The French have a long history of exquisite gardens and have produced some of the most renowned landscape architects in the world. Dordogne, the department in southwest France, is home to an astounding number of stunning gardens. In this article, I want to help you discover the most beautiful gardens in Dordogne and help you plan a day trip around the visit. 

From sweeping views over rivers and valleys to manicured trees and flowers, there’s a great variety of green spaces in this region. The wonderful thing about visiting gardens is that it’s for everyone – whether you love nature, sightseeing, history, picnics, or family outings, you’ll enjoy a trip to one of the spots on this list! Here are some of my personal favorites.

Discover the most special gardens in Dordogne
Gardens in Dordogne, France – Lost in Bordeaux

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The best gardens to visit in Dordogne 

Les Jardins de Marqueyssac

If you can only visit one garden in Dordogne, Les Jardins de Marqueyssac is the one you need to go to. It’s definitely the most impressive garden in the Dordogne department, if not in the whole Southwest of France.   

The gardens were created in the 19th century by Julien de Cerval, a visionary aristocrat who was so passionate about box tree gardens he planted 150,000 boxwoods in Marqueyssac. These shrubs are still pruned by hand today and are surrounded by waterfalls and panoramic views of the Dordogne. 

Les Jardins de Marqueyssac is especially kid-friendly, and the perfect place for a family outdoor day when traveling in the Dordogne. Your little explorers will enjoy navigating through a fascinating labyrinth of greenery. The park also offers two playgrounds and a small tree net adventure course that kids love.

The stunning view from Les Jardins de Marqueyssac
the view from Les Jardins de Marqueyssac – Lost in Bordeaux

In summer they offer yoga classes in the gardens and you can buy a combined ticket for the gardens and the nearby Château de Castelnaud, which is definitely worth a visit. 

If you’re there in July and August, go in the evening for a magical, romantic experience – gardens by candlelight! They light up the narrow walkways between the boxwoods with 2,000 candles for a stunning stroll as it gets dark.

You can buy drinks and snacks from the crêperie or the sandwich stall on the grounds, or grab a table at the more elegant sit-down restaurant with its wonderful view. 

Les Jardins de Marqueyssac the most beautiful gardens in Dordogne
Les Jardins de Marqueyssac – Lost in Bordeaux

Les Jardins de Marqueyssac is open every day of the year, but be sure to check the website before you go because the opening times differ based on the season. I’d recommend buying your tickets online to avoid lines.
What to do nearby: The Marqueyssac Gardens are located in the most interesting region in Dordogne, just a few minutes drive from places like Sarlat, Beynac, La Roque Gageac, and other stunning villages of Perigord Noir.

Eyrignac et ses Jardins

Eyrignac and its gardens (Jardins du Manoir d’Eyrignac), a historic monument in the Périgord Noir part of the Dordogne is a beautiful part of local history. The house and its gardens have been in the same family for 22 generations and are superbly maintained by a passionate team of gardeners. 

The manor house dates back to the 17th century and the French-style gardens have undergone numerous overhauls to keep up with gardening fashions over time, but have since been restored to their original 18th-century splendor! Gilles Sermadiras had the vision to restore the land and his son, Patrick Sermadiras de Pouzols de Lile, is currently in charge of preserving the secret garden.

Eyrignac et ses Jardins- one of the most kept gardens in the Dordogne region
Eyrignac et ses Jardins – Lost in Bordeaux

The plants and flowers surrounding the manor house come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. There are over 300 different clipped, trimmed, and pruned bushes, shrubs, hedges, and trees. Prepare to be blown away!

In terms of food, there’s the Côté Jardins restaurant and tea room as well as a shady picnic spot.

The gardens at Eyrignac are a wonderful place for the whole family, offering plenty of fun activities for kids and adults alike. There are free puzzles for the whole family to play with and each child is given a surprise gift at the end of their visit. There is also an adventure quiz (available in French and English) and other fun activities. Finally, they have strollers, changing tables, and children’s menus available.

Eyrignac et ses Jardins - one of the most kid-friendly parks in Dordogne
Eyrignac et ses Jardins – Lost in Bordeaux

The Eyrignac domain hosts fantastic events all year long. White picnics are held every Monday in summer with fireworks, music, and dancing with sunset views over the Dordogne Valley. An Easter Egg hunt for littles is offered on Easter.

If you’re planning on visiting Eyrignac et ses Jardins this summer, book your tickets here.

What to do nearby: The Eyrignac Gardens is located about 13 km from Sarlat, which is a must-visit. In 15 minutes you can also get to Saint-Geniès, another lovely little town in Perigord Noir. Just a few minutes drive from there you can find Château de Salignac, a family-owned chateau with a beautiful view over the old town.

Les Jardins Panoramiques de Limeuil

Les Jardins Panoramiques de Limeuil are situated on the banks of the Dordogne River, in one of the most beautiful villages in the Purple Perigord. These famous gardens boast some of the most marvelous views of both the Dordogne and Vézère Rivers. 

Jardins Panoramiques de Limeuil, Dordogne

The botanical gardens were created in the 19th century by Docteur Linarès at the end of a long career spent taking care of the Sultan of Morocco. The transformation he brought about at the house and the gardens was inspired by his travels in North Africa. The whole site was entirely rehabilitated in 2004.

Panoramic Gardens of Limeuil is home to many different types of gardens. You’ve got the Mediterranean wellbeing garden dedicated to relaxation and mindfulness with plants that help you do just that. There’s a medieval garden where you can learn about what plants were used for back in the day and a colorful flower garden. 

You’ll also find a space dedicated to healing plants with magical powers and a water garden with flowing streams and waterfalls. Finally, there’s the insect garden with flowers that help keep the important bee and insect populations safe.

The panoramic gardens of Limeuil are the perfect spot for kids to learn, explore, and play. There are giant games of chess and checkers as well as regular-sized games and a wishing tree where children can write down and hang up their wishes. You can even participate in an escape game for the whole family in the gardens – what fun!

Visit the Panoramic gardens of Limeuil - one the best things to do with kids in Dordogne
The Panoramic Gardens of Limeuil by Lost in Bordeaux

In summer you can stop by the Taverne for cold and warm drinks as well as ice creams and lunch snacks to take with you on a picnic in the gardens.

The gardens are open from April to November – see the opening hours here. The gardens are located in the upper part of the village, while the parking is at the bottom village, taking into account that a bit of walking is required to get there. Some parking places are available just next to the park for people with reduced mobility. 

What to do nearby:  While you’re there, don’t miss the village of Limeul, one of the most beautiful villages in the region. There are so many magical alleys, houses and art shops there, that you need at least a few hours to discover it properly.  The town of Bugue is nearby too – you can actually cycle there – and it has a great market on Tuesdays and plenty of attractions for kids.

Les Jardins de l’Imaginaire in Terrasson-Lavilledie

Created in 1996 by Pierre Delmon, the mayor of the town where they are located, Terrasson-Lavilledie, these gardens bring together human history, contemporary art, and fun events.

The imagination gardens were designed by Kathryn Gustafson, an internationally acclaimed landscape architect. So if you’re interested in gardens and architecture, there are quite a lot of special elements there. My sister-in-law, who is a landscape architect, was quite ecstatic when I sent her the photos from the gardens. 

There are guided tours that last just over an hour taking place all summer long. You’ll explore the modern, block-shaped plants and the romantic blue flowers overlooking the blue roofs of the town below. 

Les Jardins de l'Imaginaire in Terrasson-Lavilledie
Les Jardins de l’Imaginaire – lost in Bordeaux

You can also enjoy walking through the water fountains on a hot day and contemporary greenhouses. In total, there are 13 different parts of the garden with 2,000 rose bushes and 8,000 trees.

This summer you can enjoy fun Electronic Garden evenings with DJ sets, lights, and dancing at Les Jardins de l’Imaginaire. Be sure to book your tickets early so you don’t miss out!
It’s not one of my top three gardens in Dordogne, but we definitely spent a great time there with the kids on a hot day. So definitely worth it if you’re traveling in that part of the Dordogne. The gardens are open from April to October, see the opening hours here.

What to see nearby: Take time to stroll the streets of Terrasson-Lavilledieu, it’s one the more lovely towns in the eastern part of Dordogne. Within only 15 minutes drive you’ll get to  Saint-Amand-de-Coly, another exquisite village with its famous historical site. The famous Lascaux caves are also located not far from the gardens.

Château et jardins de Losse

Not far away from Terrasson, in the heart of the Vézère valley, sits the Losse castle and its gardens, a true gem on the river banks. The Losse family built the castle on the right bank of the Vézère in the 11th century and over time grew into an influential family, working closely with the French royal families and becoming known as great soldiers in the army.

The Jardins de Losse consists of a rose garden, an arbor, manicured lavender fields, carefully trimmed, lattice-shaped hedges, various ancient fountains, and trees with magical blossoms. Taking a walk through the château gardens is like taking a trip back in time – you’ll be transported by the smells of fresh flowers, the sound of the river below and the birds in the trees, and the peacefulness of the lush greenery.

There are wonderful activities and events that take place at Château de Losse during the tourist season. These include the Soirée Étoiles, candlelit evenings with jazz concerts taking place in the summer

It’s also a very family-friendly visit, offering a treasure hunt in the gardens for kids ages 5-11. There’s also a lovely restaurant and tea room for lunch as well as a cute gift shop in the stunning, ancient Tower of Sainte-Marguerite.

The Losse castle and gardens are open every day from April 16th to November 13th. See the opening hours here

What to do nearby: is located just between the stunning village of Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère and the world-renowned Lascaux caves. In general, there are plenty of things to do with kids in this part of Dordogne

Les Jardins de Cadiot

Les Jardins de Cadiot in Perigord Noir is far wilder or sauvage than the other gardens on this list, but equally beautiful and worth a visit.

They are made up of ten individual gardens, including a traditional French potager or vegetable garden and a fairytale-like labyrinth, especially loved by children. There is also an English-inspired garden and one in an Italian style, and both will take your breath away. 

The peony garden is a very special one to visit in May when the 100 different varieties are blooming. Contrasting the lush greenery are contemporary outdoor sculptures from a Zimbabwean artist, making for a wonderful walk through all 10 spaces.

The child-friendly outing is a must during your visit to Dordogne. It’s open every day from May to September and you can check the blooming calendar on their website to time your visit with your favorite flowers. There’s also a lovely tea room with delicious cakes onsite. 

What to do nearby: The gardens are located close to the border of the Lot department which is another part of France, abundant with stunning villages. Some villages with visiting nearby are Souillac and Sarlat in Perigord Noir.

Les Jardins d’Eau

A walk through these refreshing water gardens in Carsac-Aillac is the perfect summer activity for the whole family. At this family-run fairytale park, Steven Bernard proudly maintains what his parents created 20 years ago. Passionate about water flowers, his parents, Didier and Claude, moved down to the Périgord from Normandy in search of a warmer climate for their plants.

The walk through the gardens has plenty of benches where you can sit down and admire the plants as well as the peacefulness. Surrounded by babbling brooks, picturesque water lilies, and colorful lotus flowers, your whole family is sure to love this outing, especially in summer.

Les Jardins d’Eau is home to 55 varieties of colorful water lilies, known as nymphéa in French and deriving their name from the magical fairy-like creatures. There are also large, golden Koi fish and splendid little frogs who call this place home.

There is a lovely picnic space if you bring your own lunch and you can buy cold drinks and ice creams at the gift shop and on sunny days you can rent a parasol or sunshade. Dogs are welcome, so this really is a spectacular day out for the whole family!

Nearby you can visit the beaches of the Dordogne River as well as the cute town of Montfort.
Les Jardins d’Eau is open every day from May to September – see opening hours here.

Les Jardins de Sardy

Les Jardins de Sardy are built around a fortified 18th-century Italian-style farm and underwent a total facelift in the mid-1900s. Parisian couple Betty, originally Irish, and Bertie Imbs acquired the land in 1956 with the dream of creating a garden. 

The property was in a state of disrepair but Betty saw the potential, inspired by her years living in England and working in the art of gardening. Luckily the couple was friends with renowned architect Louis Aublet and he helped them restore the property to its original charm. 

Today, Frédéric Imbs, their son, and his wife Ninon have taken over and opened the gardens to the public.

As you make your way through the gardens starting in the courtyard, pleasant smells drift into the air. Delicate water lilies, Cypress trees, pink crape myrtles, Hornbeams, olive groves, and perfectly manicured shrubs are just some of the beautiful plants to be found at Les Jardins de Sardy. The highlight of the gardens is the magnificent rectangular pool with its water fountains, water lilies, Koi fish, and arum lilies.

Finish off your visit at the sweet café for a drink and a view over the peaceful greenery. Les Jardins de Sardy are open every day from May to September. See the opening hours here

In summer they sometimes host classical music concerts in the gardens, which make for a very romantic outing. It is highly recommended to book your spot for one of their concerts by calling or emailing them at 05 53 27 51 45 or  jardins.sardy@gmail.com.

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The amazing response to my Hiking in Bordeaux article last week, made me realize that now, more than ever, people are looking to replace their city center outings with parks, beaches, and forests. So maybe not everyone is up for a 9km hike but I’m sure most of my readers would love to discover new places where they can admire exotic flowers, observe ducks swimming peacefully in a cute pond and enjoy an outdoor picnic. I know we all miss going to restaurants but opening a bottle of good Bordeaux wine accompanied by cheese, charcuterie and a beautiful view doesn’t feel so bad to me! So this week I decided to write an article about the most beautiful parks in Bordeaux, or better yet “my favorite parks in Bordeaux” 🙂

If you leave the city center and travel to the other towns of Bordeaux Metropole, you will discover that there’s a huge amount of parks and green spaces in the Bordeaux region. Some of them have lakes, playgrounds, picnic areas, others have a more foresty vibe to them and some even have beautiful art installations. In some parts of this article, I mention things like playgrounds, animal parks, coffee places, and picnics, which were a normal thing before the pandemic. I hope that things can get back to normal as soon as possible but for now, please know that some of these places are still closed and that no gathering of more than 10 people is allowed. So be safe and prudent when visiting public spaces. 

If you’re keen on staying close to the center you can check out my older article about the best places for picnics in Bordeaux. Also, I just want to remind you that on my Instagram I post plenty of photos and stories from the places I visit in Gironde so follow me to get much more info about the hidden gems of our region.

The best parks in Bordeaux – Rive Gauche

Jardin Public in Bordeaux center

Jardin public in Bordeaux

For those living in Bordeaux, my choice to start with Jardin Public would seem too obvious, but one cannot make a list of parks in Bordeaux without mentioning this beautiful green island harmoniously placed among the historic buildings of Bordeaux. Jardin Public, created in the 18th century is the biggest park in Bordeaux center spreading over 11 hectares! This place is the epitome of city parks, it has a beautiful pond with ducks and swans, a wide green area for picnics, a lot of space for runners and two fun playgrounds for kids. It’s also home to Bordeaux’s natural history museums which is a great spot for families. You can clearly see why it’s one of the most visited places in Bordeaux by locals and tourists alike. In the summer, the park hosts a daily traditional puppets show, which makes it even more attractive for families. For more activities for kids check out my article about the best things to do in Bordeaux with kids

Parc Bordelais in Cauderan

Parc Bordelais in the Cauderan neighborhood is the biggest park in Bordeaux city. It’s a beautiful 28-hectare green space that attracts both friends and families for picnics around the lake, as well as runners and bikers. It also has a chic cafe, for those of you in need of a cold glass of rosé 🙂  I would dare to say that it’s the most kids-friendly park in Bordeaux. Besides two large playgrounds (for younger and older kids), there is a puppet theater, a little animal park and a kids train that takes you on a tour of the park. While it’s not in the hyper center like Jardin Public, it’s really worth the travel. 

Parc bordelais in Bordeaux

There’s no tram directly to the park but you can easily reach it by bus (number 2 or 3) from the center of Bordeaux. You can also take tram D and walk about 15 minutes to the park. It will take you about half an hour to get there walking from the center of Bordeaux. 

Parc Majolan in Blanquefort

If I had to make a list of my top three parks in Bordeaux this one would definitely be on it! Parc Majolan in Blanquefort is a great example of a beautiful landscape design. When you follow the paths in the park you feel like you walk through a forest but then suddenly discover ruins of an old gate, beautiful flowers, and finally a stunning lake. The best part of it all is the artificial caves created in the 19th century. This park is so rich that it will take you hours to explore all of it! 

Parc Majolan Bordeaux

How to get there: The entrance to the park is from Avenue du Général de Gaulle 33290 BLANQUEFORT. If you’re coming by bus, take bus number 29 and get off at Parc de Majolan station. 

Parc Bouran in Merignac

Parc Bouran in Merignac

Parc Bouran is the main park of Merignac and is easily accessible by tram A from the city center. While it’s a proper park with a lake, a beautiful chateau and playgrounds, some parts of it feel rawer and woody, which I find very nice. The park has been built around the Deveze, a stream that runs into the Garone river next to the Saint Pierre neighborhood (the original location of the old port of Bordeaux). In the city center, the stream now goes underground but here in the park, it’s in the open-air, giving it yet another special feature. This park is perfect for families and seems to be very popular with joggers as well 🙂

Parc Floral 

I feel like this amazing park doesn’t get enough credit. The 20 hectares flower park of Bordeaux side by side with the Bois de Bordeaux (the forest of Bordeaux) in the Barails natural reserve, which I have written about in my Hiking in Bordeaux article. This is one of the most beautiful places in Bordeaux for walking, running, bicycle riding or a picnic. 

Parc floral in Bordeaux

The colorful Parc floral has a beautiful rose garden with more than 500 varieties of roses. And that’s not all, among the park’s greenery you can find magnolias, many irises, every possible type of rhododendrons and many types of vines (mind you they are there to feed the birds). Throughout the park you will see plenty of statues and structures that look like they have been taken from other parts of the world. These were donated to Bordeaux from different places like Japan, Spain, and Morocco (don’t miss the stunning Moorish mosaics.) Spring is the best time to visit the park. Everything is still blossoming and after two months of confinement, it’s a good reminder that the world is still beautiful and alive 🙂 

Parc Floral is located in the Bordeaux Lac neighborhood and to get there straight without passing the forest first you will need to enter through entree roseraie (next to the Golf de Bordeaux Lac). Before heading there check out the information about the different entrances and parking spots on the official site of Bordeaux

Le Bois du Bouscat

Le Bois du Bouscat is a 5 hectares park stretched along the big Hippodrome in the Le Bouscat neighborhood. It’s a relatively new park, opened only in 2013 and labeled “entre nature et culture” it strives to connect  nature, art, and culture. While it’s not a huge park, its cultural aspect is particularly attractive and it can take you a few hours to see everything if you really pay attention to all the details. Plenty of sculptures are spread throughout the park, unusual benches, each designed by a different wood sculpturer, beautiful metallic animals representing the animals of the forest, and other art installations all related to nature. If you’re in for a culture hike, this is your place.

Parc Peixotto

Parc Peixotto in the center of Talence is not one of the big parks in Bordeaux metropole, but one of my favorites for sure. Well, I’m not objective here, I live just next door to it and it has been my savior every time my kids go bananas at home. What can you find here? A pond with plenty of geese and ducks, a beautiful chateau, and tons of hidden spots for romantic picnics 🙂 In the summer there are usually some nice events taking place in the park as well. 

chateau peixotto
chateau peixotto in Talence

It’s easily accessible by tram B from the city center – the Forum and Parc Peixotto stations are both very close to the park. 

Ecosite du Bourgailh in Pessac

The Ecosite of Bourgailh is not just a park, it’s a universe of plants put together in great landscape design. The area of the Foret du Bourgailh includes a 2.6 km walking trail, the largest tropical greenhouse in the region, sports facilities, a skate park, an amphitheater, a zoo and one of the most beautiful playgrounds you have ever seen, which for me is the highlight of this park. There are plenty of nice ecological and educational events taking place there throughout the year, such as mushroom hunting, a pumpkin festival, planting workshops and more. 

Ecosite du Bourgailh in Pessac

There are currently some issues with the parking there so you might have to stop further away and walk a bit. Click here to see where to park and how to get there by public transport or biking. 

Parc du Moulineau Gradignan

Parc du Moulineau Gradignan

Parc du Moulineau happens to be one of the biggest parks in the green suburb of Gradignan and it’s a real gem for kids. Not only can they enjoy a big playground but it’s also home to the Maison de la Nature that inhabits nearly 50 different animal species from rabbits to the black and white goat of the Pyrénées. The animal park is still closed so I recommend waiting until it opens up before going there. You can see all the details about the opening hours of the animal park here

Parc Sourreil in Villenave d’ornon

Parc Sourreil in Villenave d’ornon

This little park is well hidden behind its chateau and is easy to miss when passing by its main entrance in Villenave d’Ornon. However, if you go beyond the chateau you’ll find a cute forest-y park with a nice area for kids and some walking paths around the woods. I wouldn’t necessarily make a long trip to see this park but if you’re not far from here, it’s worth a visit!

Parks on Rive droite 

Parc de L’ermitage in Lormont 

The Parc of Lormont, or by its official name Parc de l’Ermitage Sainte-Catherine, is one of the favorite parks of rive droite inhabitants, or those who love traveling around the metropole. This beautiful hilly park is located on the east bank of the Garonne river and is part of the enormous 400 hectares green space called Parc des Coteaux, which goes through several other towns on rive droite. 

If you climb on the upper side of the park you can enjoy a stunning view of the Aquitaine bridge covering the Garonne river. However, If you’re coming with strollers or generally with little kids, beware that it’s not a very easy climb to the top of the park. In that case, I would advise you to spend your time near the lake at the bottom of the park and then reenter the park again through Haut Lormont (the higher part of Lormont) to visit the hilly part.  

Parc de L’ermitage in Lormont

I previously mentioned this park in my article about things to do with kids in Bordeaux. Just next to the park you will find the ferme d’Iris, an animal farm for kids with rabbits, donkeys, goats, and more.  For more info about the farm click here.

Parc aux Angéliques in Bastide

Parc aux Angéliques on Quai des Queyries isn’t a park per se, but rather a vast green area close to the city center, perfect for hiking, biking, or a picnic with friends. I felt that I should include it in the list for those looking for a nice picnic spot in the more tranquil part of Bordeaux. The park is spread along the Garonne river from its east side which provides a beautiful view of the buildings and monuments on the opposite side of the river such as the beautiful Place de la Bourse. There’s a very familial and tranquil vibe to it even during the more touristy months of the year. You will see groups of friends picnicking, families playing badminton, and a lot of bikers and runners (well, these are apparently everywhere in Bordeaux). If you’ve made it all the way there you can enjoy places like Darwin and Jardin Botanic, both located just in front of the park. You can read more about these two places in my ultimate guide to a weekend in Bordeaux. If you’re coming with kids, don’t panic if you don’t find a playground in the park. There’s actually a large playground just next to Jardin Botanique at Place des Droits de L’Enfant.

Parc aux Angéliques in Bastide

You can get there by tram A (Stalingrad station), by boat from the other side of the river, or with many buses that go through the Bastide neighborhood, You can use the site of the public transport in Bordeaux to find the best route. My favorite way to get there is on a city bike, you can read more about that in my article about cycling in Bordeaux

In this list, I included only the parks that I had a chance to visit, which is quite a lot but if you think that I should include other parks feel free to write it in the comments below. 

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Hope you enjoyed reading!

Having a picnic with your bottle of rosé and some fromage on a sunny day is one of the most French things you can do. If you ever tried to find a green spot in Bordeaux you’ve probably noticed that it’s not an easy task as there aren’t many parks in the center of town, especially comparing to Paris. But what many people don’t know is that there are actually quite a lot of green, magical islands between all these historical buildings, you just have to find them.

I gathered the top places where you can join other Bordolaise for a picnic with family, friends or maybe even solo with your book and a bottle of wine. I also added the location of nearby places to get some snacks and drinks, in case you didn’t bring your picnic from home. For those with kids I also added the locations of the nearest playgrounds. 

If you want to discover the best parks in Bordeaux Metropole go ahead and read my article about the most beautiful parks in Bordeaux

So here is my list of places to picnic in Bordeaux (see the full map at the end of the article):

Center of Bordeaux

Miroir d’eau

This is one of the most photographed places in Bordeaux, and rightly so. The reflection of Place de la Bourse on one side and the view of the Garrone on the other turns it into one of Bordeaux’s must-see spots. On a hot day, one of the most pleasant things to do is to splash your feet in the water and then catch a spot in the gardens surrounding the Miroir d’eau. The place is usually very crowded and there’s no shade, so it’s recommended to get there in the morning before it gets too hot and busy. 

Where to buy snacks: The closest supermarket to get your fruits or a bottle of rosé on a hot day is the Monop’ at Promenade St Catherine – cross the road to Place de la Bourse, continue strait on rue Saint-Rémi until you reach  Promenade St Catherine on your right. 

What’s for kids: While there is no playground next to the Mirior d’eau, the monument itself is probably one of the most enjoyable places for kids in Bordeaux. As part of its operating cycle, the level of the water goes up for several minutes creating a shallow pool, letting kids splash in the water.

picnic next to Miroir d'eau in Bordeaux
Le Miroir d’eau – one of the most photographed places in Bordeaux

Parc des Sports Saint-Michel

Parc des Sports is located just in front of quartier Saint Michel which is one of the most hip places in Bordeaux nowadays. Many people don’t pay much attention to this huge green spot in the city center,  which leaves the whole area for the locals to enjoy. The lawns of the park are wide enough to forget that you are actually one step away from the road. Also, the view of the Garonne is quite impressive so try to find a spot closer to the river. For more things to do in this neighborhood check out my article about Saint Michel.   

Where to buy snacks: A new Carfour city have just opened up on 12 Rue des Allamandiers, just next to the Saint Michel Basilica. There’s also a big food market taking place next to the Basilica every Saturday.

What’s for kids: As its name indicates, this place is very sport oriented. Besides a nice playground for kids, there are other sports facilities such as ping pong tables and a skate park.

Parc des sports saint michel-
Parc des Sports – two steps from the hip Saint-Michel neighborhood

Jardin Public de Bordeaux

The largest park in the center of Bordeaux needs no introduction. Jardin Public invites you to spread your arms (and body) on its vast green planes. It attracts most of the picnickers wandering around the center of town.

What’s for kids: There is a very impressive playground in the park as well as a puppet theater and a lot of ducks in the lake (for little animal lovers).

Where to buy snacks: There are two supermarkets from both sides of the park, one is located in the Chartrons neighborhood (8 Rue Notre Dame) and a small casino on 76 Rue Lagrange.

jardin public in Bordeaux
Jardin public – beauty in the middle of the city

Parc Rivière

A green sprawling paradise in the midst of a residential neighborhood.
The vibe here is more wild and freestyle compared to the meticulously planned jardin publique.
You can find a lot of sweet spots to picnic beneath the trees. While strolling along you can visit the tiny cute castle and the Maison du jardinier et de la nature en ville, which holds gardening activities.

where to buy snacks : There’s a small Casino market between park Rivière and Jardin Publique on 76 Rue Lagrange or you can take a walk to Auchan market in the Centre Commercial de l’Europe, 19 Place de l’Europe.

what’s for kids: This is the main downside of this park. The playground is very small and older kids will be bored with it.

Parc Rivière in Bordeaux
Parc Rivière- green paradise in the midst of a residential neighborhood

Place des Martyrs de la Résistance

A small local garden which draws its atmosphere from the beautiful Basilique Saint-Seurin. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city center but still stay close, this is a good spot. The green pasture is quite big and usually not very crowded.

where to buy snacks : to buy fruits for a picnic go ahead to Charlotte Clementine on 14 Place des Martyrs de la Résistance, if you need to add some wine, there’s a carrefour city on rue Judaique, next to Place Gambetta.

what’s for kids: This little garden has a a very small playground, mostly for the younger ones.

Place des Martyrs de la Résistance
Place des Martyrs de la Résistance- when you need a quiet spot close to the city center

le Jardin de ta Soeur

The garden with a cute name and a very communal and cozy feeling is a hidden spot in Chartrons, usually frequented by the local neighbors.
The designed playground and sitting areas give it a special artistic vibe.

where to buy snacks : for snacks go to the nearest intermarche on 67 Cours Edouard Vaillant.

what’s for kids: This garden is mostly used by the local community and hence is very kids friendly. As part of the overall original design of the park, the playground too has an artistic vibe to it.

le Jardin de ta Soeur
le Jardin de ta Soeur – original landscape design

Quai des Chartrons

You can also get a picnic in style and get a little tipsy on a cozy wooden deck with a view on the river. Every Thursday and Sunday a great market takes place on Quai des Chartrons and you can have a tasty picnic with oysters, wine and local cheese.

where to buy snacks : At the market! Otherwise go to the Carrefour city at 8 Rue Notre Dame.

what’s for kids: This place is a heaven for kids! Right next to the market you’ll find both a playground and a big skate park.

drinking wine on quai des chartrons
yours truly doing what you should

The green spaces of Rive droite

Parc aux Angéliques

The Rive Droite of Bordeaux is usually the calmer part of the city, far from the busy touristic east side of the Garonne, which makes it a perfect spot for a quiet afternoon picnic or nap.
Parc aux Angéliques on quai des Queyries offers a wide green space with a view of the most beautiful monuments in the center of Bordeaux.  Closer to Darwin, the vibe gets more hipstery.. farther away and it’s more of an extended family kind of atmosphere 😉

What’s for kids: Place des Droits de l’enfant, a large playground both for little ones and for older kidsis located In front of the park, just next to Jardin Botanique.

Where to buy snacks: Magasin Général in Darwin would be the closest place to get some bio fruits, cheese and wine. For a larger selection go to the Carrefour supermarket on Allée Serr.

Parc aux angeliques bordeaux
Parc aux Angeliques – quiet green space with a beautiful view of Bordeaux

Jardin Botanique de Bordeaux

Jardin Botanique de Bordeaux is a magical place of biodiversity and sustainable development, located in front of Quai des Queyries, in the middle of the Bastide neighborhood. There’s a big lawn in the middle of the park but if you are looking for a more intimate picnic, check out the western section where you can find cozy little green corners between the plant pools.

What’s for kids:  Place des Droits de l’enfant is a large playground  located just next to the park. Also, Jardin Botanique is a place where kids can explore rare and exotic plants and flowers, which can turn your outdoor activity into an educational one.

Where to buy snacks: The big  Carrefour supermarket is located just next to the park in zone d’activité commerciale Coeur De Bastide-Allée Serr

Jardin Botanique bordeaux
Jardin Botanique – cozy little green corners for a more intimate picnic

The big Parks

Parc Bordelais

Parc Bordelais, the biggest parc in Bordeaux, is located in the northern part of the city in the Cauderan neighborhood. Although quite far from the city center,  making an effort to get there really pays off.  A lake, beautiful trees, huge green spaces and a lovely terasse cafe are only part of what parc Bordolais has to offer.

What’s for kids:  This is probably the most kids oriented place in this list. Besides two large playgrounds (for younger and older kids), there is a puppet theater and a little train that takes you on a tour of the park.

Where to buy snacks: The little superette on avenue Charles de Gaulle is located just one minute walk from the park. if you need a better selection you can walk a few minutes to Carrefour city on 10 Rue de Marseille.

park bordelaise, Bordeaux
Parc Bordelaise- the biggest park in Bordeaux

Parc de Bourran

Parc de Bourran in Merignac is not officially in Bordeaux but is located along the tram’s A line making it a short ride from the city center. This park has a more foresty feeling to it. Besides picnicking on the big green lawn at the center of the park, you can also take lovely strolls along the many paths encircling this beautiful park and maybe find your own secret spot.

What’s for kids:  There are three separate playgrounds in the park for different age ranges.

Where to buy snacks: If you enter the park from rue Alfred de Musset, the big Auchan super market on 19 Avenue du Maréchal Gallieni, 33700  is not very far.

parc de Bourran bordeaux
Parc de Bourran – feels like a forest

Parc Peixotto

Another off Brodway candidate that you can reach with a short Tram B ride.
A very lovely park with a pretty little chateaux, a pond and lots of ducks.
A relatively big picnic area where you can mingle with the many students living and drooling around the park.

What’s for kids:  Peixotto is very well eqiped for kids. It has a playground, a carousel and a little lake where you can feed the ducks.

Where to buy snacks: There is a big Casino market just next to the park at  412 Cours de la Libération. Or just go-ahead to the fancy market at the Forum.

Parc de Peixotto
Parc de Peixotto in Talence

Are you familiar with any other green spots in the city where you like to spend time with your friends? Please share your ideas in the comments below 🙂

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The full map of top picnic places in Bordeaux

This weekend we have free concerts on the banks of the Garonne, Jardin Public and at the charming port town of Andernos les Bains. Other than that, there are some interesting exhibitions for those of you looking to hide from the sun as well as plenty of ideas to enjoy the Bordelaise summer without spending a dime.

Here is the list of things to do this weekend in and around Bordeaux (August 18-19):

Enjoy a concert at the summer pavilion on the Garonne

The summer pavilion on le Quai Deschamps on the right bank of the Garonne is a great way to enjoy your evenings during the hot Bordelaise summer days. The pavilion, organized by the Orangeade association, is hosting free music and gastronomy events every Friday and Saturday until September 22. Take a look at the program for this Friday (August 17) and for this Saturday (August 18).

When:  August 17-18, from 6pm
Where: Quai Deschamps, 33100 Bordeaux

Open Air Festival

Bordeaux Open Air is a series of free summer electronic music events, all set in different locations and with a great city vibe to them. The next event will take place on August 19 in Jardin Public and will be dedicated to Djs from London.

See more info about the event on their facebook page.

When:  August 19, 15:00
Where: Jardin Public, place du Champ de Mars, 33000 Bordeaux

Dance Tango at the Grande Poste

Like every summer the Tango Bordeaux association organizes public tango dance in different location in the center of Bordeaux.  Join their tango party at the Grande Poste this Sunday (August 19), see more info on the facebook page of the event.

When:  August 18– 16:00
Where: 7 rue du palais gallien, 33000 Bordeaux

Brasilian Funk in charming Andernos les Bains

Bate Funk Brasileiro is a group of 13 musicians playing tribute to Brazilian music from the Rio Black Power of the 70s to the Samba Funk of today. The concert will take place this Saturday (August 18) at the beautiful port town of Andernos les Bains. For more info check out the facebook page of the event.

When:  August 18– 21:30
Where: Esplanade de la jetée andernos

Go to the beach at Bordeaux Lac

The beach is the perfect summer spot and if you’re in Bordeaux you don’t have to go very far for it. The cute beach of Bordeaux Lac has everything you need: a sandy clean beach with beautiful clear water and a lot of shade from the nearby trees for those who don’t really like the sun. the beach is open to the public daily from June 1st to August 31 and starting July 1st it offers water and beach activities such as sailing, kayaking, mini-golf and more. Check out the list of daily activities here.

Bordeaux lac
Bordeaux lac by Lost in Bordeaux

When: June 1- August 31
Where: Boulevard Jacques Chaban Delmas, 33520 BRUGES

Dance on the Quai

This is the last weekend of Dansons sur les Quais, a series of dancing classes and events where people gather to dance together and learn a variety of dancing genres like Tango, Salsa, Bollywood, Forro, Hip Hop, Street Jazz, Zumba, Country and more. These activities are guided by professional dancers from different dance schools in Bordeaux and they are completely free, so this is a great opportunity you don’t want to miss. The dancing events are taking place daily on the quai until August 19. For more details and the full program check out the website of Dansons sur les Quai.

When:  Daily until August 19
Where: Quai Louis XVIII, 33000 Bordeaux

Hide from the sun in the beautiful Parc Bordolais 

Parc Bordelais, the biggest parc in Bordeaux, is located in the northern part of the city in the Cauderan neighborhood. Although a bit far from the city center,  making an effort to get there really pays off.  A lake, beautiful trees, huge green spaces and a lovely terrasse café are only part of what parc Bordolais has to offer. This park is one of the best places for kids in Bordeaux.  Besides two large playgrounds (for younger and older kids), there is a puppet theater and a little train that takes you on a tour around the park. If you want to discover more parks in Bordeaux check out my list of the best picnic locations in the city.

parc Bordelais in Bordeaux
Parc Bordelais by Lost in Bordeaux

Bordeaux Metropolitan Summer

Like every year Bordeaux Metropolitan invites you to discover the city and the area around it through a series of cultural events. More than 100 activities including music, dance, public reading, theater, circus and gastronomy are taking place between July 8 and September 25.  These events are so widely spread across the metropolitan area of Bordeaux that you are guaranteed to discover places (especially parks) that you have never heard of before: Parc d’observation in Floirac, Parc du Viver in Merignac, Parc Camponac in Pessac and many more. Check out the full program of events here.

When:  Daily from July 8 to September 25
Where: Bordeaux Metropolitan – check out the exact location of every event in the program.

Exhibition at the beautiful Espace Saint Rémi

Espace Saint Rémi is a beautiful place to go see exhibitions and cultural events in the center of Bordeaux.  During the next ten days (August 16-26) the place will host an exhibition by three different artists: Léonard Lahoz (porcelain design), Twotom (aquarelle painting), Anne d’Aressy (pastels). A meeting with the artist Léonard Lahoz  will take place this Friday at 18:00.

When:  August 16-26
Where:Espace Saint-Rémi – 4 rue Jouannet – 33000 Bordeaux

Join the guided visit of the Urban Legends Exhibition

Legendes Urbaines, an exhibition that hosts more than 50 street artists, is beeing presented from June 21 to September 16 at La Base Sous Marine, one of the most unique places in Bordeaux. The exhibition follows the evolution of street art from the 80s until today and presents different art styles from graffiti, to video art, vitrage paintings, works on wood, fabric and much more. If you want to learn more about the meaning behind these fascinating pieces of art, join the guided tour that will take place this Saturday (August 18) at 16:00. The tour doesn’t require prior reservation and is limited to 30 people (price is 3 euros). For more details about the tour click here.

When: August 18, 16:00
Where: La Base Sous Marine, Boulevard Alfred Daney, 33300 Bordeaux

Garden Party – in one of the nicest terasses of Bordeaux 

A nice collaboration is taking place this summer between Frida, a restaurant with a beautiful inside garden, and the French Gin producer G’Vine Gin. Every Sunday during the summer a cocktail party takes place at Frida, with a selection of special cocktails and a discount price of 6 euros for Gin and Tonic. For more info click here.

When: August 19, 17:00
Where:27-29 rue Buhan, 33000 Bordeaux, France

Hope you enjoyed the list! Now don’t be shy, share it with your friends!

Do you have other events to add to the list? Please share them in the comments so all of us can enjoy them 🙂

If you want to plan ahead check out my general list of things to in Bordeaux in August 2018.

Have a great weekend!