A great variety of festivals and events awaits us this week, the Asian culture festival, the books festival in Gradignan and the artistic project Le Point de Départre are here to make this weekend fun even if it might be pouring rain outside.  Besides these indoor events, and assuming a nice weather this weekend, you’ll be having a hard time choosing where to go as the list includes plenty of things like an independent movies festival, a performance art festival, a pumpkin festival and more. Here is the list of things to do in Bordeaux this weekend (October 12-14).

FIFIB- Bordeaux international festival of independent movies

Bordeaux Independent Films Festival will take place on October 9-15 at Rue Malby in the center of Bordeaux. The program includes film screenings, concerts and meeting with special guests. Every evening, the festival village will transform into an open cinema theater and a dance floor. The event is free and open for all. See the full program on the site of the festival and more details on their facebook page.

When: October 9-15
Where: Le Village du FIFIB, 3 rue Mably, 30000 BORDEAUX

Speen Festival

The Speen festival is a performance art festival mixing dance music and theater. Throughout the weekend of the festival (October 13-14) many performances will take place on  Place de la Comédie and Cours du châpeau rouge, among them: a Brazilian music concert, dance performances, a jazz concert, improvisation theater and more. Check out the full program here and more details on the facebook page of the festival.

When: October 13-14
Where: Place de la Comédie and Cours du châpeau rouge, 33000 Bordeaux

Foire aux Plaisirs

This is the spring edition of the traditional Bordelaise Fair that is taking place at Place des Quinconces  from October 12 to November 4. It’s a perfect activity for kids and for those who are young in spirit as La Foire aux Plaisirs de Bordeaux has it all: a big wheel, roller coasters, ghost trains, bumper cars, donuts, crèpes, barbes à papa and more. The fair is open daily from 14:00, you are not required to pay any entry fee, only for some of the attractions. See more info about the fair here.

When: October 12 – November 4
Where:Place des Quinconces , 33000 Bordeaux

FAB – International art festival

FAB is the annual International art festival of Bordeaux Metropole taking place this year on October 5-24. As one of Europe’s biggest art festivals it attracts some known names from the international contemporary art scene. During the three weeks of the festival more than 30 shows will take place in more than 20 different locations in Bordeaux, from the TnBA theater to the Opera of Bordeaux and the Base Sous Marine. Click here to see the full program of the festival.

When: October 5-24
Where: Different locations in Bordeaux – check out the program,

Lire en Poche – books festival 

Lire en Poche is a pocket books festival that will take place in Gradignan in October 12-13. Besides a huge book sale, a wide range of activities are offered to the participants, among them: reading sessions, theater shows, music, games, workshops for kids and more. The entrance to the festival is free, however some activities are paid and/or require prior reservation, which will start on October 6 at 8:00 – click here to register.  For more info click here.

When: September 12-14
Where: Théâtre des Quatre Saisons et à La Médiathèque Jean Vautrin, 32 route de Léognan – 33170 GRADIGNAN

Le Point de Départ 

See what happens when a painter, a photographer, a costume designer, 2 illustrators, a writer, a theater company, a songwriter, a flamenco dancer, 2 filmmakers, a chef, a mixologist and a sommelier all work starting from the same point of inspiration. Le Point de Départ is part exposition, part performance and part dining experience. This is the second project of this talented group of artists,  coming only a few months after the successful Projet Téléphone. The show will take place this Sunday (October 14) in Frida, with an admission of 15€ ( tickets available at the door). The event will be followed by an optional 3-course meal, inspired by the same theme for 30€ (paired with wine +15€). Reservations for the dinner can be made at frida.fr. For more details about the project and the show click here.

le point de depart

When: September 14, starting 17:30
Where: 27-29 rue Buhan, 33000 Bordeaux

Festival Animasia

Animasia is a festival of Asian pop culture that brings together many elements like J-POP music, Yosakoi  dance, karaoke and Cosplay performances. The place will also include thematic areas with martial arts, video games, board games and more. The festival will take place this weekend October 13-14 at the Parc des Expositions. For more info and tickets check out the website of the festival or the facebook page of the event.

When: October 13-14
Where: Parc des Expositions, 33000 Bordeaux

Village des Sciences

As part of the Fête de la Science events this month, Cap Sciences invites you this weekend (October 13-14) to the Science village. This year the village will be all about robots and the place they take in our day to day life. The program includes two exhibitions, several competitions, demonstrations of different robots, workshops, conferences and more. See the full program here and for more details here. The event is free.

When: September 13-14. 14:00 to 18:00
Where: Hangar 20, Quai de Bacalan, 33300 Bordeaux

Salon ABC Kidz

A big event dedicated to future parents and young families will take place on October 13-14 in Hangar 14. Salon ABC kids is the annual gathering of all the important companies and organizations related to babies and little kids from clothing to room decorations, toys and different services like child care companies and health providers. The event allows young parents to meet all the relevant products and services in one place. Many activities will take place at the Salon to make it more entertaining, among them a massage space, workshops for kids, soft play for toddlers and more. For tickets and more info click here.

When: October 13-14
Where: 115 Quai des Chartrons, 33000 Bordeaux

Nuit des Bibliothèques

Have you ever visited some of Bordeaux libraries? If you think of it as only a place storing books, think again, as the libraries in this city are much more than that. Throughout the year they propose plenty of events, courses and activities for kids. Nuit des Bibliothèques will take place on October 13, and is your opportunity to discover the libraries across the city. 25 libraries in 20 different towns in Bordeaux Metropole will participate in this event and will offer such activities as concerts, theater shows, science workshops, games for kids and more. See the full list of all the participating institutions here.

When: October 13 – evening
Where: Bordeaux, Merignac, Talence, Pessac and more – check out the full program

Salon International du Disque de Bordeaux

The international salon of vinyl and cd records of Bordeaux will take place October 13-14 in the Parc des expositions.  It’s the 58th edition of this festival that brings together 80 exhibitors from France and abroad and proposes all genres of music: rock, pop, soul, jazz, punk, reggae and more. For more info click here.

When: October 13 – 14
Where: Parc des expositions de Bordeaux – Vélodrome

Vide dressing in Darwin 

Darwin invites you to its big autumn fashion sale of more than 100 stands of women, man and children’s wear. As always, a visit in Darwin becomes a real happening and alongside the sale the program will include plenty of different workshops and activities like: beauty spot, a design space for kids, a fashion show (Sunday at 16:00), food trucks and more. The vide dressing event will take place this weekend (October 13-14), entry is 2 euros, for more info click here.
When: October 13 – 14, from 11 to 19:00
Where: 87 Quai de Queyries 33100 Bordeaux

Music brunch and a clothing sale for kids

Les Vivres de l’Art, which always surprises with cool events, invites you this Sunday to their music brunch. The event will include a concert by the cellist Julie Läderach, an exhibition by artists currently working at les Vivres de l’Art and a special vide dressing for babies and kids. Entry fee is 5€. For more info click here. For more info about the clothing sale click here.

If you’ve never heard of the place, it’s time to read my post about the Bacalan neighborhood and discover some other offbeat places in Bordeaux such as this one.

When: October 14, from 11:00 to 15:00. The vide dressing from 10:30 to 16:00
Where: 4 rue Achard, 33300 Bordeaux

Pumpkin Festival 

A pumpkin festival will take place this Sunday (October 14) in the foret du Bourgailh in Pessac. The program includes activities like visits to the vegetable garden or the tropical green house, tips from professional gardeners, tasting pumpkin recipes and more. Even if you don’t really like pumpkin, this is a great opportunity to discover this beautiful park which has plenty of activities for both kids and adults.  For more info click here.

When: October 14, from 14:00 to 18:00
Where: Avenue de Beutre, accès par Rocade sortie 13 (vers Pessac Alouette)


Paintings exhibition by Pascal Marcel

The French painter Pascal Marcel will present his works at the beautiful Bouillon d’art gallery between October 12 and November 3. For more details check out the website of the gallery.

When: October 12 – November 3
Where: 37, rue Bouffard, Bordeaux, France 33000

Photo exhibition at the Grande Poste

A photography exhibition by the photographer Nko Pictart will be presented at the Grande Poste from October 12 to October 28. This exhibition is also a breast cancer awareness event which aims to support its prevention and women suffering from the disease. For more info click here.

When: October 12 – 28
Where: 37 rue du palais gallien, 33000 Bordeaux

PROXIMA exhibition

The Proxima exhibitions is one of the main events of the space month in Bordeaux and will be presented at the Médiathèque de Mérignac from October 5th to October 26. Throughout the exhibition you will discover how astronauts prepare for their missions in space, the effects of weightlessness on their body and how their daily life looks like while they’re on mission. For more details check out the facebook page of the exhibition. Click here to see what other events are part of the space month in Bordeaux.

When: October 5-26
Where: 19 Place Charles de Gaulle, 33700 Mérignac

If you want to plan ahead check out my general list of things to in Bordeaux in October 2018. Also, if you have kids and you have no idea what to do with them during the school break – check out my list of ideas for the fall break of 2018.

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While September is packed with great events, this “la rentrée” weekend, in which the French take some time to relax from their vacation before going back to work, is light on events in the city. But for those of you who are still looking for something interesting to do, there are some very nice suggestions; from a festival in Cadaujac to antique cars and free concerts in the center of Bordeaux. Here is the list of things to do this weekend in and around Bordeaux:

Tribus Libres Festival

Tribus Libres festival in Cadaujac invites you to celebrate the end of the summer with more the 50 hours of musical, cultural and culinary discoveries and activities. The program includes theater and circus shows and street art, a market with products produced in Gironde, creative workshops and game spaces for kids. Check out the full program and the details about the festival here , for tickets click here. The festival will take place from August 31 to September 2.

tribus libres festival

When:  August 31 – Sep 2
Where: Parc du Château, 33140 CADAUJAC

Antique cars Exhibition

An exhibition of antique cars  and motorbikes will take place this weekend (Sep 1-2) at Place des Quinconces. This annual event is always fun for vehicle amateurs and is accompanied by activities like a car elegance competition, a vintage village, aperitifs and concerts.  For details and updates check out the facebook page of the event. The name of the event is “15éme Traversée de Bordeaux en véhicules anciens et d’exception”  and you can read the story behind it here.


When:  Sep 1-2
Where: Place des Quinconces, 33000 Bordeaux

Open Air Festival

Bordeaux Open Air is a series of free summer electronic music events, all set in different locations and with a great city vibe to them. The next event will take place on September 2 at Square Dom Bedos and will be dedicated to Djs from Lyon.

See more info about the event on their facebook page.

When: September 2, 15:00
Where: Square Dom Bedos, Bordeaux

A free concert at the Pavillon d’été of L’Orangeade

The summer pavilion on le Quai Deschamps on the right bank of the Garonne is a great way to enjoy your evenings during the hot Bordelaise summer days. The pavilion, organized by the Orangeade association, is hosting free music and gastronomy events every Friday and Saturday until September 22. Take a look at the program for this Friday (August 31) and for this Saturday (Sep 1).

When: August 17-18, from 6pm
Where: Quai Deschamps, 33100 Bordeaux

A free cinema at  Cour Malby

The Agora des Arts association will screen La La Land in Cour Malby this Saturday (Sep 1) at 21:00. If you haven’t had the chance to see the movie yet (and even if you have) this is a great musical to see and sing along with plenty of other strangers. See more details here.

When:  Sep 1 , 21″00
Where: 3 Rue Mably, 33000 Bordeaux

Free museum day

Like in most cities in France, the first Sunday of the month is a free museums day. You have a free entrance to all the public museums and to most of the exhibitions. Check out the full list of the museums in Bordeaux that you can visit for free this Sunday.

Musée des arts décoratifs bordeaux
Musée des arts décoratifs bordeaux

Join a roller-blade ride group

If you are into Rollerblading or want to learn to rollerblade join the Airroller club. This weekend (like every first weekend of the month) there is a big family ride called la Rando des Familles where both kids and adults roll together. The ride will start from the Hotel de Ville at 14:45. For more details click here.

rollerblades group

When:  Sep  2, 14:45
Where: Place Pey Berland

Guided visit at Darwin

Most of you probably have been to Darwin more than once. It’s by far one of the most surprising and fun places in Bordeaux. But do you know the story behind this urban treasure and what else is there in Darwin besides food and tons of graffiti? If you are interested to get to know it a little better, join the guided tour in Darwin that will take place this Saturday ( Sep 1) at 15:00. For more details and registration (obligatory) click here.

When: Sep 1 at 15:00
Where: 87 quai des Queyries, 33100 Bordeaux, France

Classic music on Sunday morning

Are you feeling cultural this weekend? How about dressing up and attending a classic music concert at the Grand Théâtre of Bordeaux on Sunday morning? In the program: Dimitri Chostakovitch Quintette op. 57 and Georges Enesco Octuor. To reserve your spot call 06 87 32 35 16 (Christine).

When: Sep 2 at 10:00
Where: 2 place de la Comedie, 33000 Bordeaux, France

Garden Party – in one of the nicest terasses of Bordeaux 

A nice collaboration is taking place this summer between Frida, a restaurant with a beautiful inside garden, and the French Gin producer G’Vine Gin. Every Sunday during the summer a cocktail party takes place at Frida, with a selection of special cocktails and a discount price of 6 euros for Gin and Tonic. For more info click here.

When: September 2 , 17:00
Where: 27-29 rue Buhan, 33000 Bordeaux, France

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