordeaux

Hasnaâ – chocolat grand cru

Hasnaa is one of the most famous young chocolatiers in Bordeaux. Like every year she released a collection of chocolates for easter and you can order it on her website. Hurry up as many of the chocolates are already gone.

Hasnaa - last year's collection
Hasnaa – last year’s collection

David Capy

The MOF (Meilleurs Ouvriers de France) David Capy is one of the most celebrated chocolatiers in Bordeaux, with shops in Bordeaux center, Cauderan, Gradignan and Eysines. His chocolate shops are open during the confinement so if you’re in the mood to invest in top-notch chocolate, give him a visit. His paque (easter) collection is absolutely stunning including everything from cute bunnies to huge chocolate strawberries, fish and potato heads. Find the collection as well as the shops’ details here.

David Capy Bordeaux

If you’re in a mood to read more about the sweet world of Bordeaux check out my article about the sweet specialties of Bordeaux.

Happy sweet easter everyone!!!


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