Citadelle de Blaye


This weekend you’ll find a lot of artistic events in the program as well as gardening activities because after all, it’s springtime. The biggest event this weekend is the Wine festival in Blaye, which is a beautiful place that you should definitely go to if you can. If you’re interested in boats don’t miss the big Salon Nautique in Arcachon. Here’s the list of things to do this weekend in Bordeaux (April 12-14).

The Blaye Spring Wine Festival

The Blaye Spring Wine Festival will take place on April 13-14 at the Blaye Citadel. The annual wine festival brings together more than 80 winemakers. The program includes discovery workshops (introduction to tasting, mixing and food and wine pairing), guided visits of the magnificent citadel by train or horse and more. For the full program and tickets click here.

When: April 13-14 / Where: Citadelle de Blaye, 33390 Blaye

Salon Nautique d’Arcachon

The big Salon Nautique d’Arcachon will take place this weekend (April 12-14) at Port de Plaisance D Arcachon. This is a fabulous event for boat lovers. More than 150 exhibitors will participate in the Salon, with 450 boats stationed all over the port. The event will also include a night show a triathlon, and an exposition of an exceptionally big vessel. For more details click here.

When: April 12-14 / Where:14 Quai Goslar, 33120 Arcachon

Salon des Vins de France & Gastronomie du Sud-Ouest

This weekend (April 13-14) a fair of French wine and south west gastronomy will take place at the beautiful Château Malromé. The fair includes meetings with 25 wine makers and four local producers, tastings of some of the best French wines and a master class of food matching. For more details click here.

When: April 13-14 / Where: Château Malromé, 33490 Saint-André-du-Bois

Festival Musical Écran

Festival Musical Écran is a very unique film festival all dedicated to documentaries about music. The festival will take place on April 7-14 in different places in Bordeaux: Cinéma Utopia, Cour Malby, Bibliothéque Mériadeck, Institut Cervantes and Université de Bordeaux Campus Victoire. For the full program and all the details click here.

When: April 7-14 / Where: different locations, see the program

Bordeaux International Barrel Aged Festival

This is the first edition of the International Barrel Aged Festival that will bring together 20 different breweries and 10 distilleries from 14 countries. It’s a good opportunity to meet the best producers of beer and Gin, coming from Ireland, Finland, Spain and more. The evening will take place on Friday (April 12) at Mille et Une Bières Bordeaux. The program includes plenty of alcohol, a dj set and a food truck. For more details click here.

When: April 12, from 18:00 / Where: 42 Rue Edmond Besse, 33300 Bordeaux, France

Semaine de l’art 2019

On April 12-20 an art week will take place at the Abbaye de Verneuil in the médoc region. Six artists (a sculptor, a photographer, a graphic designer and more) will present their exhibitions at the abbey. The evening program includes plenty of concerts. For tickets and more info click here.

When: April 12-20 / Where: 2 Place Saint-Pierre, 33180 Vertheuil

Fête des Jardins

spring in Bordeaux
flowers in our garden 🙂

The 10th edition of the big celebration of gardening in le Bouscat will take place this weekend (April 13-14). More than 30 exhibitors and associations will help you flower your balconies, gardens and terraces. The event will also include activities for kids, exhibitions, concerts a market and more. For more details click here.

When: April 13-14 / Where: Parc de l’Ermitage, Rond-point de l’Ermitage – 33110 le Bouscat

Festival Lier

Festival Lier is an event that brings together several artists from different disciplines for an evening of cultural diversity. The program includes music from the balkans, afrobeat, French rock, beatbox and more. The event will take place this Saturday (April 13) at the Salle des fêtes Bordeaux Grand Parc at 18:00. For more info click here.

When: April 13, from 18:00 / Where: Salle des fêtes Bordeaux Grand Parc

Troc aux Plantes

This Saturday (April 13) a day dedicated to plants and gardening will take place at Place du Marché des Chartrons. There will be stands and activities aimed to teach you everything you need to know about gardening. For more info click here.

When: April 13 / Where: 7 Place du Marché des Chartrons, 33000 Bordeaux, France

Printemps des Artistes

Printemps des Artistes in the city of Langon reunites 15 artists for a family friendly event dedicated to visual art. The program includes workshops, exhibitions, performances and a painting contest. The event will take place at the Centre Culturel des Carmes 33 on April 13. For more details click here.

When: April 13 / Where: 8 place des Carmes, 33210 Langon

Mably Afro Acid w/ Maryisonacid

This Friday (April 12) cour Mably hosts a big free party that will include a dj-sets by Maryisonacid and Ana al Fabet. For more details click here.  

When: April 12, from 19:00 / Where: 3 rue Mably à Bordeaux

Students March for climate change

Join the students of Bordeaux for this important event. A student March for climate change will take place this Friday (April 12) at 14:00. The march will leave from Place de la Victoire. You can see more updates on their instagram page.

When: April 12 / Where: Place de la victoire

Le Bordeaux préféré de mon guide

This is a great opportunity to discover some hidden spots in Bordeaux. Every Sunday afternoon a guide from the Bordeaux tourist office will take you through an off the beaten track tour of Bordeaux where you will discover lesser known places in the city. For reservations and more info click here.

When: April 14 / Where: Bordeaux tourist office

Itinéraires des Photographes Voyageurs – photography festival

The 29th edition of the “traveling photographers routes” festival is taking place on April 2-28. During one month, 18 photography exhibitions will be presented at the main cultural institutions in the city, among them, the Rocher de Palmer in Cenon, the Bibliothèque Grand Parc, Espace Saint-Rémi and others. Get the full list of artists and more info about the event here.

photography exhibition at espace saint remi bordeaux
photo by : Gaelle Abravanel

When: April 2 -28 / Where: Different locations in Bordeaux (see program)

D’un soleil à l’autre

In the D’un soleil à l’autre exhibition artists present their poetic journey in space. Aspects like elastic distances, weightlessness, dazzling, infinitely large landscapes and incandescent materials are beautifully translated into contemporary digital art. La Base sous marine is known for the phenomenal use of their unique space for art, so don’t miss this one. The exhibition will be presented at the museum from March 9 to May 19. For more info click here.

When: March 9 – May 19 / Where: Boulevard Alfred Daney, 33000 Bordeaux

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Another long weekend ahead of us and this time I’ve made a special effort to fill your diaries with a variety of events. If you happen to stay in the Bordeaux region for the weekend, we have a bit of everything, a tango festival in Bordeaux, A medieval festival in Landiras, a music festival in Talence, new exhibitions and much more.

Here is the list of things to do this weekend in and around Bordeaux (May 10-13):

Festivals, Salons and Special events

Bordeaux Tango Festival

The 6th edition of the Bordeaux Tango Festival is taking place on May 8-13. This cool festival connects Bordeaux and the place where Tango was born, Buenos Aires. A variety of activities will be offered to celebrate the link between these two cities, such as music, art, cinema, literature and of course dance. Most of it will take place in Espace St. Remi, except the events on Friday which will take place at the Rocher de Palmer in Cenon.

See the program of the festival.

When:May 8-13
Where: 4 Rue Jouannet, 33000 Bordeaux

The Medieval Festival of South Gironde

The Medieval Festival of Gironde will take place in the Cabiros forest in Landiras (about 40 min south of Bordeaux) on May 12-13. This unique site, at the heart of the forest, creates a perfect atmosphere for this festival giving you the feeling that you have been transported to medieval times. The medieval village, the costumes and the sword fighting are only part of the activities that will help you discover the history and habits of those ancient times. A free fire show will be offered on Saturday night!

The ticket price for the whole festival is 10 and it’s free to kids under 12.  For more info check out the website of the festival.

When: May 12-13
Where: Landiras, 33720


Mayday Festival in Talence

Mayday is a student festival taking place in the university campus in Talence on May 12-13. The artists that will preform during these two days of concerts will represent a mix of different musical genres from rock to electronic music, reggae and rap. Besides live music, the festival will also include other activities and entertainment, such as art exhibitions, a chill out area, a campus visit and more.

The festival is free, for more info check out their facebook page.


mayday festival in Talence

When: May 12-13
Where: 351 cours de la libération, 33400 Talence

Salon de l’agriculture of Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Salon de l’agriculture  of Nouvelle Aquitaine is an annual event of ten days where you get to discover the agricultural richness of our area through different information stands and activities. For example, a farm space with many animals and plants will be put in place and will provide interesting activities for both kids and adults. Another feature that may attract you is the Gastronomy and Wine space which will highlight the exceptional heritage of the region.

The Salon de l’agriculture is part of a larger event taking place at the same time (Foire Internationale de Bordeaux) and will take place on May 12-21 in Parc des Expositions. For more  info check out the website, for tickets click here.

salon de l'agriculture bordeaux

When: May 12-19
Where: Parc des Expositions
How much: 8 euros/ 20 euros for a family pass ( at least 4 people).

Cathedral nights 

The Cathedral of Saint André in Bordeaux invites you to the Cathedral Nights events that will include two nights of musical concerts (May 11-12) and one day (May 13) of Organ music. The beautiful lightning of the Cathedral at night will make this an unforgettable event.

For more information click here.

Cathedral nights saint andre

When: May 11-13
Where: Place Pey-Berland, 33000 Bordeaux

Slavery remembrance week

This week (until May 13) is  a week dedicated to the commemoration of slavery, slave trade and their abolition. Slavery once being
A week during which Bordeaux pays tribute to the struggles of all of those who, like Martin Luther King, were committed to freedom and equality.

Take a look on the full program of this week here.

Remembrance of Slavery week in Bordeaux

When: May 2-13
Where:  Different places in Bordeaux (consult the program).

Camp Blaye- the resistance in the citadel

Two local associations, whose agenda is to commemorate the history of the Médoc region during the two world wars, invites you to la Citadelle de Blaye for a weekend (May 12-13) of military battles reenactments during both wars in the citadel . Through this event you will learn about the part this region took in WWll, its occupation, resistance  and liberation. Also, the event will celebrate 100 years to the end of WWI.

The event is free, see the program on the site of the citadel.


When: May 12-13
Where:  Citadelle de Blaye, 33900 Blaye

Aquarelle day at  the Marquèze Ecomuseum

Marquèze ecomuseum is located in the beautiful natural regional park of Landes de Gascogne and is one of the first éco-museums in France. The mission of this museum is to preserve, study and transfer the patrimony of the Grande Lande region. This Saturday (May 12) the museum and the Landes Aquarelle association invite you to a watercolor day. Diverse activities will take place during the day, among them painting workshops for adults and kids and demonstrations of different activities in the Marquèze neighborhood.

The ticket price is 14 € for adults and 9.5 € for kids. See the program here.


When: May 12
Where:  Route de la Gare, 40630 Sabres


Corpus Focus – a journey of a dance

Corpus Focus is a dance project that has been running since March. It brings together 4 renowned international choreographers with dancers (from the Adage dance school) that will perform their new creations. The third edition of Corpus Focus takes place in different locations in Bordeaux, and this week (May 10 at 8pm) a dance show will take place at la Grande Poste. The evening will start with a dinner at 20:00 and will continue with the show at 20:30. The entry is free.

Read more about the project here.

Corpus Focus 2018

When: May 10 at 20:00
Where:  7 Rue du Palais Gallien, 33000 Bordeaux

Baroque Music in la Cité du Vin

This music event at the Cité du Vin is part of the exhibition of wine and music (Le Vin & la Musique, accords et désaccords) that has been running in the museum since March.  The conservatory of Bordeaux took upon themselves to interpret the paintings presented at the exhibition. They will give five free performances that will take place this Sunday (May 13) at  10:30 / 11:30 / 14:30 / 15:30 / 16:30 / 17:30. For more info about the event read here, and about the exhibition on the site of the museum.

cite du vin Bordeaux exhibition 2018

When: May 13
Where:  134 Quai de Bacalan, 33300 Bordeaux

Exhibition by Rodolphe Martinez

An exhibition of the artist Rodolphe Martinez about Venice will take place at Institut Bernard Magrez on May 10-20. Martinez has created around 40 pieces of art (paintings, designs, photographs and other mixed techniques) that is intended to describe his relationship with the city of Venice. See more info in the site of the museum.

venise institute bernard magrez bordeaux

When: May 10-20
Where:  16 Rue de Tivoli, 33000 Bordeaux

La Forme du Songe Exposition

La Forme du Songe (the form of a dream) expo will be taking place in Pessac until May 19.  The art exhibition presents the work of three very different artists, each dealing with dreams in their own way.  The entry is free on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays between 14:30 – 18:00. For more info click here.

sortie 13 pessac exhibition

When: Until May 19
Where:  Sortie 13, Rue Walter Scott, 33600 Pessac

Remigio ROSANI – Exhibition 

An Exhibition of the Italian artist Remogio Rosani is taking place at the Musée de la Création Franche in Begles (16 March- 28 May 2018). His brightly colored drawings are executed in oil pastel and the dominant theme in his work is hedonism and carnal relationships. See more info

When: March 16- May 28
Where: 58 avenue du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny ,33130 Bègles

Animal drawings exhibition

An exhibition of  animal drawings, made by kids (4 to 15 years years old) will take place at  Hall d’exposition Méli Mél’arts in Cenon on May 11-13. The paintings will then participate in a contest, whose results will be announced at the end of the exhibition. This is an opportunity to discover new talent in the region. For more info click here.


When: Until May 11-24
Where: Hall d’exposition Méli Mél’arts Cenon, 24 bis rue Camille Pelletan 33150

Jazz concert at le Caillou

le Caillou is a jazz bar/ restaurant with live music concerts, located next to Jardin Botanique on the rive droite of the Garonne. During the long holiday the place will hold concerts of different genres of Jazz music, see the full program.

When: Until May  10-12
Where: Espl. Linné, 33100 Bordeaux


Do you have other events to add to the list? Please share them in the comments so all of us can enjoy them 🙂

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There are a few big events and festivals this weekend, among them the open doors weekend in Médoc, the wine festival in Blaye and the vide greniers of Bordeaux which will take place  all around the city. This is also a great weekend for art, there’s an exciting street art exposition, a planetarium and a lot of photography.

There’s definitely a lot to wait for so without further ado, these are the things to do in Bordeaux in the weekend of April 6-8:

Special events

Open doors in Médoc 

To celebrate the beginning of the spring the Maison du Tourisme et du Vin de Pauillac will hold an open doors weekend where you’ll be able to visit all chateaux of the Medoc region and do a lot of wine tasting. The events will take place April 7-8.

To learn about all the events and the chateaux that will participate in the open doors weekend read my post Portes ouvertes in the chateaux of Médoc.

When: April 7-8

Vide-greniers des Bordelais

One of my favorite things to do in France is to wander around vide greniers, discover what French people hold in their homes and buy a lot of stuff I don’t really need at ridiculously low prices. This weekend is a heaven for vide grenier fans. On April 8, more than 20 vide-greniers will take place all over the city. The vide grenier on Barrière Judaïque will take place April 7-8.

The locations are

Bordeaux maritime: Place Saint Martial, Place Jean Cayrol (Ginko), Place Buscaillet

Chartrons – Grand Parc – Jardin public: Place Paul Doumer, Quai des Chartrons, Centre social du Grand-Parc, Cours Xavier Arnozan (côté Jardin Public), Rue Matignon
Centre ville: Barrière Judaïque (Saturday and Sunday), Place Pey Berland, Place des Martyrs de la Résistance
St Augustin – Tauzin – Alphonse Dupeux: Place Gaviniès,  Place de la République, Rue Tanesse, Place de l’église
Nansouty – Saint-Genès: Square Liotard (jardin des Barrières), Rue Tanesse, Place Nansouty
Bordeaux Sud: Rue des Douves,  Cours de l’Yser (entre 213 et 232), Place Dormoy, Rue Tanesse, Place Ferdinand Buisson
Caudéran: Parvis de l’église Saint-Amand, Parc Stéhélin, Barrière Judaïque (Saturday and Sunday).

For more details.

vide greniers bordeaux 2018


Street Color at Institut Bernard Magrez

An extensive street are exhibition will be presented from April 5 to June 24 at the Institut Bernard Magrez. The expo will include some well known street artists (mostly French ones), such as MAD C (GER), Seth (FRA), d’Alexöne (FRA) and more. This institute is a historic monument dated to the 18th century, so the combination of an ancient chateau with street art will most certainly add to the atmosphere of the exposition.

For more info and tickets.

seth-street-art merapi indonesia
Seth street art-Merapi Indonesia

Address:  16 rue de Tivoli, Bordeaux

Itinéraires des Photographes Voyageurs – photography festival

The 28th edition of the “travelling photographers routes” festival is taking place April 1-29. During this month, 17 photography expositions will be presented in the main cultural institutions of the city such as the Rocher de Palmer in Cenon, the Bibliothèque Grand Parc, Espace Saint-Rémi and others.

This weekend you will have the opportunity to hear the stories behind the pictures. On April 6-7 all of the institutions will hold meetings with the participating photographers that will take you through their journey.

Get the full list of all artists and more info about the event here.

04_©Didier Bizet_01
Photo by: Didier Bizet

When: April 6-7

Movie screening of Babette Mangolte

The CAPC (museum of contemporary art of Bordeaux) presents the works of  the French-American cinematographer Babette Mangolte as part of its program dedicated to film and video on April 4-8. The program will include the screenings of the  Roof Piece (1973/2017) and Roof Piece on the High Line (2012), about the American dancer Trisha Brown. The films will be accompanied by an exhibition that will include her first films. For more info.

When: April 4-8
Where: 7 Rue Ferrere, 33000 Bordeaux

Artistes des 4 coins du monde

Hotel de ville de Bordeaux is currently presenting a photography exhibition of French artists originating from other countries around the globe, or as the name of the expo suggests from 4 corners of the world. For more details.

Artistes des 4 coins du monde

When: Until April 12.
Where: Hôtel de ville – Palais Rohan, Place Pey Berland33000 Bordeaux

Festivals and Salons

Festival Musical Écran

Festival Musical Écran ( April 1-8) is a very unique film festival all dedicated to documentaries about music. This year the program of the festival includes 20 films from four different countries.  While the festival already started last weekend there are still plenty of interesting films in the program for the upcoming weekend. The screenings of all the remaining films will be in Cinéma Utopia. 

Queercore: How to Punk a Revolution
Queercore: How to Punk a Revolution

When: April 1-8
Where: 5 Place Camille Jullian, 33000 Bordeaux.
How much: up to 10 €

The Blaye Spring Wine Festival

The Blaye Spring Wine Festival, will take place on April 7-8 at the Blaye Citadel. The annual wine festival brings together more than 80 winemakers with the goal to promote the diversity in the wine world. The program includes discovery workshops (introduction to tasting, mixing workshops and food and wine pairing), guided visits of the citadel, by train or horse and more. Childcare will be made available free of charge in order to allow also parents to enjoy this event.

For the full program and tickets.

When: April 7-8
Where: Citadelle de Blaye, 33390 Blaye

Esclave du livre (literature festival)

Esclave du livre  is a literature association whose goal is to promote reading and to support the creation of new literature. On April 6-8 they will hold a literature festival that will bring together authors and illustrators for debates, public readings, performances and uncovering of pieces that haven’t been published yet.

When: April 6-8
Where:  Place Renaudel – Quartier Ste Croix

Concerts/ Shows/ Games

Virginia Rodrigues in Cenon

Virginia Rodrigues, the Brazilian singer with the amazing voice will give one concert at Le Rocher de Palmer in Cenon on April 6.

When: April 6 / Where: 1 Rue Aristide Briand, 33152 Cenon

Ice Hockey match

Two Ice Hockey matches will be held on April 7-8 at the patinoire de mériadeck.

For more info and tickets.

When: April 7-8
Where:  95 Cours du Maréchal Juin, Bordeaux

Ensemble sax

More than 50  saxophonists will gather for four free concerts, conferences and masters classes at the “Ensemble sax” event  April 5-8.  Four of the 50  are famous personalities in the saxophone world: Dragan Sremec, Serge Bertocchi, Nicolas Prost, Frédéric Couderc.

The schedule of the event is the following:

April 5– 19h30- Conservatoire, salle Ravel : Sax Stories 
April 6– 20h00 – Marché des Douves 
April 7 – 19h30-  Marché des Douves : Les saxophones Nouvelle-Aquitaine 
April 8 – 17h00- Salle Saint-Maurice de Bègles

With Kids

Ludofestival in Canejan

The Ludofestival in Canéjan is a game festival, which will take place April 2-12 and will have an art theme. During the festival families can participate in various competitions, try different games, meet their creators and more. For more info and the schedule about the 12 days festival see here.

When: April 2-12
Where:  8 chemin de Barbicadge ,33610 Canéjan

Planétarium in Cap Sciences

For the next two weeks (April 7-22) Cap Sciences invites your kids to discover and learn about the biggest mysteries of the universe. The planetarium will make simulations of the sky in real time and will reproduce it with more the 3000 stars, planets and galaxies. The visit to the planetarium is limited to kids older than 8. For ages 3 to 5, they will offer storytelling sessions . It is recommended to reserve tickets online as the sessions for the planetarium are limited to groups of only 19 people.

Photo by Kyle Gregory Devaras on Unsplash

When: April 7-22 (14h15, 15h, 15h45)
Where: Hangar 20, Quai de Bacalan, 33300 Bordeaux

Drinking/ Fooding/ Shopping

Per Kilo sale in Amos

Amos, the solidarity shop will hold its annual per kilo sale in April 5-7 in their Marignac shop. The price of a clothing article will be defined by its weight: 5€ per kilo. See more details.

When: April 5-7
Where:  208 Avenue d’Arès, 33700 Mérignac

Atelier de Boulangerie

Learn how to make different types of bread: pain de campagne, bread with nuts, cereals, figs and more. In this workshop, hosted by Kweezine on April 7, you will learn how to knead, weigh, shape and bake bread. you will discover all the tricks that will enable you to recreate the recipes at home.

For more details and tickets.

50s and 60s music party

On April 7 There will be a Vicious Soul party at Quartier Libre. The party will be dedicated to 50s and the 60s music. The lovers of the period can enjoy some Rhythm and Blues, Rock’n’Roll, Soul music and punk from the 60s.

For more details.

When: April 7 at 9pm
Where:  30 rue des Vignes, 33800 Bordeaux


Hope you’ll have a productive weekend full of wine, art and shopping! Have fun and share your impressions from the events in the comments below. Thanks!