Discovering beautiful villages in the southwest of France is one of my favorite parts of living here and with all my traveling lately, I decided that it’s time to write a little bit about the Dordogne as well. So today I’m taking you to Eymet, located in the Bergerac region about 100 km from Bordeaux. While it’s not as famous as some of the villages in the Sarlat region, this cute little village with its picturesque houses and abundance of restaurants is a great option for a day trip from Bordeaux or from Bergerac. In this article, I’ll give you all the info on things to do in and around Eymet including an amazing chateau you can visit with your kids. 

Eymet in Dordogne

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You can also join my Facebook group “Travel in the southwest of France” where many enthusiasts of the region share their recommendations for places to visit and things to do in the southwest of France. Now let me take you to this beautiful part of purple Perigord and the village of Eymet. 

What to see in Eymet

Eymet is a typical bastide town founded in the 13th century by Alphonse de Poitiers, Comte de Toulouse. Bastide towns that can be recognized by their arched central squares were created from the 12th to the 14th century in the southwest of France by both the French and the English kings. These were new towns (or “villes neuves” in French) built to encourage settlements of empty areas. There are many of them in the old Gascony region with most being small sleepy towns. Eymet, however, is a rather lively little town with plenty of restaurants and a small cultural scene. Ironically, while the town was originally established by the French as part of a defensive strategy against an English invasive, today it’s one of the most “British” towns in Dordogne with a 20% British population.

Eymet -Bastide towns in the southwest of France

When you arrive in Eymet, start your tour at Place des Arcades, the central square with well-maintained houses. Take some time to admire the beautiful arched houses with stone or timber framed (colombage) fronts. The tourist office of Eymet is located on the square as well. They are very helpful and can give you a map of Eymet with all the interesting houses to see on your little tour. There’s also a map on display near the tourist office so you can see some of the main points of interest even if the tourist office is closed.

From here you can take some time to stroll the narrow charming streets of Eymet. The center of town is very small and many of the more interesting houses are located on rue Traversiere and rue de Veau. Don’t miss the beautiful temple on rue du Temple and the cute flowery passage between rue du Temple and rue Portanel.

Beautiful streets in Eymet France

There’s also an impressive château in Eymet, however, it’s usually closed unless there’s an exhibition in one of the rooms. It’s still worth taking a stroll through the garden and admire the chateau from the outside.

Where to eat in Eymet 

The only problem regarding food in Eymet is that for such a small town there are just too many restaurants to choose from 🙂 There are plenty of restaurants located under the arched houses on the central squares, these are especially fun on sunny days as you can sit outside and absorb the beauty of the village.  Two recommended restaurants in Eymet are Le Gambetta on Place Gambetta as well as Walnut which is slightly out of the center. 

Restaurants in Eymet Dordogne

Markets in Eymet

Every Thursday morning, a lively market with the best products of the region takes place at the central square. You can buy baguettes, cheese, and regional fruits at the market and find a nice spot for a picnic on the banks of the Dropt river. That’s what we do many times as we travel with little kids and picnics are always a bit easier than sitting in a restaurant. 

Every Tuesday during July and August a lively night market is taking place here with live music and plenty of food stands. The market is taking place at Place de la Bastide starting from 19:00. 

Hiking around Eymet

Besides a stroll in the city which will take you 1-2 hours (if you’re slow like us), you can also go on a short hike to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Eymet.  There are two hiking routes you can take around Eymet. One called Sentier du Dropt – a 3km hike that takes you through the port, the old windmill, and other nice spots close to the Dropt river. 

Another hike is the Balade Patrimoine au fil du Dropt – an 11.5km route you can also do by bike. I took a picture of my map but you can get it at the tourist office. 

Chateau de Bridoire – the chateau of games

Chateau de Bridoire
Chateau de Bridoire

If you’re traveling with kids you absolutely must include this place on your trip to Eymet. Château de Bridoire is located at the heart of the Monbazillac wine region about 15 minutes by car from Eymet. The beautiful château is a private historic monument dating back to the 15th century. You will visit 15 different rooms from the kitchen to the dining room and the working office but what makes this château special is that it’s much more interactive than the other castles you’ll visit in the southwest of France. For example, one of the rooms you’re going to visit is the games room where you can touch and play with all the fun wood games. The best part is the garden of the château where plenty of huge games were put in place to be played by the visitors of the chateau.

Chateau de Bridoire - the castel of games
Chateau de Bridoire – the castle of games

Needless to say, we spent hours there and they actually had to kick us out as my daughter refused to let go of the bow and arrow. 

The château is open daily during the summer, you can see more details here

What else to see around Eymet 

One of the main attractions in the region is Chateau de Duras, a 12th-century impressive castle with an amazing view of the Dropt valley.

If you’re looking for a bigger livelier city, be sure to visit Bergerac, which is located on the Dordogne river only 20 km from Eymet. On the way, you can also visit Chateau de Monbazillac, famous for its white sweet wine.

If you’re visiting the region on a Sunday, you can start your day in Issigeac, yet another beautiful village in Dordogne that holds one of the best markets in the area on Sundays. 

Issigeac market
Issigeac market

If you want to stop somewhere on the way to Bordeaux, don’t miss Castelmoron d’Albret, which happens to be the smallest village in France. You can read more about it in my article about my visit to Castelmoron d’Albret

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I’m officially on vacation with my kids so this post was written while they are physically climbing on me. If you see any typos, that’s where they’re coming from 🙂 There’s not a lot of interesting events currently happening in the city so this month I will share a lot of places I visited myself to give you some ideas of fun things to do during the weekend. Also, I invite you to read my Summer list for more ideas on things to do in Bordeaux. If you’re currently traveling in the region I invite you to join my Travel in the southwest of France Facebook group and get more ideas for places to visits from local people. Here’s the list of things to do this weekend in Bordeaux (August 8-9).

A beautiful 4D show on Chateau de Duras

This one was added last minute to my list as I went there yesterday. Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday during the summer the beautiful chateau of Duras is hosting an amazing 4D spectacle where they screen the history of the chateau and a fun story for kids at the end. The show is really well done and the location itself makes the drive from Bordeaux well worth it. The show starts at 22:30 but If you’ve never visited the chateau before, make sure to come earlier in the day so you’ll have the chance to visit the rooms and see the stunning view from the top. The town of Duras is really charming and every Thursday night there’s a fun night market taking place there so think about combining it with the show when planning the trip. 

Les Vivres de l’Art

This summer Les Vivres de l’Art in Bacalan invites you to the 7ème Ciel exhibition that’s hosting five different artists. For those who have never visited this fascinating place, Les vivres de l’art is an artistic association, holding cultural events, workshops, vintage sales, music festivals, exhibitions, and more. The expo is presented there until September 20, you can see all the details here. If you want to discover more fun places to visit in the area check out my article about the Bacalan district in Bordeaux

Go Cycling in Saint Emilion 

Last week I did a super fun electric bike tour in Saint Emilion with a company called Rustic Vines who specializes in biking tours in the vineyards. It was an amazing experience and you can read more about it in my Instagram post below. If you’re going to do it any time this summer, you can use my discount code BORDEAUX15 that will give you 15% off on their tours until the end of October. 

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Last Friday I went on a fabulous electric bike tour in Saint Emilion with @rusticvines , which is a company specialized in biking tours in the vineyards of Bordeaux. As I write about the Bordeaux region, I obviously visited Saint Emilion many many times before, but this visit was probably one of my favorites. There's just something so special about cycling in the vineyards and passing by well-known chateaux. Even the fact that you can just stop from time to time and absorb the view makes it a great experience! Electric bikes by the way are an absolute must as the hills of Saint Emilion are no joke! So for those of you interested to visit Saint Emilion by bike, this is how the day tour goes. The tour starts in the center of Saint Emilion (if you're in Bordeaux they'll bring you there, so no worries). You cycle quite a lot of this trip but in between, you do plenty of stuff. During the day we visited and tasted wine in two wine chateaux (Chateau Bernateau and Chateau Cadet-Bon), both family-owned which I really appreciated. For lunch we had a yummy picnic with wine, cheese, charcuterie, and other cute surprises. At the end of the trip, we had a quick and fun tour of Saint Emilion itself, a visit that never gets old, even if you've been there many times before. 🤩🥳 Rustic vines were super nice to offer my followers 15% off on tours ordered until October 31st (in addition to the 10% off, they currently have on their site). To get the discount use the code BORDEAUX15 when ordering their tours online. One thing to keep in mind, it very hard to go back to a normal bike after you cycled on an e-bike for one whole day 🙂

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La Nuit des étoiles au Bourghail

This Sunday (August 9) the park of Bourghail in Pessac is hosting a fun astronomy event with workshops for kids, stars observation, a tour of the forest by night, and more. The event is free, to see more details click here

Discover the beautiful lakes near Bordeaux

Sometimes all you need is a calm weekend with a bit of nature for the soul 🙂 Luckily there’s plenty of nature around Bordeaux. Today I want to introduce you to two lakes in the region where you can have a lovely walk and admire the colors of the water. The first one is Lac Vert (the green lake) in Canejan and the second one is Lac Bleu (the blue lake) in Leognan, both located about 15/20 minutes’ drive from Bordeaux. Their names derive from the color of the water and they are both stunning. 

If you want more ideas for hiking check out my article about hiking around Bordeaux

Quai des Sports

I’m happy to tell you that even this summer the annual Quai des Sports was opened at the Parc the Sports in Saint Michel. The Quai des sports is a continuous sportive event for kids and adults where you can take part in many sports activities for free. The event this year will take place until August 23. For more info click here

When: until August 23 / Where: Parc des Sports Saint Michel, Bordeaux

Go to a Night Market 

You still have a few more weeks to try the night markets of the Southwest of France. If you’re planning to go on Saturday I recommend going south to Les Landes, where several night markets are taking place each week. You can see all the details about the markets of the region in my article about the night markets of the southwest of France

Enjoy the night summer bars of Bordeaux

Bordeaux is a fun city all year long but in the summer there’s a special vibe in the city with plenty of open summer places opening up all around the city. Many of them are good but my favorite is La Guinguette Chez Alriq where you can also see daily concerts. This video for example is from a Flamenco show that took place there last Sunday afternoon. You can see the full list of the best summer places in Bordeaux in my article

Flamenco - chez alriq Bordeaux

Free beach activities in Bordeaux

This summer (until August 31) Bordeaux Lac will offer FREE activities such as kayaking, SUP, zumba and more! The activities are taking place daily from 14:00 to 18:00 and registration is taking place on the beach starting from 13:30. Please read the content in this link as it includes instructions for some documents you need to present to be able to register as well as the schedule of the daily activities. For more events and activities taking place this summer in Bordeaux check out my article about things to do this summer in Bordeaux

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