If you are in town this weekend and looking for something special to do on Saturday evening, how about a flamenco dance and music concert? We are lucky enough to have our own very talented Flamenco dancer in Bordeaux, “La Caramelita”, that together with three flamenco artists will perform the “Penas y Alegrías” in La Grande Poste.
Penas y Alegrías  offers you a high energy, colorful flamenco show. The soulful singing and the wistful guitar solos alternate flawlessly and the public, ensnared by the dancer will not be able to resist the urge to cry “Olé!” The artists propose a traditional flamenco performance as one would see in the peñas (flamenco clubs) of Andalucía. This show presents a wide variety of flamenco styles including the poignant and melancholy soléa to the lighter, mischevious alegrías. The thundering footwork unites with the singer’s jaleos (cheers) and the syncopated rhythms of the guitar to offer you an intense moment of sensuality and spirit.
Penas y Alegrías

Intertwining dance and music of flamenco “jondo” (deep song), “Penas y Alegrías” represents the spectrum of life: a decomposition of emotions, from sorrow to joy. It is through her intense interpretation that Deborah “La Caramelita” awakens these feelings so familiar to flamenco. She is accompanied in by esteemed flamenco artists Guillermo Guillén (guitar), Alex Carrasco (percussions) and Alejandro Mendía (vocals).

After years of living in Andalucía it is in Bordeaux that these 4 artists converged and their desire to form a flamenco cuadro together took hold.
For more details check out the website and facebook page. Tickets available or at the door or online .
When: Saturday, June 16- 8pm
Where: La Grande Poste, 7 Rue du Palais Gallien, 33000 Bordeaux
How much: Prices – 16€ / 20€


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