July 14th is the French national day which is celebrated in every city in France. Like every year, Bordeaux will hold a series of popular events and parties in the city center as well as the surrounding towns. 

The main event in Bordeaux is the fireworks over the Garonne River on July 14, at 23:00. Starting the early evening hours of July 14 many activities and games for kids will take place in the city center. You can find the program on the website of the city hall of Bordeaux.

Bal Pompiers in Bordeaux

Bals Pompiers are traditional firemen parties taking place in many cities in France on July 13 and 14, the French national day. Bordeaux’s firemen will also celebrate the national day with a few parties of their own. 

Bal Pompiers Ornano

One of the biggest ones will take place at the Ornano Fire Academy (Meriadeck)  on July 13, check more details here

Bal des pompiers de la Benauge

Another big party is Bal de la Benauge taking place on July 14 at the Benauge fire station, Check more details here. This fire station is located on the other side of the river at Quai Deschamps. 

Château Lescombes

Another fun Bal is hosted by Château Lescombes in Eysines on July 13.See all the details here.


The city of Saint-Médard-en-Jalles is hosting a traditional Bal Pompiers at le Bords de Jalle de Gajac on July 13- starting at 19:00 – info

Fireworks and festivities in other towns around Bordeaux 

Here’s a list of towns surrounding Bordeaux that host parties, fireworks, and other festive National Day events.

Events on July 13

Mérignac – Parc du Vivier et Stade Robert Brettes – Starting 18:00 – info

Pessac – Parc Razon (Av. Pierre Wiehn) – starting 17:00 – info.

Bruges – Place de le Mairie – starting 19:00 – info.

Gradignan – Parc de Mandavit – starting 19:00 – info.

Le Haillan – Stade Abel Laporte (rue de Los Héros) – starting 21:30 – info 

Martignas-sur-Jalle – Plaine Colette-Besson (3 Impasse Victor Schoelcher) – starting 19:00 – info.

Bouliac – Place Chevelaure- starting 20:00  – info.

Events on July 14

Talence – Parc Peixotto – starting 19:00 – info.

Cenon – Parking de l’Hôtel de ville (1 avenue Carnot 33150), starting 17:00 – info

Blanquefort – Parc Fongravey (26 Rue Jean Moulin) – info.

14 Juillet Bordeaux

Other fun events on July 13- 14 in the Bordeaux region 

Le 14 juillet à Arcachon

A festive day is going to take place in the town of Arcachon on July 14 with an official ceremony and concerts and a beautiful light show in the evening. See info here.  

The show that’s going to end the events in Arcachon

Arcachon Port Festival

Arcachon’s port is hosting a party at Halle de l’Aiguillon on July 13. See all the details here

Music O Teich

Music O Teich is a festival taking place at the port of Le Teich in Bassin d’Arcachon on July 12-14. The event includes a big creators’ market and free concerts every night and fireworks on July 14. For more info click here

Fête Des Fous – Château De Villandraut 

Château de Villandraut is hosting its traditional Fête National Day (July 14) with a big traditional music and dance, games and workshops for kids, a creators market, and more. That’s where I took my kids last year and they had a blast. See all the info here

Saint Emilion 

If you’re visiting Saint Emilion during the week of the Fête National, the fireworks there will take place on July 13, see info here.

* See other events taking place in Bordeaux in July and August.

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