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There are many ways to discover Bordeaux’s fascinating history and cultural heritage, its gastronomy, and its wine industry. You can plan a great trip to Bordeaux using all my Bordeaux articles, especially if you’re planning day trips from Bordeaux. But I think that the capital of the SW of France is so rich with history and landmarks that taking at least one tour in Bordeaux is almost a must! 

Jumpstarting your Bordeaux adventure with a guided tour isn’t just about finding your way around – it’s like having a local friend with the inside scoop. Whether you want to walk, sail, or pedal in the historic city or focus on other parts of Bordeaux’s culture like cuisine or wine, Bordeaux has a tour to offer. 

In this article, you’ll find the best tours in Bordeaux, anything from walking tours to gourmet tours, cycling, and more. As you’re visiting the world wine capital, you should consider taking a wine tour, which you can also find on this list. However, if you’re mainly interested in wine, I recommend checking my article about the best wine tours from Bordeaux

Best tours in the old center of Bordeaux
photo by Lost in Bordeaux

If you need more ideas of fun stuff to do in Bordeaux after (or before) your tour, you should also check my article about the best 50 things to do in Bordeaux. Now let’s discover the best tours in Bordeaux.

A walking tour of historic Bordeaux 

Bordeaux boasts historic landmarks, impressive gates, and architectural richness that’s almost impossible to absorb in a short visit, without the right guidance. I highly recommend taking a walking tour of the historic part of Bordeaux to get the context of how the city was developed and why it encompasses such different styles in its little center. 

Bordeaux Private walking tour

This excellent private guided walking tour of old Bordeaux will take you to the most popular landmarks such as the Grand Theatre, Porte Cailhau, and the Saint André Cathedral. The tour lasts 2-3 hours which is enough to give you a dipper understanding of Bordeaux’s magic without it getting too havie. 

The great thing about this walking tour is that it has a bit of everything. The historical details about the main monuments of Bordeaux but also local anecdotes and interesting cultural references. So if you want a fascinating and intimate guided tour of Bordeaux, this one is for you. Book the tour here

take a walking tour in Bordeaux
photo by Lost in Bordeaux

Bordeaux group walking tour

If you don’t mind big groups, you can also take the Bordeaux guided walking tour proposed by the Bordeaux Tourist Office. This 2-hour walking tour offers a taste of Bordeaux’s fantastic mix of city urban landmarks and architectural marvels. It’s also a nice opportunity to meet other tourists from all over the world!

As the group can get big, you usually won’t cover as many landmarks and history as you would in a private tour. However, if don’t want to spend much on a tour, this is a great option to start your discovery of Bordeaux. Also, in case you purchase Bordeaux’s City Pass, you can take the tour for free. 

A night walking tour in Bordeaux

As much as Bordeaux is beautiful in daylight, there’s something even more magical about the city at night. The yellow smokie light reflected on the old limestone houses makes it look mysterious. It almost feels like the city is inviting you to discover its night secrets. 

To make your night date with Bordeaux more interesting I recommend taking the Night Walking Tour

Bordeaux by night - one of the best tours to do in Bordeaux
photo by Lost in Bordeaux

The tour is led by a friendly local guide who loves to spread his love for Bordeaux. Discover the city’s key attractions at night and immerse yourself in the enchanting ambiance of this splendid city. On this tour, you also get to taste a canelé, which is Bordeaux’s most famous pastry

You can book the Bordeaux by-night tour here

Discovering Bordeaux by bikes 

Bordeaux is a perfect place for cycling! The city is flat and has many designated cycling paths in the center and the suburbs, which makes locals cycle everywhere around Bordeaux. That’s why a cycling tour in Bordeaux is such a great option!

best bicycle tours in Bordeaux
photo by Lost in Bordeaux

Historic Center & Chartrons District Bicycle Tour

The Monsieur Bacchus Bike Tour company offers a great biking tour of the historic center and the Chartrons district. Casually cycle through the street of Bordeaux while learning about its main monuments, high-class French culture, and modern life. If you love history but don’t love walking too much, a cycling tour is an easy way to explore Bordeaux. 

The three hours tour will bring you to parts of parts of Bordeaux, that you will not see on a regular walking tour. You get to visit the posh Chartrons district as well as the more hip right bank of the Garonne River. The tours are offered from March to November. You can book them here

Food Tours in Bordeaux 

Did you know that apart from its notorious wines Bordeaux is also known for its exceptional culinary scene? Boasting the highest number of restaurants per capita, it’s no wonder the capital of the southwest was crowned the best food city in France.

Some of Bordeaux’s specialties include oysters from Arcachon, duck products and canelés. However, being new to the city, choosing the best spots to taste these delicacies can be tricky. Taking a food tour is a great way to taste Bordeaux while exploring the city. 

Puits d’amour - Bordeaux specialty
photo by Lost in Bordeaux

There are many food tours in Bordeaux however many of them feel more like historic tours with a snack, so it’s important to choose right. There are a few that I particularly like. 

NO DIET CLUB – Unique food tour in Bordeaux

NO DIET CLUB is the best gastronomic group tour for real foodies! It’s a 3.5-hour tasting tour in a warm and friendly atmosphere with a group of 12 people max. You’ll be offered plenty of tasting, ranging from savory snacks like cheese, burgers, and mussels to Bordeaux’s sweet treats. 
You can book the tour here

The best food tours in Bordeaux
photo by Lost in Bordeaux

Bordeaux traditional food tour

Another great option is the Bordeaux Traditional food tour, offered by Do Eat Better Experience. This tour is a great mix of food and history, two important features in Bordeaux. You will be tasting plenty of local bites in Bordeaux’s best spots while learning the secrets of the city along the way.  The tour starts with wine tasting and ends with a delicious lunch in a classic French Bistro. An absolute treat! 

If you’re a foodie visiting Bordeaux in high season, be sure to book the tour in advance as it’s likely to sell out.

A food tour in the center of Bordeaux
photo by Lost in Bordeaux

Bordeaux Gourmet Food Tour

If you’re looking for a more high-end private food tour in Bordeaux, you should check out Aquitaine Travel Guide. The company is run by Anne who is a chef and also a brilliant guide that offers a deeper glimpse into the gastronomic culture of this region. 

If you don’t have time for a proper food tour in Bordeaux, you can also use my articles to build a self-guided food tour:
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Take a River Cruise in Bordeaux

For centuries, the Garonne River, among the longest rivers in France, has served as a lifeline to the heart of Bordeaux. In the past, it was the main route for trade, helping Bordeaux become a flourishing port and trading center. The Garonne had an immense economic impact on the city and is considered the key factor in the rise of Bordeaux as a global power in the wine business. 

Today, the riverside remains a vibrant and vital part of Bordeaux’s landscape that serves as a space for many social events (especially in summer). Along the riverfront, you can see some of Bordeaux’s most beautiful architecture. So Taking a River Cruise in Bordeaux is a cool way to experience the city!

Best cruises and extortions in Bordeaux

 River Garonne Cruise with Glass of Wine

This relaxed 1,5 hours cruise on a yacht named Luna will help you discover Bordeaux from the river. And, it comes with a bonus—a complimentary glass of wine! Doesn’t it make everything better? 

What sets this cruise apart is the combination of sightseeing and wine sipping, the best way to enjoy Bordeaux. The cruise starts from the city center and passes by iconic landmarks like the Place de la Bourse and the Saint Pierre Stone Bridge. If you’re looking for a laid-back adventure with a light touch of luxury, don’t hesitate to book this Bordeaux-guided cruise

Bordeaux Lunch Cruise

If you’re planning to take the tour around lunchtime, which not take a Bordeaux lunch cruise. A guided cruise where you get to see some of Bordeaux’s fabulous monuments while enjoying a classic French lunch. The 2-hour cruise starts at noon at  Quai des Chartrons. Book your table here

Wine tour to the vineyards of Bordeaux

When traveling to the most famous wine region in the world, a trip to the vineyards is kind of a must. There are thousands of vineyards to visit in the Bordeaux wine region, some of which you can find in my article about wineries in the Medoc, Saint Emilion, and Sauternes regions. So you definitely plan a self-guided tour in one of Bordeaux’s wine appelations. 

Best wine tours to visit Bordeaux wineries
photo by Lost in Bordeaux

However, there’s something about a good wine tour (especially a more intimate one) that can elevate the whole experience. Also, the fact that they drive you, choose the wineries, and do all the scheduling is a big advantage. 

Here are my recommendations for the two best wine tours from Bordeaux. You can read all my other recommendations in my article about Bordeaux’s best wine tours

 A full day to Saint Emilion 

Go on the Saint-Emilion Full-Day Wine Tour from Bordeaux for a comprehensive and enriching wine adventure. This tour takes you through the picturesque vineyards of Saint-Emilion, a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its exceptional wines. The 8-hour tour includes a visit  (and wine tasting of course) at 3 Châteaux and also Free time to discover Saint-Emilion.

A wine tour from Bordeaux to discover the wineries of Saint Emilion
photo by Lost in Bordeaux

Throughout the day, you’ll get to witness the artistry behind the production ‘from wine to bottle’, sharing the secrets of the winemaking craft and making the technical details accessible and enjoyable for participants of all levels of wine expertise.

Perfect for wine enthusiasts seeking a comprehensive and immersive experience, this tour provides historical and cultural explanations, tasting, and exploring of the rich culture of Saint-Emilion. You can book the full-day tour from Bordeaux here. 

A half day to Medoc 

The half-day wine trip to Medoc will allow you to visit two wineries from different appellations in Medoc and observe the differences between the more prestigious chateaux and smaller family-owned properties. All the chateaux on the tours are either Grand Cru classé or Cru Bourgeois, so good wine is guaranteed. 
The tour is usually offered in the tourist season in the morning and the afternoon. You can book the tour here.

Best wine tour from Bordeaux to Medoc
photo by Lost in Bordeaux

A street art tour of Bordeaux 

Bordeaux prides itself on a very dynamic street art culture and talented artists that decorate many murals in the city. In the city center, which is a UNESCO site, painting on most of the buildings is strictly forbidden. Nevertheless, the city does a wonderful job of incorporating street art where it’s possible. That’s why you will find the huge animals of AMO, the colorful faces of Alber, and the expressive characters of Nasty on hotel buildings and shutters in the city. 

However, if you want to discover the real richness of Bordeaux’s street art you need to leave the city center and explore other neighborhoods. There you will discover vibrant murals and eye-catching graffiti, showcasing the creativity of local and international artists. 

A Street Art Guided Tour in Bordeaux is the perfect way to dive into this lively street art scene. During this 1,5 hour tour, you’ll see the urban landscape of Bordeaux through its most colorful creative side. The advantage here is that the guide helps you uncover hidden gems of art you might miss on your own.

A street art tour in Bordeaux
photo by Lost in Bordeaux

If you’re curious about street art and want a relaxed and enjoyable way to explore Bordeaux, this tour is for you. No art degree is required—just an open mind and a love for urban expression. Book your tour here.

You can also get plenty of tips on things to do in the Southwest of France via Lost in Bordeaux’s social media accounts and email list, check them out here:

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*Note – Some of the links in this article include affiliate links for which I earn a small commission. It adds absolutely nothing to your cost and helps me continue writing about this amazing region. Don’t worry, I’m not getting rich here, I’ll never recommend anything I don’t believe in 🙂 

If you’re looking for amazing wine tours and wine-related experiences, Bordeaux is your city! This shouldn’t come as a surprise in a region that is considered by many as the world wine capital. 

If you’re confused and don’t know what are the best wine tours to take in the Bordeaux wine region, I’m here to help. After years of traveling and trying different tours, guides, and winery visits I gathered a list of the best experiences the Bordeaux region has to offer. If you’re a wine lover or just interested in visiting several wineries on your trip to Bordeaux, keep reading as there’s a lot of important information here for you.

If you have no problem planning your wine trip yourself and looking for winery recommendations, you can go ahead and skip to the Self-Guided Tours section of this article.

I want to start, however, by helping those who don’t want the hassle of organizing a wine tour. And even though, I personally like self-organized tours, there are a few big advantages to taking a guide.

First, you get a lot of knowledge about the history of the Bordeaux wine region and winemaking in Bordeaux. But also, it enables you to drink a lot of wine without worrying about driving back to Bordeaux.

The best wine tours in Bordeaux
The best wine tours in Bordeaux – by Lost in Bordeaux

How to take a wine tour in Bordeaux

Wine tours are probably the main attraction Bordeaux has to offer. So as you can imagine, there’s no shortage of guides and tour operators offering wine tours in the region. Some of them are very professional and knowledgeable and others less so. That’s why it’s important to know what you’re booking. 

best wine tours in Bordeaux
Wine tour in Pomerol – by Lost in Bordeaux

There are several types of wine tours you can find in Bordeaux. 

A private wine tour with a guide who takes you straight from the doorsteps of your hotel to visit several wineries in one day. A more popular option is the semi-private wine you, where a small group is going to visit 2-4 wineries in one or two wine regions in Bordeaux

Then you have the big group tours with 10 to 50 participants. These are less recommended in my opinion but they are very well-priced. And lastly, you have more unique experiences that include food tasting, cycling, and more.

In this article, I summarized the best wine tours and experiences in each of these categories. All the tours on my list start in Bordeaux which is great for anyone staying in a hotel in the city center

A semi-private wine tour to Saint Emilion or Medoc

Semi-private tours are small group tours of 6-8 people. These tours feel quite intimate even though they are not private. They’re usually not too expensive, considering the fact that it saves you transportation costs. So all in all, that’s the tour I recommend taking if you’re not into self-guided tours.  

take a semi private tour in Saint Emilion
A semi-private tour in Saint Emilion

There are quite a few companies offering private and semi-private tours from Bordeaux to Saint Emilion or Medoc. Here are a few I recommend. 

A Saint Emilion wine tour

One of the best travel companies to offer wine tours to Saint Emilion is Ophorus. Their tours include guided visits to some of the best wineries from different classifications of Saint Emilion. They also take you on a tour of the village of Saint Emilion where you get to visit some of the main landmarks.

The first option is a full-day trip to Saint Emilion and its wineries. If you have time, I highly recommend taking that tour so you can properly explore this world-renowned wine region, which has so much to offer. This tour includes a visit to three wineries from 1ᵉʳ, 2ᵉʳ, and 3ᵉʳ Saint Emilion wine estates (different growth classifications). You can book the full-day tour here.

If you don’t have the time for a full-day trip, there is also the half-day wine tour option with a visit to a one-classified growth winery and the village itself. The company offers daily tours in the morning and the afternoon. You can book the tour here.

Take a tour in Saint Emilion
A small group tour in Saint Emilion – by Lost in Bordeaux

*See recommended wineries to visit in Saint Emilion

Medoc Full Day Wine Tour, from Bordeaux

One of the tours I highly enjoyed was the one offered by Ophorus, a reputable company in wine tourism in this region. 

The full-day wine tour to Medoc includes a visit to three different wineries, all carefully chosen by their team. The tour allows you to visit wineries from different appellations in Medoc and observe the differences between the more prestigious chateaux and smaller family-owned properties. All the chateaux on the tours are either Grand Cru classé or Cru Bourgeois, so good wine is guaranteed. 

There are two great options for guided tours to the Medoc – A full-day tour and a half-day tour. I really enjoyed the full day, but I think that half a day is enough to get a taste of the Medoc.

visiting wineries in Medoc
Wine tour to Medoc – Lost in Bordeaux

Saint-Émilion Food and Wine Tour

If you want a full-day trip to Saint Emilion I recommend taking the one offered by Olala Bordeaux. Their tour lasts about six hours and includes a visit to three châteaux in Saint Emilion as well as a fun picnic. Book it here

*See recommended wineries to visit in Medoc

From Bordeaux: Afternoon Saint-Emilion Wine Tasting Trip

If you want to start the morning in Bordeaux and get to Saint Emilion later in the day, this tour might be perfect for you. The afternoon wine tour offered by Bordovino includes a visit to two wineries and a tasting of four Saint Emilion wines. 

As you get to visit one small family estate and a big Grand Cru winery, you have the chance to compare their wines and see the differences in their wine-making techniques. You’ll finish the day with an early evening tour of the medieval town. 

You can book the tour here

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Discovering wineries by bike – biking wine tours in Bordeaux 

Cycling from one winery to another while enjoying the landscape of Saint Emilion’s lush vineyards is a beautiful experience you don’t want to miss. There are a few companies offering biking tours in Saint Emilion. Both companies I mention here offer only electric bike tours and that’s because Saint Emilion is a very hilly wine region which makes cycling hard.

E-bike wine tours in Bordeaux
E-bike wine tours in Saint Emilion – by Lost in Bordeaux
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Bordeaux: St-Emilion Vineyards e-Bike Tour with Wine & Lunch

This Saint Emilion full-day bike trip is offered by Bordovino. You start the day in Bordeaux and the company takes you to Saint Emilion where you’ll get the e-bikes. 

You then get a bit of time to tour the beautiful medieval town before you head on your cycling journey. The unique part of the tour starts once you get out of the center of Saint Emilion. You’ll cycle on the beautiful chateaux route, passing by famous estates like Petrus or Château Cheval Blanc. 

On this tour, you get to visit two Saint Emilion wineries and taste their wines. The visit to the first château also includes a light lunch in their garden. Their bike tours are offered only during the tourist season, starting in April. 

Book your bike wine tour here

Rustic Vines – e-bike tours

This is another recommended wine e-bike tour, offered by Rustic Vines, a company that specializes in biking tours. In this small tour, you get to visit two wineries and taste delicious local specialties during your lunch. You get a short walking tour of Saint Emilion at the end of the day and even have an extra wine tasting at a wine boutique.

Like in the previous tour I described, here too you start your tour in Bordeaux and the company takes you to Saint Emilion. If you’re already in Saint Emilion you can start straight from there, and get a reduced price. 
Book your tour here.

Group tours in the Bordeaux wine region 

While I highly recommend taking a semi-private wine tour, their prices range from 90 to 160 euros p/p. It’s not extremely expensive for a wine tour, however, it’s not an affordable price for a lot of travelers to the Bordeaux region. 

That’s where the group wine tours come in handy. 

group wine tours in the Bordeaux wine region
Group wine tours in the Bordeaux wine region – by Lost in Bordeaux

The Bordeaux tourism office offers tours to most wine appellations around Bordeaux, including the less-known ones. You can choose between a day trip to Saint Emilion with a visit to one winery and a wine tour to areas like Medoc, Blaye, Graves, and Sauternes where you get to visit two wine properties. 

These tours are guided by professional guides who are generally quite charismatic 🙂 The main advantage of taking a group tour is the price which is usually under 50 euros p/p.

If you have the Bordeaux city pass, you get another discount of 15% – you can purchase the city pass here

The downside of these group tours is the number of people allowed on a tour which can easily get to around 40. 

Here’s the schedule of the group wine tours in Bordeaux: 

Monday: Saint Emilion or Fronsac 
Tuesday: Medoc
Wednesday: Graves and Sauternes 
Thursday: Bourg and Blaye
Friday: Entre Deux Mers (the white wine region of Bordeaux)
Saturday: Medoc
Sunday: Saint Emilion or Fronsac 

Some useful information: 

  • All the tours start at the Tourist office of Bordeaux at 13:30 and last for five hours. 
  • During the winter the tours are offered only on weekends
  • Kids under the age of 5yo cannot join their tours 

You can book your tours directly on their website

Private wine Tours from Bordeaux 

Another option is private wine tours from Bordeaux. These tend to be quite expensive as you hire a person to accompany you the whole day. But if you find the right guide, a private tour can be an unforgettable experience.

The best guides in this region are personally familiar with many wine markers and can take you to unique places. 

Here are a few of my recommendations for private guides in Bordeaux.

If you’re looking for a tour in Saint Emilion, I highly recommend Nicolle from Sip. Her tour focuses on small independent producers in Saint Emilion. She also wrote a great book about Bordeaux wine which I highly recommend.

Nicolle from SIP wine private tours in the Bordeaux wine region
Nicolle from SIP wine tours – by Lost in Bordeaux

As she has been working as a wine guide for more than two decades she can organize tours to Medoc, Pessac Leognan, and other parts of the Bordeaux wine region. This is her Medoc private tour, for example. 

If you’re interested in discovering the Sauternes world, I highly recommend Anne from Aquitaine travel guide

wine and food tours in Gironde
Aquitaine Travel Guide – wine and food tours in Gironde

If you’re looking for kid-friendly experiences, Anne is great at that too. Drop her an email with all your questions: aquitaineguide@gmail.com

Two other great English-speaking wine tour guides in the region are Malgorzata Balaban-Delcros and Marie Hallier ,who also offers amazing tours to Cognac. 

Self-guided tours in the wineries of Bordeaux 

In the last few years, I wrote many articles about visiting wineries in the Bordeaux wine region. So if you want to go on a self-organized tour, you can find all the info on this site. 

Here are a few wineries that I recommend for English speakers: Château de Pressac in Saint Emilion, Château Pape Clément in Pessac Leognan, and Château du Taillan in Medoc.

Discover wineries in Bordeaux on self guided tours in the Bordeaux wine region
Discover wineries in the Bordeaux wine region – by Lost in Bordeaux

And this is a full list of all Bordeaux wine-related articles with more winery recommendations, that will help you plan your Bordeaux self-guided wine tour:

Best wineries to visit in Saint Emilion 
A guide to the Bordeaux wine region 
A day trip to Saint Emilion
How to visit wineries in the Bordeaux wine region without a car
A weekend in the Medoc wine region 
Best wineries to visit in Sauternes 
Best wineries in Bordeaux to visit with kids 

If you’re planning on a wine road trip with several winery visits, I highly recommend renting a car. You can find good prices for rental cars in Bordeaux here. If you’ve already decided what chateaux you’re planning to visit and you just want a driver to take you there, you can find one here

Wine activity in Bordeaux 

Finally, if you’re in Bordeaux for a very short stay and have absolutely no time for a wine tour you have a few other wine-related activities in the city. 

Cité du Vin – visit the world’s biggest wine museum

La Cite du Vin is a unique cultural center, dedicated to the discovery of wine. Through its interactive exhibition, it offers a journey to both French and global wine history. Read about what to expect when visiting the museum in my article about my visit to the Cité du Vin. You can avoid the lines at the entrance by booking the tickets online – here

The ticket to the museum is quite pricy but you can enter the museum for free with the Bordeaux CityPass. To enjoy the free entrance you must enter the museum before noon.

Bordeaux Small-Group Wine Tasting class 

You can also take a morning wine-tasting class with a Professional sommelier guide. This is a two-hour workshop where you’ll learn about and taste wines from different wine regions in France.

Book the class here

Wine tours with kids

Most wine tour providers in this region do not welcome kids on the tour, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the Bordeaux wine region with your kids. All you have to do is choose a château from my article about the most kids-friendly wineries in Bordeaux

Wine tours with kids in Bordeaux
Visiting wineries with kids in Bordeaux – by lost in Bordeaux

Pin this article, so you can use it on your visit to the Bordeaux wine region!

First time visiting Bordeaux?

If you’re visiting Bordeaux for the first time, be sure to check out my ultimate guide to Bordeaux, which will get you familiar with all the “must” places to visit in Bordeaux. To help you to choose a hotel in Bordeaux I’ve gathered a list of the best hotels in the center of Bordeaux as well as a guide to the districts of Bordeaux to help you choose your preferred location.

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*Note – Some of the links in this article include affiliate links for which I earn a small commission. It adds absolutely nothing to your cost and helps me continue writing about this amazing region. Don’t worry, I’m not getting rich here, I’ll never recommend anything I don’t believe in 🙂