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This weekend summer officially comes to an end. The big events that entertained us during the summer are now on their last days, among them the Bordeaux Open air festival and the Bordeaux food truck festival. But fear not! for October brings new fun weekly events like Friday at the Capucins market and the Darwin bio market. If you want to step out of town don’t miss my latest article about things to do and eat in Espelette in the Basque country. You can also plan your weekends ahead with my October list

Here’s the list of things to do this weekend in Bordeaux (September 27-29):

Bordeaux Food-truck Festival

After an amazing summer at the most beautiful châteaux in the region, the food truck festival is coming to an end. The last event of the festival for this summer is taking place this weekend (September 28-29) at the Hippodrome du Bouscat. The events are free but require a reservation – you can do it here. For more details click here.

When:  September 28-29 / Where: 8 Avenue de l’Hippodrome, 33110 Le Bouscat

Open Air Festival

Bordeaux Open Air continues into September with more cool electronic music parties at different locations in the city center. The next event of the Open Air Festival will take place on September 29 at Parc Palmer in Cenon This is the last Open Air festival for this summer so don’t miss it. For more info click here.

When:  September 29 / Where:  Parc Palmer – Cenon

Marché des Capucins Friday party

Here’s a new great tradition! Staring this Friday le Marché des Capucins is going to be open the whole day until 21:00. This weekend celebration is going to take place every Friday from now on. It’s quite a recent decision and they’ll test it for a few months, so come and support the best market in Bordeaux!. If you don’t know the market well check out my post about what to eat at Marché des Capucins for my favorites. For more info click here.

Chez Jean Mi
When:  September 27 / Where: Marché des Capucins – Place des Capucins – 33800 Bordeaux

Marché des Producteurs

While many summer events are coming to an end this weekend new weekly events are starting to take place to keep us entertained. Starting this Saturday (September 28) Darwin will host every week a big organic market with many local producers from all over the southwest of France. Among others, you will find stands of oysters, wines, cheese, flowers and more.  For more info click here

When:  September 28/ Where: Darwin Caserne Niel / 87 quai des queyries

Utopia fête ses 20 ans

Utopia is an independent cinema theater located in what was once an ancient church. This Friday (September 27) Utopia celebrates its 20th anniversary and invites everyone for an evening of concerts and other activities on Place Camille Jullian. For more info click here

When:  September 27 / Where: Place Camille Jullian, 33000 Bordeaux, France

Marché du Bon Goût d’Aquitaine

Marché du Bon Goût d’Aquitaine is a big event that will host 150 different farmers, local producers, chefs and other professionals related to the food industry. The program includes a big market with local products as well as activities related to biodiversity, animals and more. The event will take place on September 27-29 in the Bastide district. For more details click here

When: September 28 / Where: 4 Place de Stalingrad, 33100 Bordeaux, France 

Les Campulsations

Les Campulsations is a students festival, celebrating the beginning of the new academic year in different locations in the Aquitaine region: Bordeaux, Talence, Pessac, Gradignan, Bayonne, Périgueux, Agen and Pau. In Bordeaux Metropole, the events will take place in many different locations from university campuses to museums and theaters. The program is varied and includes such events as a brocante party, music concerts, theater shows, exhibitions and more. Check out the full program and find an event near you. The festival will take place from September 26 to October 5.

When: September 26 to October 5 / Where: Different locations, consult the program.

Salon ABC Kidz

A big event dedicated to future parents and young families will take place on September 28 – 29 in Hangar 14. Salon ABC kids is the annual gathering of all the important companies and organizations related to babies and little kids from clothing to room decoration, toys and different services like childcare companies and health providers. The event allows young parents to meet all the relevant products and services in one place. Many activities will take place at the Salon to make it more entertaining, among them a massage space, workshops for kids, soft play for toddlers and more. For tickets and more info click here.

When: September 28-29 / Where: 115 Quai des Chartrons, 33000 Bordeaux

IBOAT Birthday – Mini club des Marins

For its 8th birthday anniversary, IBOAT is hosting a fun party for kids that will take place this Saturday (September 28) afternoon, starting 15:30. The program includes workshops for kids, makeup, snacks and more. For more info click here

When:  September 28 / Where: Bassin à Flot n°1, Cours Henri Brunet, 33300 Bordeaux

Dance at la Guingette chez Alriq

This is the last weekend of La Guinguette chez Alriq before it closes down for winter. If the weather is good you don’t need much more than a concert at the tavern with a cool rosé. The concerts take place from Friday to Sunday (September 27-29). For more info click here.

When: September 27-29 / Where: ZA Quai des Queyries, Port Bastide, 33100 Bordeaux

Mama’s Party

Enjoy the last party nights at Mama Shelter, the coolest rooftop in Bordeaux. This weekend (September 27-29) Mama Shelter invites you to three DJ nights starting 21:30. For more info click here

Mama shelter bordeaux
When:  September 27-29 / Where: 19 Rue Poquelin Molière, 33000 Bordeaux

Festival d’Ici Danse

Festival d’Ici Danse is an annual dance festival taking place this week (until September 29) in Saint-Germain-du-Puch. Some of the concerts and the events are free and some require a reservation, check the full program here.

When:  until September 29 / Where: different locations in Saint-Germain-du-Puch

Salon La Ferme en ville

La Ferme en Ville is a fair dedicated to local agriculture and better ways of consuming it. The event takes place this weekend (September 28-29) in Hangar 14. For more details click here

When:  September 28-29 / Where: 173 Quai des Chartrons, 33300 Bordeaux, France

Salon Bio and Local

Another fair dedicated to local and organic food will take place this Saturday (September 28) at the Bacalam Market. For more details click here

When:  September 28 / Where: 10 esplanade de pontac, 33300 Bordeaux,

The Big Plants Sale

A big plants sale will take place this weekend (September 28-29) in Hangar 14. The prices are guaranteed to be quite low (from 2€ to 10€) so it’s a good opportunity to fill your house with summer plants. For more details follow the facebook page of the event.

When: September 28-29 / Where:  173 Quai des Chartrons, 33300 Bordeaux, France

Graines de Sauvage

A fun evening with music and drinks will take place this Friday (September 27) at the cool terrace of Graines de Sauvages. For more details click here

When: September 27, at 19:30 /  Where: 2 Rue de Saintonge, Bordeaux

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Now that Easter is over we can finally go back to events that don’t involve chocolate and treasure hunts. This weekend there are so many cool events all around Bordeaux, even Sunday is packed with activities you don’t want to miss. Open doors in Lalande de Pomerol, a celebration of asparagus in Etauliers, celebrating Bordeaux’s art and music on the banks of the Garonne and more in the list of things to do this weekend in and around Bordeaux (April 26-28).

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Open doors at Lalande de Pomerol

An open doors weekend will take place on April 27-28 at the châteaux of the Lalande de Pomerol appellation. During the weekend, 25 châteaux will offer plenty of activities such as guided tours, tastings, markets, an old cars exhibition, and many other activities. If you want to learn more about the Lalande de Pomerol appellation and its châteaux, click here. Check out all the participating châteaux and the offered activities in the picture below. For more details about the event click here.

When: April 27-28/ Where: Lalande de pomerol (see the list of chateaux in the picture

Festival Animasia

Animasia is a festival of Asian pop culture that brings together many elements like Manga, karaoke, Cosplay performances, martial arts and more. The chosen theme for the 7th edition of the festival is “China”. The event will take place this Saturday (April 27) at L’Entrepôt du Haillan. The entry is free, for more details click here.

When: April 27 / Where: 13 Rue Georges Clemenceau, 33185 Le Haillan

Fête de l’Asperge du Blayais

la Fête de l’Asperge du Blayais in Etauliers, taking place on April 27-28, is all about celebrating the greatness of asparagus. More than 8000 visitors are expected to stroll among the 50 exhibitors of local delights and enjoy the activities offered to both adults and kids (make-up sessions, mini farm, pony rides and more). See the full program.

When: April 27-28 / Where: Place principale, 33820 Etauliers

Le Bord’Osmose Festival

Le Bord’Osmose Festival celebrates Bordeaux’s art and culture. The festival will take place this Saturday (April 27) at the La Guinguette Chez Alriq, which you can visit before its big reopening on May 2. The program includes performances and concerts of local artists, exhibitions by some of the best Bordelais artists (NASTY is one of them) and plenty of great food trucks. You don’t want to miss this one!! For more details click here.

When: April 27 / Where: ZA Quai des Queyries, Port Bastide, 33100 Bordeaux

Search for beautiful antiques at the Brocante

The big brocante of Bordeaux is hosted twice a year at place des Quinconces with 200 antique dealers, horticulturists, restaurants, and craftsmen. It’s the biggest brocante event in the area and the selection is huge, from vintage home decor to paintings, antique furniture, garden accessories and more. While some items can be pricey, you can still find plenty of affordable pieces at this antique market. The merchants are very nice and are open to negotiations. The brocante is taking place from April 19 to May 5. For more info and the list of exhibitors click here.

When: April 19 – May 5 / Where: Place des Quinconces, Bordeaux

Tous au Pâquodrome – La Teste de Buch

If you’re a bit sad that Easter is over, this event is for you. A huge treasure hunt will take place this Friday (April 26) at the Hippodrome de la Teste. The event is limited to 150 kids. For more info click here.

When: April 26 / Where: 785 route de Cazaux, 33260 La Teste-de-Buch

Bal du Printemps

This Saturday (April 27) the Jardin l’Ephémère in Begles will host a big spring party. The program includes a big recycling market, games for kids, concerts and many workshops such as making a natural deodorant, how to make compost and more. See more details and the full program here.

When: April 27, starting 11:00  / Where: Jardin l’Ephémère, rue Faidherbe, Bègles

The opening of Décathlon Bègles

To celebrate the opening of Décathlon Bègles, the mega sports store invites you to a day full of free sports activities. The program includes climbing, rollerblades, yoga and artistic workshops for kids. The event will take place on Saturday (April 27). To see the full program click here.

When: April 27 / Where: Domaine De La Plantation, 33140 Villenave-d’Ornon

PIK NIK ZIK – free concerts

Pik Nik Zik is a series of free concerts organized by the Les P’tits Gratteurs association, that will take place every last Sunday of the Month from April to August. The first event will take place this Sunday (April 28) at the Quai des sports Saint-Michel and will include concerts by Naragansett, Vent d’est and the Bastards Of The Opera. For more details click here.

When: April 28, starting 17:00 / Where: Quai des sports Saint-Michel, Bordeaux

Kids Room in Halles de Bacalan

This Sunday (April 28) Halles de Bacalan will launch its kids’ room. Every Sunday (11:00 to 16:00) from now to the end of July, the market will run activities and workshops for kids with two operators, meanwhile, you can enjoy your drink and snack with friends without running after your kids. The activities are for kids over 3 years old and the price is 5 euros. For more details click here.

When: April 28 / Where: 10 esplanade de pontac, 33300 Bordeaux, France

Noche Del Pintxo

Noche del Pintxo is a fun event taking place in Halles de Bacalan every last Friday of the month. As the name indicates, this event is all about Pintxos, with ingredients coming solely from the market. This Friday (April 26) between 18:30 and 22:30 you’ll taste Pintxos and vote on the Pintxo of the month. One of the most fun things about these evenings are the prices: Pintxo = 2€, glass of wine = 2€.  For more info check out the facebook page of the event.

When: April 26, 18:30- 22:30 / Where: 10 Esplanade de Pontac, 33300 Bordeaux

Mama’s Brunch

Another fun event this Sunday is Mama’s Brunch. Mama Shelter invites you to its big buffet brunch which is a bit pricey (39 euros per person) but it includes almost four hours of activities and artistic workshops for kids, so it’s almost like brunch with a babysitter :). For more details and the menu click here.

When: April 27 / Where: 19, RUE POQUELIN MOLIERE, 33000 Bordeaux, France

Swing on the streets

Swing In Kiosque is a series of improvised dance events that are taking place in Jardin Public once a month. This weekend the event will take place on April 28. Take a look at the full program of events on their facebook page.

When: April 28 at 15:00 / Where: Jardin Public, 33000 Bordeaux

Roller Night

Every last Friday of the month the AIR Roller association is organizing a fun roller night. The group meets next to Hotel de Ville at 20:30 for about an hour ride. Everyone is invited. For more details click here.

When: April 26 / Where: Place Pey-Berland, 33000 Bordeaux

Itinéraires des Photographes Voyageurs – photography festival

The 29th edition of the “traveling photographers routes” festival is taking place on April 2-28. During one month, 18 photography exhibitions will be presented at the main cultural institutions in the city, among them, the Rocher de Palmer in Cenon, the Bibliothèque Grand Parc, Espace Saint-Rémi and others. Get the full list of all artists and more info about the event here.

photography exhibition at espace saint remi bordeaux
photo by : Gaelle Abravanel
When: April 2 -28 / Where: Different locations in Bordeaux (see program)

Exposition d’art au Château Pichon Bellevue

A big art exhibition is presented these days at the Château Pichon Bellevue in Vayres. The exhibition hosts four artists: Carole Collaudin (designer), Chantal Druet (photographer), Caroline Escaffit (painter) and Katrine Gaultier (sculptor). For more details click here.  

When: until April 30 / Where: 23 Avenue du stade, 33870 Vayres

Last chance to see the Sous les mers, au-delà de l’image exhibtion

“Sous les mers, au-delà de l’image” is a photography exhibition presented at the new Musee de la Mer et de la Marine until April 30. The expo consists of more than 100 photographs by Paul Nicklen and David Doubilet, two National Géographic photographers. Check out more info on the site of the museum.

When: Until April 30 / Where: 89 rue des étrangers, 33300 Bordeaux

If it’s your first time in Bordeaux don’t miss my full guide to a weekend in Bordeaux. Also, don’t forget to check out my list of things to do in May if you want to be up to date on all the events in the Bordeaux area.

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