The amazing response to my Hiking in Bordeaux article last week, made me realize that now, more than ever, people are looking to replace their city center outings with parks, beaches, and forests. So maybe not everyone is up for a 9km hike but I’m sure most of my readers would love to discover new places where they can admire exotic flowers, observe ducks swimming peacefully in a cute pond and enjoy an outdoor picnic. I know we all miss going to restaurants but opening a bottle of good Bordeaux wine accompanied by cheese, charcuterie and a beautiful view doesn’t feel so bad to me! So this week I decided to write an article about the most beautiful parks in Bordeaux, or better yet “my favorite parks in Bordeaux” 🙂

If you leave the city center and travel to the other towns of Bordeaux Metropole, you will discover that there’s a huge amount of parks and green spaces in the Bordeaux region. Some of them have lakes, playgrounds, picnic areas, others have a more foresty vibe to them and some even have beautiful art installations. In some parts of this article, I mention things like playgrounds, animal parks, coffee places, and picnics, which were a normal thing before the pandemic. I hope that things can get back to normal as soon as possible but for now, please know that some of these places are still closed and that no gathering of more than 10 people is allowed. So be safe and prudent when visiting public spaces. 

If you’re keen on staying close to the center you can check out my older article about the best places for picnics in Bordeaux. Also, I just want to remind you that on my Instagram I post plenty of photos and stories from the places I visit in Gironde so follow me to get much more info about the hidden gems of our region.

The best parks in Bordeaux – Rive Gauche

Jardin Public in Bordeaux center

Jardin public in Bordeaux

For those living in Bordeaux, my choice to start with Jardin Public would seem too obvious, but one cannot make a list of parks in Bordeaux without mentioning this beautiful green island harmoniously placed among the historic buildings of Bordeaux. Jardin Public, created in the 18th century is the biggest park in Bordeaux center spreading over 11 hectares! This place is the epitome of city parks, it has a beautiful pond with ducks and swans, a wide green area for picnics, a lot of space for runners and two fun playgrounds for kids. It’s also home to Bordeaux’s natural history museums which is a great spot for families. You can clearly see why it’s one of the most visited places in Bordeaux by locals and tourists alike. In the summer, the park hosts a daily traditional puppets show, which makes it even more attractive for families. For more activities for kids check out my article about the best things to do in Bordeaux with kids

Parc Bordelais in Cauderan

Parc Bordelais in the Cauderan neighborhood is the biggest park in Bordeaux city. It’s a beautiful 28-hectare green space that attracts both friends and families for picnics around the lake, as well as runners and bikers. It also has a chic cafe, for those of you in need of a cold glass of rosé 🙂  I would dare to say that it’s the most kids-friendly park in Bordeaux. Besides two large playgrounds (for younger and older kids), there is a puppet theater, a little animal park and a kids train that takes you on a tour of the park. While it’s not in the hyper center like Jardin Public, it’s really worth the travel. 

Parc bordelais in Bordeaux

There’s no tram directly to the park but you can easily reach it by bus (number 2 or 3) from the center of Bordeaux. You can also take tram D and walk about 15 minutes to the park. It will take you about half an hour to get there walking from the center of Bordeaux. 

Parc Majolan in Blanquefort

If I had to make a list of my top three parks in Bordeaux this one would definitely be on it! Parc Majolan in Blanquefort is a great example of a beautiful landscape design. When you follow the paths in the park you feel like you walk through a forest but then suddenly discover ruins of an old gate, beautiful flowers, and finally a stunning lake. The best part of it all is the artificial caves created in the 19th century. This park is so rich that it will take you hours to explore all of it! 

Parc Majolan Bordeaux

How to get there: The entrance to the park is from Avenue du Général de Gaulle 33290 BLANQUEFORT. If you’re coming by bus, take bus number 29 and get off at Parc de Majolan station. 

Parc Bouran in Merignac

Parc Bouran in Merignac

Parc Bouran is the main park of Merignac and is easily accessible by tram A from the city center. While it’s a proper park with a lake, a beautiful chateau and playgrounds, some parts of it feel rawer and woody, which I find very nice. The park has been built around the Deveze, a stream that runs into the Garone river next to the Saint Pierre neighborhood (the original location of the old port of Bordeaux). In the city center, the stream now goes underground but here in the park, it’s in the open-air, giving it yet another special feature. This park is perfect for families and seems to be very popular with joggers as well 🙂

Parc Floral 

I feel like this amazing park doesn’t get enough credit. The 20 hectares flower park of Bordeaux side by side with the Bois de Bordeaux (the forest of Bordeaux) in the Barails natural reserve, which I have written about in my Hiking in Bordeaux article. This is one of the most beautiful places in Bordeaux for walking, running, bicycle riding or a picnic. 

Parc floral in Bordeaux

The colorful Parc floral has a beautiful rose garden with more than 500 varieties of roses. And that’s not all, among the park’s greenery you can find magnolias, many irises, every possible type of rhododendrons and many types of vines (mind you they are there to feed the birds). Throughout the park you will see plenty of statues and structures that look like they have been taken from other parts of the world. These were donated to Bordeaux from different places like Japan, Spain, and Morocco (don’t miss the stunning Moorish mosaics.) Spring is the best time to visit the park. Everything is still blossoming and after two months of confinement, it’s a good reminder that the world is still beautiful and alive 🙂 

Parc Floral is located in the Bordeaux Lac neighborhood and to get there straight without passing the forest first you will need to enter through entree roseraie (next to the Golf de Bordeaux Lac). Before heading there check out the information about the different entrances and parking spots on the official site of Bordeaux

Le Bois du Bouscat

Le Bois du Bouscat is a 5 hectares park stretched along the big Hippodrome in the Le Bouscat neighborhood. It’s a relatively new park, opened only in 2013 and labeled “entre nature et culture” it strives to connect  nature, art, and culture. While it’s not a huge park, its cultural aspect is particularly attractive and it can take you a few hours to see everything if you really pay attention to all the details. Plenty of sculptures are spread throughout the park, unusual benches, each designed by a different wood sculpturer, beautiful metallic animals representing the animals of the forest, and other art installations all related to nature. If you’re in for a culture hike, this is your place.

Parc Peixotto

Parc Peixotto in the center of Talence is not one of the big parks in Bordeaux metropole, but one of my favorites for sure. Well, I’m not objective here, I live just next door to it and it has been my savior every time my kids go bananas at home. What can you find here? A pond with plenty of geese and ducks, a beautiful chateau, and tons of hidden spots for romantic picnics 🙂 In the summer there are usually some nice events taking place in the park as well. 

chateau peixotto
chateau peixotto in Talence

It’s easily accessible by tram B from the city center – the Forum and Parc Peixotto stations are both very close to the park. 

Ecosite du Bourgailh in Pessac

The Ecosite of Bourgailh is not just a park, it’s a universe of plants put together in great landscape design. The area of the Foret du Bourgailh includes a 2.6 km walking trail, the largest tropical greenhouse in the region, sports facilities, a skate park, an amphitheater, a zoo and one of the most beautiful playgrounds you have ever seen, which for me is the highlight of this park. There are plenty of nice ecological and educational events taking place there throughout the year, such as mushroom hunting, a pumpkin festival, planting workshops and more. 

Ecosite du Bourgailh in Pessac

There are currently some issues with the parking there so you might have to stop further away and walk a bit. Click here to see where to park and how to get there by public transport or biking. 

Parc du Moulineau Gradignan

Parc du Moulineau Gradignan

Parc du Moulineau happens to be one of the biggest parks in the green suburb of Gradignan and it’s a real gem for kids. Not only can they enjoy a big playground but it’s also home to the Maison de la Nature that inhabits nearly 50 different animal species from rabbits to the black and white goat of the Pyrénées. The animal park is still closed so I recommend waiting until it opens up before going there. You can see all the details about the opening hours of the animal park here

Parc Sourreil in Villenave d’ornon

Parc Sourreil in Villenave d’ornon

This little park is well hidden behind its chateau and is easy to miss when passing by its main entrance in Villenave d’Ornon. However, if you go beyond the chateau you’ll find a cute forest-y park with a nice area for kids and some walking paths around the woods. I wouldn’t necessarily make a long trip to see this park but if you’re not far from here, it’s worth a visit!

Parks on Rive droite 

Parc de L’ermitage in Lormont 

The Parc of Lormont, or by its official name Parc de l’Ermitage Sainte-Catherine, is one of the favorite parks of rive droite inhabitants, or those who love traveling around the metropole. This beautiful hilly park is located on the east bank of the Garonne river and is part of the enormous 400 hectares green space called Parc des Coteaux, which goes through several other towns on rive droite. 

If you climb on the upper side of the park you can enjoy a stunning view of the Aquitaine bridge covering the Garonne river. However, If you’re coming with strollers or generally with little kids, beware that it’s not a very easy climb to the top of the park. In that case, I would advise you to spend your time near the lake at the bottom of the park and then reenter the park again through Haut Lormont (the higher part of Lormont) to visit the hilly part.  

Parc de L’ermitage in Lormont

I previously mentioned this park in my article about things to do with kids in Bordeaux. Just next to the park you will find the ferme d’Iris, an animal farm for kids with rabbits, donkeys, goats, and more.  For more info about the farm click here.

Parc aux Angéliques in Bastide

Parc aux Angéliques on Quai des Queyries isn’t a park per se, but rather a vast green area close to the city center, perfect for hiking, biking, or a picnic with friends. I felt that I should include it in the list for those looking for a nice picnic spot in the more tranquil part of Bordeaux. The park is spread along the Garonne river from its east side which provides a beautiful view of the buildings and monuments on the opposite side of the river such as the beautiful Place de la Bourse. There’s a very familial and tranquil vibe to it even during the more touristy months of the year. You will see groups of friends picnicking, families playing badminton, and a lot of bikers and runners (well, these are apparently everywhere in Bordeaux). If you’ve made it all the way there you can enjoy places like Darwin and Jardin Botanic, both located just in front of the park. You can read more about these two places in my ultimate guide to a weekend in Bordeaux. If you’re coming with kids, don’t panic if you don’t find a playground in the park. There’s actually a large playground just next to Jardin Botanique at Place des Droits de L’Enfant.

Parc aux Angéliques in Bastide

You can get there by tram A (Stalingrad station), by boat from the other side of the river, or with many buses that go through the Bastide neighborhood, You can use the site of the public transport in Bordeaux to find the best route. My favorite way to get there is on a city bike, you can read more about that in my article about cycling in Bordeaux

In this list, I included only the parks that I had a chance to visit, which is quite a lot but if you think that I should include other parks feel free to write it in the comments below. 

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Hope you enjoyed reading!

This is the long Easter (Paque) weekend in France and so a big part of the weekend list will be dedicated to treasure hunts in beautiful locations around Bordeaux. If you’re not into that, you have plenty of art and the big Brocante of Bordeaux starting this weekend. Let’s dig in!

Treasure Hunt on Pâques Weekend

The long weekend of Easter is always full of great activities for families. Egg hunting, visiting beautiful chateaux and chocolate workshops are only some of the activities you could do this weekend. Here’s a very comprehensive list of Easter related events taking place this weekend around Bordeaux.

Miroir d’eau

Citizenkid organizes two days of treasure hunts in one of the most popular places in Bordeaux, le Miroir d’eau. It will take place on Sunday and Monday (April 21-22) with three sessions each day. The game is for kids under 12 years old and prior registration is required. For more info click here.

Kfé Des Familles

One of the traditional treasure hunts in Bordeaux, organized by Kfe des Familles, will take place this Saturday (April 20). The kids will be divided into several groups according to their age and will try to find the treasures around la Place Buscaillet in the Bacalan neighborhood. The places are limited so come early to register. For more details click here.


Parc de l’Ermitage in Lormont will host a free treasure hunt on Monday (April 22). The event will end with a snack at the ferme des Iris. The event is for kids older than 8 years old. For reservations click here.

Château de Vayres

A great event for the whole family will take place this weekend (April 20-21) at Château de Vayres. The program includes a visit to the chateau, chocolate tastings, games for the little ones and a big treasure hunt for the whole family. For more details click here.

Where:  63 Avenue de Libourne, 33870 Vayres

Saint Emilion

This Sunday (April 21) the tourist office in Saint Emilion will organize two treasure hunts. One will start at 10:00 at Tour du Roy in Saint Emilion and the second one at 14:00 at the Jardin de la Lamproie in Sainte-Terre. The activities are free.  for more info click here.

Écomusée de Marquèze

This weekend (April 21-22) the Écomusée de Marquèze, in Landes de Gascogne organizes a fun Easter day that will include a big treasure hunt for the whole family and concerts of Gascony music. For more details click here.

Where: route de la gare, 40630 Sabres

Château de Villandraut

The magical chateau of Villandraut will host two treasure hunts on Monday (April 22). The first one will start at 14:00 for kids 7-12 years old. The second one is for the little ones (less than 7 years old) and will take place at 16:30. Both require prior reservations, for details click here.

Château de Portets

Château de Portets in the Graves region celebrates Easter this Saturday (April 20) with a big treasure hunt, games for kids and wine and chocolate tastings. For the full program click here

Where: Rue de Mongenan, 33640 Portets.

Château Soutard

one of the most visited chateaux in Saint Emilion will host a treasure hunt on Monday (April 22) at 15:30. For more details click here.

Where: Soutard, 33330 Saint-Émilion

Printemps de la Forêt du Bourgailh

Like every year, the city of Pessac invites you to celebrate spring at the Forêt du Bourgailh. The event, that will take place on April 20-21, will revolve around nature and gardening, with a plants market, a crafts market, guided visits at the beehives and more. This is also an opportunity to see all the new park facilities. See the full program here and more details here.

Foret du Bourgailh in Pessac

Forêt du Bourgailh – by Lost in Bordeaux
When: April 20-21/ Where: 160 avenue de Beutre, 33600 Pessac

Territoires Sauvages – Nature festival

Territoires Sauvages is a nature festival that will take place at the Réserve Ornithologique du Teich on April 19-22. You’re invited to spend your Easter weekend discovering the natural treasures of the region. The festival’s program includes guided tours at the reserve, exhibitions, a big treasure hunt for kids and concerts on Sunday (April 21). For more info click here.

When: April 19 –22/ Where: Devant la réserve ornithologique du Teich, Rue du Port, 33470 Le Teich

Search for beautiful antiques at the Brocante

The big brocante of Bordeaux is hosted twice a year at place des Quinconces with 200 antique dealers, horticulturists, restaurants and craftsmen. It’s the biggest brocante event in the area and the selection is huge, from vintage home decor, to paintings, antique furniture, garden accessories and more. While some items can be pricey, you can still find plenty of affordable pieces. The merchants are very nice and are open to negotiations. The brocante is taking place from April 19 to May 5. For more info and the list of exhibitors click here.

brocante Bordeaux
Brocante in Bordeaux – by Lost in Bordeaux
When: April 19 – May 5 / Where: Place des Quinconces, Bordeaux

Wine and Ham Fair

This year you won’t be hungry at the Brocante of Bordeaux as it will be accompanied by la Foire aux Jambons & vins (wine and ham fair). The fair will take place at the Place des Quinconces from April 19 to May 5.

When: April 19 – May 5 / Where: Place des Quinconces, Bordeaux

Semaine de l’art 2019

An art week is taking place on April 12-20 at the Abbaye de Verneuil in the médoc region. Six artists (a sculptor, a photographer, a graphic designer and more) present their exhibitions at the abbey. The evening program includes plenty of concerts. For tickets and more info click here.

When: April 12-20 / Where: 2 Place Saint-Pierre, 33180 Vertheuil

Vernissage exposition Forêt

A new exhibition will be presented at the Groupe des Cinq cultural center from April 19 to June 14. Six artists will present their works, with forest-related themes. The vernissage will take place this Friday (April 19). For more info click here.

When: April 19 / Where: 121 avenue Alsace Lorraine, 33200 Bordeaux, France

Itinéraires des Photographes Voyageurs – photography festival

The 29th edition of the “traveling photographers routes” festival is taking place on April 2-28. During one month, 18 photography exhibitions will be presented at the main cultural institutions in the city, among them, the Rocher de Palmer in Cenon, the Bibliothèque Grand Parc, Espace Saint-Rémi and others. Get the full list of all artists and more info about the event here.

When: April 2 -28 / Where: Different locations in Bordeaux (see program)

Swing Party

A swing concert and party will take place this Friday (April 19) at the Quartier Libre club in Saint Michel. It will start with a swing lesson at 20:00 and continue with a Hot Swing Sextet concert. For more info click here.

When: April 19, at 20:00 / Where: 30 rue des Vignes, 33800 Bordeaux

If it’s your first time in Bordeaux don’t miss my full guide to a weekend in Bordeaux.

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This weekend Bordeaux hosts the big foodies festival, S.O. good. It’s also a good weekend to be heading to Bassin d’Archachon where two interesting festivals are about to take place: the Geek festival and the Gees Festival (they kind of sound the same, now that I think of it :)). Darwin is always a perfect solution for the weekend and this time they are hosting an organic wine market. Other events this weekend include a piano festival, Cirque du Soleil shows, a literature festival, concerts, exhibitions and more. The list is long so let’s get started on things to do this weekend in Bordeaux (November 16-18):

S.O. Good Festival

This is one of the biggest events to take place during fall in Bordeaux. The S.O Good festival is a gastronomic happening that aims to highlight the talent found in the Nouvelle Aquitaine gastronomic scene and to celebrate local products. The event will take place at Hangar 14 (Quai des Chartrons) on November 16-18. The festival’s program includes more than 100 local producers hosted by the Hangar, many chef workshops in the city center, a night feast on Saturday and a farmers’ brunch on Sunday. This festival is not exclusively French, the opening event in Palais de la Bourse will be dedicated to Italian cuisine. This is one of the most important culinary events in the region and many Michelin star chefs are taking part in it. The price of the festival pass is 12€ and 10€ on pre-sale. For tickets and the full program click here.

When: November 16-18
Where: 173 Quai des Chartrons, 33300 Bordeaux, France

Organic Wine Market in Darwin 

Les Barriquades is the biggest market of bio wines in the region, an event that will take place this weekend (November 17-18) in Darwin. On the menu, a huge selection of organic wines  from Bordeaux, Saint Emilion, Bergerac, Jurançon and other regions in France such as Alsace, Fitou, Minervois and more. The entry is free. For more info click here.

When: November 17-18
Where:  87 quai des Queyries, 33100 Bordeaux, France

Piano Festival

The 9th edition of the Festival L’esprit du Piano is currently taking place at the Auditorium of the Opera of Bordeaux (until November  26). This magnificent festival hosts some important pianists like Chick Corea, Yefim Bronfman, Deszo Ranki and Bertrand Chamayou and others, some of whom will collaborate with the National Orchestra of Bordeaux and the choir of the Opera of Bordeaux. One of the biggest names to take the stage of the Auditorium is the Jazz legend, Abdullah Ibrahim. See the program of the festival here and info about tickets here.

When: November 9-26
Where: Grand Théâtre, Place de la Comédie – 33 000 Bordeaux

Cirque du Soleil 

The magnificent Cirque du Soleil are coming to Bordeaux with the show, Ovo, a tale about insects with original music and beautiful new costumes. The circus will give six shows on November 14-18 at the Arkea Arena in Floriac. For tickets click here and for more info about the show look here.

When: November 14-18
Where:  Arkéa Arena, 48-50 Avenue Jean Alfonséa, 33270 Floirac.

Bassin Geek Festival

If you enjoyed the Bordeaux Geek Festival a few months ago, it’s time for the winter edition with the Bassin Geek Festival. The program includes all the things the geek community loves:  comics, sci-fi, web culture, video games, parallel worlds, creative industries and more. The festival will take place at the Parc des Expositions de La Teste De Buch on November 17-18. Check out the full program and all the details here  and ticket prices here.

When: November 17-18
Where: 940 Avenue de l’Europe. 33260 La Teste-de-Buch

Burdigame Games Festival 

Come share your passion for games at the annual Burdigame Games Festival taking place this weekend (November 17-18) in Lormont. Cooperative , construction, board and outdoor games, this festival has it all. It’s a chance for you to discover new games and to get nostalgic with old childhood games. Entry is 2 € and the family pass is 4 €.For more info click here.
When: November 17-18
Where: Pôle Brassens Camus, Rue des Gravières 33310 Lormont

Lettres du monde

The literature festival, Lettres du monde, will take place on November 16-25 with lectures and debates in different venues across Bordeaux Metropole. Events will take place in libraries, schools, book stores, cinemas and more.
You can enjoy this festival even if you don’t speak French as most of the writers participating in the lectures are coming from around the world, from Yemen to Syria, Spain and Haiti. For the full program click here and for more details here.

Mollat book store Bordeaux

When: November 16-25
Where: Different places in Bordeaux – check the program

Bordeaux Cata Raid 2018

The 6th edition of the the Catamaran race will take place this weekend (November 16-18) in the Garonne river, just next to the central quais. This beautiful event, organized by the les Marins de la Lune club include tens of crew members that will pass next to the quai to honor the city. The view is guaranteed to be spectacular. For more details click here.

When: November 16-18
Where: starts at 103 quai des Queyries, 33100 Bordeaux, France

Geese Festival

Every winter more than 50,000 gees find refuge in the Arcachon area. The gees festival (Festival de la Bernache), taking place on November 17- 25, gives you a unique opportunity to discover this species in a festive atmosphere.  In the program: boat trips, guided tours, conferences, concerts, workshops on comics creation, photo exhibition and more. The activities of the festival will be held in different places on the Bassin, among them: Gujan-Mestras, Andernos-les-Bains, Arès, Lanton, Arcachon, La Teste-de-Buch and more. Don’t forget to reserve a spot for the different activities here. For more info click here.

When: November 17-25
Where: Different places on the Bassin d’Arcachon

L’Arche de Noël – creators market

L’Arche de Noël is a creators market taking place in the Chartrons neighborhood every weekend until Christmas (December 22-23 is the last event). Each week a group of local talented craftsmen and artists will present their original creations. This weekend (November 17-18) the stands will include jewelry, kids toys and clothes, textiles, bags and more.

See more details here.

When: November 17-18
Where: 23 Rue Minvielle, 33000 Bordeaux

Second hand toys market

If you are planning to travel in the South of Gironde, stop by the charming village of  Villandraut, where a second hand market for toys will take place this Saturday (November 17). For more info click here.

When: November 17
Where: Salle Des Fetes, 1 Place Paul Dunesme, 33730 Villandraut

Kids books and comics festival 

The annual kids books and comics festival will take place this Saturday (November 18) at the Halles de Gascogne in Leognan. More than 3000 books will be presented at the event which  also includes spectacles, activities for kids, games and more. Many authors and editors will take part in the event and will sign books. See the full program here. For more details check out the facebook page of the event.

When: November 17
Where: Place Joane, 1 Rue Louise Michel, 33850 Léognan

Arrested Development at the Rocher de Palmer

Arrested Development, a hip hop group that gained world popularity in the 90th with its hit “People Everyday” will take the stage of Rocher Palmer this Sunday (November 18 at 20:30). Tickets range between 23 € and 28 € – click here for more info and tickets.

When: November 18 at 20:30
Where: 1 Rue Aristide Briand, 33152 Cenon

Open Stage at the Grande Poste

This Saturday (November 17) the Grande Poste will host professional and amateur musicians, comedians and dancers for an open stage evening. Come and enjoy an evening of music and fun around drinks and a piano. The event is free and open for all. For more info click here.

When: November 17 starting 21:00
Where: 7 Rue du Palais Gallien, 33000 Bordeaux

Kaléidoscope – Street art exhibition

One of my favorite art venues in Bordeaux, l’Institut Culturel Bernard Magrez, is about to open a new art exhibition this month. The Kaléidoscope exhibition is all about feminine art, hosting nine female street artists to present their works in a genre that is usually considered more masculine. The exhibition will be presented until February 17. For more info click here and here

When: November 13- February 17
Where: 16 rue de Tivoli, 33000 Bordeaux

Exposition 3/1 – Espace Saint-Rémi

La Spirale association invites you to a collective exhibition by three local artists: Magalie Darsouze (visual artist), Benjamin Monteil (engraver) and Chris Pillot (painter). The exhibition will be presented at the beautiful Espace Saint-Rémi on November 7-17. The entrance is free. See more info here.

When: November 7-17
Where: 4 rue Jouannet à Bordeaux


If you want to plan ahead check out my general list of things to in Bordeaux in November 2018.

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Have a great weekend!


Last weekend was all about getting out of the city to discover chateaux and do some wine tastings. So before we get on to the more standard tipsy weekends, it’s time to take one weekend for more relaxed activities such as art and gardening. That is not the case however for our night program which is full of nice surprises.

This is the list of things to do this weekend in Bordeaux (April 13-15):


L’image livre-Czech avant-garde artists of the 20s.

The exhibition “L’image-livre” presents a private collection of Czech book covers from the graphic designer Pierre Ponant from the period of 1920 -1930. The exhibition offers a window to modern creation in the graphic world through  a collection of more than 100 pieces of art.

For more info.

When: January 25- May 5
Where: 39 rue Bouffard, 33000 Bordeaux

Street Color at Institut Bernard Magrez

An extensive street are exhibition will be presented from April 5 to June 24 at the Institut Bernard Magrez. The expo will include some well known street artists (mostly French ones), such as MAD C (GER), Seth (FRA), d’Alexöne (FRA) and more. This institute is a historic monument dated to the 18th century, so the combination of an ancient chateau with street art will most certainly add to the atmosphere of the exposition.

For more info and tickets.

wall paintings in Montreal by SETH
photo by: Seth

Address:  16 rue de Tivoli, Bordeaux

Itinéraires des Photographes Voyageurs – photography festival

The 28th edition of the “travelling photographers routes” festival is taking place April 1-29. During this month, 17 photography expositions will be presented in the main cultural institutions of the city such as the Rocher de Palmer in Cenon, the Bibliothèque Grand Parc, Espace Saint-Rémi and others.

Get the full list of all artists and more info about the event here.

Photo by Jean Paul Lefret
Photo by Jean Paul Lefret


Festivals and Salons

Convention Tattoo Bordeaux 

The international tattoo convention of Bordeaux will take place on the weekend of April 14-15 in Hangar 14, which is located at Quai des Chartrons.  The program includes: a tattoo contest, expositions, live concerts and different activities such as juggling and brake-dancing.

a girl with tattoos
Photo by Timothy Paul Smith on Unsplash

When: April 14-15
Where: hangar 14, 115 Quai des Chartrons, 33000 Bordeaux
How much: 15 € /day

Festival of urban cultures in Lormont

Festival des cultures urbaines in Lormont is taking place From March 31 to April 14. The festival revolves around urban culture and its artistic expressions with a program that includes concerts, workshops and activities of art, sport, dance and more.  Although the festival is close to its end, you can still enjoy some interesting shows this weekend so check out the program.

When: March 31- April 14
Where: Brassens Camus, Rue Henri Dunant, 33310 Lormont

With Kids

Spring Break

Spring Break in the Bordeaux area started almost a week ago and I know many of you are out of ideas for things to do to entertain the kids. If you need some help, check out my list of six things to do over Spring break.

skating on the quai in Bordeaux
photo by: @lost_in_bordeaux

Architecture workshops for kids

CIAP (the center of interpretation of world heritage) of Bordeaux will hold an architecture workshop for kids (aged 4-8) on April 14. And while your kids practice their skills, building with Kapla, you have the chance to discover the urban landscape of Bordeaux and the challenges of its evolution.

When: April 14, 10:30
Where: 4 place de la Bourse, 33000 Bordeaux
How much: 5€ (free for the parents)

Explore the behind the scenes of the Opera 

Le Vin & la Musique, accords et désaccords” is an exposition currently presented at the Cité du vin, that makes various fascinating connections between music and wine as they are reflected in different works of art. During the spring break (April 7-22) the museum added a workshop for kids that will allow them to enjoy this exhibition as well. Kids (ages 8-12) will discover the magic world of the Opera through its costumes and decorations. At the end of the workshop they will create their own opera decorations.

For more details and reservations.

When: April 7-22
Where: 1, esplanade de Pontac Bordeaux

Explore dinosaurs 

A fun activity for kids takes place this week at the commercial center of Bordeaux Lac (until April 14). Your kids will discover the dinosaurs world through a variety of activities such as virtual reality, dinosaur egg hunt, selfies with dinosaurs and more.


When: April 10-14
Where: Avenue Quarante Journaux, 33300 Bordeaux

Different activities

Le Printemps du Bourgailh

Le Printemps du Bourgailh is the must go event for all plant lovers, aspiring gardeners or just environmentally conscious citizens. The event will take place April 14-15,  at the heart of the 75 hectares of l’écosite du Bourgailh.  The program will include a plants market, gardening workshops for kids and grownups, a mobile farm and more.

For more info.

printemps du bourgailh

When: April 14-15
Where: 179, avenue de Beutre – 33600 Pessac
How much: free

Furniture Hospital

Les P’tits Gratteurs, a local association that organizes activities in the St Michel and St. Croix neighborhoods, invites you to repair your old furniture at their event “L’ Hôpital des Meubles” that will take place April 14. Come with your piece of furniture, that you have always wanted to fix but never had the time, and they will provide you with the right materials and equipment.

For more info.

When: April 14
Where: Place Pierre Renaudel, 33800 Bordeaux, France
How much: free

Concerts/ Shows/ Games

Julien Dore

Julien Dore, a talented French singer whose songs you may have heard over French radio,  will give one concert at Theatre Femina on April 13.

For more info and tickets.

When: April 13
Where: 10 Rue de Grassi, 33000 Bordeaux
How much: 40€ to 60€

Holidays on Ice

A musical spectacle on ice will take place April 13 at the Meriadeck rink. For info and tickets.
When: April 13
Where: 95, cours du Marechal Juin, 33000 Bordeaux


Drinking/ Fooding/ Shopping

Sounds of Science – Brunch Electronique

Aux vivres de l’art will host an electro-music brunch on April 15. In the program: a food truck and a cool line up: Panic acoustik, C’Ams, Dunas, DJ Deep Rod Sepheu (South Africa).
For more info and tickets

When: April 15 at 14:00
Where: 4 rue Achard, 33300 Bordeaux, France

Vide Dressing so Chic à Bordeaux

Come to participate in a big fashion sale of 30 friends that gathered their wardrobe at the “Vide Dressing so Chic” event that will take place on April 14 at Espace Nomade. If you want to make some space in your closet and donate some of you clothes, the Fringuette association will be happy to collect them.

For more info.

banner of vide dressing nomande bordeaux

Where: 39 rue du chateau d’eau, 33000 Bordeaux, France
When: April 14 (10am- 7pm)


Erasmus Festa do Brasil

For the students among you, or just people who like to party, Erasmus Bordeaux invites you this Friday (April 13) to their Festa do Brazil-  Samba, cocktails and a tropical vibe. The party will take place at the Torito Bar.

for more info.

banner erasmus party

Where: 47 cours alsace lorraine, 33000 Bordeaux, France
When: April 13

Le M restaurant, headed by the two talented chefs Arno and David invites you to their event Music by Night this Friday (April 13).  The evening will start with TRIO 180c and will continue into the night with DJ YOUCEED, accompanied by surprising cocktails and delicious tapas.  Come and join them in their celebration!

Where: 53 Rue Lafaurie Monbadon. 33000 Bordeaux
When: April 13


Enjoy the weekend!