Marché des Douves


Last month I’ve noticed that more and more people are scrolling through my article “Six things to do with kids in Bordeaux over spring break in search of new ideas for the upcoming school break. So I decided that it’s time to do some research and give you a new article to help you make the most of the upcoming fall break. So for those of you who want their kids to have new and exciting experiences or for those just trying to survive the vacances de la toussaint, this articles is for you. From circus to coding, painting and climbing, here’s the list of ideas for things to do with your kids on school break.  

Circus School of Bordeaux

Let your kids become acrobats in a circus for a week! The Circus school of Bordeaux offers discovery programs for all ages during the upcoming school break. There are five programs for different ages ranging from 3 year-old to kids older than 11. In the first group (ages 4-5 yo) kids have to be accompanied by one of the parents. According to your kids’ age they can learn things like juggling, improvisation, acrobatics and more. If you missed this vacation, don’t worry, l’ecole de cirque offers many different programs on all school breaks. Click here for more information about days and prices of the different programs.

For reservations: by phone 05 56 43 17 18  or by email  info@ecolecirquebordeaux.com

Ecole de cirque Bordeaux

When: Different dates for different programs (check out the link above)
Where: Centre Culturel des Arts du Cirque, 286 boulevard Alfred Daney, 33300 BORDEAUX

Paint in the Fine arts museum

If your kids are into arts or you would like them to discover their artistic side you can take them painting in one of the best museums of Bordeaux- Musee des beaux arts de Bordeaux. There are plenty of nice art workshops for kids (starting from 3 years old) for the price of only 5 euros, on both school breaks and during the school year.
Check out
 the full list of workshops hereTo reserve your spot call 05 56 10 25 25. 

When: Different dates from October 22 to October 31, depending on the workshop.
Where: 20 Cours d’Albret, 33000 Bordeaux

Turn them into little coding geeks

Magic makers, the great programming school for kids is a fantastic opportunity to let your little girls and boys explore the world of coding. During the first week of the fall vacation, the school will offer several programs according to your kids age – from robots and minecraft for the little ones to creating games and star wars workshops for older kids. This is a popular place so reserve your place as soon as possible- click here and here for more info and registration. They have two centers in the Bordeaux area so if you live quite far from the center of Bordeaux, the other center is in Latresne. Also, if you missed out the registration and there’s no more space available, remember that many of the courses and workshop run during the school year as well.

WhenOctober 22-26
Where: Centre Magic Makers, 60 cours de la Martinique 33000 Bordeaux AND AEROCAMPUS Aquitaine 1, route de Cénac 33360 Latresne

Discover the nature around Bordeaux with la Foret d’art Contemporain

la foret d'art contemporain

You don’t really have to spend money to enjoy this fall break with your kids (except on therapy). If weather permits, this could be a good opportunity to discover the area around Bordeaux. Don’t forget that we are living just a few km from the largest maritime-pine forest in Europe in -Foret des Landes de Gascogne. One of the best ways to discover this massive forest is by following the map of la foret d’art contemporain. This is an extraordinary project that aims to promote contemporary art by placing it in different spots in the forest. Around 20 different pieces of art were placed in all parts of the forest, usually close to one of the smaller towns, to allow you to discover the more rural parts of Gironde. Follow the map of the project – here.

Dance Capoeira

When you see Capoeira circles on the street, do you ever wish you could know the moves and be part of that circle? Well maybe your kids can teach you after they participate in the Capoeira course offered by Dojo La Fleche during the first week of school break. The course that will take place on October 23-26 will include elements of movement, music, songs and acrobatics. For more info click here.

WhenOctober 23-26
Where:21 Rue Ulysse Despaux, Bordeaux

Space month in Merignac

The city of Mérignac is currently hosting a whole month of space discovery with workshops, exhibitions, conferences, parties and more. Many of the events are scheduled to take place on weekends but an activity you can enjoy during the weekdays of les vacances de la toussaint is the “Dessine-moi l’Espace”.  Médiathèque de Mérignac invites your children to a week of creativity. From Tuesday to Saturday, during the month of October, your kids can come and take inspiration from the books of the library to draw planets, rockets, aliens, stars and more. Awards will be given to the most imaginative paintings. For details about this activity and all the other events of Space month click here.

When: October 1-31, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 13:00-19:00, Wednesday 10:00-19:00 and Saturday 10:00 – 17:00
Where: Médiathèque de Mérignac, 19, place Charles-de-Gaulle, Mérignac

Foire aux Plaisirs

What kid doesn’t appreciate a big wheel or bumper cars? For a cool day out just take them to the Bordeaux fair at Place des Quinconces starting from October 12. Amusements rides are obviously only part of the fun, you will also find plenty of side stall games and stands with donuts, crèpes, barbes à papa and many other guilty pleasures. The fair is open daily from 14:00, you are not required to pay any entry fee, only for some of the attractions. See more info about the fair here.

When: October 12 – November 4
Where: Place des Quinconces , 33000 Bordeaux

Let them climb some walls

Climb Up, a climbing center of more than 2000m2, was opened in June 2018 in the Décathlon village in Mérignac. The center includes a huge climbing surface with walls rising to 15 meters, more than 200 different tracks and 60 lines of rope. There’s also a dedicated blocs zone for kids (over 3 years old) allowing them to climb in a secured space.  On school break they offer 2 climbing courses of half days for kids – one for 6-8 year old and the other for 9-15 year old – check out more details here.

When: Monday to Friday on school break
Where: Décathlon Village – Domaine de Pélus, 17 avenue Pythagore – 33 700 Mérignac

Discover the Idea box workshops at the Marché des Douves

Have you ever noticed the beautiful hangar with the red bricks just in front of the Capucins Market? Marché des Douves, previously the city market, is today a house to different associations, with plenty of activities and workshops for kids. Every Wednesday and Thursday three different workshops are taking place at the old market: a music workshop, mini film creation and a coding course. You can register to one or several of the activities on the spot or by phone 05 35 38 16 06. For more info click here.

When: Wednesday and Thursday – 14:00 to 17:30
Where: 4 Rue des Douves, 33800 Bordeaux

Let them become Ninja kidz

Last but not least, don’t forget to pass by The Temple Bordeaux which hosts a variety of activities for all ages. Gym Kidz is a bilingual Gymnastics program starting at 18 months old! One of their biggest success is the Ninja Kidz course which is a mix of Gymnastics & Martial Arts. The will stay open during the vacation so check them out. All courses are 200€ per year! and drop-ins are 10€ per class. Check out their facebook page for more info.

gym kidz schedule

Where:  3 Quai de Brazza Bordeaux, 33100


Now, with this list in your hands you are ready to survive the school break (les vacances de la toussaint) and even enjoy it a bit :).  If you have other ideas or other places that offer special activities during the vacation, please share them in the comments.

If you didn’t find anything interesting in this list, you can always take some ideas from my “What to do with kids when it’s raining in Bordeaux” or discover a new place for a picnic with my guide to the best picnic places in Bordeaux.

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Special closing events of some of the places and festivals that have entertained us during the summer mark the end of the summer, among them the Bordeaux food truck festival, the Relache festival and la Guinguette chez Alriq. But that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be boring in Bordeaux until next year, on the contrary!  Like every weekend, plenty of events and festivals are waiting for us: the Bordeaux beer festival, a big student festival, an event celebrating Saint Michel, a Nigerian film festival and many more.

Here is the list of things to do this weekend in and around Bordeaux (September 27-30):

BLIB – the beer festival of Bordeaux 

This is the 4th edition of Bordeaux’s beer festival taking place on September 25-29. During the five days of the festival you can attend and participate in plenty of activities around craft beer in cellars, bars, restaurants and breweries. The grand finale (September 29) of the festival will gather all the brewers in one event, you can buy the tickets for the final event here. Check out the facebook page of the event for more info. The exact bars participating in the festival will be published on the BLIB site.


When: September 25-29
Where: Different places in Bordeaux

Fête de la St Michel

The annual Fête de la St Michel will take place this weekend (September 28-29) in different places around Place Meynard. The program of this fun event includes a creators market, a picnic, a Capoeira show, a tour of the neighborhood and two nights of concerts on the main square. To see the full program check out the facebook page of the event.

if you want to learn more about things you can do and see in this cool neighborhood, read my post about the best things to do in Saint Michel.

When: September 28-29
Where: Place Meynard, Saint Michel, Bordeaux

Bordeaux Food truck Festival

The last event of the Bordeaux Food Truck festival for this summer will take place on September 29-30 in the Hippodrome Bordeaux in Le Bouscat. This was the biggest gathering of food trucks in the region of Nouvelle Aquitaine, with around 60 food trucks registered to participate in the five events of the festival, which were spread on different dates until the end of September. Besides a huge variety of food trucks, all the events included different activities for both kids and adults and this weekend is no different – check out the full program here.

When: September 29-30
Where: Hippodrome Bordeaux-Le Bouscat, 8 avenue de l’Hippodrome, 33110 Le Bouscat

Culture Camp

A big reunion of the cultural players of Bordeaux Metropole will take place this weekend (September 29-30) at Marché des Douves. Culture Camp is your chance to discover all the concert venues, museums, art schools, associations, companies, startups and collectives operating in the cultural scene of Bordeaux. During these two days you can get plenty of information about upcoming events but also buy tickets and register to different artistic activities. Check out the full program on the website of the event  and more info and updates on their facebook page.

When: September 29-30, from 10:00
Where: 4 rue des Douves, 33800 Bordeaux

Festival Le Maquis

Le Maquis festival is taking place in one of the best summer spots in Bordeaux: “Chez Alriq”, the tavern on the banks of the Garonne that hosts concerts every weekend. Before the place closes for winter it has cooperated with the Kélé association to celebrate the African continent, to show its beauty and richness and to create a bridge between the African and Bordelaise people. The festival will take place on September 28-29 and will include a list of African musicians who will introduce us to the great music coming from this continent. See the full program here.

When: September 28-29
Where: ZA Quai des Queyries, Port Bastide, 33100 Bordeaux

La Nuit Verte de PanOramas

During the last five years the PamOramas event has been trying to get the public familiarized with the green spaces at the right side of the Garonne and this year it’s Floriac’s turn. On September 29, a Nuit Verte (green night) will take place at the parc de l’Observatoire in Floirac with a program of contemporary and digital arts. Check our the full program for the evening here.

When: September 29
Where: 2 rue de l’Observatoire, 33270 Floirac

Nollywood – Nigerian film industry festival

l’Institut des Afriques invites you to a three days festival that will focus of Nollywood – the Nigerian film industry. In recent years, Nollywood has become one of the biggest global film industries in the world and has a strong following in the African diaspora community in Europe. The program of the festival, that will take place September 27-29, includes film screenings and debates about the Nollywood industry in Africa and other places. To see the full program click here and for more details check out the facebook page of the event.

When: September 27-29
Where: Different locations in the center of Bordeaux, check out the program.

Les Campulsations

Les Campulsations is a students festival, celebrating the beginning of the new academic year in different locations in the Aquitaine region: Bordeaux, Talence, Pessac, Gradignan, Bayonne, Biarritz, Périgueux, Agen and Pau. In Bordeaux Metropole the events will take place in many different locations from university campuses to museums and theaters. The program is very varied and includes such events as a brocante party, music concerts, theater shows, exhibitions and more- check out the full program and find an event near you. The festival will take place from September 27 to October 6.

When: September 27 to October 6
Where: Different locations, consult the program.

Festimut Festival in Pessac

Festimut is a festival organized by the Tous Azimuts association, taking place this Saturday (September 29) in la M.A.C du CROUS in Pessac. During the day an associative village (organized in collaboration with different associations in Pessac) will host you for different games, dj sets, dance, poetry reading, make up sessions, food stands and more. You can see more info about the event and the participating associations here. From 19:00, the village will transform into a music festival with a line up of five groups and performers taking the stage during the evening. For more details check out the facebook page of the event.

When: September 29
Where: La Mac, Domaine Universitaire ,Face au Village 44 rue Lucie Aubrac. 3600 Pessac

A day of Harvest at Château Grand Baril

Come spend a beautiful day in the vineyards at the heart of the Montagne Saint-Emilion appellation and participate, just for a little bit, in the harvest season. The students of the wine school, BTS Viticulture Oenology will help you discover the profession of wine making through a bunch of fun activities for kids and adults. The program of the day includes a visit at a manual harvest site, a workshop of the cellar master (tasting of the the musts of the vintage), a workshop for kids where they learn how to make grape juice, a car ride at the vineyards, a visit to the wine shop of Montagne Saint-Emilion and Lalande de Pomerol and a winemakers lunch hosted by the students. The event will take place this Saturday (September 29) at the Lycée Viticole de Montagne Saint Emilion. To see the full program and the registration form click here.

When: September 29, at 9:00
Where: Lycée Viticole de Montagne Saint-Emilion, 38 route de Goujon, 33570 MONTAGNE

Asian Street food Festival

An nice event celebrating the Asian cuisine will take place this Saturday evening (September 29) at Place Général Sarrail. The evening will include different Asian food stands and three concerts. For more info click here.

When: September 29 from 18:30 to 23:00
Where:Place Général Sarrail 33000 Bordeaux

Festival Vagabond

Art and Ocean is the theme of the 4th edition of the Vagabond festival that will take place this weekend (September 28-30) at la Cour Malby at the center of Bordeaux and Jardin Pip in Bacalan. The festival includes many interesting musical and artistic events. Check out the full program here.

When: September 28-30
Where: 3 rue Mably and saint 2 Rue Achard, 33300 Bordeaux

Closing night of the Relache Festival

This Friday (September 28) is the grand finale of the Relache festival, that invites you to celebrate its closing night with a lineup of performers and djs. The free music festival has been promoting local music in different locations in Bordeaux during the summer months. The event will take place at Square Dom Bedos from 18:30, you can see the full program here.

When: September 28, 18:30 to midnight
Where: Square Dom Bedos, 33800 Bordeaux, France

Marché d’artisans d’art

The traditional Art Creators Market of Saint Emilion will take place this weekend (September 28-30). More than 100 craftsmen and artists  will present their creations of accessories, jewelry, ceramics and more. For more info click here.
When: September 28-30
Where: Different location in the center of Saint Emilion

I.boat celebrates its 7th birthday

The I.boat invites you to their 7th birthday celebration party, with a free mini-festival that will take place this Saturday (September 29) starting from 16:00. For the special occasion they will host plenty of artists from the French electronic scene, which will perform on a stage on the bank of the river , just next to the I.boat. Check out the full program of the event here.

When: September 29 (from 16:00 to midnight)
Where: Quai Armand Lalande Bassin à flot n°1, 33300 Bordeaux

Art Sale

Vide-Atelier d’Art is an art sale event that will take place this weekend (September 29-30) in a private house. To see the full list of the participating artists, click here.

When: September 29-30 (from 11:oo to 19:00)
Where: 95 Rue Goya, 33000 Bordeaux, France

If you want to take a weekend to discover new places in Bordeaux, take a look at my post about things to do in the Bacalan district in the north of the city. 

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