From time to time I receive questions about beautiful places to walk dogs in Bordeaux, and so “inspired” by the third confinement in France I decided it’s time to dedicate an article to our little four-legged friends. In the last few months, I wrote numerous articles about hiking and parks in Bordeaux that many found useful this year. Most parks in Bordeaux are very dog friendly so I really recommend you go through my previous articles:

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Important note: In many parks in Bordeaux dogs are allowed only on a leash and some need to be muzzled, here’s the exact wording from the site of the Marie de Bordeaux: “Les chiens “non classés” sont autorisés tenus en laisse, de même que les chiens de seconde catégorie tenus en laisse et muselés”

In this article, I want to give you a bit more than just the list of parks. This year I’ve spent quite a lot of days exploring nature around Bordeaux with my kids, looking for hidden lakes, easy walking trails, streams, and just any beautiful place where my kids can feel free to run and enjoy nature. I’ve noticed that many of these places are perfect for dogs as well, in many of them you can let them run free and they can even enjoy a swim. So here are some of the best green spaces to walk your dog in Bordeaux metropole.

Parc des Berges de la Garonne in Bègles

Berges de La Garonne is one of the hidden gems of this region. Many, visit this part of Bègles to do shopping in Rives d’Arcins without even knowing that behind the big shopping center hides a very tranquil green park with a beautiful view of the Garonne river.  Take your dog for a walk along the river and enjoy the metallic sculptures along the way. Don’t miss the Carrelets, the traditional fishing cabins that you can find mostly on the banks of the Gironde Estuary.

Parc des Berges de la Garonne in Begles
Parc des Berges de la Garonne in Begles

Where to park: You can park near Cultura in the main parking of the shopping center and go in the direction of the Garonne river until you see the park. You can equally find parking at the port of Begles and start the walk from the northern part of the park. 

Bois de Thouars in Talence

The Thouars forest is located on the border of Talence and Gradignan and has 4km of walking paths in the woods and around the lake as well as different sports facilities. The hilly path around the lake is especially beautiful and is a great adventure for dogs and kids alike. 

Where to park: There’s a huge parking in front of the pool at 235 Avenue de Thouars, 33400 Talence.

Parc de Montgaillard in Gradignan

Gradignan is known as one of the greenest towns in Bordeaux metropole so it’s not a surprise that one of our dog-friendly places is located there. The path follows the Bourde stream that goes through Gradignan and continues to Canejan, a great hiking path for the more avid walkers among you. At the heart of this park, you’ll find one of the last fully restored water mills in the metropole, a fishing lake, playgrounds, and a picnic area.  

Where to park: There are several parking spots around the mills at Chemin des Moulins, 33170 Gradignan

Bois des Sources du Peugue in Pessac

How about a hike in a magical forest with a beautiful lake where your dog can swim? Bois des Sources du Peugue in Pessac is one of the less known forests/parks in the metropole, but it’s really worth a visit. It has plenty of trails that are perfect not only for hiking but also for cycling. It’s a perfect place to walk your dog and also to have a picnic at the end of the walk.

Where to park: You can find parking around the intersections of Avenue du Port Aerien et Rue des Bouvreuils.

Parc de la Bruthe in Floirac

Moving on to rive droite to the beautiful Domaine de la Burthe in Floirac. This park is part of a beautiful forest and is a perfect place for hiking and for spending the day enjoying the hidden spots between the trees. The place is also home to the equestrian center so you can see plenty of horses all over the park.

Where to park: Chemin de la Burthe, 33270 Floirac

Parc de la Bruthe in Floirac
Parc de la Bruthe

Bois d’Arboudeau in Parempuyre

Another hidden gem that many are not aware of is the Arboudeau forest in Parempuyre, one of the northern towns in Bordeaux metropole. Like other places on this list, this forest has a beautiful lake in its center and you can do a fun circuit with your dog around it. 

Where: Rue de Bordeaux, 33290 PAREMPUYRE

Lac Bleu and Lac Vert

These two lakes are very popular among dog owners and they are also two of the most beautiful lakes in Gironde. The first one is Lac Vert (the green lake) in Canejan and the second one is Lac Bleu (the blue lake) in Leognan, both located about a 15/20 minute drive from Bordeaux. Their names derive from the color of the water and they are both stunning. I think that Lac bleu is the dogs favorite one 🙂

Forêt de Migelane in Martillac

Forêt de Migelane is a 280 hectares forest situated on parts of the Saucats, Martillac, and la Brède towns in Southern Gironde. This calm forest has several hiking trails to offer, all of them are perfect for walking your dog: la Petite Boucle circular (1.4 km), La Petite Boucle circular trail to la Balade Forestière (2.7 km), la Balade Géologique (5.2 km) and la Grande Balade (6.5 km). See more info here.

Forêt de Migelane in Martillac
Forêt de Migelane in Martillac

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