In this article, I want to share with you some of my favorite blogs about Bordeaux. There are several blogs about life here that I follow regularly and some of them are even in English! In this list, I chose three English blogs/websites and three in French for my French-speaking readers. Their content is quite different from what I usually post on my blog but all of them give great information about different aspects of life in this city.

Bordeaux expats

This is one website you should really follow if you live in Bordeaux or thinking of moving here. Mike Foster (who started the blog in 2010) and Chris Tighe, are two expats that created an amazing and supportive expats community in Bordeaux, with the blog and facebook group “Bordeaux expats”. The blog really covers everything you need to know about living in Bordeaux: How to look for jobs, where are the good neighborhoods, how does the tram system work and even where the swimming pools are. They also have a business directory of English speaking businesses so if you’re looking for an English speaking service, that’s the place to go. Check out the Bordeaux expat site here.

Invisible Bordeaux

Invisible Bordeaux was created in 2011 by Tim Pike, an Englishman who has been living in Bordeaux for a while. In his blog he documents many of the lesser known sights, landmarks and stories of Gironde (mostly in Bordeaux area). Some of the best articles include his trip to the Gironde estuary and the stories of different clocks of Bordeaux. Check out Invisible Bordeaux.

American mom in Bordeaux

If you want a more personal blog about life in Bordeaux, check out Jennifer’s blog – American mom in Bordeaux. Since moving to Bordeaux in 2011 she has been writing about her daily life with her family in Bordeaux and about the many places they have visited in the area. In the last few years she has been guiding tours in Bordeaux and a few other destinations in Gironde, so if you’re looking for an English speaking guide, check out her website.

A few blogs for the French speakers

Un Air de Bordeaux

This is the blog of Bordeaux’s tourist office and if you can read French you should really check it out. This is the best site to discover the hidden secrets of Bordeaux, the places only locals know. They regularly post about interesting events or things to do during kids school breaks. Read thier blog here.

Camille in Bordeaux

I started following Camille a few days after moving to Bordeaux and I can definitely give her the credit for a few of my first discoveries in the city. What I love about her is that she’s really authentic and you get a pick into the life of a local. Check out her blog.


Enfant Bordeaux is a website created by Papa Yann in 2014 and since then became the go-to place for many French parents trying to entertain their kids. The website includes plenty of articles about kids friendly events, courses, theater shows and much more. Check out EnfantBordeuax website.

Hope you enjoyed my list! Do you have more blogs about Bordeaux or France in general that you enjoy reading? please share it with us in the comments below.

If it’s your first time in Bordeaux, check out my guide to a weekend in Bordeaux.



  1. hello everybody kay here living in paris, thinking of moving to bordeaux but worried it may feel too provencial after Paris….as I do adore the energy of the city can anyone provide feedback ? My motivation to move is that Paris property is just too dang expensive these days. I just hope Bordeaux is as pretty and vibrant ! thanks in advance

    • Ira Szmuk Reply

      Hi 🙂
      I did just that three years ago, moved from Paris to Bordeaux. I promise you that I had the same hesitations and so far I was sooooo proven wrong. Bordeaux is an amazing city with chic restaurants, bars, coffee places, concert venues, museums, and everything you need to have a fun city life. It’s not Paris and you can’t really compare between the two but it’s a very lively city and it’s fun to live here.

  2. Hey ! This is Papa Yann from ! I am happy to see I am in your favorite blogs list. I did not your blog and I am looking forward to read it. This will, for sure, improve my English 😉

    All the Best,


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