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Going to a market is probably one of the most exciting experiences when traveling in the Southwest of France. The colors of strawberries in the spring, the smell of cheese from local farms, and the fresh oysters from the seaside always get me thrilled. Luckily for us, Bordeaux has one of the best markets in France, which should not be missed on your visit here!

But the main market of Bordeaux is definitely not the only market worth a visit when you’re in the region. Due to the French people’s tendency to buy everything fresh from the market, there are plenty of open-air markets taking place in different parts of Bordeaux on a daily basis. Besides the small weekly markets in the different neighborhoods of the city, there are several big covered ones that are open daily and offer a great shopping and dining experience. 

The best markets in Bordeaux
markets in Bordeaux by Lost in Bordeaux

The Southwest is one of the most prolific agricultural regions in France, so visiting markets here is an absolute must. You have the most delicious strawberries from Lot et Garonne, tomatoes from Marmande, sheep cheese from the Basque country, and duck from the Dordogne. That’s just a tiny list of delicacies you’ll find in Bordeaux’s markets. In this article, I will help you discover the best food markets in Bordeaux, both in the city center and in the suburbs. Let’s start!  

If you’re traveling in other parts of the Southwest, check out my article about the best markets in Toulouse, which is another foodie city in the region.

The BestFood Markets in Bordeaux city

Marché des Capucins – the central market of Bordeaux

The Capucins market is one of the most visited places in Bordeaux. It’s the city’s biggest daily market and has everything from fruits and spices to local sweets and plenty of oyster stands. This is the best place to discover the gastronomy of the southwest of France and if you’re a foodie, it might take you a few good hours.

Marche des Capucins, one of Bordeaux's best markets
Marche des Capucins by Lost in Bordeaux

After you stroll the market, upgrade your experience with a delicious lunch in one of the many restaurants in the market. If you need help choosing what and where to eat, check out my article about the best places to eat in Marche des Capucins

This is a covered market so it can also be a perfect place to escape to on one of Bordeaux’s many rainy days. Weekends are especially busy at Marche des Capucins with locals meeting their friends for oysters and wine after their market run. So if you want to get a table on a Sunday be sure to be there before 11 am. 

Eat at the Capucins market in Bordeaux
Charcuterie tasting at Marche des Capucins – Lost in Bordeaux

If you don’t have a lot of time, the best way to discover this huge market is by taking a food tour. You can join the great group food tour of the No Diet club or join a more in-depth private tour with Anne, who’s a chef, and an amazing food tour in Bordeaux. Check Anne’s website for details. 
Opening hours: Open daily except Mondays, see opening hours / Address:  Place des Capucins, 33800 Bordeaux

Marche des Quais – the market with the most beautiful view

Every Sunday morning dozens of food stalls with the best oysters of the region, fresh fruits, vegetables, cheese, fish, wine, and plenty of food trucks are installed on the Quai des Chartrons. It’s one of the most popular markets in Bordeaux for locals and tourists alike thanks to the quality of the products and the stunning setting on the riverfront. 

Besides the local products you can buy at the market, it’s simply a very nice spot to have an early lunch. For many visitors, the main attraction is the oyster stalls, serving you a plate of six oysters with a cold white wine from the region. It kind of embodies the good life atmosphere in this region :). If you want to have a table be sure to be at the market no later than 11:30.

Marche des quais - bordeaux

On Thursdays, a smaller market takes place at the same place. It hosts only a few stalls and doesn’t have the lively atmosphere of the Sunday market but if you need good organic products to cook at home, it’s a good market to go to. 

For more info about the market and other places around it read my article about the best places to visit in the Chartrons district

Opening hours: Every Sunday and Thursday morning / Address:  Place des Capucins, 33800 Bordeaux

Les Halles de Bacalan – the posh market of Bordeaux

This fancy food market opened its gates in November 2017 and has been visited by more than 60,000 people in the first month. It’s no surprise, as Bordeaux is well known for its gourmand population. 

Halles de Bacalan - the posh market  of Bordeaux
Halles de Bacalan – by Lost in Bordeaux

This impressive 950m2 hangar is located just in front of the famous Cité du Vin and hosts many different artisans and merchants that were chosen for the quality of their products (85% of which are produced in the Southwest of France). 

Most weekends the market hosts different events like pintxos evenings, cooking workshops, music concerts, and activities for kids. This is one of the best places to go for an afternoon drink and tapas with friends.

Les Halles de Bacalan - one of the best markets in Bordeaux
The Bacalan market – Lost in Bordeaux

If you have time, you can stay a bit longer and explore one of the rising neighborhoods in the city. Read about it in my article about the Bacalan district. If you would also like to visit one of the best wine museums in the world, check out my article about visiting the Cité du Vin.

Opening hoursfrom Tuesday to Sunday (the market closes between 14:30 t0 16:30 on weekdays) / Address: 149 Quai de Bacalan, 33300 Bordeaux

Marché Royal in Saint Michel

Marché Royal is one of the biggest open-air markets in Bordeaux, taking place every Saturday morning at Place Meynard in the Saint Michel district. The surroundings of the church and bell tower are covered by tens of stalls, with merchants selling everything from fruits and vegetables to kitchen supplies, clothes, and even pillows :). 

From my experience, this is the cheapest market in Bordeaux. However, if you’re looking for organic produce, this one is probably not for you. On sunny Saturday mornings, the market attracts both locals, doing their weekly shopping, and outsiders that come for the noisy market atmosphere and chic cafés.

Saint Michel Bordeaux - market day

On Monday mornings a different market is taking place in front of the church. You will find very diversified merchandise displayed on the stands of Marché Neuf, including books, house supplies, clothing, toys, and more. However, it’s not a food market and doesn’t have the vibe of Marché Royal. This market is composed of hundreds of stands but has a more local vibe to it. 

On Sundays and Fridays,  antiques and flea markets are also taking place on the same square so this place is always worth a visit. 

Bordeaux's flea market on Sunday morning
Flea market on Sunday morning – by Lost in Bordeaux

Wondering what else is there to do in this neighborhood? Check out my article about the best things to do in the Saint Michel district.

Opening hours:  Saturday for the food market, and Monday, Friday, and Sunday for the other markets / Address: Place Meynard,  33000 Bordeaux

Marché de Producteurs Saint-Seurin

The farmers market of Saint Seurin takes place every Friday morning at Place des Martyrs de la Résistance, about 10 minutes walk from the center of Bordeaux. It is a fairly small market with about 20 stalls but has a very cozy atmosphere and a variety of high-quality products from local farmers. 

In addition, it’s located on a beautiful square next to one of the most impressive churches of Bordeaux, la Basilique Saint Seurin, so it’s definitely worth a visit. 

Opening hours:  Every Friday Morning (7:00-13:00) / Address: Place des Martyrs de la Résistance

Markets around Bordeaux Metropole

Les Halles de Talence – one of my favorite places in Bordeaux

The Talence market is the little brother of the Bacalan market, built by Biltoki in December 2018. This market has a more local vibe to it with people from Talence (the university town of Bordeaux) coming here for their daily shopping. The market offers stalls of meat, seafood, bakery, and more.

However, the fun part is that it also has a tapas bar and many other places to get ready food from. In the center of Les Halles de Talence, you’ll find the Biltoki Bar, where all the locals gather to have their morning coffee or afternoon apero. It also has quite a big terrace, where all the locals meet their friends, especially on weekends.

Les halles de Talence, the locals' market in Bordeaux
A perfect apero at the Talence market – Lost in Bordeaux

 In the last couple of years, the market organizes plenty of cute events with live music and workshops for kids. See their Instagram for more info. 

Like les Halles de Bacalan, this too has a bit of a posh vibe to it compared to Marche des Capucins. The prices are not very cheap, but it has everything you need, including a great atmosphere.

wednesday openair market in Talence
Wednesday open-air market in Talence – Lost in Bordeaux

Every Wednesday there’s also an open-air market (in front of the covered market) that offers great products at much more reasonable prices. If you want to stay for lunch, a few nice food trucks are there to welcome you every Wednesday until about 14:00.

When: Daily except for Mondays, the market closes for a break between 14:30 to 16:30 on weekdays  / Where: Place Alcala de Henares, 33400 Talence

Thouars Talence – Every Sunday 

Let’s stay in Talence just a little bit longer as there’s another great market I must mention in this list. This one takes place every Sunday morning in the Thouars forest in Talence, just in front of the swimming pool. 

This is the biggest weekly market of Talence with tens of stands with great French products. I particularly love going there for the big variety of fruits and veggies and for the deals at the fish stall (if you come towards noon of course). 

This isn’t only a food market! You can also find other practical things like plants, clothing, and kitchen accessories. The market is located within a few steps from a lake within a forest so you can also make a nice picnic day out of it. It’s not the easiest one to get to by public transport but if you have a car it’s worth a visit. 

Marche de thouars in Talence bordeaux

When: Sunday morning  / Where: the parking of 235 Avenue de Thouars, 33400 Talence

Le Marché du Centre-ville de Mérignac

Another market I really love visiting during the weekend is the Merignac city center market. A short ride on tram A from the center of Bordeaux will take you to one of the best markets in the city.

The market takes place every Wednesday and Saturday morning on Place Charles de Gaulle, just next to Mediatheque Mérignac, the city library. It offers stalls of regional wine, a huge variety of cheese, nuts, honey, pastries, and all the basics like vegetables, meat, and fish.

A few tables have been put in place for you to enjoy a nice cup of coffee from the market’s coffee roaster stall. 

One of the best markets in Bordeaux - Merignac

When: Wednesday and Saturday  / Where: Place Charles de Gaulle, Merignac

Pessac center

A very nice market takes place in the center of Pessac every Tuesday and Saturday morning. Pessac is one of the more charming suburbs of Bordeaux and a market day is a good excuse to visit its lovely city center. The market isn’t big but the products are excellent, I especially love the cheese stall. And as a bonus, you can finish your market tour with a drink in one of the coffee places on the square. 

Cycling in Pessac
The central square of Pessac – Lost in Bordeaux

You can reach it easily by public transport, just take tram B from the center of Bordeaux to Pessac Centre.

A much bigger market is taking place not far from the center every Sunday morning. Le marché Bourrec, on Avenue Pierre Wiehn is hosting more than 150 merchants and farmers coming from all the departments surrounding Bordeaux (Lot et Garonne, Dordogne, Landes…) with the best products of our region. This market also has stalls of clothing, art, and more. 

When: Tuesday and Saturday and Sunday  / Where: Place de la Ve République and Avenue Pierre Wiehn. Pessac.

Marché de Rochefort –  Gradignan

Marché de Rochefort is a great option for those living in the Southern suburbs of Bordeaux. More than 70 merchands arrive here every Saturday morning selling everything from meat to cheese and fish, flowers, and more. 

It’s a very local market with a cozy vibe to it. People are greeting each other and the customers share their cooking ideas and stories from their family dinners with the merchants who come here every week. It’s a very nice market if you’re looking for a calmer local vibe rather than a touristy atmosphere. 

It’s located next to the central road of Gradignan, Cours du Général de Gaulle so it’s easy to get there by public transport from Bordeaux and Talence (bus line 10 stops next to it).

Marche de Gradignan

When: Saturday morning (8:00-13:00) / Where: rue de Rochefort ( between the cemetery and le collège des Fontaines de Monjous), Gradignan. 

Marché de Bassens

The Bassens market is less known by most tourists but it’s actually one of the biggest markets in our region and one of the most popular among people on the rive droite of the Garonne. The market takes place every Sunday at Place de la Commune de Paris in Bassen, a town located just after Lormont. 

Almost 150 stalls are waiting for you with some of the best products in the southwest of France. There are oysters from Arcachon and from Ile de Re, charcuterie from the Basque country, tarts from the Landes, and other produce from almost every corner of Nouvelle Aquitaine. Among them, there are quite a few food stalls like Morocain couscous, Portuguese grilled chicken, and a coffee place. You can spend a really fun morning here, strolling the many alleys of the market and tasting local food. 

When: Sunday morning (9:00-13:00) / Where: place de la Commune de Paris, Bassens

If this list of the best markets in Bordeaux got you in a foodie mood you can also read my article about the most foodies streets in Bordeaux and the one about the sweet specialties of Bordeaux.

dunes blanches
Dunes Blanches – local specialty

Is it your first time in Bordeaux? If it is you should definitely check out my ultimate guide to Bordeaux to get familiar with all the must-see places in Bordeaux. To help you choose a hotel in Bordeaux I’ve gathered a list of the best hotels in the center of Bordeaux as well as a guide to the districts of Bordeaux to help you find your preferred AirBnB location.

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With more and more people moving to the area, it’s undeniable that Bordeaux is becoming a very popular city. Apart from rising housing prices, the buzz around Bordeaux has a positive side, the opening of many cool and exciting places all over the city!

This post is an update on the biggest and most exciting places opened (or about to be) in 2018 that will make this city even more attractive. So here we go!

La Boca Foodcourt

boca foodcourt

The first French food court will open in November 2018 in Quartier Euratlantique, just a few minutes walk from Gare Saint Jean. The food court will be part of the la Halle Boca, a shopping and catering center of 6767 m2.  This project is aiming to gather 15 local restaurants with different specializations, from sea food to Pizza and Asian food. But food is not the only fun part about this place, it will also include a wine and cocktail bars as well as a self service beer stand. La Boca foodcourt will be open daily between 10:00 to midnight during week days and until 2:00 on weekends. For more details click here.

Address: Quai de Paludate 33000 Bordeaux

Atelier de la Création

l'atelier de la creation bordeaux

Good news to all the creative people in Bordeaux! Atelier de la Création, a big store of craft and design products opened its doors last Friday just a few steps from Hôtel de Ville. After the success they had with their shop in Paris, Boulogne-Billancourt and Lyon, the two Parisian founders have decided to conquer the South of France with a 70 m2 store of pure fun. The brand will offer a wide range of designer fabrics, wool, ribbons, sewing patterns, natural and organic knitting yarns and much more. The store is open from Tuesday to Saturday (10:00 to 19:00)

Address: 41 Rue cheverus 33000 Bordeaux

The first skydive simulator in Nouvelle Aquitaine 

Do you want to discover how parachuting feels without actually jumping from an airplane? Now you can do just that near Bordeaux. In May 2018, Venturizone opened a skydive simulator in Gujan-Mestrass. If you’re into adrenaline, you’re welcome to enter the 11 meters long  glass tube with wind blowing on you at 280km/h, to simulate the feeling of jumping from an airplane.  The participants will be given two free falls of one or two minutes each, depending on the plan you take. The prices range between 39€ – 55€ euros for kids (5 to 12 yo) and 55€ -85€ for adults (up to 85 yo). There are special prices for groups and nice promotions from time to time, so check out their site for updated prices. The opening hours are Wednesday to Friday (13:00 to 19:00) and Saturday- Sunday (9:00-12:00 and 13:00- 19:00).

Address: 4 Avenue de l’Actipôle, Gujan-Mestras

The biggest Virtual Reality room in France 

The concept of a virtual room, a (kind of) futuristic version of an escape room, has become very popular in France in the last few years. Largely thanks to a very successful French start-ups, Virtual Room – Tech&Co, that opened tens of Virtual spaces in more than seven countries. Now they are about to conquer Bordeaux, with a 240m2 virtual room that is about to open up in the Bacalan neighborhood in October 2018.  The place will be open for online reservations soon, meanwhile for more info follow the facebook page of Virtual Room Bordeaux.

Address: 7 Sente de la Nancy , 33000 Bordeaux

Halles des Talence – a new covered market

talence covered market

After the success of les Halles de Bacalan, Biltoki is about to open another covered market in Bordeaux metropolitan and this time in the center of Talence. The market will include stands of fruits, vegetables, fish, cheese, meet, a boulanger and of course a coffee place, which is very much needed in the center of Talence. The place is planned to open at the end of 2018. Fore more info about the opening of the market follow their facebook page.

AddressPlace Alcala de Henares 33400 Talence

The biggest Climbing center in France

climb up bordeaux

Climb Up, a climbing center of more than 2000m2, was opened in June 2018 in the Décathlon village in Mérignac. The center includes a huge climbing surface with walls rising to 15 meters, more than 200 different tracks and 60 lines of rope. There’s also a dedicated blocs zone for kids (over 3 years old) allowing them to climb in a secured space. Climb Up is open daily from 9:00 to 23:00. See more info and prices on their site.

Address: 17 Avenue de Pythagore 33700 Mérignac

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This month is all about Christmas, there’s no way to escape it! Markets, photo shoots with Santa Claus and plenty of creative people trying to sell us original Christmas gifts. I admit that in this list of 10 things you don’t want to miss in December in Bordeaux area, Christmas is included several times. But I did try hard to offer other fun activities and places to visit this month, so that you won’t feel like you’re in a Christmas horror movie 🙂 Now go and check my list of 10 things to do in Bordeaux in December 2018. Hope you’ll find it useful!

Celebrate Christmas 

The Christmas season is officially on in Bordeaux and you have plenty of great markets to attend this month! The official Marché de Noël de Bordeaux with all the traditional stands and a lot of vin chaud (hot wine) opened its gates a few days ago. If its your first Christmas in France, the traditional Christmas market is a must! However if you feel that you’ve seen it too many times try one of the smaller markets where all the local artists and craftsmen present their stuff. I have made a whole list of Christmas markets in Bordeaux so check it out.

Marché de Noël de Bordeaux

Visit the new covered market in Talence

Finally we have a new place to get drunk on rainy days!! Biltoki, the company that brought us the Halle de Bacalan are opening another market in Bordeaux metropolitan, this time in Talence. In the last few months they have been presenting the merchants that are going to occupy the stands of the market and all of them look very promising. The market will open with a 3 days inauguration party on December 7th. For more info click here.

When: Opening party on December 7
Where: Place Alcala de Henares, Talence 33400

Take your kids to Cirque Pardi!

Cirque Pardi! is a modern circus whose shows combine a lot of dance and humor and are very entertaining for both kids and adults. This year they are coming back to Bordeaux for the second time with their show BorderLand, which gained a great success on their last visit here in 2015.  Cirque Pardi! will perform 15 shows from November 30 to December 22. The temporary circus will be located on Quai de queyries, just next to Darwin. For all the dates and tickets click here.

When: November 30- December 22
Where: 86 quai des Queyries, 33 100 BORDEAUX

Taste the best French wines

This month you have the chance to taste all the best French wines in one place at an event called “Bordeaux Tasting”. During two days (December 15-16) more than a hundred wine houses from Bordeaux area and other regions in France like Bourgogne, Rhône, Alsace and Loire will be there to present their best wines. The tasting will take places in six different sites around Place de la Bourse:
– Palais de la Bourse : les grands bordeaux / les cognacs / les grands invités
– Le Gabriel : Pomerol Séduction
– La Bulle : les bordeaux / bordeaux supérieur
– Le Musée national des Douanes : les grands étrangers
– l’Espace Saint-Rémi : les champagnes
– la Maison Darnozan : l’espace des vins bio

Tickets are 23-27€ depending on the day. For more details click here.

When: December 15-16
Where: Place de la Bourse, Bordeaux

Interactive special effects exhibition

Do you ever wonder how the special effects you see in movies are made? A new exhibition for kids (older than 6 yo) by the name of “Effets speciaux” is taking place these days in Cap Science. It’s an interactive exhibition that allows you to see the behind the scenes of the cinema world and experiment with different especial effects like the green screen. Entry range from 6.5€ to  9€ and free for kids under 5 years old. For more info click here.

When: until August 26
Where: Hangar 20 quai Bacalan, 33000 BORDEAUX

Go ice skating

an open air ice skating rink during Christmas time is quite a tradition in many French cities. Until a couple of years ago Bordeaux also used to have one on place Pey Berland.  However, after the city decided that setting up the rink only for a few weeks is too expensive and not environmentally friendly, this tradition was canceled. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy ice skating during Christmas time! La Patinoire de Mériadeck will open its covered ice skating rink in a Christmas spirit with Santa Claus, games, dance and more.

When: until January 1st
Where: 95 cours du Maréchal Juin 33000 Bordeaux

Search for beautiful antiques at the Brocante 

The big brocante of Bordeaux is hosted twice a year at place des Quinconces with 200 antique dealers, horticulturists, restaurants and craftsmen. It’s the biggest brocante event in the area and the selection is huge, from vintage home decor, to paintings, antique furniture, garden accessories and more. While some items can be pricey, you can still find plenty of affordable pieces at this antiques market. The merchants are very nice and are open to negotiations. The brocante  is taking place until December 9. For more info and the list of exhibitors click here.

Brocante in Bordeaux

When: until December 9
Where: Place des Quinconces

Go to a classical music concert

If you need a more classic vibe on Christmas, attend the special Christmas concert by the National Orchestra of Bordeaux at the Auditorium of Bordeaux. Concert de Noël de Radio Classique, conducted by Paul Daniel will take place during three nights prior to Christmas, on December 20, 21 and 23. For the tickets click here.

When: December 20,21,23
Where: Auditorium de Bordeaux, 9 cours Georges Clemenceau, 33000 BORDEAUX

Discover Christmas markets in Gironde

Christmas is a great opportunity to visit other beautiful towns in Gironde in a more festive atmosphere. Most towns have their own Christmas markets and events, but I’ll just give you the noticeable ones:

Arcachon – The official Christmas market and accompanied activities will take place from December 15 to January 6, with an open ice skating rink on place Thiers. For more info click here.

Saint Emilion – A Christmas market will take place on December 8 at the l’UDP de Saint-Emilion (8 Haut Gravet, 33330 Saint-Émilion). For more info click here.

Cadillac – a Christmas market with creative workshops and activities for kids will take place December 15-16 on place de la République. For more info click here.

Celebrate new years eve on a boat

If you’re staying in Bordeaux on December 31 and looking for a place to celebrate new years eve, here’s an idea for you.. The Iboat in the Bassins à flot neighborhood is one of the coolest venues for concerts and parties in Bordeaux, and its new years celebrations have become a tradition. This year the theme of the electronic party is heaven and the dress code should be inspired by nature (you can take that wherever you want 🙂 ). Tickets are 29€ at the entrance, 25€ on pre sale or 18€ if you come before midnight. For more details click here.

When: December 31
Where: quai Armand Lalande, 33300 Bordeaux

These are my suggestions for things to do in Bordeaux in December 2018. Hope it’ll help you discover this city and to never be bored, even if you don’t love Christmas 🙂 If you like this post it would make me very happy if you share it with your friends on social media 🙂

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Enjoy December in Bordeaux 🙂