Toulouse is the capital of good coffee in the South of France, here I said it! Every time I visit the pink city, I’m quite amazed by the amount of specialty coffee shops in the center. Most of them are located in the Carmes district which is the hipster area of Toulouse. To complement the good coffee vibes, these places also have great cakes and brunch menus on weekends. 

Most of the coffee shops in Toulouse are also designed in a cute and cozy way, which upgrades the whole coffee experience. I’m a coffee addict so finding good coffee places is very important to me 🙂

In this article, I want to help you discover the best coffee places in Toulouse. Save this list for your next weekend there! 

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Let’s dive in!

Coffee places in the center of Toulouse

In this part of the article, you’ll discover the best coffee places around Place du Capitole, the most central part of Toulouse.

Allegory Coffee Bar

Allegory coffee bar is located on the chic street Rue Peyras, about five minutes walk from the famous place de la Capitol.  As you’ll discover in this article, most of the chic specialty coffee shops in Toulouse are located in the Carmes district. So if you’re looking for one in a more central location, Allegory is probably one of your best options in the Capitol district. 

Decorated with gentle green and pink objects, Allegory Coffee Bar has a very romantic feel to it. The café offers an impressive pastry selection to accompany the great coffee. If you want to eat you have a nice savory menu to select from with more brunch-like options like pancakes, eggs, and savory waffles.

Allegory Coffee Bar in Toulouse – Lost in Bordeaux

The service is excellent and they even gave us some recommendations about their favorite boulangerie in the city. The place gets busy on the weekend and you can’t book a table so be there early. 

Opening days: Allegory coffee bar is open every day except Wednesday 
Address: 9 Rue Peyras, 31000 Toulouse
Check out their website:

Café Boutique Chapelle des Carmélites

This is one of the best-hidden gems in Toulouse, a coffee shop nestled in the garden of Chapelle des Carmélites. 

The Chapelle features the most amazing 17th-century murals and ceiling paintings, that were inspired by the works of art at the Sistine Chapel. This is a real treasure worth visiting, regardless of the coffee shop.

But we’re here to talk about the best coffee shops in Toulouse and this is definitely one of them. 

The café itself is tiny and most of the chairs are outside in the garden, so it’s definitely a place for sunny days. The coffee belongs to Hayuco, a famous coffee roaster in Bordeaux,  whose coffee you can also find in other spots in the city.

Chapelle des Carmélites – Lost in Bordeaux

Opening days: Wednesday to Saturday from 12:00 to 18:00
Address: 12 Rue de Périgord, 31000 Toulouse
Check out their website:

Le Café Cerise

Le Café Cerise has two coffee shops, both located just next to the Garonne river. 

The first one is situated on Quai de la Daurade and it’s their main café, where you can find both indoor and outdoor sitting. They have a great menu if you’re hungry for a big breakfast. 

Their second place is an outdoor coffee shop on the other side of Pont Neuf in the Saint Cyprien neighborhood. It’s located in the garden of Le Château d’Eau, which is a cute photography gallery.

Le Café Cerise - good coffee in a great setting
Le Café Cerise in Toulouse – Lost in Bordeaux

Here you’ll find mainly sweet pastry and amazing coffee, of course.

Café 1- Daurade:
Opening days: Monday to Saturday
Address: 4 Quai de la Daurade, 31000 Toulouse

Café 2-Cote Jardin- Café éphémère
Opening days: Saturdays and Sundays only
Address: 1 place Laganne, Jardin du Chateau d’Eau

Check out their website:

Coffee places in the Carmes and Saint Etienne districts 

Now let’s move south to the hippest part of Toulouse, the Carmes neighborhood where most of my favorite coffee shops are located.

Canopée Coffee House

Canopée Coffee House is a very popular place and arguably serves the best coffee in Toulouse. It has a more rustic design that calms you down the minute you step into the door. 

On their menu, you can find quite a lot of juices and more healthy food options. 

Canopée Coffee House in Toulouse - great brunch menu
Canopée Coffee House in Toulouse – Lost in Bordeaux

Every Saturday the place gets very busy so be sure to come early. My favorite spot there is the sofa next to the window, where you can see both the cafe but also feel the vibe of this hip neighborhood. 

Opening days: Monday to Saturday 
Address: 28 Rue des Couteliers, 31000 Toulouse
Check out their website:

La Belle Brune 

This coffee was recommended to me by some of my Lost in Bordeaux followers who know that I’m a coffee addict and they didn’t disappoint. It’s one of my favorite coffee shops in Toulouse.

Just a warning, La Belle Brune (and many other good places in Toulouse) have a brunch menu on Sundays. So if you’re visiting the city on Sunday, going there only for a cup of coffee is not the best plan (unless you come early). Having said that, a Sunday brunch is a very trendy thing in France now, so you can do that too for the full experience 🙂 

La Belle Brune - the best coffee in Toulouse
The best coffee in Toulouse- La Belle Brune – Lost in Bordeaux

On other days of the week, la Belle Brune offers another menu with a huge variety of cakes. They have a few tables indoors but also a fun terrace space on one of the chic streets of the Carmes district. 

Opening days: Closed on Wednsday and Thursday
Address: 31 Rue Pharaon, 31000 Toulouse
Check out their website:

Café Papiche

We are staying on the same street for yet another amazing coffee: Café Papiche!

A cute little place, serving one of the best cafes you can get in Toulouse. They have a really nice selection of homemade pastries, but their babka is something you shouldn’t miss. 

Adored by coffee professionals - Café Papiche in Toulouse
Café Papiche in Toulouse – Lost in Bordeaux

Opening days: Open Wednesday to Sunday
Address: 44 Rue Pharaon, 31000 Toulouse
Check out their website:

Kopi Coffee shop 

Kopi Coffee shop is located at Place du Salin, one of the liveliest squares in Les Carmes. It’s a perfect place to stop on the way to the main park of Toulouse and grab a coffee. 

Thibault the owner, is a coffee enthusiast that decided to open this place to share his love of coffee. He’s joined by his dad who serves as the chef of Kopi Café. Like other coffee shops on this list, they also have an amazing selection of sweet pastries.

Kopi Coffee shop  - one of the best coffee shops in Toulouse
Kopi Coffee shop -Lost in Bordeaux

Opening days: Open Tuesday to Saturday
Address: 20 Pl. du Salin, 31000 Toulouse
Check out their website:

Neroli Coffee Society 

Neroli cafe is a holistic cafe, a concept I wasn’t aware of before coming here. You can order all the regular hot beverages but that’s not why most of their clients come here. 

The specialty of Neroli is their whole foods, colorful coffee, mixed with ingredients that you would never imagine combining with hot milk. Their pink Latte for example has beetroot in it, while the golden latte is mixed with vanilla and turmeric. 

Neroli Coffee Society – Lost in Bordeaux

I’m not sure I’d replace my caffeine intake with these on a daily basis, but it was definitely a nice experience. 

Opening days: Open Tuesday to Saturday
Address: Neroli Coffee Society, 11 Rue Théodore Ozenne, 31000 Toulouse
Check out their website:

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