Bordeaux has quite a few amazing chocolatiers, and I thought Easter would be a great opportunity to take you on a virtual tour of the best chocolate shops in Bordeaux. As we approach Easter week, the chocolatiers of Bordeaux become extra creative and their shop windows become a display of colorful rabbits, chickens, and other small cute chocolate creatures. So if you’re visiting Bordeaux around that time make sure to take some time to visit the places I mention in this article. Nevertheless, remember that chocolate shops are open all year long so you can come back to this article any time of the year. If you’re interested in chocolate shops, there’s a big chance you’d also love my article about the best foodie streets in Bordeaux

Now let’s discover Bordeaux’s talented chocolatiers!

Modern chocolate shops of Bordeaux 

We’ll get to some of Bordeaux’s chocolate institutions later in this article, but I wanted to kick off with some of my favorite modern chocolate shops in Bordeaux. 

David Capy

David Capy - chocolatier Bordeaux

The MOF (titled as Meilleurs Ouvriers de France – an almost noble status for French craftsmen) David Capy is one of the most celebrated chocolatiers in Bordeaux, holding shops in Bordeaux center, Cauderan, Gradignan, and Eysines. Capy opened his first shop in Bordeaux in 2012 and since then has been enjoying raving reviews from locals and tourists alike. Apart from divine chocolate, Capy produces some of the best ‘patisseries fines’ in Bordeaux. If you visit his shop in Gradignan, you can also enjoy their cute coffee shop. 
Visit their website here.

Address city center:  7 rue Michel Montaigne, 33000 Bordeaux 

Chocolaterie Lalère

One of my favorite chocolate shops in Bordeaux is Chocolaterie Lalère, run by a young talented chocolatier Xavier Lalère. His chocolate shop is located on one of the more foodie streets of Bordeaux, rue Fondaudège. One of the highlights of the place is the chocolate bar, where you can order their delicious hot chocolate and all the yummy things they have on display. You can see all the details here.  

Chocolaterie Lalère - one of the best chocolatiers in Bordeaux

Address: 145 Rue Fondaudège, 33000 Bordeaux

Hasnaâ Chocolats Grands crus 

Hasnaâ Ferreira is definitely one of the stars of Bordeaux’s chocolate world. After participating in the French version of Master chef, she opened her chocolate shop in Bordeaux in 2014 and quickly became the locals’ favorite. In 2016 she won the Chocolatier of the Year award from the Club des Croqueurs de Chocolat. In her creations, she uses only Premier Cru beans, carefully selected from a single plantation. Read more about Hasnaâ and her dedication to the chocolate world on her website

Address: 4 Rue de la Vieille Tour, 33000 Bordeaux

The classic chocolate houses of Bordeaux

These three places are considered Bordeaux’s chocolate institutions, passing their chocolate-making savoir-faire from generation to generation. They appear in many Bordeaux guides and tend to be more crowded during the tourist season. 

La Maison Darricau

La Maison Darricau is a family business created in 1915 and passed from generation to generation of chocolate makers ever since.  Today it’s run by Michel and Clément Garrigue, father and son, the third and fourth generations of the family, who still use the family recipes for many of their chocolate creations.  Apart from the amazing variety in their collection, it really feels like a family business with a huge passion for chocolate. Check out their website to learn more about the shop. 

La Maison Darricau - institution in the Bordeaux chocolate world

Address:  7 bis rue de la Vieille Tour, 33000 – Bordeaux France


This emblematic place is the oldest family-run chocolate shop in Bordeaux!  Originally opened as a confectionery store, it became a chocolaterie in 1983 and since then has been frequently ranked among the best chocolatiers in France at the annual Salon du Chocolat. In 2017, Maison Saunion has been awarded the EPV label, a heritage label that celebrates the traditional craftsman know-how. Learn more about them on their website

Address: 56 Cours Georges Clemenceau, 33000 Bordeaux

Cadiot Badie

Cadiot Badie is one of the oldest and most reputable chocolate stores in Bordeaux. Starting as a confectionery shop it became the chocolate house we know today as early as 1900. Located on Allées de Tourny just next to the Opera, this place became a major attraction for visitors in Bordeaux. They have two other shops in the suburb of Bordeaux, one in Pessac and one in Gradignan.  Its most famous chocolate is the créoles, cherries macerated in rum, coated in chocolate, that are inspired by the Les Guinettes de Chocolats, one of Bordeaux’s specialties. You can learn about other local sweet specialties in my article here
See their Facebook page for more info. 

Cadiot Badie - one of the oldest chocolate places in Bordeaux

Address: 26 Allées de Tourny, 33000 Bordeaux

Chocolate shops outside of Bordeaux center

There are also a few chocolate shops in the towns surrounding Bordeaux that are worth checking. Here are a few of my favorites.

Franck Labasse Patisserie

Pessac center became quite a foodie spot in Bordeaux metropole and Franck Labasse’s chocolate shop is a good example of that. Franck, a locals’ favorite, produces quite a big variety of chocolates and beautiful pastries throughout the year but during the Easter period, this place is a celebration of creativity. 
Check out his beautiful work on his Facebook page.

Address: 11 Place de la Liberté, 33600 Pessac

Monsieur Pillet

Monsieur Pillet created in Bordeaux in 1964 is a pastry and a chocolate shop, loved by many locals in the region. It’s located outside the busy center of Bordeaux in the Cauderan neighborhood. Check out their Facebook page

Address: 167 Avenue Louis Barthou, 33200 Bordeaux

Have a sweet visit in Bordeaux 🙂

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