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Bordeaux, known for its world-class wines, is also home to a burgeoning coffee scene that’s gaining recognition among locals and travelers alike. From cozy cafes serving up artisanal brews to chic espresso bars tucked away in charming neighborhoods, Bordeaux offers a diverse array of coffee experiences to satisfy even the most discerning coffee connoisseurs.

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Here are some of my favorite places to grab a cup of coffee in Bordeaux.

Homie’s Kitchen Bordeaux

Homie’s Kitchen (36 Rue des Ayres), born from the shared passion of three childhood friends, offers a cozy café experience with a diverse, seasonal menu. Indulge in their mouthwatering breakfast options like the Pulled Pork ‘Dwich or the Shakshouka, a spicy tomato and pepper stew topped with free-range eggs and feta cheese. With its warm ambiance and flavorful offerings, Homie’s Kitchen promises a breakfast experience like no other in Bordeaux.

Homie's Kitchen Bordeaux - great savory breakfast
Homie’s Kitchen Bordeaux – photo by Lost in Bordeaux

Café Eriu

Owned by the lovely Grace, an Irish expat, Café Eriu is a hidden gem on rue Fondaudège. Renowned for its superb coffee and delectable menu featuring Irish-inspired dishes made with the finest local ingredients, this cafe attracts chic locals seeking a cozy ambiance and flavorful fare.

Cafe Eriu in Bordeaux - one of th best coffee shops in Bordeaux
Café Eriu – photo by Lost in Bordeaux

SIP Coffee Bar

SIP Coffee Bar (69 Bis Rue des Trois-Conils), right in the heart of Bordeaux, run by Julie, is just cozy and inviting, a real favorite with the locals. It’s got this chill vibe where you can sit back and enjoy one of Julie’s top-notch cappuccinos while treating yourself to some seriously tasty homemade cakes. They’ve got everything from fruit tarts to white chocolate brownies, so you’re in for a treat with every sip of coffee.

Kuro Espresso Bar

If you’re in need of a caffeine pick-me-up, head to Kuro Espresso Bar (5 Rue Mautrec). Tucked between the Opera of Bordeaux and the Notre Dame church, it’s a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city center. Pascal, the owner, always serves up the perfect cup of coffee using the best local roasts.

Oven Heaven

Lesser-known but equally impressive, Oven Heaven (51 Cr de la Marne) doubles as both a coffee shop and a renowned roastery in Bordeaux. Founded by Kévin and Dimitri, Oven Heaven delights patrons with its exceptional coffee and delectable pastries sourced from their bakery, Goutu Bordeaux. Situated near the Capucins market, it’s the perfect spot to savor a cup of coffee while indulging in gourmet treats.

Oven Heaven  - a cofffee shop with the best bakery in Bordeaux
Oven Heaven – photo by Lost in Bordeaux

L’Alchimiste Café Boutique

Located near the upscale Quinconces district, L’Alchimiste Café Boutique (12 Rue de la Vieille Tour) is a haven for coffee aficionados seeking a refined coffee experience. Founded by Arthur and Yohan, this chic establishment focuses solely on coffee, sourcing beans from Central America and Eastern Africa. With its minimalist decor and unparalleled coffee selection, L’Alchimiste is a must-visit destination for those craving a taste of excellence.

L’Alchimiste Café Boutique - considered the best quality coffee shop in Bordeaux
L’Alchimiste Café Boutique – photo by Lost in Bordeaux

A couple of years ago they opened their second coffee shop in Darwin on the other side of the river. If you’re there, it’s worth a visit. 

French House

While it may not have the typical cafe vibe, French House (7 Pl. Puy Paulin) is known for its great coffee and all-day dining options. Whether you’re looking for a spot to meet friends or get some work done, French House has got you covered.

The French house - great coffee and breakfast
A breakfast at the French House – photo by Lost in Bordeaux

Books and Coffee

Situated on the picturesque rue Saint James, Books and Coffee (26 rue Saint James) beckons with its inviting ambiance and delectable offerings. What began as a quaint coffee shop has blossomed into a bustling destination frequented by locals and tourists alike. From morning coffees to leisurely brunches, Books and Coffee delights patrons with its extensive menu and homemade pastries, making it a cherished gem in Bordeaux’s coffee scene.

Café Piha

In the vibrant Saint Paul district, Café Piha (69 Rue des Ayres) stands out as a testament to owner Pierre Guerin’s passion for coffee. Inspired by his love for kite surfing and coffee, Piha offers a unique blend of flavors that captivates coffee enthusiasts. With its welcoming atmosphere and Pierre’s expertise, Café Piha promises an unforgettable coffee experience for all who venture through its doors.

Piha Cafe in Bordeaux
Piha Cafe – photo by Lost in Bordeaux

So there you have it – my top picks for the best coffee spots in Bordeaux. Whether you’re a caffeine connoisseur or just looking for a cozy spot to hang out, there’s something for everyone in Bordeaux’s vibrant coffee scene.

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When you live in the world’s wine capital, you can be sure that making a list of the best wine bars is not going to be an easy task. Bordeaux boasts numerous wine bars, the majority of which offer an extensive array of exceptional wines. So how did I end up choosing this particular list of 10 wine bars in Bordeaux you ask? 

My three main criteria: the wine selection, great service/atmosphere, and the food menu. 

Not every bar on my list has a proper dinner menu but all of them offer a great selection of bites and nibbles to complement the wine tasting. 

My article includes bars in five different neighborhoods in Bordeaux, as I love to make you discover other districts surrounding the city center. If you’re looking for a wine-tasting experience, rather than just a wine bar, see my recommendations for wine-tasting in Bordeaux

What are the best wine bars in Bordeaux?

Le Bar à Vin

I’m going to start with one of Bordeaux’s classics, Le Bar à Vin. If you’re looking to explore Bordeaux’s wines, this wine bar is likely the best place to begin your journey. The bar is located in a stunning 18th-century building which is also the residence of Bordeaux’s Wine Council (CIVB).

Le Bar à Vin - one of the classic wine bars of Bordeaux

If you ever had the chance to read about the Bordeaux wine region, you must know that there are tens of appellations under that umbrella. At le Bar à Vin, you can try wine from all the main appelations like Medoc, Saint Emilion, and Sauternes but also from less familiar ones like Blaye or Cadillac. 

On their wine menu, you’ll find a big price range, starting at about 4€ and going up to 10€ per glass. The best part though, is that you can order half a glass for half the price!

Food-wise, le Bar à Vin has quite a limited menu, with classic things like fromage and charcuterie and some local specialties like foie gras and wine salt. Try not to come too hungry as this place will not replace a dinner. 

The bar is open from Monday to Saturday (not many bars are open on Monday so this is a big bonus) from 11 am to 10 pm.
Where: 3 Cr du 30 Juillet, 33000 Bordeaux

Vins Urbains 

This bar is a favorite spot of my friend Julie, who’s one of my best sources for bars and restaurants in Bordeaux. I can confidently say that they have one of the city’s finest wine lists, and every wine they offer is typically excellent. 

Most of the place consists of a long bar with many high chairs where you can sit and chit-chat with the owner about your wine preferences. A lovely guy, who would happily advise you about the wine you’ll likely enjoy most. If you come with a small group of friends there are also a few tables in the back. 

Vins Urbains - a great menu to accompany the wine
Vins Urbains – by Lost in Bordeaux

Vins Urbains is both a wine bar and a wine cellar where you can buy the wine you like to take home with you. And with about 250 bottles from all over the world, you have a huge selection to choose from. 

Vins Urbains is located in the heart of the historic center of Bordeaux on the charming rue des Bahutiers. 

The bar is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 6 pm to 12 AM
Where:  27 Rue des Bahutiers, 33000 Bordeaux


Let’s move to Saint Michel, another lively neighborhood in the center of Bordeaux. The district of the main market of Bordeaux is known for its many bars and bustling nightlife. However, when it comes to wine bars in Saint Michel, Julo is my top choice. 

A simple wine and tapas bar with a huge selection of French wines accompanied by some of the best charcuterie and cheese from France, Spain, and Italy.

Julo - agreat place for a glass of wine on a teracce table in Bordeaux
Julo wine bar- by Lost in Bordeaux

For the best experience, consider booking a table on the square just behind the Saint Michel Basilique. Here, you can enjoy the sight of people strolling by as the neighborhood transitions into its evening ambiance.

The bar is open from Tuesday to Sunday 

Where: 11 Rue des Faures, 33000 Bordeaux


Moving slightly away from the city center to Fondaudege, a calm neighborhood that many locals have took to heart in the past few years. With many food stores, bakeries, and restaurants, it attracts people from all over the city. 

There are plenty of hidden gems to discover in this neighborhood and one of them is the wine bar L’officine.

The bar boasts a warm and charming design with a piano and plenty of funky furniture and decor that create a relaxed vibe.

L’officine – a wine bar in Bordeaux

The owners are very nice and will be happy to help you choose the wine from their large selection of French wines. What sets this place apart is the extensive snack menu that goes beyond the typical charcuterie boards. So if you’re after a more local experience with a great bar menu, that’s your place.

The bar is open from Tuesday to Saturday.

Where: 48 Rue du Dr Albert Barraud, 33000 Bordeaux


Another special place is Yarra, a wine bar located on the main street of the posh Chartrons neighborhood. The bar was opened a few years ago by a French-Australian couple who cultivated a very international ambiance in Yarra. Many expats, locals, and tourists come here to sip wine, watch games, and participate in cultural evenings organized by the owners Aaron and Albane.

Yarra - the wine bar in Bordeaux with the best ambiance
Yarra – by Lost in Bordeaux

The bar is located in a typical Chartron building in what used to be its wine cellar. The interior is an interesting mix of an industrial bar at the front with a more cozy sofa area at the back. So you can choose where you want to sit depending on your mood and energy that evening. 

Yarra offers a great variety of wines from famous wine regions in France as well as smaller and less-known appellations from around the world which they love recommending. When it comes to food, Yarra has one of the best bar menus on this list. You can find anything from antipasti to duck tartare and even some vegan options.  

Yarra is open from Wednsday to Sunday

Where: 18 Rue Notre Dame, 33000 Bordeaux

Wine More time 

Wine More Time is an established wine bar that enjoys popularity among numerous wine enthusiasts in Bordeaux. It’s located on one of the most charming streets of Bordeaux, rue Saint James, leading to the stunning Grosse Cloche. If you choose a table on the terrace this historic monument will be your view. 

The bar offers a selection of more than 400 bottles, sorted by wine appellation and county. Each section offers a nice range of prices allowing you to taste great wines from Saint Emilion or Medoc at affordable prices. The idea is for you to take your time and choose the wine that will suit you best that night. 

Wine more time - one of the best wine bars in Bordeaux
Wine More TIme – by Lost in Bordeaux

All the employees are very knowledgeable and passionate about wine and will gladly guide you if you feel a bit lost. 

Wine More Time has a great menu with many local delicacies like foie gras, cheese from the Pyrenees, and a lot of Gascony specialties. 

The bar is open from Monday to Saturday

Address:  8 Rue Saint-James, 33000 Bordeaux


L’ampelo in the Quinconces district is one of the newest wine bars in Bordeaux. The modern bar offers a neat concept allowing you to taste a huge variety of wines by glass without the need to open a bottle. Similar to places like Max Bordeaux, L’ampelo uses special machines for the open wine bottles and all you have to do is press a button to get your glass filled.  

L’ampelo  - wine bar in Bordeaux
L’ampelo – by Lost in Bordeaux

The bar has a huge selection of French wines as well as from many other wine regions across the globe.
If you’re in an experimental mood, you can charge the card they give you and try different wines from their machines. They also have a nice tapas menu, which is great for an apéro with friends. 

The bar is open from Tuesday to Saturday. 

Where: 3 Rue Gobineau, 33000 Bordeaux

Tutiac, Le Bistro Vignerons

Tutiac maybe started as a wine bar, but within the years it has transformed into a proper restaurant with amazing wine. 

The wine bar was opened a few years ago by “Les Vignerons de Tutiac”, a group of 500 wine growers from different parts of the Bordeaux wine region. The members represent winegrowers from 15 different Bordeaux appelations and that’s the wine you’ll find in Tutiac. You can say that it’s the only wine bar in Bordeaux where you can buy wine directly from the winemakers.

In 2020, a more gastronomic aspect was added to Tupiac when it became a chef’s restaurant with delicious local cuisine. If you’re looking for a wine bar, a great restaurant, and a wine shop in one place, Tupiac is where you should go. 

Open daily for lunch and dinner and drinks in between. 

Where: 10 Pl. du Palais, 33000 Bordeaux

Les Trois Pinardiers

Les Trois Pinardiers is a chic wine bar and shop located a few steps from Place Gambetta. The bar has a fun terrace on one of the pedestrian streets of Bordeaux, which is perfect for a drink with friends on a sunny day. 

The bar also offers great wine-tasting sessions where you get to taste some of the best Grand Cru Bordeaux wines. This is one of the best wine-tasting experiences for beginners in Bordeaux. See all the details here

Les Trois Pinardiers - A great wine bar in Bordeaux
Les Trois Pinardiers – Lost in Bordeaux

The bar is open daily from 5 pm to midnight.

Where: 2 Rue Georges Bonnac, 33000 Bordeaux

La Manufacture Le Bayon

The last place on the list is not a classic wine bar in Bordeaux, but a place I just love and had to add it to my article. La Manufacture Le Bayon is a combination of a bar, restaurant, deli, and coffee place. 

The place is run by a lovely couple, Clotilde and Loic, two food enthusiasts who decided to open it after leaving their careers as chefs in gastronomic restaurants. 

As you enter, the first thing you’ll see is their deli with amazing delicacies all made by the talented couple. They work with a variety of local producers, insisting on using only the best products in their kitchen. 

They usually offer a lunch menu as well as a brunch on Saturdays. But you can come whenever you want if you want a glass of wine and something from their deli to go with it. 

La Manufacture Le Bayon - a special kind of wine bar in Bordeaux
La Manufacture Le Bayon – by Lost in Bordeaux

I love to go there after work and enjoy their famous pâté en croûte with white wine. The best tables are of course outside, here you get to enjoy the beautiful view of the Pey Berland tower. 

La Manufacture Le Bayon is open from Tuesday to Saturday

Where: 23 rue des Frères Bonie, 33000 Bordeaux 

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Bordeaux, boasting the highest number of restaurants per person in France, is a paradise for food enthusiasts. While satisfying your hunger is a breeze in this city, locating specialty boutiques offering delectable cheeses, chocolates, or regional products proves to be a more elusive quest. All that exists here of course, but you need to know where to go.

Some of you might know, that in the past I used to offer food tours in Bordeaux, and that’s exactly the type of place I used to take my customers to. So I decided to take all that experience and research I had to do for my tours and write a guide about the most foodie streets in Bordeaux. 

In this article, I gathered a list of my favorite gastronomic streets in Bordeaux. So if you’re looking for the best spots to get the best patisseries, quality coffee, and cute little cheese shops, you came to the right place. Join me for a foodie ride in the streets of Bordeaux! 

* If you want to have a better understanding of the districts I’m talking about, check out my Bordeaux district guide.

Foodie streets at the historic center of Bordeaux

Rue des Remparts – Hôtel de Ville district

Let’s start with one of my favorite foodie streets in Bordeaux center- rue des Remparts, located just next to the city hall of Bordeaux. At first glance, it looks like many other streets in this district full of fashionable boutiques and art galleries, but it’s actually one of the richest gastronomical streets in Bordeaux. 

As you climb the street heading north you’ll pass by plenty of specialty shops, many of which are focused on a specific local product. Rue des Remparts is home to one of the best cheese shops in Bordeaux, called Chez Delphine, where you can pause for a glass of wine with a cheese plate. 

Other interesting shops to keep an eye on include Pierre Oteiza with their Basque charcuterie and Noisettines du Médoc with their nut products from Medoc as well as Oliviers & Co, an olive oil shop. Another boutique to pay attention to is Nouvelle Vague, the first delicatessen specializing in maritime and river fishing products in Bordeaux.

Rue des Remparts – chez Delphine – by Lost in Bordeaux

Rue de la Vieille Tour

Once you finish rue des Remparts you’ll see the beautiful Porte Dijeaux on your left. Continue straight into another magical street that you might have missed when strolling the city – rue de la Vieille Tour. 

Until a few years ago rue de la Vieille Tour was just a quiet back street in the Hotel de Ville neighborhood. Around a decade ago, the street became home to one of the best coffee shops in Bordeaux, l’Alchimiste, which suddenly made it quite popular. Today it attacks many locals from all over the city thanks to many of its food boutiques.

The most foodie streets on Bordeaux
l’Alchimiste – one of the best coffee shops in Bordeaux

One of its main foodie stars is Les Dunes Blanches shop, located just in front of the coffee shop. This pastry was born a few years ago in Cap Ferret and has since been embraced by the locals as a proper Bordelais pastry. On the same little street, you can find two of the best chocolate shops in Bordeaux, Hasnaa Chocolat Grand Cru and La Maison Darricau. If you’re in the mood for a good homemade cake and tea don’t miss the cozy Mona cafe.

If you want to discover other great coffee shops in Bordeaux, check out my article about the five coffee places you don’t want to miss

Rue des Trois Conils

The next street on my list is still in the Hotel de Ville neighborhood but this time we’re heading towards the river on Rue des Trois Conils. I find this street a bit less charming than rue des Remparts but it’s no less interesting when it comes to food. 

On one, not very long street, you’ll find two great chocolate shops (Yves Thuriès and Jeff de Bruges), a delicious Spanish ham place (Viandas de Salamanca), a chic canned products shop (Conserverie la belle-iloise), and more. One of my favorite shops here is La Perle des Dieux, a company specializing in sardines and canned seafood. They have the most stunning products, which are a great gift idea to bring from Bordeaux. 

Rue des Trois Conils - one of the most foodie streets in Bordeaux
La Perle des Dieux – by Lost in Bordeaux

Rue des Trois Conils is a fun street for cooking and baking lovers, with big cooking stores, my favorite is Alice Delice. And it’s also home to a few cute places to stop for a coffee or drink. These include the Swedish Suzzi Cafe and the Spanish bar Buenavida.

The streets of the Golden Triangle (Triangle d’Or)

The Triangle d’Or district in the center of Bordeaux is probably one of the most attractive areas in the city when it comes to foodie boutiques. Here you can find some of the best wine shops and several lucrative chocolate boutiques.

Just next to the Opera, on Allees de Tourny, you will find l’Intendant, a shop that earned the name “the wine library of Bordeaux” due to its wide selection of local wine. Just a few steps from there, don’t miss the oldest chocolate shop in Bordeaux, Cadiot Badie

Badiot Cadie - the oldest chocolate shop in Bordeaux
Guinettes Bordelaises at le Badiot Cadie in Bordeaux

In my opinion, however, the best foodie places are located on one of the narrow streets surrounding the marché des Grands Hommes, notably, rue Michel Montaigne. If you’re a patisserie snob, you’re likely to find one of the best patissiers on this street. David Capy is one of the best chocolatiers- patissiers in Bordeaux, and a visit there should not be missed. The street is also home to a great cheese shop called Beillevaire. 

More foodie spots around Bordeaux

Rue Fondaudège

Rue Fondaudège
Rue Fondaudège by lost in Bordeaux

I bet that most of you visiting Bordeaux for a short time have never heard of rue Fondaudège but this street is well worth a visit. After several years of tram works this street finally got the spotlight it deserves.

 Fondaudège is a long busy street, very different from the cozy streets of the center of Bordeaux, and it’s quite easy to miss all the interesting food shops on it. But if food is your thing, it’s worth taking a few minutes to walk from the city center just to discover this street. Here’s just a short list of some of the specialty shops on this street: Chocolaterie Lalère, if you want hot chocolate; Aux Dix Vins Fromagers, a great little cheese shop; Perrin, a very good bakery and Original US, a shop of American products (a lot of candies 🙂 ). 

Cafe Eriu – by Lost in Bordeaux

One of my favorite secret spots on this street is a little coffee place named Eriu, owned by the lovely Grace.

Rue Notre Dame

If you’ve been to Bordeaux for more than two days, most chances are that you have visited this street. Rue Notre Dame in the Chartron district is a stylish street full of boutiques, antique shops, and restaurants but it’s especially attractive for foodies. You can take this fun Chartrons food tour to help you discover some of the gastronomic secrets of this street.

Boulangerie chartrons Bordeaux
Boulangerie on rue Notre Dame

La P’tite Boulangerie Notre-Dame, one of Bordeaux’s best bakeries is located just in front of the church, you will easily spot it by the long queue. A little pastry shop I especially love is Micheline et Paulette – they have a very small selection of cakes but they are all excellent and the place is super cute. Other great places on rue Notre Dame include the wine bar Yarra, Juliena tea shop, and the 4ᶱ Vague Café among others. 

Cours Portal

Cours Portal is not a very charming street but it deserves a visit if you’re interested in food. It’s a long street but most of the good boutiques are located close to Place du Marché des Chartrons. Remember Beillevaire, the cheese shop I’ve mentioned before? Here you can find their second boutique in Bordeaux. Another good cheese shop is La Fromagerie de Pierre, visit both for the variety.  

foodie street in Bordeaux
Café refuge on Cours Portal

If you like to make quality coffee at home, check out Café Refuge, a coffee specialty shop. The coffee roaster machinery there is really impressive! Like every foodie street, Cours Portal has its little patissier, named Taupy. One of the more interesting places on rue Portal is Gastronomie Des Pyrénées, a specialty shop offering products from the southwest of France.

Marché des Capucins

Although my list includes only streets and not markets in Bordeaux, I had to add the place all foodies in Bordeaux fall for. Marché des Capucins is the ultimate place to go if you want to explore the regional delicacies of the Southwest of France. The market is home to three cheese shops where you can buy a variety of French cheeses. If you’re looking for a place to taste oysters while in Bordeaux, Chez Jean Mi is definitely the place to go to. 

Marche des Capucins, one of Bordeaux's best markets
Marche des Capucins by Lost in Bordeaux

While on weekdays the atmosphere at the Capucins market is very chill, on weekends many more merchands are coming to sell their produce at the market. The central part is completely covered with little stands of basque cheese, locally grown fruits and vegetables, and plenty of local pastries such as the famous canelés and basque cakes in many flavors. There’s one local pastry in the market you shouldn’t miss called Puits d’amour by Maison Seguin. This little ‘well of love’ will keep you happy all morning 🙂 If you want to read more about sweet local specialties I invite you to read this article about my favorite sweets in Bordeaux. If you want to learn more about the market, check out my article about the best places to eat at Marché des Capucins.

If it’s your first time traveling to Bordeaux, check out my ultimate guide to Bordeaux to get familiar with all the must-see places in Bordeaux. To help you choose a hotel in Bordeaux I’ve gathered a list of the best hotels in the center of Bordeaux as well as a guide to the districts of Bordeaux to help you find your preferred AirBnB location.

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