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Night markets are a perfect way to discover small villages in the Southwest of France and get a nice dose of French rural vibes on the way. Le marché nocturne (a night market) makes even the most quiet village come to life! Stalls of regional delicacies, live music, and happy tipsy locals in a beautiful setting: an experience you don’t want to miss!

There are many markets taking place on a daily basis in the region but finding information about them is not an easy task. That’s why I did some research for you and came up with a relatively complete list of night markets taking place in Gironde, Dordogne, Lot et Garonne, and Les Landes. Not all the info regarding night markets exists online so consult your local tourist office if you want to attend one closer to where you’re staying.

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Night markets near Bordeaux

Night markets on the Arcachon Bay

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Night markets in the Medoc region

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More night markets in Gironde

Night Markets in Dordogne

Dordogne is the king of night markets! There are usually at least 3-4 different markets taking place daily in different villages all around the Dordogne department, you just have to choose the ones closest to where you’re staying. 

Monday Market in Beaumont du Perigord

You can find all of them on the websites of the Bergerac tourist office and Perigord noir tourist office but here are a few honorable mentions.

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Night Markets in Lot et Garonne

*You can find many more markets in the Lot et Garonne region on the websites of Albert Tourisme, Coeur de Bastides, and Tourisme Duras

The night market in Doras in Lot et Garonne
Markets in Lot et Garonne – Lost in Bordeaux

Night Markets in Les Landes Department 

*Here you can find many more night markets taking place in Les Landes.

The night market in Soulac sur Mer, Medoc
Night markets in Medoc – Lost in Bordeaux

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