If you’re touring the Basque country, you can’t miss Bayonne – the capital of the French side of this wonderful region. Not only is it one of the most beautiful cities in the area, surrounded by the ocean and the Pyrenees mountain range, but it’s also a foodie destination of note. If you like chocolate (who doesn’t?!) and delicious, aged cured ham – jambon de Bayonne – you can’t miss this great city. As you can probably guess, my to-do list is going to include lots of foodie adventures!

The best way to discover Bayonne is through food. If you don’t have much time, I highly recommend taking this walking food tour. This 5-star rated tour in English, Spanish, or French takes you through the streets of the city on foot, stopping not only to admire the views and architecture but to taste your way through Bayonne. 3.5 hours of sampling some of the region’s finest delicacies – chocolate, seafood, cheese, Basque cake, house cider, cured meats, and other unique items.

Bayonne is one of the most gastronomic experiences in France
A foodie experience in Bayonne – by Lost in Bordeaux

If a walking tour is not your thing, this eco-friendly electric Segway and bike tour is another great way to get around and see the city with experienced guides. They stop at the most notable sights in the city and kids are welcome.

Here’s my personal list of favorite things to do in Bayonne. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy touring the city! If you’re also looking for accommodation in Bayonne, check out my article about Where to stay in Bayonne.

A gastronomic vacation in Bayonne – the French Basque country

Stroll the streets of Grand Bayonne

The river Nive crosses through the city center and separates Grand Bayonne from Petit Bayonne. Grand Bayonne is home to the most important historical sites, including the cathedral, the fortifications, the botanic gardens, and the Château Vieux. The lovely timbered, colorful houses make up the traditional architecture of this part of France and are beautiful to see as you stroll around town.

The beautiful streets of Bayonne
Le Grand Bayonne – by Lost in Bordeaux

Some of the most charming streets include Rue Port Neuf, rue Poissonnerie, rue d’Espagne, rue de la Monnaie, and Rue de la Salie.

Historical monuments you shouldn’t miss: The gothic cathedral of Sainte Marie, dating back to the 13th century,  go around the back of Château-Vieux to see the massive fortifications and Roman ramparts surrounding the city, the Town Hall, and the grand houses in the historical center.

You can also take this guided tour to discover the fascinating history of Bayonne.

Visit the Market

France is known for its gastronomy and one of the best places in any town to get a feel of the local food and wine selection is at the market. Bayonne is no exception in that it has a fantastic food market held from Tuesday – Saturday at the Halles de Bayonne.

You’ll find cured and fresh meats, delectable cheeses, fine pastries, fresh bread, wine stands, fishmongers, local fruit and vegetable stalls, and much more. It gets especially busy on Saturday mornings when many more stalls are added around the Halles in the open air, so be sure to get there early!

Halles de Bayonne - the main market of Bayonne
Les Halles de Bayonne – by Lost in Bordeaux

Petit Bayonne – Discover the more local part of the city

This neighborhood is filled with charming streets and plenty of cool little cafes and restaurants with terraces overlooking the riverfront. As you meander through the small streets, you’ll see plenty of amazing street art everywhere so remember to take your camera!

Where to stay in Bayonne - le Petit Bayonne district
Le Petit Bayonne district – by Lost in Bordeaux

Some of my favorite food shops in the Petit Bayonne neighborhood include: 
Monsieur Txokola, Saloire Ibaialde, La Laiterie Marengo, and La Maison Du Gâteau Basque. 

You can read more about Le Petit Bayonne in my article about the best districts of Bayonne.

Jambon de Bayonne – taste it and learn about it

The famous jambon de Bayonne is cured and seasoned with local spices from Espelette, a town nearby where the spices grow in abundance. The ham is such a big part of Bayonne culture and tradition that they even have a Ham Festival that takes over the city every Easter.

While you’ll be able to try Jambon de Bayonne at nearly any bar or restaurant in town, the two places that you must visit are Sailoir Ibaialde in Petit Bayonne, who also offer tours, and, right in the city center, Musee du Jambon Aubard.

Sailoir Ibaialde - the best place to taste Jambon de Bayonne
A visit to Sailoir Ibaialde – by Lost in Bordeaux

Drink hot chocolate

Bayonne is famous for its chocolate because that’s where chocolate was first made in France before spreading out over the country, back in the day when this region was still known as old Gascony. It was brought over by Jews fleeing the Spanish Inquisition and today still, some of the best chocolate shops in the country can be traced back to Bayonne.

If you like hot chocolate, you absolutely have to visit Chocolat Cazenave, which dates back to 1854. Here they make the warm drink the traditional way it was made when it first arrived in Europe. Cazenave roasts their own beans and makes their own chocolate paste before melting it in warm milk and frothing them together for a delectable treat any time of day or night.

Chocolat Cazenave - the oldest chocolate shop in Bayonne
My kids enjoying Chocolat Cazenave’s hot chocolate

Buy a fancy chocolate home

Let’s stick with the sweet tooth theme!

There are amazing chocolate shops all over Bayonne, one of my favorites is Chocolaterie Puyodebat. I like to stop there and buy some artisanal chocolate bars to take home. They also have a Salon de chocolat, or a tea room, called La Tasse à Moustache, where you can try their amazing hot chocolate inside or on the terrace in the sunshine.

Chocolaterie Puyodebat - one of the best chocolate shops in Bayonne
Chocolaterie Puyodebat – by Lost in Bordeaux

If you are interested in discovering how chocolate is made, I recommend heading to the Petit Bayonne neighborhood to Monsieur Txokola where they do daily demonstrations of how they produce their amazing chocolate.

Street art in Bayonne

One way to get to know the city is by wandering around the charming little streets and photographing your favorite street art. Most of the interesting works are in the Petit Bayonne and Saint-Esprit neighborhoods. You can use the St’art application to discover some of the best street artworks in the city.

Stunning street art in Bayonne - one of the best things to do in Bayonne
Street art in Le Petit Bayonne – by Lost in Bordeaux

There’s also a festival dedicated to street art called Festival Points de Vue. if you’re in town while it’s on you’ll see all kinds of fun, new, open-air art installations across the city.

Go to a photography exhibition at Didam

One of the best cultural hotspots in Bayonne, Didam is the contemporary art museum in the city center that you can’t miss. They host fantastic photography exhibitions and they also hold workshops if you’re the artsy type. Check their website for opening times and tickets.

See an exhibition in  Didam in Bayonne
Photography in Didam in Bayonne – by Lost in Bordeaux

Take a walk along the quays

Bayonne has a great riverfront in all of its three touristy districts. There’s nothing like a stroll along the water to clear your head and open up the appetite!

In the city center in the Grand and Petit Bayonne districts, you’ll find plenty of restaurants and cafes where you can stop for a drink in the sunshine. If you go a bit further there are lovely calm, green promenades where you can walk or cycle in the fresh air away from the city buzz.

A walk along the riverfront in Bayonne
A walk along the riverfront in Bayonne – by Lost in Bordeaux

Taste cheese from one of the best cheese makers in the world

There’s an impressive amount of stunning cheese shops in Bayonne because just like most regions in France, this one is home to several specialty cheeses. But one cheese shop stands out above the rest and is a must-visit – Christophe Fromager.

Christophe Fromager - one of the best cheese shops in the Basque country
Christophe Fromager – by Lost in Bordeaux

Christophe was crowned the Vice Champion du Monde Fromager in 2017, meaning he basically came second in a global competition of cheesemongers. The shop is a testament to his experience, travels, and knowledge of local products as well as his fantastic connections with regional farmers.
From the moment you walk into the shop, you’ll be transported by the different smells and sights of hard, soft, smelly, aged, crumbly, flaky, creamy, and many more kinds of cheese. You’ll definitely want to buy some to take back to your accommodation and make a little cheese platter for apéro hour.

Do a Hawaiian canoe trip on the Adour and Nive Rivers

A uniquely fun way to discover a new city is by water. Take this boat tour for fun, adventure, and sightseeing all mixed into one!

The trip is made on Hawaiian pirogues, which are typical island boats, ideal for sailing in wide open spaces. It’s also very eco-friendly and great for the whole family. Kids over 7 are welcome and there is no specific fitness level required. During the trip, you’ll pass under the ancient bridges and admire Bayonne’s three main districts from the water.

Do a Hawaiian canoe trip on the Adour and Nive Rivers
Hawaiian canoe trip – photo by Pirogue & Surf

Take surfing lessons in Anglet

Anglet, Bayonne’s adjoining city to the south, is a great place for surfing lessons. With the Gliss Experience surf school you can do a couple of hours or a full day and you’ll learn to surf in the crashing waves on Cavalier Beach. Running from April to November, you can even enjoy the waves in the low season.

Surfing lessons in Anglet
Surfing lessons in Anglet – by Lost in Bordeaux

Visit Jardin Botanique

Next to the Chateau Vieux in Le Grand Bayonne, you’ll find lovely, peaceful botanical gardens. With a strong Japanese influence and beautiful landscaping, you can enjoy lovely views over the ramparts as the gardens are perched seven meters above them. It’s like a little green oasis in the middle of the city, and one of the reasons Bayonne has such a high “floral ranking” – the official French classification of how many flowers and plants decorate a city.

Enjoy a cycling tapas apero

Everyone knows that apéro or pre-dinner drinks are a major part of French culture. Why not try your apéro hour in Bayonne on a bike? Grab an electric bike on this tour and cycle around with an English-speaking guide who will stop to tell you a little about the city’s history and architecture before taking you to the waterfront for tapas and drinks.

If you prefer not to cycle, there are also a few great tapas bars in the center of Bayonne, such as the rooftop of OKKO Hotel, Ibaia, or Les Arcades.

Day trips from Bayonne

Bayonne can be a great base from which to discover the Basque country if you’re staying for a longer period of time. There is so much to see and do in the beautiful Basque country!

If you have a car, you’ll be able to visit a few of the hidden gems, but even if you don’t, there are plenty of places to visit by public transport. 


Biarritz is a beautiful Basque town in the Biscay Bay on the Atlantic Ocean, known for its surfing beaches and lively atmosphere. Biarritz boasts impressive architecture and an amazing gastronomic scene, yet at the same time, it exudes a cozy, small-town energy, making it a perfect weekend destination. It’s so close to Bayonne that the two have merged together with Anglet in the middle and you can access it by public transport or by car. Here you can read more about what not to miss in Biarritz.

A perfect weekend in Biarritz


Located just 25km from Biarritz, Saint-Jean-de-Luz is one of the most charming destinations in the Basque country. The seaside town with its cozy atmosphere is sitting within a vast bay, facing the Atlantic Ocean. It boasts five beaches, so make sure to take your swimsuit!

It is renowned for its unique Basque architecture, where lively streets showcase the charm of the old town with vibrant half-timbered houses.

San Sebastian

Known as the foodie capital of the world, San Sebastian is located on the Spanish side of the Basque country and less than an hour’s drive from Bayonne. Boasting the highest number of Michel-starred restaurants per capita in the world, San Sebastian is the place to be for food lovers. But it’s not all chic and expensive – the city is filled with tiny pintxos, or tapas, bars where you can taste local delicacies for cheap.

There are also lovely beaches, surf schools, great museums and a beautiful historic old town where you can go shopping and see old churches.


Hendaye, the last town before crossing over the Spanish border, is located just a 30-minute drive from Bayonne. With great beaches and surf schools, it’s a fantastic place to visit with the family in summer. It’s also situated in a bay that creates a safe swimming zone without any huge waves or rip tides, making for a great family-friendly place to swim.

Vallée des Aldudes or Vallée de Baïgorry

This valley, set in the Pyrenees mountains, is breathtaking to see and delicious to taste because it’s also a foodie destination. With its winding river and towering mountains, you’ll want to stop at five little towns in this valley: Ossès, Saint-Etienne-de-Baïgorry, les Aldudes, Banca, and Urepel.

All the best things to do with kids in the French Basques country

Famous for the AOP Ossau-Iraty cheese, the AOP Kintoa ham, and the AOP Irouléguy wine, this region has everything you need to make the perfect apéro tasting platter! You can also do wonderful hikes with stunning views across the valley.

Getting there from Bayonne by car will take you just over an hour.

The best hotels in Bayonne:

I have a full article about the best neighborhoods in Bayonne and the best hotels to stay in each one. But here are three great ones to save you some time. 

Hôtel des Basses Pyrénées – Bayonne
This stunning 4-star hotel is situated right next to the famous Sainte Marie cathedral and is really central for your stay in Bayonne. With a stunning courtyard out front and a really good restaurant, you’ll be in the center of all the buzz.

Hôtel Villa KOEGUI Bayonne
Located just across the Nive River from the city center, this 4-star hotel is home to a restaurant with terrace seating, sauna and gym, and a great buffet breakfast. It’s within walking distance of everything you want to see in both the Petit and Grand Bayonne districts.

Boutique Hôtel Un Appart en Ville
If you prefer self-catering accommodation, this apartment offers you a little space and privacy as well as a kitchen. It’s very well-located, right in the center of Grand Bayonne, and you can even rent bikes right on the property!

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Bayonne serves as the capital of the French Basque country and stands as the largest city in the region, boasting a population of 50,000 residents. While not classified as a small town by Basque standards, its relatively compact and cozy center makes it an ideal destination for tourists. If you’re seeking accommodations in Bayonne, this article offers a comprehensive guide to the best neighborhoods and hotels/accommodations available in each.

Before we start here are a few other articles you might like if you’re planning a trip to the Basque country: Beautiful villages in the French Basques, Weekend in Biarritz, All the best things to do and eat in Biarritz.

Where to stay in Bayonne, let’s go!

Le Grand Bayonne  – the most historic and central district

Nestled along the banks of the Adour and the Nive rivers, the Grand Bayonne neighborhood in Bayonne exudes an irresistible charm steeped in history and culture. Its labyrinthine streets are adorned with colorful half-timbered wood buildings, quaint cafes, and artisanal shops, inviting visitors to wander and explore at leisure. 

Grand Bayonne is the most ancient neighborhood of Bayonne and as such it harbors most of the monuments in the city. Among them, you’ll find the beautiful building of the city hall and the theatre, le Château Vieux, and the majestic Cathedral of Sainte-Marie, a stunning Gothic masterpiece dating back to the 13th century.

The vibrant streets of Le Grand Bayonne district
Le Grand Bayonne – by Lost in Bordeaux

Grand Bayonne’s vibrant atmosphere is further enriched by its bustling market and the gastronomic richness of cheese, chocolate, and ham shops. At lunch time locals gather here to sample fresh produce and regional delicacies. With its picturesque scenery and rich heritage, Grand Bayonne offers a captivating glimpse into the soul of this enchanting Basque city.

If you’re looking to stay in the most central part of Bayonne, Le Grand Bayonne is the place. Here are a few recommended hotels in Le Grand Bayonne.

Hôtel & Restaurant Des Basses Pyrénées a 4-star hotel located in the heart of Bayonne, a few minutes walk from the Cathedral. Housed within a beautifully restored building, the hotel exudes a timeless elegance, blending traditional architecture with modern comforts. The hotel features one of the best restaurants in Bayonne, called le Restaurant des Basses Pyrénées. 
Book your stay here

Hôtel & Restaurant Des Basses Pyrénées  in Bayonne
Hôtel & Restaurant Des Basses Pyrénées – by Lost in Bordeaux

Libertitu – charming apartment and rooms in Bayonne, located within a 3-minute walk from the heart of the historic center of Bayonne. You can choose between a double and triple room and a big apartment for 9 people. The place also offers free parking. Book your stay here

Hôtel Le BayonneThis 4-star hotel is located slightly out of the historic center, but within a few minutes walk to the Quai Amiral Jaureguiberry with all its terrasse restaurants. This is a great option for families as the hotel has bigger rooms and features an outdoor pool.
Book your stay here

Other good hotels in Le Grand Bayonne are: Le Grand Hotel (Mercure), Hotel Le Port Neuf and Miradour City Break.

Le Petit Bayonne – the young and cool part of Bayonne 

Cross the Nive River to the other side and you’ll find yourself in Le Petit Bayonne, one of the most popular districts in Bayonne. The small neighborhood is positioned at the confluence of the Adounr and Nive rivers, positioning it in a prime location. In Just a few minutes walk you can get to the main market in Le Grande Bayonne or the train station in the Saint Esprit neighborhood. 

Its narrow cobblestone streets are lined with colorful Basque-style houses adorned with traditional timber frames, creating a picturesque backdrop for exploration. This vibrant district is renowned for its lively atmosphere and eclectic mix of cafes, bars, and boutiques. Along the riverfront of the Nive, looking over the Grand Bayonne, you’ll discover a string of restaurants and tapas bars, where locals and tourists love to sit on sunny days. 

Where to stay in Bayonne - le Petit Bayonne district
Le Petit Bayonne district – by Lost in Bordeaux

The university is also located here, as well as the Basque Museum and the Bonnat Museum (currently undergoing renovation). In general, Le Petit Bayonne is the more arty, vibrant, and youthful part of town and I would even call it the hipster side of Bayonne. 

Here are a few recommended hotels in Le Petit Bayonne.

Hôtel Villa KOEGUI – one of the best hotels in Bayonne is located here in le Petit Bayonne. Hôtel Villa Koegui is an elegant 4-star hotel featuring a sauna, a small gym, and a gastronomic restaurant. 
Book your stay here.

Hôtel Villa KOEGUI - one of the best hotels in Bayonne
Hôtel Villa KOEGUI in Bayonne – by Lost in Bordeaux

Basque villaIf you traveling with a big family or a group of friends you can enjoy this beautiful Basque villa that is located a few minutes walk from the center of Le Petit Bayonne. The villa offers four big rooms and a cute garden where you can have a BBQ in the evenings.
Book the villa here.

Villa la Renaissance – If you don’t mind walking about 20 minutes to get to the center, this stunning hotel is a great option. The rooms of the hotels are beautifully decorated and you have a pool for the hot summer days in Bayonne.
Book your stay at Villa la Renaissance here.

Saint Esprit 

Saint Esprit is a historic neighborhood situated on the north banks of the Adour River and where the Bayonne train station is located. Saint Esprit is connected to the historic center (Le Petit Bayonne and Le Grand Bayonne) by the eponymous bridge. This is where most of the more affordable hotels are situated so it’s a great option if you’re on a budget. 

Steeped in centuries of rich heritage, Saint Esprit boasts a fascinating tapestry of cultural influences, from its origins as a medieval village to its vibrant present-day community. Founded in the 12th century, this village was once an autonomous municipality called Saint-Esprit-lès-Bayonne, attached to the Dax district in the Landes region. Initially inhabited by monks of the Hospitaller Order of the Holy Spirit, hence the neighborhood’s name. It also became home to Sephardic Jews fleeing the Spanish and Portuguese Inquisitions in the late 15th and 16th centuries. It wasn’t until the 19th century that Saint Esprit became a part of Bayonne. 

In this district, we can find several important historic monuments like the Citadel of Vauban and the synagogue (although neither one of them can be visited). But the neighborhood is mostly interesting for its artistic side. Here you can find some of the best street art in Bayonne, as well as DIDAM, the cultural center dedicated to photography. Just next to DIDAM, don’t miss the independent Cinéma L’Atalante with its cute café.

Saint Esprit district in Bayonne
Saint Esprit district in Bayonne – by Lost in Bordeaux

Saint Esprit is a relatively big district but I suggest that you stay closer to the river, around the Saint Esprit bridge.
Here are a few recommended hotels in the Saint Esprit district.

Péniche DJEBELLE – the most special option on this list, sleeping on a traditional boat. There are two deluxe rooms on this boat, that come with private bathrooms. In the morning you can have a fabulous breakfast on the terrasse. 

Book your stay here.

ibis Styles – Ibis is located just next to the Saint Esprit Bridge in a stunning building with a view of the Adour River.  The hotel has 45 rooms in different sizes, making it a great option for single travelers, couples, and families.
Book your room here.

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*Note – Some of the links in this article include affiliate links for which I earn a small commission. It adds absolutely nothing to your cost and helps me continue writing about this amazing region. Don’t worry, I’m not getting rich here, I’ll never recommend anything I don’t believe in 🙂 

If you ate tons of heart-shaped chocolate for Saint Valentine’s today, you can continue the celebration with Bordeaux’s chocolate festival. Also, there are plenty of events for kids this weekend, such as a cartoon festival in Begles, a dance festival and more. I also added plenty of dance events and parties so it won’t be boring this weekend. Here’s the list of things to do this weekend in Bordeaux (February 15-17).

Chocolate Festival in Jardin Botanique

This tasty 10 days fair, organized by Fédération Autonome des Métiers Gourmands, is taking place at the Jardin Botanique until February 17. This year the theme is a vegetable garden and you’ll discover the beautiful sculptures made by the chocolatiers for the national chocolate competition of Bordeaux. Some of the best Bordeaux chocolatiers will present and sell their works at the fair. For the full program click here.

When: February 8-17 / Where:  Jardin Botanique Bordeaux-Bastide, Esplanade Linné, 33100 BORDEAUX

Festival Pouce Bordeaux

Pouce is the annual kids’ dance festival taking place around Bordeaux metropole. During the festival, 8 dance shows will take place in Bordeaux, Pessac, Floriac, Bruges and other towns around the metropole. The program also includes a dance workshop for parents. Check out the full program here.

When: February 6-16 / Where:  different locations around Bordeaux (check out the program)

A cartoon festival for the little ones

In the next two weeks, Cinéma “Le Festival” in Bégles will host a film festival for the little ones. During the festival, many cartoons and movies for kids (3 to 6 years old) will be screened, allowing parents to take their kids to the movies, some of them for the first time. For the full program click here.

When: February 13-26 / Where:  151 Boulevard Albert 1er, 33130 Bègles

Black Valentine Weekend

Black Valentine is a new festival by the Bordeaux Swing association, taking place this weekend (February 15-17) in Chartrons. The program of the festival includes plenty of lessons with professional dancers for both beginners and advanced dancers. On Friday and Saturday evening two swing concerts will take place, where you can practice all you’ve learned in class. For the full program and tickets click here.

When: February 15-17 / Where:  6 rue Ramonet, 33000 Bordeaux

Festival Les Grenadines Givrées

La Boîte à Jouer association invites you to the Grenadines Givrées festival during the first week of school break (February 16-23). You can enjoy different cultural experiences, from theater to marionettes and storytelling. This is a great event for both kids and adults. For the full program click here.

When: February 16-23 / Where:  39 Cours de Luze, 33300 Bordeaux

Ratatam – kids festival

This is the third edition of the Ratatam kids festival, taking place at the
Entrepôt du Haillan on February 12-17. The program includes concerts, animation movies, a painting contest, video games, meetings with cartoonists, a comics workshop and more. Check out the full program here.

When: February 12-17 / Where:  Entrepôt du Haillan, Rue Georges Clemenceau, 33185 Le Haillan

Salon Spa

A spa salon with representatives from 70 establishments will take place on February 14-15 in Hangar 14. The program includes different conferences on health and thermal medicine. For the full program click here.

When: February 14-15 / Where:  Hangar 14, Quai des Chartrons, 33000 Bordeaux

Hip Hop Party

A hip hop party will take place this Friday (February 15) in one of the coolest places in town, Mama Shelter. For more details click here.

When: February 15, at 21:00 / Where:  19, RUE POQUELIN MOLIERE, 33000 Bordeaux

Swing Party

A swing concert and party will take place this Friday (February 15) at the Quartier Libre club in Saint Michel. The entry is free and a chic outfit is obligatory :). For more info click here.

When: February 15 , at 20:00 / Where: 30 rue des Vignes, 33800 Bordeaux

Carnaval de Bayonne

If you’re in a mood for traveling this weekend, Bayonne is the place to go. This Saturday (February 16) it’s the Bayonne annual Carnival. This is a very traditional Basque festival with music and beautiful costumes. For more details click here.

When: February 16 / Where: Ville de Bayonne

Romanian weekend at the Cite du Vin

This weekend (February 15-17) la Cité du Vin celebrates the bond between France and Romania. It will be a big celebration of Carpathian wines with conferences, tastings and a concert. For more details and reservations click here.

When: February 15-17 / Where: Esplanade de Pontac, 134 Quai de Bacalan, 33300 Bordeaux

Exposition “Carnaval des 2 rives”

In two weeks Bordeaux will host the beautiful Carnaval Des 2 Rives. This year as part of the preparations to the festival, the organizers of the festival invite you to an exhibition with costumes and masks created for the carnival. The exhibition will be presented at le 308 (Bastide) from February 12 to March 29. For more details click here.

When: February 12 – March 29 / Where: Le 308, 308 avenue Thiers, 33100 Bordeaux

Go to the park

It looks like there’s finally some good weather this weekend and I really hope it’s here to stay. But February is tricky and this weekend could be just a short break from the cold. So before the sun disappears, you have a chance to get to know all the beautiful parks in the city and to prepare yourself for the summer picnics. Take a look at my list of the best parks in Bordeaux.

Winter Sales are coming to an end

Shopping alert! Les soldes d’hiver are about to end on February 19 so this is your last chance to enjoy them.

IKEA takes your old book

If you have a stock of books in your house that you want to get rid of this is a good opportunity. This Saturday (February 16) you can bring your books and get a coupon for 10 euros at IKEA. The books have to be in a good condition and it doesn’t include magazines. You have to have an IKEA family card to participate. For more details click here.

When: February 16 / Where: Avenue des 40 Journaux, 33049 Bordeaux

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Have a wonderful weekend!