So we can finally go a little bit farther than 1 km from our house Wouhoooo!!! I know that it’s not really considered traveling but we’re in 2020, take whatever you can my friends 🙂 In this article, I want to offer a few ideas of places you can visit within the 20km radius of your home, which is the new limitation for the moment. I don’t mention places in Bordeaux itself as I believe it will be very crowded so I prefer to encourage you to find more spacious places and discover nature or other cute parts of the metropole. As we are limited to only three hours a day I included places that can be visited shortly rather than long hiking trails. 

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For the purpose of this list, the 20km radius is measured from the center of Bordeaux. I assume that many of you live outside of Bordeaux so before going out check if the location fits in your 20km limitation. You can use this site to check. Here’s the list of ideas for places to visit during the next stage of confinement – 20km, 3 hours – here we go! 

Parc floral 

This is my getaway when I need a bit of nature close to Bordeaux. The beautiful Parc Floral of Bordeaux is located at the Barails natural reserve, next to the forest of Bordeaux (Bois de Bordeaux). With its beautiful flower garden and the creative twin city gardens with sculptures and structures donated by some of Bordeaux’s twin cities. No matter where you live in Bordeaux metropole, this park is probably within the allowed distance and it will fill your three hours with a lot of beauty. 

Parc floral Bordeaux

Parc de l’Ermitage 

Parc de l’Ermitage Sainte-Catherine in Lormont with its while cliffs is one of the most beautiful parks near Bordeaux and if you haven’t been there yet, this is an excellent opportunity to check it out.  When on the upper side of the park don’t miss the stunning view from the Aquitaine bridge above the Garonne river. 

For those of you coming with kids, there’s a cute animal park just next to the park called la ferme des Iris. Also if you’re traveling with a stroller I would recommend doing either the upper or lower parts of the park as the stairs between the two parts are quite steep. 

Réserve Naturelle Des Marais De Bruges

Another beautiful and under-discovered nature spot in the metropole is the natural reserve of Bruges. Just a few minutes’ drive from Bordeaux Lac you’ll find 256 hectares of natural treasure with more than a hundred bird species and many types of insects and mammals. There is an itinerary of 2.4 km offered by the site that will allow you to discover one of the parts of the reserve and watch the birds from three different observatory spots. 

The entry to the site is free, the address is Avenue des 4 Ponts.

Lac Vert

Now something for those in the South part of the metropole, although it is within your 20 km even if you live in Bordeaux center. If you like taking a stroll next to water sources this one is for you. The beautiful Lac Vert (the green lac) in Canejan is a perfect place for a short hike with kids or with dogs or both 🙂 It has a nice 1.5 km trail surrounding the lake and a playground for kids when they finish the stroll. 

Parc Majolan

A lake, beautiful nature, and mysterious caves all in one stunning park located less than 10km from the center of Bordeaux. Parc Majolan in Blanquefort is one of the most beautiful parks in Bordeaux and an excellent way to spend your three hours outside. 

Take a long walk on the quai

The right side of the Garonne river is worth a visit not only for Darwin and la Guinguette chez Alriq but also for its beautiful promenade, especially Parc aux Angéliques next to Darwin. You can start your walk at Pont Chaban Delmas and continue walking along the riverside until you get to Arkea Arena in Floirac – it is about 6km in total.

Parc aux Angéliques in Bastide

The Ecosite of Bourgailh

I have mentioned this place on several occasions just because I really love it. It’s a great park for walking or cycling and definitely the best one if you have active kids who love skating and climbing on walls (aren’t they all 🙂 ) The area of the Forêt du Bourgailh includes a 2.6 km walking trail, the largest tropical greenhouse in the region, sports facilities, a skate park, an amphitheater, a zoo, and a beautiful animal-themed playground. If you’re cycling from Pessac you don’t have to get to the main entrance to enter the park, on the crossroad between Rue des Frênes and Avenue de Monbalo there’s a cycling path that leads right into the park. 

For more places to visit in Pessac read my article

Lla Forêt du Taillan­-Médoc

If you want to discover a proper forest rather than a park, this one is for you. La Forêt du Taillan­-Médoc is a 420 hectares forest that proposes four trails for hiking: The 2.6 km Circuit vert, the 5.3 km Circuit bleu, the 7.1 km Circuit rouge, and the 8.6 km Circuit noir. You can read more info about the forest and the circuits here

 Discover other markets 

If you live far from a market and are obliged to buy everything at the supermarket, this is a great opportunity to get familiar with some of the best markets of the metropole. Many of the big weekly markets take place on the weekends and they are spread around some of the biggest suburbs in Bordeaux metropole. A few of my favorites are the Sunday market of Bassens, the Saturday market at Merignac, and the Sunday market of Pessac. 

markets in Bordeaux France

Check out the list of the best markets in Bordeaux is my article

Discover the suburbs of Bordeaux 

Most people usually leave the metropole on the weekend or go to the center of Bordeaux, but these new rules give us an opportunity to discover some of the other towns surrounding Bordeaux. I have already written about Pessac with its lovely center (check out my article) but there are other cute little towns around Bordeaux. Lormont has a cute little center, Gradignan is lovely and has some interesting sites to visit such as the Prieure de Cayac and Parc René Canivenc with its aminal park. In Bordeaux itself, you can visit Saint Agustin and Saint Bruno which are two nice neighborhoods, or take a walk in the developing neighborhood of Bassin a flot.

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