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The Dordogne region is known for its gastronomy and breathtaking villages. To celebrate them, there are plenty of amazing events and festivals taking place in the Dordogne department throughout the year. Apart from different food festivals, Dordogne also hosts many music, art, and theater events you don’t want to miss. 

In this article, I gathered all the best events taking place in Dordogne every month. Not surprisingly, most of the festivals take place in the summer, however, even if you visit off-season, there are plenty of nice surprises waiting for you on this list.  

See events in Dodrgone in: January to March, April to June, July and August, September to October, and November to December.

Let’s start!

Events in Dorodgne in January, February, and March 

Fête de la Truffe in Sarlat

Every January Sarlat hosts one of the biggest truffles markets in the region. To celebrate the truffles season in the Dordogne, the event usually includes many activities and demonstrations for the public. See all the details here

In 2024, the truffles festival is taking place on January 20-21

When: January / Where: Sarlat

Festival International de la Bande Dessinée d’Angoulême

Every January, the comics capital of France, Angoulême, hosts a big International Comics Festival. Angoulême is located in the Charente department, about an hour’s drive from the north of the Dordogne Department. If you’re a comics fan, this festival is worth the drive. 

Street art in Angouleme

In 2024, the International Comics Festival of Angouleme is taking place on January 25-28

If you decide to go there, prepare yourself with my article about Angouleme so you won’t miss the most beautiful murals in the city

When: January / Where: Angoulême, Charentes

Sarlat en Périgord Fest’oie (Goose Festival)

Another food-related event in Sarlat is the Goose Festival which takes place there every first weekend of March. In the program, you can find live music, great food, a big market, tours of the historic city, and more. See more details here

When: March  / Where: Sarlat, Dordogne

Festivals in Dordogne in April, May, and June

Châteaux En Fête

Châteaux En Fête is one of the best events the Dordgone department has to offer. In mid-April, tens of castles in Dordogne host plenty of fun activities for kids, festive evenings, and guided visits. The program of the event and the participating castles will be published here

In 2024, Châteaux En Fête will take place on April 13-28. 

Chateau de Milandes in Dordogne
Chateau de Milandes – Lost in Bordeaux

When: April / Where: all over Dordogne

Fête de la Fraise

The annual Strawberries Festival takes place every May in Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne in the Corrèze department (very close to Northwest of Dordogne). This region of France is known for amazing strawberries so they are right to celebrate it 🙂  For more details click here.

When: May / Where: Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne, Corrèze 

Les Floralies – Flowers weekend

Saint-Jean-de-Cole, one of Dorodgne’s most beautiful villages is hosting a big flower fair every May. See more info here

When: May / Where: Saint-Jean-de-Cole, Dordogne

Rendez-vous aux Jardins

Every June, you have the opportunity to visit more than 200 parks and gardens in the Southwest of France (public and private). Dordogne is known for its impressive gardens, so don’t miss this event when in the region. See the list of participating gardens here. For the full list of parks and gardens click here.

In 2024, the event will take place from May 31 to June  2

Les Jardins de Sardy - gardens to visit when visiting Dordogne
Les Jardins de Sardy – Lost in Bordeaux

When:  the beginning of June / Where: All over Dordogne

Bordeaux Wine Festival

If you’re traveling in Dordogne, a visit to the wine capital Bordeaux, is almost a must. And what better time to do that than when Bordeaux celebrates its wine? 

Bordeaux Fête le Vin is a big wine festival taking place every June on the banks of the Garonne River. Discover more details about the festival here

If you’re staying near Bergerac, Bordeaux is a perfect day trip to take. In 2024, the Bordeaux wine festival is taking place on June 27- 30

When:  June / Where: Bordeaux, Gironde

Festivals in Dordogne in July and August

Festival Cultures aux Coeurs

An annual festival takes place every July in Montignac-Lascaux in Perigord Noir. A world music and dance festival with a very rich program that includes, concerts, spectacles, open bars along the river, a world culture market, and more. See the complete program here.

In 2024 Festival Cultures aux Coeurs will take place on July 22- 28.

When: July / Where: Montignac, Dordogne

Souillac en Jazz

Every July the town of Souillac in the Dordogne Valee hosts a big Jazz festival. See all the details here

In 2024 the festival will take place on July 13-20

When: July / Where: Souillac, Lot

Vesere Festival 

The Vezere festival is a classical music festival taking place every summer in the Brive area in the Corrèze department. The program includes a long list of concerts taking place in beautiful chateaux and charming villages in the region. See the program here

When:  July- August / Where: Different locations around Brive

Ete Musical en Bergerac

The Musical Summer in Bergerac is an annual event taking place in the first two weeks of August. All the concerts and shows are taking place in different castles in the Bergerac. See the program here.

When:  August  / Where: the Bergerac region

Beau C’est Festival

Beau C’est Festival is a music and theater festival happening in August in Bosset, a little town close to Bergerac. See all the details here

When:  August / Where: Bosset, Dordogne

The Sarlat Theatre festival

The Sarlat Theatre Festival is one of the biggest theatre festivals in the region. From mid-July to the beginning of August the medieval town turns into a big theater stage with plenty of performances in different parts of the city center. See the program here

When:  July- August / Where: Sarlat, Dordogne

La Bataille de Castillon

La Bataille de Castillon is a spectacle taking place during several weeks in the summer, replicating the famous fight from 1453. 

Castillon-la-Bataille, the town where the show takes place also hosts many activities and events revolving around the big show: tours of the city, exhibitions, workshops of medieval art, and more. For more info and tickets click here.

When:  July and August / Where: Castillon-la-Bataille, Gironde

Festivals and events in Dordogne in September and October

Perigueux Vintage Days 

Since 2014, the city of  Périgueux has been hosting one of the biggest vintage events in France. Every first weekend of September the town immerses itself in vintage vibes with costumes, old cars, dancing, concerts, and more. You can find all the details about the Périgueux Vintage days here

When: September / Where: Périgueux 

Montgolfiades de Rocamadour

One of the most beautiful festivals in the Dordogne Valee is the September hot-air balloon festival of Racamadour. It’s one of the most beautiful festivals in the region, attracting tens of thousands of people every year. See all the full programs here

When: September / Where: Rocamadour

Journées Européennes du Patrimoine

The European Heritage Days are a great opportunity to discover some of Dordogne’s most stunning monuments. During one weekend in September, many public and private places will open their doors for visits and special activities.

You can see the full list of the places that will be open for visits here.

Sarlat celebrates gourmet taste

Journées du Goût et de la Gastronomie is a fun culinary event taking place every year in the medieval town of Sarlat. Every fourth weekend of September Sarlat is holding an event that celebrates the gastronomy of the region with a big market, an open-air meal, and a walk to see the seasonal migration ramble. See more details here.

When: September / Where: Sarlat, Dordogne

Halloween in Dordogne

Every year, around the last two weeks of October, kids in France have a two-week school break that’s called Vacances de la Toussaint. During that time there are plenty of Halloween-related events in the castles of the region. You can see at least some of the events here or in my Halloween list

When: October / Where: Dordogne

Events in Dordogne in November and December

Festival du Livre Gourmand

Created in 1990, the Périgueux Food Book Festival is one of the most famous literary festivals in France. Taking place in November every two years, the festival attracts many gastronomy loafers as well as famous chefs from all over France. See more details here

In 2023, the Festival du Livre Gourmand is taking place on November 17-19.

When: November / Where: Périgueux, Dordogne

Marché de Noël à Sarlat 

Every December Sarlat hosts one of the best Christmas markets in the Southwest of France. Marche de Noel of Sarlat. The Christmas village includes 70 chalets selling local products, clothes, decorations, hot wine, and more. The market usually takes place in the last three weeks of December in the city center. For more info click here.

In 2023 – Marché de Noël in Sarlat is taking place on December 6-31.

When: December / Where: Sarlat-la-canéda

Go to Truffles markets in Dordogne

December is the start of the winter truffles season with many truffles markets in the region taking place between December and February. The Dordogne is known as the capital of truffles in the Southwest of France and starting mid-December it hosts several truffles markets in its different villages. You can see the full list of truffle markets taking place from December to the end of January here.

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