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Toulouse may not be a winter destination but it definitely knows how to get festive for Christmas. The historic center is decorated with hundreds of beautiful lights on anything from trees to buildings and fountains. 

Every year, Toulouse is also hosting one of the biggest and most impressive Christmas markets in the Southwest of France. If you’re planning a trip to France in December, Toulouse is worth checking.

In this article, I created a list of the best Christmas markets to take place in and around Toulouse in 2023. If you’re also planning to stop by Bordeaux on your trip, here are the best Christmas markets to take place this year in Bordeaux.

Best Christmas markets in Toulouse 2023

Marché de Noël de Toulouse 

The main Christmas market of Toulouse is taking place on Place du Capitole! This shouldn’t come as a surprise, given that it’s the biggest and most beautiful square Toulouse has to offer. 

More than 100 wooden cabins with gifts, local products, and food adorn Place du Capitol and its impressive buildings. If you’re looking for Christmas gifts, you will find everything from jewelry, kids’ toys, cosmetics, chocolates, local wine, and more. 

Some stalls are dedicated to all the “Christmas musts” like vin chaud (mulled wine), crepes, churros, and Christmas decorations.

 If you’re in the mood to taste something more regional, try Aligot, Tome cheese blended into mashed potatoes.

It’s probably not the most original Christmas market you have seen in your life, but it captures the Christmas spirit. And if you’re planning to visit Toulouse in December, this market is a must!

Another great feature of the market is the ice skating ring, which your kids will surely enjoy!

This year the market is taking place from November 24 to December 26 on Place du CapitoleSee all the details here.

Marché de Noël Artisanal et Solidaire

Another interesting market is Marché de Noël Artisanal et Solidaire taking place on Allées Jules-Guesde (next to the Grand Rond). This community market brings together craftsmen and ethical local producers for three weeks of Christmas celebration. The market will take place daily on December 2 – 24, from 10 am to 8 pm. See more details here.

Rosalie, marché de créatrices

Rosalie is a creators’ Christmas market where all the exhibitors are female creators. This year the market will host 50 stalls with a huge variety of products from decoration, well-being, jewelry, and more. The market will take place on December 9-10 at Allées Forain-François Verdier and on December 16- 17 next to the Musée des Abattoirs in Toulouse.

Christmas Markets around Toulouse

Carcassonne celebrates Christmas

Carcassonne is one of the most celebrated destinations in Occitanie and during the Christmas season, it’s getting even more magical!  Every year the town gets decorated with hundreds of Christmas lights and offers many surprises for the winter holidays. 

The Christmas events in Carcassonne are called la Magie de Noël which include a market, the big wheel, ice skating rings, and more.

The festivities will take place on December 2- 31, the program will be published here.

Carcassonne is located about an hour’s drive from Toulouse, so definitely something to put on your list if visiting during Christmas vacation.

Marché gastronomique et artisanal de Noël

Albi is hosting its annual Christmas market on December 1-31. It’s called the gastronomic and craft market and includes plenty of cabins with original artistic gifts, Christmas decorations, toys, and more. Albi is located about an hour’s drive from Toulouse. 

All the details about Christmas-related events in Albi will be published here.

Festival des Lanternes in Montauban

Well, this one isn’t a Christmas event, but it’s beautiful, full of lights, and takes place in December so I decided to put it on my list anyway. This year Montauban (about 50 km from Toulouse)  is hosting yet another lanterns festival.
The event called le Jardin Fantastique will host 40 artists from China that will present their monumental sculptures. This event will take place on Cours Foucault from December 15 to February 11, 2024. See all the info here.

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