Lège-Cap-Ferret is a narrow peninsula that sits on the western part of Arcachon Bay about an hour or two drive from Bordeaux, depending on traffic. Albeit its growing popularity, notably among Parisians, Cap Ferret managed to keep its raw atmosphere of simplicity and tranquility. The area consists of twelve little villages, one of them being the town of Cap Ferret, located in the south part of the peninsula. Its position between the bay and the Ocean turns it into an amazing place for a summer vacation with tens of small village beaches and wilder ones on the ocean side.

In this article, I’ll help you discover the most beautiful beaches in Cap Ferret. It’s important to note that during the low tide, it’s impossible to swim on the bay side and it’s thus very important to check out the tide hours before going. Here’s a site where you can see when the tide is high enough to enjoy the beach.

The best beaches in Cap Ferret
The best beaches in Cap Ferret – by lost in Bordeaux

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One last thing before we start, traffic to Cap Ferret can be quite heavy, especially in the summer. So you can either try to get there as early as possible or stay the night :). If you love camping check out my article about the most recommended camping sites in Cap Ferret. If camping is not your thing, here are a few recommended hotels in Cap Ferret: Domaine du Ferret Balnéo & Spa in the north part of the peninsula, the 4- star hotel Hôtel Côté Sable in the center of Cap Ferret town, or Les Chambres du Phare, a beautiful bed and breakfast, located near the lighthouse of Cap Ferret. 

You can also rent a house near the beach, here are two recommendations: Cabane Japajo, a wooden cabin on the beach of le Four, or this rental unit in Claouey. Both are located in cute villages in the north of the peninsula. 

Now let’s dive into the most beautiful beaches in Cap Ferret

The best beaches in Lège Cap Ferret

La Plage des Américains

La Plage des Américains - cap ferret
La Plage des Américainsby lost in Bordeaux

Visiting the peninsula, many people go straight to Cap Ferret, which is the largest village in Lege Cap Ferret. You can find a number of nice beaches here, including the central one, but the best one in my opinion, is the Plage des Americains. This little piece of heaven is located a few minutes’ walk from jetée de Belisaire, the pier of Cap Ferret.  The narrow beach with its beautiful water and the forest behind it will immediately put you in a state of tranquility. It feels like nothing in the world could bother you here. When the tide is low you can get there walking on the beach from the main pier of Cap Ferret. 

Plage de la Pointe aux Chevaux

Plage de la Pointe aux Chevaux - beach in Cap Ferret
Plage de la Pointe aux Chevaux – lost in Bordeaux

One of the most popular beaches in Cap Ferret is Plage de la Pointe aux Chevaux. The beach is located right next to a little oyster-port and you can see plenty of pinasses (oyster farming boats) floating on the calm waters of the bay. When the tide is low you can enjoy a beautiful walk on the beach and then continue into the foresty route located at the southern part of the beach. If you continue to ’avenue de la Pointe aux Chevaux’ you will reach a beautiful viewpoint overlooking the beach. 

Finish your day with a plate of oysters at La Dégust du Grand Coin, which is located right on the beach. The beach is located between the two port-towns of Grand Piquey and Petit Piquey. Access to the beach is easier from the latter.  

And here’s a pro tip from me, make the effort to get there early in the morning to see the amazing sunrise. If you’re not an early bird, you can do it in the winter when the sun rises after 8 am. 

Plage de la Truquette

Plage de la Truquette - hidden gem in Cap Ferret
Plage de la Truquette -by lost in Bordeaux

Plage de la Truquette is a little hidden gem located right to the north of Plage de la Pointe aux Chevaux. The beach is tucked in Foret Dromanile de la Lege et Garonne, so the access there goes through the forest. It’s one of the rawest beaches in Cap Ferret with solely the pine forest in the background. 

Another way to access it would be through the little oyster port of Petit Piquey, Les Parcs de l’Impératrice. Park the car at the oyster park and walk through the Impasse des Pecheurs to get to the beach.

This beach is located in Petit Piquey which has plenty of cute little shops on its main road. 

Plage de l’Herbe

L'herbe - one of the most beautiful villages in Cap Ferret
l’Herbe – by Lost in Bordeaux

L’Herbe is definitely my favorite place on Bassin d’Arcachon. Nothing matches the charm of this little village with its colorful oyster farmers’ cabins. Along the shore, you can find a handful of little oyster cabins where you can eat fresh oysters accompanied by white dry wine. 

In the north of the village, you’ll find the main beach, Plage de l’Herbe. It’s a small beach with a few vacation houses of people that are coming here every year. It’s one of the most kids-friendly beaches on Bassin d’Arcachon with plenty of space for them to run around even when the tide is high. 

When you go to l’Herbe you must do the little trail to the upper part of the village and enjoy the view of the cabins from the top. To go up, take the stairs from the southern part of the beach (just next to the public toilets ).

The best beaches in Cap Ferret – Ocean side 

Plage Du Truc Vert

Plage Du Truc Vert - on the Atlantic ocean
Plage Du Truc Vert – by lost in Bordeaux

Surfers’ favorite, le Truc Vert is one of the wildest beaches in the region. This beach is so long that if you walk far enough, you’ll have the beach all for yourself.   

The beach is located on the ocean side of Cap Ferret and you have to walk a bit to get there. Park your car in the forest near the Truc Vert camping. Then cross the route Forestiere du Truc Vert and walk along the path to the Truc Vert beach. 

If you have little kids who hate walking (like mine do) I wouldn’t necessarily recommend going there. Otherwise, it’s a perfect beach for surfers and anyone who loves the ocean and long walks on the beach. 

Plage du Grand Crohot

Grand Crohot beach is located on the Ocean side of the Cap Ferret peninsula. As opposed to the calm water on the side of the Bassin d’Arcachon, on the ocean side, the waves are strong, making it a surfing paradise. This beautiful white sand beach attracts both kite surfers and families that love to swim in the ocean.  In the summer the beach tends to be quite busy and sometimes parking can be an issue so try to come early. If you’re coming with kids, this beach is supervised during the summer. The beach is located in the north part of the peninsula which makes it a good choice if you want to avoid the heavy traffic of Lege Cap Ferret. 

Plage de la Pointe Cap Ferret

Plage de la Pointe Cap Ferret
Plage de la Pointe Cap Ferret – by lost in Bordeaux

Plage de la Pointe Cap Ferret is located at the most southern point of the Cap Ferret Peninsula which makes it one of the most special places in Arcachon. Due to its position, you can see both the ocean and the famous Dune du Pilat on the other side of the Bay. The beach is quite isolated and requires a bit of a walk to get to. 
It’s important to note that due to the strong current of the bay it’s considered quite dangerous for swimming. Also, due to the erosion of the Cap Ferret point, the beach can be closed to the public from time to time. However, when open, it’s one of the most beautiful beaches in our region. 

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