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For two years now I have been writing only about happy events in the beautiful region of the Southwest of France. I would look forward every month to publishing my “what to do this month in Bordeaux” list, hoping to make people’s weekends and trips to the region a fun experience. Unfortunately, my events lists will have to wait for better times!  However, I feel that it’ll be a shame not to use the platform I’ve built for a good cause. So I’ve decided to help those local businesses that stay open during confinement by promoting them here for free. This article contains a list of several platforms through which you can order food from local farmers as well as a list of other local businesses who deliver what I consider as food for the soul 🙂 I will continue updating the list as I’ll discover new businesses in the food industry (write to me if you are one of them!)  You can also check my Instagram account where I’ll regularly post stories of these local businesses. Even if at this point you cannot support these businesses financially, think about supporting them virtually – follow them on social media, like and share their posts – that’s something that helps small businesses grow (I’m talking from experience 🙂 ). Let’s start!  

Buy food from local farmers and artisans in Nouvelle Aquitaine 

If you’re desperately looking for a food delivery service to avoid going out for shopping, don’t forget that many farmers and artisans are still working and many have delivery services. And now more than ever they need your support. Here’s a list of some of the platforms where you can order vegetables, meat, cheese, bread, and other fresh products. 

Plateforme Solidaire pour les producteurs de Nouvelle-Aquitaine

The Nouvelle Aquitaine region is now working on a fantastic initiative that is supposed to connect people to local food producers providing delivery services. The online platform is going to be launched on March 31 – you’ll find the map of all the registered food producers here.

Currently, they are in the process of registering as many farmers and artisans as possible, so if you want your business to be listed please register here:  Produits locaux de Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

help local farmers in the southwest of France

My Farmers – order fresh products online 

My Farmers is a Bordeaux based company whose online platform allows you to order local produce directly from farmers. You can get top-quality meat, cheese, fruits and vegetables delivered to your doorsteps. Go on their site and choose the option of “food lover” when subscribing. Currently, the service is available only in Bordeaux.

The Aquitaine Travel guide farms list

My friends Anne and Simona from Aquitaine Travel guide have curated a very long list of farms in the region, including the south of Gironde, Arcachon and Bordeaux Metropole. Some offer delivery services and some require a self pick-up of the products, Eather way, It’s a very detailed list where you are sure to find a farm close to your place.

La Ruche Qui Dit Oui

La Ruche Qui Dit Oui is a great concept that I recommend to anyone living in Bordeaux (or almost any other city in France). There are weekly assemblies in many locations in Bordeaux, and in some smaller towns in Gironde. Choose the one closest to your home to see the farmers and the products you can choose from. You then order all your products online, everything from fruits, vegetables, bread, cheese, meat, wine and more. There is no home delivery, you have to go to the dedicated location to pick your weekly products. Go to their site to see all the info on their website.

Make yourself happy with a bottle of wine

The chic Bordeaux wine shop, Cousin & Compagnie offers a delivery service in Bordeaux for orders above 50€ TTC.  ⁣⁣You can see all the details in their Facebook post or just contact them via email:⁣⁣. 

Support local tourism

I know that planning trips may seem irrelevant right now but this is my industry so the topic is close to my heart and I need to address it here. There are some amazing tour guides in this region. People who are passionate about the history, culture, gastronomy and wine of the southwest of France. Some of them I know personally and some virtually, but their passion and knowledge never cease to amaze me. As you can imagine, all of us tour guides have lost our income for the next few months. So how can you help? If you know for sure that you will be arriving in the region during the summer or fall, you can order a tour in advance. Some tour guides offer great discounts if you order the tours now. Otherwise, you can like and comment on our posts on social media so we can at least grow in the virtual world, which will help us in the future. So here is a list of some of my favorite guides in the region 🙂 

Aquitaine Travel guide – Anne and Simona, are two passionate foodies that offer amazing farm to table tours in the south of Gironde. Check out their website here

Wine and history tour – Jennifer offers super interesting and fun tours that focus on the history and wine in Bordeaux center and it even includes a glass of Bordeaux wine in the end. Check out all the info here

Bordeaux walking tours – one of the best tour companies in Bordeaux, owned by the wonderful Hela. They offer a great variety of guided tours, from walking to running and fashion tours in Bordeaux. Check out their website here

Bordeaux – Cognac tour guide – While I haven’t met Marie personally, I have been learning from her on a daily basis. She posts so many interesting facts about Bordeaux, wine, Cognac, and more that you should follow her even if you have been living here for a while. Check out her Facebook page here

Taste of Toulouse – I usually write about Nouvelle Aquitaine but if you’re planning on visiting Toulouse over the summer, I have a great recommendation there as well. Jessica is an American food tour guide living in Toulouse. She offers amazing foodie journeys in Toulouse’s patisseries, chocolatiers and its main market. She offers a special code that is only good through the end of April. Use code ILOVELOCALBIZ to get 20% off any tour or gift voucher. Read about her and the tours here:

Lost in Bordeaux – well this is me of course 🙂 Like everyone, I cannot do tours right now. But I am still posting quite a lot of content here and on my Facebook page and Instagram account so you’re welcome to follow, share, like and comment 🙂  

Lost in Bordeaux food tours

Support local businesses in the art, sport and lifestyle

Here’s a list of more local businesses that can improve your mood and health during this complicated period. Even if you don’t have the means or the mood to purchase art or design your house, you can still support them by liking their social media accounts and sharing them. 

Use the time to redesign your house

Cassandra is a Belgian-American home design coach and home stager that now offers consultation sessions online.  How does it work? You send her picture(s) and or video(s) of the room you want to redecorate, and she will send you her advice by e-mail. Price: 20€ per room, 30€ for 2 rooms. Here are her contact details: E-mail address:, Phone: 06 45 32 72 43, Website:,

Amazing local artist

If you decided to invest the time (and money) to redesign your house during the lockdown, how about adding some local art to your walls? Ed Williamson is a super talented British artist living in Saint Emilion. I have attended one of his exhibitions a year ago and I must say that his works are absolutely stunning. Visit his site here

Online workout membership by local coach

Cloë, an Aussie mum living in Bordeaux is a  mind body performance coach. She offers an online holistic membership that provides pre-recorded virtual workout videos from mat pilates, bands, weights, running plans, HIIT videos and programs, recipes, mindset coaching, yoga and stretching videos etc all available 24/7 anywhere, anytime. The membership is normally 42€ per month but is now offered to Bordeaux and EU locals 50% off for only 20€ per month. You can read more info and sign up:

Holistic Health Coach

Daniela is a Holistic Health Coach helping people to get into a healthier lifestyle thanks to nutrition, stress management, movement and general lifestyle changes. Currently, she offers consultations over video. You can contact her through her Facebook page

That’s it for now, I will continue updating this list during the confinement period (when my kids will finally let me have a moment for myself)

I really hope that soon enough all of this will be behind us and I can get back to writing about traveling in this amazing region. 
In the meanwhile, stay home and safe everyone 


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